Wordporn-Series : this madness called love…. 20


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love 20.

I laid on my back , with my arms behind my head as I watched her dance . It wasn’t those sexy seductive dances when one takes off each cloth slowly, rolling hips from side to side, biting the lower lip and pout lips at thesame time, with one hand running fingers through the hair and then crawl on fours down to you.
It wasn’t that kinda dance.
This was the one that she had your white longsleeve office shirt on. The kinda shirt that is pure white. With buttons from top to button. But it’s only buttoned to her chest with one or two buttons off. And I have no idea if she has anything underneath.  Not that I care.
She had ear piece on, eyes closed and she did the makarina dance.
Do you know it?
Those kinda dances done in the 80’s. Out of tune.  Hands flying here and there..opposite sides. Head bouncing on her shoulders. Fingers doing scissors over her eyes .. up and down hand movement and then one hand closing her nose and the other drawing invincible zigzag in the air as she draws it down shaking her head like an agama lizard , as she goes down too. Reminded me of “Greece ” that had John Travolta as the lover boy. .. and then “Rags to riches “… movies of my youth.

I laughed. Because she looked silly. But I also smiled, because she looked beautiful even without her trying.
I kept watching her… as she danced in her world. Then she jumped.. legs bending behind her and the lands doing the guitar pose. I believe her song just ended.

“Bravo!!! Bravo!!! Encore ..Encore!!!”… I clapped and whistled.  She turns , looking at me. Her chicks turned pink when she saw me watching her with love in my eyes….

“Why didn’t you tell me you were watching me…??” .. she asked as she knelt on the bed. Her breathing slowing down to normalcy.

“Why should I. .. what’s the fun in that? . If I did I wouldn’t have had a special clown dance for me. I mean where did you learn to dance like that huh?”.. I nudged her with my toes .

“Well it’s a secret. If I tell you I have to kill you. “! She tuck out her tongue. Slapping my toes away..

*penseive *…  ” So that means…. ” I said sitting up.. ” That I am ready to die for you. So “…. I lunge for her, grabbing her by her waist… her warm rich laughter filled my ears. She didnt struggle as i laid her beneath me. She fitted perfectly in the circle of my arms. I stare down at her…

“Kill me already!!!!”

“Aye capt”!! She purrs… Pulling my neck down as she wrapped her arms around it. I smile… knowing kissing her always felt like heaven… I close my eyes and lean in to taste and savour her sweetened lips.
My lips touches the soft pillows instead as my face sinks into its soft folds. I sigh pushing the pillow away as I curse. ..
I turn around , looking at that spot I saw her a second ago. I blinked once and then twice.  All that met my vision was the white rob dancing on the hanger I got for Christmas two years ago .
I curse again.
I needed another drink. But drinking alone was as worse as having a boner. Well….kinda

I grab my phone from the side of the bed. Dailing the first number. . It rang a couple of times but no answer.

“Dude…pick up. Even if you were tearing through a thousand hymen walls. I bet you would have been done by now. It’s been like over 2 hours since you left”…  I sent it via text. Waited for an extra 10 minutes and buzz again.  Still no answer.

“Where is that smiggle when you need him er??”  I say to myself.

“Dude whenever you get this. Might be at the bar later . Incase you want to swing by”..  I toss my phone away. I close my eyes again.
Bad idea.

I needed a distraction.

“Ahhh movies”!!!….

“War, action..anything that doesn’t make me wish things impossible or think of Amara. ” .. I leave my bed and head towards  the screen.

“Junior!!!” Amara exclaims, struggling to remove his hands as it climbs into her inner thighs. She wished she had worn trousers instead.  But how would she had known she would have been tagging a ride with the devil himself.

Junior licks his lips. A bit higher and he would sink into the heavens with his fingers. He was stronger.  When she kept struggling. . He grabs her neck..pulls her head closer and smashes her lips with his lips..forcefully sucking the breath out of her. Her hands fly to his face to push him away. That little distraction,  got his hands higher up to where he wanted it then he tickled her.

“Ouch”!!!  Pain registered as he pulled back sharply from her.

“You bite me Amara??” Shock filled his voice. When he looked back at her. Fear engulfed her countenance . She had curled to the door. Holding unto her self. Tears streaming down her eyes. She wipes her lips with the back of her hands, drawing her legs tighter together.

“Stop the car. ” she wispered

“Don’t be silly Amara. ” Junior licks the blood from his lips. He winced in pain. Then he smiles.

“I knew you are a feisty one. And pleasure and pain your turn on. I don’t mind a little of pain too. You make it harder for me to let you go. I want all of you Amara. And I will get it. Wether you like it or not. Just so you know…. ”

“Stop the CAR! !” Amara screams. Junior pokes his ears.

“Oga. … madam… any problem??” The driver askes. He had seen what happened.  He didnt want to intrude. For all he knew they could be lovers. Or better still.. it was none of his buiness. The love play at the back of his sit gave him ideas. When he drops them off he would go to Madam Basira’s shop. It’s been awhile he buried himself in her bosom and had her soft chicks behind grind into him.

“No driver. Keep going. My gf is just being silly. Never mind her!!” Junior tells the driver. Who nods.

“If you don’t shut up. I would have him drop us somewhere and I would continue what I started.  So be a nice girl okay. And stop crying. I won’t touch you again…. For now!!” His eyes mocked her.

“I hate you. Why … what do you want from me. Why won’t you leave me alone?”  Amara sobbed.

” Well. …I like you. I want you. That’s pretty obvious.  I mean which guy in his sane mind wouldn’t want to take you to the 7th heavens and back. Have your soft skin pressed against him and not feel consumed. See you naked and not want to drive inside you untill you scream out his name eh??? I mean… I wouldn’t pass that up. No one would.”

Vivid images of Bruno and her. Skin against naked skin the night before. And yet… all he did was keep her warm and nothing else.
“Bruno.!!!!*..her inner voice screamed.

He wasn’t done talking …” not even Bruno who is just bidding his time to come collect his own . I mean have you asked yourself why a guy out of the blue …without any ties to you , offers to pay your educational fees ??? You think he works in a bank or he is one oil worker in chevron or something??? Or he is a charity worker and the good samaritian in the bible???  The dude is just cementing the ground so by the time he comes to collect the honey within your legs you have no choice.

….. Atleast am not a pretender. I want you I tell you. And I know you are just pretending not to want me. But that’s fine. A girl is allowed to be shy. It’s part of their biological makeup. Bruno would come for his. I mean I was surprised he didn’t collect that night. I bet he tried and you slapped him down. And he refused to tell me that part .Good girl.
Bruno is as worse as I am. Even worse off. So use your head. Let’s have fun. Let him pay your fees. I mean… He is the only one willing to. Not like you are begging him. But a real man like me would make you feel like a woman. You best believe that. He can have his… but after I have mine. It’s a win-win Ama. Think about it”…. He finished.  Happy with himself.

“You are disgusting. All of you. You..and Bruno. Let me out. !!!! Tell him to keep his money” ….her chest burned.

Junior laughs. “Don’t be stupid Amara. Don’t break your mother’s heart. Enjoy it. All am saying is I like you Alot. And I want us to make use of this opportunity.  But I will have you. So stop fighting me.”… He looks out the window …

“Smile. We are here. ” he rubs his lips. When he remembered where his hands were a few minutes ago he takes it to his nose and breaths in.  The look on his face was relaxing ..

“Oohh Ama. You smell divine. If only I could taste you. In time…..in due time. “…He winks at her

Amara jumps out of the car as soon as it rolled to a stop. She didn’t look back. She hurried quickly and disappears into the crowd.

Junior smiles dipping his hands into his bucket. The damn phone has been vibrating inside his pocket.

“Where to Oga? ?” The driver askes. For some reason he wished he had interfered. The girl who ran out of his car felt sad and scared. Maybe the boy wasn’t her boyfriend. But what did he know…. ” kids of nowadays….” he mutters under his breath.

“Back to where you picked me” Junior answers absentmindedly. .

“Missed calls from Bruno. .
Messages ” … He chuckles after reading …

“You have no idea the hymen walls I was inches away from literally poking with my fingers Bruno – boy. But my junior would do the honours…. ” he smiles.

“Driver… take me to Kode9 Bar. ”
He continues to rub his lips.

“Isn’t that my main man Bruno the hammer! !!” Huge hands grabs his shoulders tapping his back.

I spilled beer slightly on my chest… i turn hoping to stare down the intruder. ..

“Hey!!!! Timothy. Badt guy…. what’s up mehn???” I laugh, shaking and dude – hugs him as i stands up.

“Oh boy I dey oh. ” Timothy looks me up and down…. ” You still the handsome p***k. Junior didnt lie. What’s up men. Why you drinking alone …by yourself. Where Where is your boy. Or girlssssss??? ” Timothy sits down , flicks his finger so the waiter gives him what i am having.

I shake my head, dropping my bottle on the table…. wiping the beer spill with my hanky. .
“Junior is probably buried inside a lady’s thighs. Not that I care though. The dude habit changed one bit . But we were together earlier. I sent him a message… so I guess he might come by. And for girls???? That’s old school my friend. Bruno here…… is a changed person. I suddenly realise the folly of my ways and that all is vanity. ” I tell him

“Interesting “…  Timothy eyes me.
“Are you sure you okay. How many bottles have you had??? The Bruno I know is a bad gang all by himself. For you to tell me you are done with that. It either means you are now a religious fanatic and soon you would be preaching jesus and the saints . But you smell of two hundred beers so I rule that out. They don’t drink after salvation. Or some chick got you like this and I must say… she got you bad. You have never pinned over a girl before. Which is it ??

“Tsk tsk” I flick my fingers. Doing the *you got it gesture*…..” and the second one has it”…

Timothy laughs . “Damn. This is a sight I never thought I would see. So I don’t know how to react. So where is she..who is she. She like a goddess. A sexy vixen and all that jazz. Does she tastes as good as she looks??”

I turn up my nose in disgust… ” Argh tims. No please not you too. I have junior filling my hears with sex and details. It’s not like that. She isn’t like that. She is is an angel. Beautiful. Calm. Pure and unchaste and I have no intention of ruining God’s perfection even if it kills me. She makes me want to be different. Not for her. I want to be different for me. Damn Timothy.!!! You have no idea.” I run my hands over my face

“Wow”!!!! Who would have taught Bruno would sound like a mad man over some girl. Now am curious to meet her. I have have to shake her hands… this is an am miracle! !!”

“Oh fxxkoff! !” I exclaim . I remember what he said earlier…and what junior told me. I needed to confirm. Because then Tim would have seen Amara  that day too.I didnt know why but needed to be sure.
“Wait you met junior of recent right???”

“Yes. Here at the bar too. I asked about you and shiii.” He answered.

I puzzled expression crossed my face…it didn’t make sense
“He told me you guys met downtown.. at a certain close. A girl was crying on the streets.  You was with some chicks and he had to leave you to meet her…..? ” I trail off

He had his beer to his mouth. He paused. His eyes twitched .Twice. He went ahead to take a gulp. Swallow it slowly . Wipes his mouth with the back of his hands. Faked a belch.

Why did I have a feeling he was buying time  to lie. Or was I just getting wrong vibes of recent.

“Oh yeah that’s right!!!!! We we saw there . Yes . Uptown glove.” .He lied

I raised my right eyebrows …

“No I mean down town. Yes. The girl . But I was too distracted with myself.. I mean my girls so we left and hooked up again in the bar. Had a couple of drinks and shiii.” He drank again. 

“Hey waiter, give my boy another bottle” he ordered.

“No am good. My stomach can’t fit anymore booze ” I eye him. Why do I get the feeling he  is lying. ??? But i shrug the thoughts away. Stop it Bruno. He is your friend . Got no reason  to lie. I smile at him.

“So….tell me. What have you been up to???”

“Amara? ????” Nkechi touches her shoulders
“Why are you sad. Your name is out. You have been admitted. You should be happy. I mean I am. We are going to go to school together and all. Am soo happy!!!” Her mother’s friend’s daughter squealed.

Amara smiles weakly….. “You won’t understand Nkechi. This isn’t a blessing. This might very well be my curse”

“Whatever do you mean Amara? ??” She looks into Amara’s face. The both shared a seat on the ride home.

“There is a man ..clothed in sheep’s clothing  bearing gifts. But underneath a lion. And there is another man…  visibly  shown as the devil. But both of them seek the essence of my life. And if I run. I would would be chased and be caught by the devil. If I stay.. mother hen would be at peace and happy. But unknowingly selling me to the one clothed with sheep to be slaughtered. What do I do??” Amara askes

Nkechi thinks for a minute. “Take the gifts. Don’t run. Afterall if it’s am good gift it’s for your own good. Mother hen and you would be happy.  Plus…am sure both men want thesame thing. Give it. Enjoy your gifts.  Case closed” she smiles. Satisfied with herself.

Amara shakes her head and sighs.
“Like I said. You won’t understand. No one would. “..

Her phone buzzes in her bag… she brings out her phone , checks who the caller was..

Her heart skipped in her chest!




2 thoughts on “Wordporn-Series : this madness called love…. 20

  • Steph…dis s a blast
    Amara s jst 2 naive…,she sud stylishly try tellin Bruno on a safe ground n c his reaction n also hear 4rm his syd

    Tnks Steph..we need some more

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