Happy New Month beautiful people!!!!!


Helo Everyone,

How are you all doing? I trust you are good, beautiful,  wonderful and utterly amazing where ever you are. ☺

It’s a new month , a new day and I just want to wish you all the best. I pray this new month usher in something  interesting for you guys.  I pray that God blesses and keeps you and your family and also bless the works of your hands. Amen.

I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to each and every one of you who have taken time out to read, like and drop comments on my stories.  I swear you all rock. I mean,  you are the reason I keep writing because the fact that I have some other, one ..Two. . Three or a handful if people reading and asking for more is enough to know am doing something good. That keeps a smile on my face constantly and a warm feeling in my heart so I say a big THANK YOU FAM!!!!

So I know I haven’t completed some pending stories but I would do so..
Please bear with me..
Sometimes life outside writing can be really hectic and abit swamped. So…

But…I would get to it. Be best assured.

And Yes,

I have been doing some writing for an online Mag for a bit.

You can check out this site’s to read these stories .

” My Boss’s Ex-wife ”  ( the mini series tho. ) it’s a 10 chapter story.

“Walk of shame” ( also a 10 chapter story )

And ” The other woman”. ( also would be a 10 chapter story . Chapter one was put up on the 30th of last month. So 9 chapters to go.

You can click on this link to start reading from chapter one of each story mentioned above.. and you can follow it to the end.

Story 1.

Story 2.

Story 3.


You can find/ search for  me on wattpad
“Stephanie Egberike ”  and click.  My stories would pop up.

And you would see the above mentioned stories and others inclusive which isn’t finished but would be updated and you can get a notification once you add my story to your library as soon as I update each.
You can get wattpadd by downloading the app.
On the plus side , you get to read other fantastic stories from different Authors as we.

So here are few of my stories you get to see and read…










And others , ofcos. ☺

Also, you can find me on


Stories like
” Wordporn-Series : this madness called love
“Love is love , and jars of broken hearts ”
“Patterns; a collection of short stories ”
“My boss’s Ex-wife ”
“Walk of shame”
“Rebecca Brown

As I daily update them. You download and read.


Just thought so swing by and drop these..😆
It’s past midnight and am still up. But I should let you all get some sleep. And for us in the other parts of the world where it is already bright and sunny…. have a beautiful day.

For my fellow Nigerians! !

Happy belated independence day.. 😆😆😆😆  October 1st!!!!!

Again,  I thank you all for stopping by. You have been so wonderfully amazing and please don’t stop reading . Your comments are appreciated.  Corrections are appreciated. Even critiques are welcome. I mean.. it helps one  to be better and I am still a work in progress.  So yep… keep them coming.  Am grateful.

So am signing out.

On a more social level. .
Follow me on IG


Page on Facebook
The Sweet Perspectives


Stephanie Egberike 🙂


Ps: You Rock!!!😍

Thank you!!!!!



Xoxo #Sweetness 💋 #Allthingsfinery #TheSweetPerspectives #iwritethesweetspectives #IAmSweetness #StephanieEgberike #ISpewWords ✒


2 thoughts on “Happy New Month beautiful people!!!!!

    • Hi MBBlissett, am super glad you are awesome. Yes it can be really stressful but as long as you pull it off smoothly on a daily, that’s super wonderful. Yes there isn’t, but the little time one has is enough to make magic and that what makes us superhumans in our own world. *winks* thanks for stopping by …. have a sweet day. Pleas keep coming… cheers!!!

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