….BEAST! !!”

“Run Run…don’t stop. .. when you fall. Pick yourself up. Don’t look back. Keep running. … promise me”.!! Her voice said to me .

It was midnight.  The eerie sound of the night danced about me. The shadows of the trees swayed as I whooshed past each one. 
“RUNNNNNN !!!” .. I could still hear her scream, behind the wooden door, chained and locked behind walls of steals. Clasped hands back together and an iron holding her feet…

“Runnnn ” she sobbed and then I ran. Falling and tumbling, fear gripping my feet. As the leaves sliced through my flesh and I felt blood on my lips… I didnt stop.  Not to clean the tears…as it’s saltyness spiked my wound.  I didnt stop , not even when I heard a loud owl in the distance.  No…I still didn’t stop. I ran.. for I knew if I didn’t. .. I knew what was coming. What has been a long time coming. 

Walls can’t hold it. Chains can’t stop it. Guns can’t put it down.. nothing. .. nothing can stop the unstoppable. .. not under the full moon.
So I ran and ran… lost for breath. .. dangling from dizzyness. .. sidestepping earth stones, dragging sinking feets through the muddy earth… I ran.. not looking back..

Then I heard it… its breathing.. its loud shrill again tearing  through the night …  the hairs on my body stood like spikes ,  the darkness blinding my vision.. my body shivering like cold ice… I ran.

I ran…and  ran…. to the brink of the thick forest. At the point to where the earth stopped and fountain of water flowed beneath.

Do I jump to my death.. or turn back.? I stood shaking..  undecided… unsure 

*crisp crisps* sounds of broken branches..
Crisps crisps.. I hear the sound behind me..
Crisps crisps. … someone else is here aside me

I touch the cross around my chest. I say the prayer of the saints.. I mumble out my words..  I flinch when I hear more sounds…

I turn. ..
“I command you…. I comman to leave… the saints of the angels are with me…. demon  flee”!!! I point the cross to it.. peeing on myself.. tears choking my voice..

All I see is its red eyes.. and face not humanlike. . As it flared it’s nose.. I felt a chill like breeze kissed my chicks..

Crisps crisps… the broken branches sings. .

“The holy one… the prayer of the saints… protects me. Be gone demon.. i command you to go back from whence you came.. the lord protects me.. burn in hell”…. I whimper.. as I open the bottom of the cross.. holy water spilled out as I fearfully sprinkled on myself and towards it  ..

It shook. Its fingers like claws pulled the earth…its mouth curved revealing long fangs.. its eyes sparkled  a bright red… and the moon blinked a beautiful grey blue. ..

“Angels and saints don’t tease..  holy water doesn’t sting… but know this… heaven and hell  is empty..and all the demons are here”…. it snarled. ..sounding human … but all I see is a monster. …

“I told you not to stop ..”!… I heard her say again.

Was the last thing I heard .. before my flesh was torn from me… and I lie here lifeless… while My entire life flashed infront of me..

And in one of the visions.. . I saw it.. her.. my mother… singing me a lullaby.  And I wondered…

Who would wrap her , Covering her nakedness in the morning, when she is found sleeping on the grass when the morning light comes…

And who would tie her up at night hoping she doesn’t kill another of her sons…

I can’t breath..
I .. can’t. ….. bre…….

#Sweetness💋 #Allthingsfinery
#StephanieEgberike ✒



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