Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. …18


It was moist.  Soft, warm and moist. Soothing..welcoming. exhilarating.  Exciting.
I was sweating, profusely even though it was cold. Freezing cold. 
She closed her eyes as I kissed her. Her legs wrapped around me as I held her waist in place, perfectly accentuated as I longed to plunge into her core from where my fingers had just being..
“Bruno…” She wispered , biting my ear lope..
“Take me “.. she said…
” Please. .. take me now”.. she begged.
My heart was fast pacing,  her skin soft as i caressed her firm perky folds.. and just as I thought, her core was heaven. The tiny moan that escaped from her lips I drank, savouring her lips while her basked from her lower lips… until that moment..till I felt like tipping over to the edge… untill…
“Shit! !!!”… I swore as I startled out of my dream.
The throbbing pain between my legs gave me a headache. I felt a damp patch infront of my shorts. A spill.
“Damn” I swore again. Junior hadn’t slept a wink throughout the night. The last time I had a boner for hours was   when I was a fresher, and just had my first playboy series and didn’t know a wink on how to use a pick up line on a girl and suffered for a week. Now years later, a bad boy by definition. Fondly called Bruno , “The Hammer”… made a few girls cry,  broken a couple of cherries and hearts if you may. “Went in. Get done and Get gone”… was my slogan. My Motto. And now, am deliberately cutting my high down just because of a girl…an orange seller ..and I have no effing idea why.. and I don’t care. Well, not in the least I think.

I shake my head. I raise my head up and look at at bruno-junior, he stood high, like an effel tower, like the statue of liberty hidden within my shorts. I chuckle..

“Sorry big guy…. you ain’t getting some action. Not if I have a say in it. So you better take a long nap… or ama whoop you down some..”..   it just stared at me without eyes..and when she moved..it kicked. Bruno – junior Blawdy kicked.
“You  traitor”… I hissed.
Good thing she was fast asleep,soundlessly,  like a peaceful little dove. Else she would have wondered if I had ran mad in the middle of the night while she slept. Maybe I have. . I must be mad. I mean look at me… I was scared of letting a girl know the real me.. how gory my past was. Because I was scared she would judge me. For the first time in my life, I wanted to be anything other than a bad boy… not because I wanted her in my bed. But the opposite of what a man thinks about…. I just want…
I just want…..

I run my hand over my face…
“Hell I don’t know what I want… ” I muttered under my breath. But it has nothing entirely centered on sex.  Amara wasn’t a girl to be a play thing… she was different.. I know that much. If only I could define what I really feel. It would make more sense..

I look towards the window as I laid on the bed… glad it was morning..albeit wee hours of it. Maybe around 5ish. Her head rested on my shoulders as she curled herself. Her hands between her legs… a thing of habit I presumed. Her hair covered her face.. the temptation to touch her face was strong, so I brushed her hair away from her face.

You know what they say, you can tell how beautiful a girl looks first thing in the morning. .. well they didn’t lie. And because I couldn’t kiss her lips, I brushed a featherlike one on her forehead and i gently moved her away from my arm and rolled off the bed, picking my cloths from the ground and put them on. I didnt want her mother to come and find me here, in the room and in her daughter’s and get the wrong idea.

I strolled to the palour, looking out the window again. The water had dried, a few people were seen coming out. ..prally ahead for the day’s business. Amara’s mother should be heading home soon. Taking my phone out of my pocket I checked for calls or messages .
14 missed calls and 5 messages ” .. I clicked on one..shaking my head
“Dude how far now..” I read out …
“This one you aren’t answering my calls, busy eating out her cake??”
“Hey Bruno what’s up,  you aren’t salt, brave the water and get home men. You can’t chill at Amara’s… you that desperate to pop her cherrie you would do it while her mother sleeps??”

“Hey bruh. .. was it that good that you can’t answer your boy… you too stingy to share eh??”..

“Ergh!!! What’s with the messages Junior… ???

I didnt bother going through the last two messages. . I deleted the rest. Puts the phone back in my pocket, i sat down and waited.
Amara stretches and yawns. Then she opens her eyes and sits up abruptly , her hands to her chest when she remembered where and how she was and the person who was there with her. But she was alone. The morning light had broken into the room and there wasn’t any sign of Bruno. 
She rolled off the bed, without taking off her wrapper she slipped into dry cloths and heads to the palour. But he wasn’t there..

“Bruno??” …she called out but no answer. She walks towards the only bathroom they had and knocks on the door…

“Eh…Bruno, are you in there??” … No answer..

She walks back to the palour and peer out the window.  There were quite a few people about, heading out for the day’s business. The clock on the wall said 6:34.. she turns when she hears someone open the door, …

“I was looking for yo—  eh mama!!!”
Walking towards her mother..” Goodmorning ” she greeted her.

“Eh Ama, Goodmorning.  How did you sleep. Are you feeling better?… are you hungry? I bought Akara and Bread on the way as I was coming. My friend is doing okay. Was just a scare. Come … take this to the kitchen. If you aren’t feeling better you can stay home oh, I will go to the shop alone today okay??”

Amara takes the food stuffs from her mother, she looks behind her hoping he would walk in. But nothing.. not even  a shadow passed by the door.

“What is it Amara, why are you looking at the door??”

“Erm.. nothing Mama” she lied. When did he leave, during the night? Did he do anything?  I don’t feel anything…as though he touched me in the night.. but I saw him…it.. but, he didn’t even try to touch me. Strange.

“Oh..Ohk.  you must be wondering about Bruno. He is such a dear. He was standing by the door this morning when I came. He didnt look as though he slept all night. I hope you didn’t cause him any trouble.  He seemed unusually quiet. Did anything happen while I was away Ama??” Her mother looks her in the eye. Amara drops her eyes …

“Something like what mama??”

“I am asking you and you are asking me. ??”

“No mama. I fell asleep. And when I woke up he had gone”..

“Hmmm?.. He said he had to go home and prepare for work . He just left. I was thanking him sef for staying to watch over you. Did you give him food to eat??”

Amara shakes her head.

“ABBA Ama. Didn’t I train you to be hospitable.??”

“Its okay. Take those things to the kitchen. I heard from my friend that her Niece said Schools have brought put their merit list oh…” She follows Amara into the kitchen. .. ” And Ama you didn’t answer me.. Are you feeling okay. ??”

“You are just typical mama. You say alot of things under one breath. I am okay. I will follow you to the shop.  And yes I am hungry, the Akara is hot.  Let me put water on fire for tea and make akamu for us to eat. “.

“Where did you disappear to yesterday baby, you didn’t come back to work. What sort of family emergency didn’t you have to attend to. I waited on you…you know it rained mad dogs last night and the weather was terribly cold. I would have used some body heat and strong muscles you know… ”

She played with my collar, I preserved a whiff of her perfume. “Seductress” she said when I asked her the name.

“Hmmm…. can you imagine . Cold weather. It’s raining and we would be making out own heat. Making magic with our bodies”… she wispered..

*oh she had no idea who I would rather make magic with … she had no idea how terribly tough my night was. And I didn’t have any regrets. Not one. But I had a problem of keeping my boner kn check. Not when I keep remembering how she looked when I had to take off her wet cloths.. soft delicate fair skin. And how I had to hold her and keep my emotions at bay. Oh she had no idea * I shook the cobwebs out of my head.

“Bruno baby. .you can’t keep putting me off you know. Am literally drooling of wet desire. Literally.” She licks her lower lips

She was close. Too close for comfort as I concentrated or tried to concentrate on the files on my desk and computer work piled up and stop seeing pretty innocent eyes and soft pouted unkissed lips resting on my left shoulder throughout the night.

And before I could blink,  I felt her hands grab me as I jerked up in shock, taking a swift look around to make sure someone wasn’t standing there. But she was smiling… her eyes filled with desirous hunger. ..

“Oh damn Bruno,  you are as hard as a rock…grrrrrrrrrrrr” she flicked her tongue over my lips. With disgust I slapped her hand away from my boner, and wiped my lips. I get up, heading to the men’s with my jacket over me, leaving her staring after me with laughter in her voice…

“You want me Bruno. .. I knew it. The feeling is mutual”.. she squealed in delight

“Keep dreaming NG.” I said over my shoulders.  Where the hell was everyone when Ngozi comes on to me. Like they just disappear at the nick of time. As though on cue. I couldn’t wait for closing time so I could go home and drown a bottle of vodka and Bury my head in a book called ” Bruno ain’t Bruno. .no more. ” I shook my head staring down at myself…
“For shits sakes,  stay down. You embarrassing yourself not me.” But the dude just doesn’t listen. I swore and sat down…. “Well you and I is going to have a long talk in here till you grow some sense…. in a rather flaccid manner”… I smirked

“Hey tims,  being awhile. How are you men??” .. Junior taps the shoulder of the guy sitted at bar with two girls who looked strangely alike.

“Hey hey hey… J the jackal. How are you. Long time slug.  How long as it been, two years or more??”  The guy with a lopsided grin gets up and rewards junior with a guy shake.

“Ladies, meet my friend.. Junior. The guy who is a badgang all by him self. We used to ruin the school back at the day”..

Junior smiles at them, openly appreciating their robustness. ..

“And you haven’t changed the list Tims. Always with the ladies too big for you to handle.  But who am I to judge.. they are a eye candle…beautiful eye candles… how are you ladies??”

“We are fine..
We are great..
“Tim never told us he had such a handsome friend…. ” One leans into junior, showing him her cleavage..

“That’s  because Tim really doesn’t like to share for real. Who could blame him”.. Junior replies, eyeing her bosom.

“Hey ladies,  give us a minute aii. Go get yourself a drink..while I catch up with my buddy here…okay”…

They both watched as they left, shaking their assets  hoping to give anyone interested a heart attack.

“So what’s up men….??”

“Er nothing much… just thought that it’s been a while we hung out and shiii ” Junior laughs hitting timothy at his side..

“Yeah… that’s fine. As long as you paying…. !! By the way, how is your homeboy …Bruno the “hammer”… still tearing down those walls . The ladies loved him. Making all the dude’s jealous that all the ladies were mad for him that year in school. How is he doing this days…painting the town red..literally??”

“He is great. Still the handsome p***k that he is and erm about that. …. just incase you run into him anytime soon, and he askes… just affirm I was with you on a certain tail …close to the backlog of downtown. And we met a girl crying by her door and you left with some chicks and I decided to stay because I said she looked oddly farmilar okay??”

Timothy eyes him….
“Er…why would I want to do that.??

“Well because I covered for a lot of shit back in school, remember when you forced Victoria and pinned it on James for stealing your girl..i had your back and you gonna do thesame. What are friends for men..If not for inconveniences once in a while eh….?”

“TF dude, what’s was ages ago. .and I was a jealous d**k then.  Why you gonna roll your home boy like that eh…??

“Look just a tiny lil favour to help a brother out alright??” Junior takes a sip of his drink,  winking at the waiter who wouldn’t stop staring at him

“Say I do that. Gonna tell me what’s about…  I bet you don’t want Bruno to find out some shit you did. I thought you are his friend…. what did you do what you having me lie to your best friend and cover up your shit eh Jackal??

“It am his friend. Best friend.. and what is his is mine… and no body says anything about having what he thinks it’s his before he does….. that’s the fun part of life. Now…. here ” Junior drops a few bills on the table…

“That should cover for your drinks with the tanks for women… while I go take my fix with that sexy waitress in the bathroom. By the way… nice seeing you again men.. you are just as twisted as you were . No wonder we remained friends…”… and junior was gone..

“Yeah…only when you need a freaking favour . Shit! !!!”…

He beckons to the ladies….
“Come here girls… let’s go have some fun back at my place shall we..??”… one on either side they strolled out of the bar.

“Hey dude…open up”
*bang bang bang*..

I sighed , getting up from my bed and turn down the volume of my deck. I hoped he would go away when I didnt answer but he wouldn’t.  The annoying fella from my boy years .

“Sup mehn?”… I open the door and stroll back inside… He follows me in.

“You have been busy Bruno, what happened last night at Amara’s eh? You don’t pick my calls and don’t answer or reply my messages… what’s up with that men??” He sits down staring at me. I ignore him.

“What I don’t get is why you are too curious with Amara??”

Nervous chuckle…. “C’mon Bruno.  You never used to hide your escapades before.  Infact we have a drink and spill juices ..its a guy thing.. so tell me… did you do her.. how was it…??” A shadow of jealousy danced in his eyes. Or was I mistaken?.

I knew he wouldn’t stop bugging me like a fire buzzing nonstop in my ears..
“Nothing happened okay. So stop asking stupid questions.”

Shock. Disbelief and then…. laughter..  I didnt know if he were mocking me or he was laughing out of relief ..

“For real Bruno…??”

I narrated the whole night… and he kept roaring with laughter..

“I can’t believe you had a cake. A beautiful sweet cake infront of you and the only thing you succeeded in doing is having a wet dream. Trully Bruno…you have lost your mojo. Your thunder just flew away. What’s happening to you???” He eyes me…  He looked relaxed. Too relaxed. Why was I seeing strange attributes from him. The vibes was wrong.

“Nothing junior. Infact it’s a good thing. I don’t want to be that girl around Amara. It’s shameful okay. And I am happy I didnt do anything . Forget the urge and desire to…but am happy I could control my self and not want to be the guy I have always being…”

“Me too”….* you don’t know how happy this news made me. Extremly happy. It means I can still have her all to myself. While you are being the good guy… you are leaving me the opportunity to have her..and I will and love every bit of it…* he smiled ….

“Whats that Junior??” I ask him when I heard him say somthing…

“Er no nothing.  I just said I was happy that an orange seller makes you be a better person… kudus I am liking the new you each day…”

“No homo ofcourse”…

I chuckle, shaking my head… slightly pissed.

“Stop calling her that dawg, she got a name and a fine one as that. Stop being a d**k. “…

“Aye aye caption. Now get me a drink son.. I feel like celebrating you turning a new leaf”….. * and my opportunity to tear down some hymen walls….* …

I shake my head…
There was something off about junior this days…if only I could understand what the feeling was…

I go get him a drink… and we  changed the topic to sports, football and the colossal messup of the economy and what they meant by #Padding and what not..
To be continued. …


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