The maiden! !


The maiden!!!!
She paced the long corridor. Darted to the corner when she saw them come in through the back. It was past midnight. The sky light would come in another one hour. She only had about that time to be done and back. Then all would be over. This nightmare.  This life of lonesomeness.
They had gone to get the materials for her sacrifice.  The moon god had been specific. A fair maiden. Her skin as soft as silk. Her hair as thick and black as an Indian black mane. Her eyes a darkened gold. From an igbo decent and chaste, pure and untouched. She would be the new wife of the moon god. And spend the rest of her life on the mountain…wearing nothing but a white drap, with emulets around her neck, adorned with a priestess wears..till she turns old and grey…till her teeths fall in and she breaths her last. While she serves the moon god …who is nothing but an old crafted ancient rock..who everyone believed. .even her family. ..even the entire village, to be their keeper, protector, savior …..who habits an old cave in the mountains..a shrine – like.  There would be her home…the rest of her life. NO!!!!
It would be day light soon. The village would gather by the crow of the third cock. And by the fourth, she would be there…adorned in white. Then the blood..The calabash of wine
..The dowry. ..the giving away…and she would be gone. Lost forever. Dead to the world. Alife in the land beyond. NO!!!! SHE DIDN’T HAVE MUCH TIME. IT WOULD BE LIGHT SOON!
When they disappeared into the room heading to the kitchen to mix their concoction. She left her darkened corner..and tiptoed to the door and slipped out.
“No one would know.  No one would know” …she muttered as she climbed the fence. She ran as her feet hit the ground. The night watchers were asleep.  She mixed the sleeping herb with their food for dinner..she could hear them snoring loudly as she stepped over their heads.
She knocked as she got to the hut.  And tap more when no one opened. She heard someone yawn.  She heard footsteps. Her eyes darted everywhere to make sure she wasn’t seen nor followed. The Hut blinked a dull yellow. The person has turned on the lamp.

“Please let me in..” tap tap tap tap..

A shadow peered out ..Firstly with the eyes and bearded face..then stepps out… with a wrapper .

“What are you doing here… its late.  Your sacrifice is tomorrow. ..or in a few hours.. please go away I don’t want trouble.” He stepped back.. but she brushed past him and enters his hut. He looked and wondered if she was followed.

“No I won’t.  I don’t want to be the moon god’s priestess. I won’t go. I ran away. To come to you”. She firmly stated. With all seriousness shaking her head. “No I won’t. !!”

“You must. You have been chosen. Like many other girls before you. You have no choice. You must serve. Why did you come to me?. I can’t help you. You must go before they look for you. They would kill me if I help you escape ..please you must go I can’t help you” .. He took her by the arm, pushing her to the door.. She pulled away.

“Yes you can”

“No I can’t. !!!”

“YES YOU CAN”  she struggled free again as he pulled her towards the door. He sighed .

“Even if I wanted to. How? . ..”

“Free me…..”

“You aren’t bound. No chains or ropes. You ran all the way here so you can run all the way elsewhere or back ”

“No.. free me…” She said again, only this time.. more calmly.. his eyes read her lips and followed her hands.. for it left her side, pulling down the wrapper that covered her perfectly set bosoms. Revealing hidden novels… all the way the flat line…to the neatly trimed lawn.. a pathway to heaven ..they say… to fair thighs and legs that ran for miles.. He gulped.

“C-cov-er yo-urself. I-I wont”

She moved closer. “Yes you will” . She was an air breath away. Close..too close. She could hear his heart racing. If his ears were sharp..He would hear hers too. This was the only way. She would rather do this. Give it up.. to him..only to him than be forever kept…as a priestess to a stone…as moon god. No!!! He must and Now!!!

“Yes you you will”. She touched him, slightly to his face, then she takes his hands placing one on her left bosom, already peaking at the maid  and the other hand where the trimed lawns disappeared into..

He stirred. And kept stirring. .untill even she could notice . She looks him in the eyes and bites her lower lip. That was his undoing. . He swore under his breath…and lifted her off the ground and places her on the bed…
“May the moon god forgive me…for I am just  a man..and where  kings have fallen before me..who am I to stand ” and he closed the distance between their lips…and entered into her very core, drinking from her essence and shattering her  walls.
She stood dressed in white.. the villagers muttering..the diviners at a clash of words at themselves.. her family pleading. …. someone threatening to rain down curses on someone…the concoctions wasted. ..poured on the ground. ..the calabash broken…..”She is a fake.  She is not chaste and untouched.  The sacrifice is tainted.  She can’t be the moon goddess. No!!!! ”

In the midst of the chaos, no one noticed her hidden smile. Nor the bearded stranger with beautiful eyes in the crowd. For a few hours earlier…He had freed her and saved her from all…but she was not just smiling from being freed…it was he who made her tingle all over…and it is he she desires to be bound to…but he doesn’t know that yet. But maybe tonight….maybe tonight….she might wisper it into his eyes…while he frees her some more…..
The End.!!.


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