….Baby! !!!.

I blinked once and then twice. Trying to see through scales that fell off my eyes.
I saw four pairs of eyes staring down at me. They blinked as well. I felt hands touching me. I felt sounds buzzing through my ears. I was carried and tossed. Tickled and fed.
I suckled on those breasts. . The perky mauds fitted perfectly into my small mouth as thick-light liquid gushed down my throat as I suckled . Filling my tiny stomach walls. Giving me strenght .. strenght for a few hours at the most. Then I would open my mouth and bellow out in shrill sounds. Never allowing her eyes to close more than its necessary. .
I began to fly before I could run. Grabbing unto tall trees, messing up his buttons . As I braved the walls.. reaching and pulling. Baby spittle trekking down the sides of my mouth..smearing smooth surfaces.
Powerful hands would lift me into the air as I relch out all of my insides, ruining his day’s wears. He would squeeze his face. And push me into softer hands.  Who would “coo” baby babbles.. and shuu the other into changing wears.

“I swear…I never did it on purpose..
I felt dizzy when he lifted me into the air. And all the milk spewed out before I could hold it inside..
I swear I wasn’t laughing… But I couldn’t help my eyes twinkling when I saw his contorted face… “. I think to myself

“You ruined dada’s work cloths.. naughty naughty”… soft voice sang to me as soft hands pulled wool over my eyes. Spanking Johnson ‘ s smooth flour over my tush after using wet silk over it. The cold caused me to giggle.

“You like it don’t you..don’t you… dopobodoblublue blerkkkkybuboooo”   …. she teased.

I giggle. I giggle alot. I had no idea what she was saying. She was more like a clown. A clown I loved to watch. A clown whose warmth keeps me save. A clown whose kisses I long for every morning. ..while I tease her nipples in my mouth. While I play with water. .while I climb the walls of her bed. While I snuggle under her chest.. yes.. This clown I love. 

And the other one.. Him…I looked forward to every evening.  I would wait… sitting between my clown’s thighs.. watching the door as I pull her hair. While she grabs unto the big black controller that makes magic when pointed to the screen…  my spittle treks down the side of my lips always…

I hate that damn thing. Can’t keep my mouth closed.

Oh lawd!!!!

The embarrassing moment…. I close my eyes.
It’s coming…

I go to my clown.  Crawling over her face…

I watch as she turns up her nose. Laughing.

“Oh dear… let’s go clean your tush”

I laugh as she wipes my poop.

One other thing I love about her….no disgust.

I mean I know I can be pretty disgusting.  I mean… *turning up my own nose”… my poop got a million dollar stench. I could literally die. But I won’t.

But she is smiling. Cleaning me up. Playing with me…

“Hey clown…wait don’t tickle…don’t tickle…. oh..i can’t hold it in any longer….oh ah ah ahhhh”…

The little man… who or whatever it is…. just popped…

The water splashed all over …right into her eyes and mouth. ..

“Oh my goodness….ewww…haha hahaha.
Bad pee wee. ..hahahaha”.. she laughed. Dumping a cloth over it. Causing the water fountain to simmer down…

“Oops.. sorry my clown.” I say.

“Donoblubluenlapnalpdadasambooboo” she hears …

“Haaa. .yeah…dododblubluesamdadalababooooo” she replies… I giggle..

“WTF are you even saying ?”. But it doesn’t matter. I love her. I don’t know how but I do.

I hear the door sound. I dance on my knees. I jumb clapping my hands.. my lifter is here!!!!!

I dance around his tall walls.. the trees I love climbing every morning. I watch … as my clown and my lifter… touch faces.. she gives my kisses to him.. a deep throated laughter ensued. They squeeze themselves. I sulk. I wimper. Tiny tears started to build up. I bellow out my jealousy. No one is paying attention to me. I bellow some more. And throw tantrums… Kicking. .and throwing myself on the floor…

“Awww there there”… my lifter says.. strong arms lifts me up.. twirls me around…

“Daddy is here…don’t cry my superman. Here let’s fly!!!” He says..

I don’t know what he means. But I feel safe. I feel loved. I know I belong..and I know he wouldn’t get angry every time I spew my entire insides on him. No matter how many buttons I pull. He would still do piggy rides with me. No matter how much I snuggle between him and my clown. And fight her nipples with him. He would never hate me.

So I wound my tiny arms around him and try to climb his head. Kissing his face with wet kisses. Pull his tie and drop spittle over his hands and that magical thing that buzzes in shrill sound that he puts to his ears. And talks for awhile. I like it. I ruined my clown’s own last night. It doesnt show lights anymore.

I had put it in my mouth. Crawling round the bed. And dumped it inside her glass of hot tea. My clown felt sad. Because she screamed when she saw it. But my lifter came home…as she dangled it infront of him..pointing at me. But my lifter places wet kisses to her forhead and lifted me out of my crib…playing the superman till i fell asleep. By morning… a new bright saucer ones laid on her bed. But my clown didnt let me go an inch close to it…i shrug. My lifter let’s me play with his… I clap my hands.😈😛

Sometimes I wonder how blessed I am.

Today.. while My clown and my lifter slept. I was awake. Punching numbers into the bright light saucers. Then I felt the buzz. It vibrated through me. I giggled.  I put it to my ears as they do.. pressing more multiple buttons

“Who is this…hello….Mr and Mrs clown and lifter residence?”

“Dapo bla bla bla sap didi pop blue weee”   … in reality.

The bright thing kept buzzing. The vibration tickling my small hands…

“Speak … its baby clown’n’lifter here. How may I help you??”…

More ” zhuri mufti blerblarh zyyyyyybludodaaa “..

The buzz don’t stop…

I shake my head.. apparently the fool at the other head doesn’t speak English . I assume. I crawl to the sleeping forms.. over their heads. I sat.

I tap his face. Once. twice. I get up and dance..jumping. I slap his face…
My clown lifts me up..turning me over…and tucks me under her arm..I giggle. And kick. She laughs …lifts me up and kisses my chicks. The thing doesn’t stop buzzing or does it start again.
“Yo!!! Clown focus… don’t you notice am on a mission…??? ” I say.. but you already know what she hears in reality..

Then …out of no where… my baby babbles manages one word…

I felt them pause. He wakes up with a start and she stops tickling me. They sit up and look at me. Their eyes shining.

“Say it again”… she says…. they exchange looks. 

I didnt know what she means but I am glad she had stopped.

I raise the buzzing phone… and repeated..

“Da-da”!!! …

They screamed. Clown dances on her legs. My lifter had pride in his eyes.. his face had spread into a cocoon of smiles. …..

“Say it again. Say it again!!” They chanted.

I looked at the buzzing phone. Don’t they see am trying to give him the bright light saucer in my hands and the fool doesn’t speak English. .. I raise it in the air again. Jumping..


Strong arms lifts me …twirls me around and around. Phone drops from my hands. Laughter fills the room.

I look into their eyes and wonder why the excitement.  And for a minute i forgot about the buzzing light saucer… and the fool who don’t speak.

If what I said made them this way…. happy. Joyous. I would say it again….

“Daddaaaàaa! !!!!!!” I screamed and i joined in their giggle.

Did I tell you I love My Mr and Mrs Clown’n’Lifter? ???  *snickers *.


PS: Children are a gift from God. Blessed are those who have them round about on their table.


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