Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. ..14


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. ..14.


It was dark but I could see her shadow, like a silhouette standing by the window ,  her head bent, her arms wrapped about her as though she was cold.
I could tell she was the one. . I had seen her alot to know the outline her shape gives.. sensed her presence even in my dreams.. and how she smelt like to know that she was the one standing there. . Her back to me.

But one thing striked me. The vibe I have is of one sad. Very sad. My heart caught in my chest. .heavy on my sleeves as I walked silently towards her…while she backed me.
It had begun to rain, the wind beating the drops against my window panes.. the curtains dancing …but her cloths clinged to her body. As though she had being in the rain. But I didn’t see the water drops to her feets. ..nor it trekking down from her hair..
All I saw was her head bent, hands hugging herself and I felt sad.

Something was wrong with my Amara!!!

“Amara?” I called her softly as I reached her, carefully placing my hand on her shoulder. She tensed. Fear from her seeped through to me. She turned and her eyes filled up.

“Amara!!” Whats wrong.. ??”

She backed away from me. “Don’t please!!” She muttered. Stepping into the dark.

“No Amara. What is wrong?.  I won’t hurt you. I would never hurt you. It’s me Bruno.  Amara wait please…talk to me ” …my voice cracked.  I stepped forward.

“No!!  You all have thesame faces.  You lie. You burn and then we are ashes. But your life goes on.. forgetting we are fragile. You are all thesame. Thesame faces..thesame faces…just thesame damn faces” …tears drop down her face..

“Amara I would never hurt you. Tell me what’s wrong Amara please. What do you mean..please” I grabbed her …trying to stay her and she screamed …and kept screaming..and kept screaming ….


“TF! !!!” I woke up with sweats breaking all over my body. It was raining.. my shutters were open. It was dark. It was cold and yet I was sweating.

I rolled off the bed. Feet touching the floor. The grandfather clock on my wall said 6am.

It was only a dream. But yet I felt as though it was more than that. All my sleeping and waking moments of Amara in my head has always been of intensity. Good intensities . But never have I felt afraid of her being scared of me. And what did she mean by ” thesame faces. We are all thesame??”

I splashed cold water on my face. She was quiet, too quiet yesterday.  Her eyes spoke words her mouth didnt want to speak.

“Oh God “!! I exclaimed.

If she was scared of me. Angry with me or having issues..I needed to know.
I don’t know her..and I want to know her..protect her..save her. Even from myself.. but sitting here and worrying won’t help.

I needed to see Amara. And put my raging thoughts to rest.

I turned on the shower and let the cold water trek down my body. But it didn’t stop the drum beating within my heart..or the thoughts that speaks of fear.


Amara woke up as soon as her mother moved.., rushing to her side.

“Mama”! Are you okay. Mama. Mama??” She lifted her up and sat down, placing her head on her lap.


“Ama….what happened?  Why …what happened.??”

Amara wiped the tears from her eyelids. She had barely slept. Tending to her mother. When she fell to the ground.. she hit her head. But the swelling had gone down. The nurse across her house had given her a sedative to calm her down and out her to sleep.
Amara touched her forehead with the back of her palm. Thankful she had no fever. She breathed.

“You fainted mama. I am sorry, it was my fault. I am soo sorry. I thought the worst has happened.  Thankfully mummy promise had just come back and helped me. Are you feeling okay. You should eat.. I will make you something…There is fish and vegetables.  Mummy promise bought them last night for you.”

Amara made to get up but her mother shook her head, staying her..

“No Ama. Wait. I am fine. Don’t worry. I don’t feel any pains. But please tell me… what happened yesterday. Did Bruno tell you anything. Tell me..did someone do anything to you??”  She washed as Amara bit her lips and then shakes her head slowly..not meeting her eyes..

“Then why would you refuse God’s blessing. A boy we know from no where came out of the blue and want to make your future better by sending you to school and you just want to refuse it because of what?? Did he want something in return…does he??

Amara shook her head. Her lips moved..opened and then close. She wanted to tell her mother about junior junior and what he wants.  What he threatened . How vile he was. How forward and how he was a perv and the ways he touched her. She wanted to tell her about her Nightmares and her fears. About the fat that if Junior is like that…then Bruno might be something worse. She wanted to but couldn’t.  Mama wouldn’t understand. Mama don’t see it.

“No mama. “!

“Then why my daughter? ”

“What if…
What if his intentions are more??” She asked her mother…
When all she wanted to say was…

*what if his intentions are thesame as everyone….to ruin me the way junior wants mama…??*

“My daughter. If a man wants something more  from a woman then he should be able to do the needful. And you are my daughter and I won’t allow anyone hurt you. And If that’s the case I am sure he would let his intentions known. But I believe he is just Godsent to help you. See him as your friend. I don’t believe he wants to buy you. He seems like a good person..”

*what about junior. What about what Bruno thinks that we don’t see. You don’t see it mama. You don’t see how he talks to me…threatens me and touches me. I cringe. I and scared mama”*

Instead Amara looks at her mother…worried and sad. Knowing her happiness became fuller now that she was going  to further her studies. ..

She managed a weak smile..
“Its okay mama. I won’t bother you with my silliness. Let me make food for you okay??'”

“Don’t worry my daughter. All would be well. I am fine. I feel fine.” She sits up by herself. .

“No!!’ Lie down back. You take care of me when am sick. I should do thesame”  Amara leaves , heading to the kitchen.

Her back to the door, out of ear shots…she sobs. She replayed the scene of junior and her in his house. Junior and her in her house. And she knew that Bruno wouldn’t be any different. But what could she do. ?? Her mother’s happiness matters. And her mother is excited about her going to school. But what if there is a condition to it..that Bruno hasn’t said.

It is obvious.
Because junior..
Because he is a man
Because men are beast
Because they are all thesame.
Because thesame faces..alike.
Because junior is Bruno’s friend..
Because  junior is Bruno ..
Because he is  Bruno. .. they are all thesame…

She wipes her eyes…refusing to think about it. The unforseen inevitable future. She knew for the sake of her mother’s happiness. ..she would do anything. Her mother had given up alot for the her…then what would a small thing…albeit scary stop her from fulfilling her mother’s dreams.

She pushed herself from the door. And made food for her mother.

Satisfied that she had eaten she let’s her fall back asleep.

Three hours later. ..Amara turns when someone knocks at the door..

She frozed when she opened it…
Clad in jeans and white shirt….Junior stood at the door…smiling from ear to ear…

“My sweet Amara! I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night. I just want  to kiss you and taste you. Is your mother in??? Come on open you…. remember what i told you”… his eyes shines..


Ngozi blocks me from leaving.
” Bruno baby. Why are you being such an hard arse. You know it’s rude to keep a lady wanting you starved. What is it you want?…..I will blow you mind” she tucks at my shirt. I look down.

I really didn’t have time for this ..
“NG. …can you please move. Am in a hurry” .

I pull her hands away from me..nudging her gently to  the side. Instead she closes the distance and wraps her hands around my neck…Pulling my head down.

“Come on Bruno. ..give us a lil kiss. ”

I swore under my breath…
“Stop it NG. You are begining to disgust and annoy me and am not even in the mood for your silliness. I and not interested.”

I fling her arms away and storm out.
I left her standing with her mouth open. I could feel her stares boring into my back. I didnt care.

I took permission from the boss to leave early. Throwing an emergency excuse to his face. I didnt need some loose skank to distract me.

I was worried. For Amara. Untill I saw her. And let her tell me she is okay and and it matches her eyes would I be at peace..

My only prayer was that she wasn’t scared of me. Because I could never hurt her …

“Amara” I muttered as I flagged the first cab I saw…
“Okigwe street ..


“Let me go please ….” She sobbed ” I Wi scream. My mother isn’t feeling well please”

Junior pinned her to the chair, her breast in his mouth..it was soft…smooth..

It excited him when she tried to close the door in his face. He pushed his way in..grabs and falls on the chair with her…Closing her mouth. But his excitement grew. …

“Don’t be stupid to scream. You don’t want your mum to see us. She might die out of shock. I would be quick for the first time….then subsequently….I would  take it really slow. By then you would come begging for more”… He crushed her lips with his. She struggled beneath him. Whimpering..

His fingers found their way between her legs, pinning her down he pulled away her panties….
Her tears began… his big palm over her lips.
He didnt want to force her. But he couldn’t stop thinking about her and the longer he waited….the more crazily intoxicated he became. He would force her just this once. Then be gentle afterwards. ..

He was strong. Her strenght was no match for him.
He was hard. He even glistened. Her smooth light skinned body made him moan. Her firm breast was perfect…  they both jingled as she struggled….but what thrilled him the most was her soft lips down there as he rubs his fingers over it. …

He opened her legs, pinned them with his. One hand over her mouth and her hands behind her where his weight caged her. He got her where her wanted….

He only had to enter….
All of him, erect.  Standing in all his glory. …into all of her. Knowing the joy of breaking their cherries the first time. …but he knew he wouldn’t remain sane until he had her….
Tasted and savoured her..

He closed his eyes and leaned into her…barely a few inches….a breath space away..

*knock knock*!!!!!!

He frozed.!!!!

*knock knock knock*!!!!!!

He rolled off ….Pulling up his jeans…his finger to her lips..

*knock knock knock *!!!!!!

“Amara …its Bruno. ..” the voice said.

“If you scream or tell him anything I will kill you Amara”
“Infact he would do worse…and I would come back and finish you off ….and your sick mother”..

*knock knock *!!!

Yes…I am coming”

She shamefully pulled down her dress. Her eyes were red. Chicks flushed and lips bruised…fear in her body. She shook.

Junior quickly sits on the chair. Gets up again.  Arranges the chair..his cloths. Flings her panties under the cushion and sits back down. Breaking his knuckles. He breathes and relaxes his face.

Amara looks at him one last time. Her hands shaking….her lips quivering. ..her heart pounding.

She opens the door.. slowly

I turn around…..as  she opens the door.

As soon as I saw her….the knew somthing worse was wrong. ..

“Amara..what is—”

I didnt finish…. I moved before I understood what was  going on and caught her before she reached the ground..


She had fainted .

The shadow that rushed to me wasn’t a woman. When the stranger bent to help me..
Shocked enveloped  me. ..


To be continued. ..


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