Hey!! Hey!! HEY!!!!


That moment you realise that your story is on the front app page of #madivas African story  download app… Oh heavens!!! Lols.. #joyofawriter



#squeals…and runs around in the compound. Hits a pole. Gets up.. checks to see nothing is broken. .continues screaming and running*


Don’t worry,  my village people never mix somtin😆
So, to the crux of the matter now..
The tin be say…
For sweetspectives lovers!!! 😆😆

You want to read my stories. ..?

* #My boss’s Ex-wife
* #Walk of shame …. ( just concluded )
* #The Other woman ….. ( first chapter is up n running presently)..

Well, no stress. no hassle.  You can download the “African Stories By Madivas” app on Google play store and you are one minute away to getting interesting stories at your own comfort.
You get notified when a new story is being featured and when each chapter is being updated…. So hurry up. What you waiting for.

You don’t want to miss this one …
#The other woman is on fire. . Join in on the scoop.
And don’t forget to drop a comment. Tell a friend to tell a friend..


Have a sweet week luvlies.

#Sweetness 💋 #Allthingsfinery #TheSweetPerspectives #iwritethesweetspectives #IAmSweetness #StephanieEgberike #ISpewWords ✒


Tata! !!


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