Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. ..19


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love.  .20
She stared lazily at the sky, as she laid on her back, face upwards as she listened to the music of the night.
The stars blinked shyly severally at different places at thesame time. The cool breeze kissed her cheeks and the tickling of the bed leafs caused her to wiggle her toes, absentmindedly.
The book she had been reading laid flat on her stomach and both her hands spread on opposite sides of her. She didn’t stop staring at the sky, the deep blue sky and it’s twinkling stars.
Then she closed her eyes. Briefly.
Just on cue . She felt him .. felt him even before she saw him. He laid down beside her. She could feel his eyes watching her..taking all of her in. She felt his smile..
“Why are you smiling “? .. she asked.
“What is there not to smile about ??” …He askes her in reply. She felt his finger trace a line over her jaw line. And then to her lips. She smiled.
“What are you doing??” She asked again.
“What is there not to do??”…He says in reply.
Though her eyes were closed. Her dark vision became blurred.  Like a shadow covering her closed eyes. She felt it more than she saw it. As he reached down…covering her face with his.. placing a kiss to her lips. She opened up for him and let him drink from her..

“Why did you do that??” She askes miling. Not opening her eyes still.
“Why not??…just to let you know now and always that you are mine.. the best thing that ever happened to me Amara. And I would tell you ..in words..In actions. ..and in ways only I know.. and we have forever to find out..my beautiful queen. Keeper of my heart. My wife. Mother of my kids. My Amara. My sweet sweet Amara”…
He kisses her again… she returns his kiss as passionately as he gave her. And when he releases her lips… she touches his face as she opens her eyes to stare at the one that made falling in love easy…..She opens her eyes…and

‘Amara??? ”
“Amara??” …

She felt someone shake her out of her reverie…
“Amara??”…I have been calling you for the past few minutes.  Why are you standing at the sink like a monument . Letting the water run over your hands and you are staring into space. Are you alright Ama??”….

Her mother stares at her now. Touching her forehead. Shaking her again… her eyes questioning.

“Am fine mama. Don’t mind me. My mind just drifted “. She turns off the tap and moves away from the sink. Returning the plates they just finished eating with  to the plate sac.

“Hmmm. Okay. Do let’s go to the shop . So you can go from there to school and go and check out the necessary things you need to check. And I pray God as answered our prayers. Chei. .my daughter would go to school ” … she looks up to the heavens. Hands on her chest…

“When I thought all hope was lost. My daughter would go to school all because a stranger .. a godsent ..came out of the blues. Hmm. Bruno God will surely bless your kind heart.”… she prays. Amara winces..

She didn’t say anything to her mother.  She wished she could. Tell her off her fears. Of junior…and of Bruno.  Who knows if they planned together … while Bruno acts like the good guy.. Junior comes off as bad. But it didn’t make any sense. Junior claims that both him and Bruno are alike and want thesame thing. He had to be right.
Then why didn’t Bruno have his way with her last night. Why didn’t he force himself on her the way junior has been trying to do. There was no one at home to save her even if she screamed. It was raining.  It was cold. And they were alone. And she had been ridden of her cloths because it got soaked. And he had just climbed into the bed only to keep her warm. But….
But his thing…his thing…

She shook her head. He stayed like that all night. Not even a kiss did he ask or desire to get. And when he said …”Please don’t move…”… Amara shook her head again.

“An act. All an act to get me to trust him. Are they both trying to play me…”May the best man win.. who gets her first.. An act. Bruno. Junior. They just want thesame thing. To ruin me. Oh God”…. she muttered.

“Amara… did you say something ??”.. her mother comes out of her room carrying the only bag she had had for years.

“No mama. I was wondering where my phone is”…

Her mother stares at her as though she was some strange creature  ….

“You are holding it Ama.!'”

Amara realises that she was holding it. She offered her mother a weak smile…and then nodded when her mother says…
“Oya let’s go.”…

As she followed her mother out the door. The voices in her head didn’t stop talking…

“But why didn’t he have his way. Why didn’t he. Even if I had struggled atleast he would have gotten what he wanted. Payment for my education .is that not why he is helping me.??”
“But he remained calm. He took care of me. Kept me warm. Only wrapped me in his arms until i stopped shaking..
What does he want… why the act and pretense. What do I do..about junior. How do I escape from both their claws.. ?? Oh mama…I wish I could tell you my fears…. Both your happiness of open doors keeps my lips sealed of my predicament.”..
“Where are you going to??”… Bruno askes. Two empty bottles laid at his side. He was unto the third .

“Heh nowhere in particular. Just this chick I wana hook up with. Just because you lost your thunder doesn’t mean the likes of us doesn’t know how to use ours…and I need to get a load off this junk. Sac is filled up. What better way to release other than to plunge into the heavens within a lady’s thighs”… He laughs.

Bruno shakes his head.. ” One day. You would realise that…. not every girl is like that and that you don’t want to keep popping cherries all over the place. One day. This life is going to be a bore and it’s only that one that can cure you “. …. Bruno replies him shaking his head as. . *WTF am I even saying?????* he muttered to himself.

“Heh…Whatever. you haven’t only lost your thunder but Amara sure got you twisted . You tall trash. The sooner you hit that home rub and get her out of your system. The better for you. I need my boy back. The one who enjoys reckless rendezvous over some Faceless skirts and changes them like water. The one that tells me all the juicy stories and whatnot. You need to get laid and laid fast and forget about Amara. She is messing you up big time. “…. Junior states matter-of-factly….  * but I would be the one hitting that home run before you Bruno boy. I can’t possibly let you have that fun without me. Might even let you in on the juicy details one day if am nice*.. Junior mutters under his breath as he chuckles.

“I told you to stop talking shit and it ain’t like that. Get your polluted mind out of my house. Am sure whoever you are going to see won’t mind your foul mouth. I got movies to watch. Bye”…. Bruno dismisses him. Slightly peeved.

“Hey son am leaving…am leaving. Call you later. “… and he was gone.

“Get her out of my system? What is she…Some drug??? ” Bruno talks to himself shaking his head. A vision of her warm body in his arms, the curve of her breast and the fairness of her skin flashes infront of his eyes . He gulps down the liquid in his throat. He felt a tightening at the frontal area of his short…

“Damn” he swore.  He gets up and tosses his cloths and strolls butt naked as he goes to take another cold shower for the day.
“Mama… I am going oh. ” Amara drops the peeled oranges on the table next to her mother as she picks up her bag.

“Okay my daughter. Go well. May God protect you and may you come back with good news. You will need my friend’s daughter Nkechi there. ”

Amara nods…

“Ha… my son. You came??” Her mother greets someone behind her.

Her heart skipped. She hadn’t seen him since that night as she woke up and he was gone . He hadn’t called or stopped by. She didn’t turn. She picked up an orange . She noticed her hands were shaking. Why was she shaking.

‘Yes mama. I did. I was just passing by and wanted to get oranges. Plus Bruno called and asked me to check up on Amara. …and erm you ofcourse”… He winked. Him and her mother shared a laugh.

Amara froze.  Her shaking increased. But this was different. It was fear.

He touched her shoulders …

“Amara… won’t you great me??”

“Goodmorning. ” She said stiffly.

“Mama..let me go”.

“Okay Ama.”

“Go where. Where are you going to? Where is she going to mama??”

Amara looks up at her mother.
“No where””!

“No she is going to the school to check out the list. And meet up my friend’s daughter as well. They applied to thesame school.” Her mother replies.

“Okay. That’s fine. I am even going that way sef. Let me take her down mama. It would help to save her transport”..  Amara hadn’t looked  at him. That was okay. He didnt mind it.

Amara looks at her mother.  Hoping she reads the hidden message in her eyes… isn’t a mother supposed to understand their children’s silence.
But she did see. But she didn’t read. She didn’t understand the pleas behind Amara’s brown eyes…

“Haaa.. really?? Hey that is really good of you my son .. God bless you.
Ama, tell him thank you .
hey thank you my son. Ama Oya come and go”. She touches Amara chicks. Who managed a weak and resigned smile. She opened her mouth to say

*If only you knew mama you were sending me on a trip with the devil. If only you knew*…

Instead she says…
“I pray to come back with good news”…

She turns away. Still without looking at him. She walked ahead and faintly heard junior bid her mother goodbye.
She stood as he flagged down a taxi, and entered inside as a she opened the door wide for her.

He told the driver the directions and tells him he was paying for the entire seats. Amara didn’t look at him still.

“You know you might have to talk to me something Ama”?

“Don’t call me Ama.” She clasped her hands , staring out of the window.  She shifted away from him. His pretence brought a mountain of fear.

He laughs. He looks up at the driver. Sure that he was busy  focusing in on one road..

“That’s fine. Amara.” He says.

Then he places his hand on her knees.. and ran his hands up her thighs . She gasped in shock, placing her hands over his to stop him as fear gripped her like claws.

“Ssshh my sweet Amara.. its a long drive.
Lemme play with her a little.”..  his eyes sparkled. He licked his lips… his hands repeated the motion..

To be continued. …….


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