Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. …21


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. .21
I sat across Timothy as he yarned about his life. He hadn’t changed much from the young boy I met and became friends with in school. All girls, booze and parties. No focus, No ambition. No goals. Just fun, thighs and broken hearts of crying girls.
A life I have suddenly become bored with. Since that fateful day under the sun as I crossed the road to save a girl, an orange seller from one of my kind..who likes to prey on beautiful things.  Not that she needed saving, not that she was really in any danger. She was a beautiful girl, and his eyes were traveling miles over her body from where I stood and I knew if he took her number… that was already a pathway to getting what he wanted.  Like I should care the happenings of things going around..like it was my business who screws who. Smh

And instead of me to walk away, the other way and head to work. I had walked up to them and sent him packing. .and that was my mistake.  My error. My opening …that was the first day I trully saw an angel…and all my senses went flying out of the window. And today… here I am. Wishing amongst other things that Amara was seated here beside me, holding onto my hand, fingers entwined with mine under the table or my hands resting briefly over her thighs. Not to entice.. but just to define. Have her laugh into my face not because of  my silly jokes but because she thinks am funny . Have her stare into my eyes because she is drawn to them as I am to hers. Have her taste from my lips because drinking from hers keeps me awake most nights.  Have her wrap herself in my strong arms because am able to protect her in the dark as well in the light.. have her fall inlove with me..even if right now I don’t know shit what am saying… I just
I just…..

I run my hands over my face. Shaking my thoughts of cobwebs clearing my head.

“WTF is happening to me??” I muttered under my breath.

“Say what? ? Are you even listening to me ..yo..what’s up mehn?? Have i been ranting to myself.. dude you are far gone mehn . That chick got you pussywhooped.  Damn!!!!” Timothy shakes his head, smiling.

“Nah…no nothing ” I wave him away.
“None of that bro. I was listening to you .. just had a tiny thought but it flew away . Speak to me. ” I told a white lie. I mean it’s not exactly a lie right? ?

“Shit! !!”  I jump up fingering my pocket for my phone.

“Whats wrong mehn..??” He sits up, eyes watching me like like a hawk

“No nothing. i just remembered I was supposed to make a call to find out something… no relax dude. Gimme a sec” … I walk away as I dail, moving away from the blasting speakers, at thesame time a figure walks into the bar, heading to where I just left.


“Helo??” I heard her voice. My heart skipped abit. 

“Helo Amara, it’s Bruno here. How are you. What’s the news??”

Did I sense reluctant,maybe hesitation?  This days I feel alot of things. Get alot of vibes, both good and bad. Am getting so messup up by the day.

“Amara??” I breath.

“Y-yes Bruno I am fine. And erm.. Yes. I got in. ” Why don’t I hear abit of excitement.  Why don’t I hear laughter in her voice. Why do I have so many questions..

“Its something  wrong Amara? This is good news. Fantastic. Your mother would be happy.  You get to go to school. It’s great news. When does registration start.  Did you get the quotation of fees and all?? ”  I ask, resting briefly by the wall. This is it Bruno . There is no going back. Can’t back out now.

‘Right. Mama. It’s all about Mama.”

I didnt understand . “What about your mother..what do you mean”? I frowned. There was an undertone to what she said. But what am I missing.

“Nothing. Yes I have it. . ” her replay came in slow. Very slow.

“Okay??” ” I pause

“Ok. You can send it to me via text or something and I would get back to you. Are you home already?? ”

“No. !!”

“Okay. I would stop by the house tomorrow.  How are you Amara??


“Helo?? Hello ???”

“Am sorry I have to go.. I need to get down from the bus.” Line cuts.

I suck in my breath and let’s the air out slowly. 

My first ever phone call to Amara.
It went well.. I think. I sigh and walk back.

Have to get to the bank first thing tomorrow.
This journey of Amara getting her higher  education has just begun. No going back. And i don’t even regret blurting it out.

“Oh mother, don’t worry I haven’t been jazzed. And father, your son hasn’t lost his thunder. I have just lost my head in the beautiful eyes of an orange seller. The world is coming to an end. I swear down.”. I laugh at my self.

“Oh my darlyn. ..bless God ooooo !!!” Her mother danced unpon receiving the news. Hugging both Amara and Nkechi. She touches Amara’s face at thesame time dancing and looking up to the heavens, raising her hands and placing then on her chest. .multiple times while turning around in circles.

“My God has smiled on me, He has wiped away my tears and brought my enemies to shame.
He has brought an angel to help us.. giving me a new song.
Chia! !! My Ama would be a university girl. Carrying big books, speaking big big language.  Come out with big decree and come and buy me big house and car and have big job. Then marry and give me beautiful children running around. Hey!!! Papa Amara… God has remembered us….chinmooooooooooo!!!!” She danced again enveloping  Amara in a hug.

Amara had a plastic smile on her face. She wished amongst other things that she hadn’t met Bruno that day at her orange stand. If she hadn’t met him he wouldn’t have seen her mother, he wouldn’t have blurted out to pay her university fees.  Then he wouldn’t have brought along his friend… that perv. That devil whose thoughts are just to have her till he is satiated. Both of them.. the pretender and the  devil. Very much alike. Treading differently but all the want is thesame thing. They cant be friends if they dont have likeminds. Oh God.. help me!!!.She sighed

“Ahah. . Why are you sighing Ama, aren’t you happy.  It’s a dream come true for you. Have you told Bruno?? ”

A sad smile as she disengages from her mother’s embrace. ” Nothing Mama.  I am just tired. Yes mama.. ” She walks into the house, as her mother and Nkechi follows behind her.

“My dear hope you thanked him. ??? Hey..I haven’t even done anything for my son. I should cook something delicious for him..to thank him. Oh.. Thank you Jesus!!!!”

Mama, can’t I tell you my pains and worries. Would you understand??
Can’t I pour my thoughts on your laps, have your hands smoothen it out and tell me all would be well?
Can’t I tell you  of that ..that …that scum of the earth junior as he ran his dirty hands up my thighs , of those days he tries to forcefully have me or when he threatens me emotionally and make me feel like a property he owns even without him paying …would you believe me?
Can’t I tell you of the one you praise? Your angel. That might not be different from his friend.. who smiles but probably has more devious things planned out for me… who says his good intention of paying my fees goes without him stalking a claim on me…mama, would you let him go, would you let me break this hope …would you believe me…would you  forgive me from shattering your dreams of a better future for me…?
Mama…I have so many things to say but when I see you happy. .After years of sorrow.  All I want to do is shut my eyes and let my pains continue so for once,  your one dream.. your one shoot at happiness and a better tomorrow comes true.
Amara sighs again.

“Hey my daughter… you and this sighing up and down today. Oya come and eat okay. Nkechi, shei you are hungry too??”

The girl nods as she sat down beside Amara, observing her keenly. Amara’s mother walks into the bend going to their tiny kitchen .

“Tell me Amara, why aren’t you happy???”

“Because hell is empty. And all the demons are here. And I know their names” Amara mutters dropping her hand over her eyes.

Nkechi stares at her as though she had gone mad.

“Hain!!! Ama I don’t understand you oh. You drink or smoke weed?.. what you have been saying throughout today doesn’t make sense. Anyhow, I have been meaning to ask. This Bruno person …. how is he. I mean he just came out of the blue and offers to take care of your fees. Does he work in an  oil company,  or an alhaji?  Old man or a young boy… do you have his picture?  Did he toast you….come on tell me tell me…
A guy can’t just help a girl without wanting something in return… have you guys—

Amara covers her ears with the pillow..
“Oh God kill me now!!”


“Timothy my main man, what’s crackalacking mehn? ?” Junior slaps him on his back, as he sits down.

“Yo!! Junior the bad gang all by himself.  Where you being? Bruno says something about you and a lady’s thighs. Whose hymen walls are you tearing down this days??” He finishes his beer, orders for two more.

“Well it’s more like whose walls I am dying to.. she is a feisty one. She bite me lip mehn.  It only made me hornier?” He laughs rubbing his lips.

Timothy shakes his head.

“By the way, about that thing you told me to lie about to Bruno? I almost fxxked  up , nearly spilled the beans.  By  the way who is the chick? Wait!!! I hope you ain’t trying to screw over Bruno’s girl. Because he is obviously pining over some orange seller . I think he gat his heart and head in this one even even if he doesn’t know it. And you know it’s against the rules to cross over a dude’s boundary. That shit is betrayal mehn.. tell me it’s not thesame chick because your Sneaking shady altitude is pretty obvious to me” Timothy eyes him

Juniors throws his head back and laughs heartedly. …

“Oh tims, you are one hardcore Mo-fo’ Never could do anything shady without you figuring it out. Like minds yo!! We both the devils. Nice one bro. Spot on!!” He hits him again laughing , Timothy shakes his head.

“That’s fxxkedup bro. Same girl…damn. you need to back off. That shit ain’t right. Bruno is your boy . Your brother.!!”

“So?? That’s why we need to share. But because am selfish and shit. . And because this girl is just breathtaking delicious I rather have her first and tear down her walls and keep at it till am good and done. Then he can have her. For now, shut the hell up and don’t tell him shit. I mean i covered your ass when you raped that chick and pinned it on that gullible  dude. So you ain’t a saint.. I hope you told him what I told you to tell him??”

Timothy rubs his jaw, shaking his head.
“You are a dxxk you know that?? I was messup up then. Can’t hold that shit over my head years  later. Yes yes…. I told Bruno exactly what you wanted him to hear”

“Told me what??”  I stood behind them as they both turn facing me.
To be continued. .


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