The Murder!!!


…..The Murder…..!!!
There are three sides to a story. There is my side. Your(or their) side and “The Truth”. But how you can come to that conclusion is entirely up to you.
Where do I start..
Like they would say.. From the begining.
I had just come back home from work. Tired. Extremly fatigued . Patched and hungry. I had a little accident at work.
I fainted.
Right there in the middle of carrying a ton of iron over my shoulder as my colleague walked infront of me. My vision blurred. I felt light headed. I staggered. Then I slumped. Thankfully I was able to push the iron away from my shoulder as I fell, causing my colleague to be pulled backwards tumbling. The iron rolled off to the side. I laid on my back, my head pounding when I heard Voices ..overhead. then I saw shadows for faces as they loomed over my sight… blurring my visions all the more.
“Is he dead??”…I heard someone say
“Francis.. can you hear me”… I heard someone ask. It should be dave.  It sounded like him.
“Call the hospital.  Get the medic.  Someone help”.. I heard a frantic scream
“Get the car …. someone help me with him”….  I heard someone say as my body was pulled and dragged and lifted from the hard granite floor and carried to something softer….
I felt as though I was floating.. midair, and the voices didn’t stop… neither did the shadows of faces fade.
Then I see the white lights.. and white coats. I felt something to my chest. It’s cold. Really cold. I felt a tiny jab to my skin. I wince, but I couldn’t move. ..
I felt my hand and legs strapped.
“Was I being restrained ??” I spoke. But they don’t hear me. They place the cold thing to my chest. I feel hands touching my wrist… checking for something. Turning it open and close… then  the tiny jab again..
I feel dizzy. Like my life was ebbing away from me…
“I need water”.. I say…  my throat felt as though it was going to tear. But no one hears me. I wonder if my lips are moving or my mind was speaking to it self.
Then i drift. Slowly… into darkness..
I wake up. I am standing over her. She is lying sprawled on the floor. I look down at my hands.. I am holding onto something . It glistens and glows from the reflection of the light and then something else… its dripping. Thick cloated red drops…
I look at her again… my chest contricts. I drop the knife and rush to her.. my eyes pooling I gather her in my arms, brushing her hair out of her face. Blank unseeing eyes stare up at me. Faded. Dead. Gone. Her body was lifeless. Just limps. Her beautiful face smeared by her makeup. She looked as though she had been crying. Then I saw the gaping hole that gushed out blood from her chest…
I didnt realise the sound I heard was coming from me…like an animal deranged.
“What have I done??”
“Forgive me…Forgive isabella “… I cried…
I laid there with her in my arms. Until I heard the serene. .untill I heard them break open my door. I laid there with her.
“I killed her.. I killed the woman I loved”.. I cried.
“Why.. how.. what happened??” The officer in black asked me…
“I-i-i don’t remember” I said.
“They said they heard screaming and someone breaking things and a fight.  ??”

“I don’t remember…”… I cried..staring as they drew a white cloth over her body and lifted her out , rolling her away.

“What do you remember. .. what was the last thing you remember “… He asked, shining his light into my eyes..checking me..making sure I wasn’t in shock. I just stared at that spot she once laid.

“I was at work. I had fainted. Rushed to the hospital. I was hungry.. tired. I drifted off to sleep. And I wake up..standing over..isabella.. dead. I I killed her…. I killed her… I killed her… I killed her.. I killed her”… I kept muttering. Shaking.. while they handcuff me , putting me into the backseat of the car…i turn.. watching the house… where I lived. Where we both lived…isabella was no more.
The judge couldn’t say it was man slaughter.  Yes I was holding onto the knife. Yes a woman was dead. But no motive.
The doctors said I was in shock. While they checked on me …Following my lock up, they say I was suffering from the “mad man” syndrome. I had lost it. I had a family history of “mad men”. So I possibly didn’t know what I was doing. I had “Amnesia ” too.
Colleagues said that I tend to forget things. I tend to fall down and faint and don’t remember my name or what i was doing.
They say. .. Francis, the strange one. Who lost it up there.
My neighbours said.. ” Francis and Isabella were a loving couple. He loved her as she loved him. Peaceful. He adored her. He would never hurt the woman he loved more than his life”….
They said….” They thought they were being robbed and when they heard the screams and fighting… they called the police. If he wanted to kill her… He wouldn’t wait there with her till the police came”
The judge couldn’t convict me. I didnt do it as a sane man. I might as well be a child with a gun who didnt have a glue. The case was dropped. Isabella was buried.
I was sent to the mad people’s home…away from prison. I mopped at the walls. I screamed isabella ‘ name. I called every nurse her name. I cried at night.
A couple of months later…. when they believed I have had better treatment. They let me go.
The doctors said they was no need putting me behind locked doors strapped to myself. I was healed. The losing of a loved one jolted me back to reality.
They packed my little belongings, opened the doors and sent me on my way.
I went back to my life…what was left of it. And they were supportive. Family and friends… and so.. life went on.
I laid on top of my bed one of those nights. Months later. I began to laugh. And laughed and laughed some more.
I remember reading the books of the “mad men” then I wondered…how it would feel to act like one. So if began to practice.  From what became a tiny hobby it became a way of life.
Then … I walked in on isabella and dave. On our bed. She was moaning in ectasy.  Her back turned as she held on  the headboard. While he plunged and thrust deep into her, their naked bodies moving in rhythm.   Her heard her  scream “harder”.. I heard him groan.. ” You like it don’t you…. more than the way Francis gives it to you…say it…say how much you like it..say it”…. then she riles up spewing nonsense. .. and screaming “Yes yes I like it. Like it better than Francis. .. harder baby harder”…

I couldn’t watch anymore.. they didn’t turn. They were too engrossed to notice a shadow looming over them, I wanted to kill them there and then… but I couldn’t.  I walked away. But the fact that I found my best friend and wife together scared me. Made me think of evil things to do to them. And so… I began my plan.
I walked into a bookshop…on the shelve.. I saw “how to get away with murder “… I became obsessed.
First…. I made up a family history of the mad men.
I acted the part.
Even made sure I had hospital records.
Then that night when I got home…. while she made me dinner and forgot to wash off the stench of her lover’s cologne.. I told her I knew…
She screamed at me. She threw things at me. She cursed me and told me she never loved me. That I never satisfied her. She loved dave and would divorce me and marry me and screw him on our bed over and over again and send me a clip. I smiled. Collected. I was calm.
When she saw the knife… I think then she knew…she wouldn’t make it out alife.
I knew that too…
See, because I had planned everything… I knew my parts. I had it all planned out. It’s been brewing for Months. Today…The opera was going live…
As i plunged the knife into her chest and turned and turned unto my hearts content. I felt nothing. No pain. Just the thrilling excitement of adrenaline rush.

I heard the serene.  My time had come.. I entered into my world of denial …when I heard them walk up the stairs… I began to wail like a mad man..
“Isabella. ..I killed her”….
Only a fool would believe.
I laughed at the stupidity. I knew I wouldn’t be charged. Who charges an insane man.

I turn back at the back of the car seat as they drove me away and smiled…staring as they rolled her dead body away . My eyes sparked.
“So long isabella. .. your dave would be joining you soon”…

As I laid on my bed… I read the message dave sends..
“How are you doing brother. Still coming to my crib. ..I got beer, let’s watch our fav game.”

I reply the message ” I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I am coming “… I send it
I smile to my myself, I picked up something different…
I wonder if I should clip his balls first… or pluck out his eyes….or maybe his tongue…
I laugh remembering a line from that book..
“Dead men don’t talk”…

I leave . For it was time to let another opera come to live..

Bhuhahahahaha. ….
The End!!!!

Xoxo #Sweetness 💋 #Allthingsfinery
#TheSweetPerspectives #iwritethesweetspectives #IAmSweetness #StephanieEgberike


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