What is that. .that within her thighs?


Disclaimer :  please leave your inhibitions at the door . Not for the weak minds and overly religious .

Ps: You are responsible for whatever you deduce from this. *runs away*

Pss: Don’t ask me questions. Blame my itchy fingers  * whistles while running *


What is that, that within her thighs?

What is that, that within her thighs?
That,  which centers  down below her belly, between her thighs and hidden without eyes
Portrayed as gold, but mortified when told
Like a child which is to be a gift, a blessing like one ascending the thrown,
Or like the hooded man, casted from the lot and sent to oblivion for being what he is , a hooded man different from one without.

Is it  a curse,  a stigma and one for recluse
Or a blessing, a gift and one counted for bliss?

She, born with it, like one with mouth and arms
And yet she hides them from it, like bandits in dams
What is that, that within her thighs?
That brings glory and also water in disguise

Mother cautions one to protect it, keep it hidden and never let anyone take pleasure from it
Society points and stare at the ones who dances in public and everyone have had a taste from it.
Father and brothers  frown, never let’s her open her legs when she sit down with them with it
And strangers, those vile men, lick their lips and wag their tongues, touching their trousers so they can have a snif, a lick and a dip in it

What’s that, that within her thighs
That brings glory and also thick red water in disguise?

A woman, perfect in creation and a hole to birth many generations
For within her legs lies pleasures and pains,
From a lover, a  forceful taker and even the lady in thick cloated waters, all of them comes with the thrusts and games.

For that is what she is meant for, for without it she is made incomplete
And with it sometimes more a curse than more of a cause, for a woman, that which she possesses does so much  chores

What is that, that within her thighs
Which brings glory and sometimes a child in beautiful sunrise??

They say it in wispers,
Behind closed doors and hush-hush whimpers

They cover it with shame
Beneath her tummy and  clad with much protection and aim

They shout and curse
Her, who owns and carries it,
As a way of shaming when defending, when they are at a loss of words ,  a kinda high to their own superior side

But they plan and yearn
Some woo, fight and even beg , To
Taste , tickle and thrusts behind closed doors in a lovers warmth and in the morning light..they act not to have been part of what’s hidden between  her heavenly leg’s delight

What is that, that within my thighs
That brings glory , a child and red thick waters in disguise?

Ain’t I meant to be proud and raise my head up high?
Ain’t I meant to be pampered and cherished for the wonders which it brings to those who ask
Ain’t I meant to be protected from evil preying eyes?
Ain’t I meant to be loved throughout the days of my hole-ly life
Ain’t I meant to be the  actual seventh wonder under the deep blue skies?
Ain’t I meant to be beautiful like the woman who owns me like a goldmine within the high walls of my thighs..
Ain’t i meant to be just..what I am, as created to be useful in beautiful ways and not for ugly shaming traits
Ain’t I meant to be proud?. ..because from within my mouth gives life, flows life and pleasures  under serenading skies

So what is that, that within your  thighs,  that brings glory and sometimes beauty in disguise?
Do you hide it in Shame ? Like you are to be blamed
Or Do you dance in helpless delight
For out of you comes in beauty and then life.!!

I know that, that thing which is within my thighs
It’s my Vagina !!!
Yes it is,  and i said it .
No turning up noses,
No screwed up faces
No pretence. .and later want to tease it,
No half – truths ..
And definitely No shaming.

It is my vagina and it brings glory, a child , red cloated waters in disguise and it is definitely,
Unapologetically  mine.!!


“Woman thou art beautiful and blessed.
You tummy keeps Lil ones for a time, peacefully awake in rest.
You legs a path way to a man’s libido and his  wondering hardened crest
Your opening, a life to so many children at your  breast.
Do not think yourself any less
Those that tease you would later come and rest on your chest
Those that love you won’t let you hide in a pysch’s vest.
They would protect you and give their life if need be,  in a battle’ quest.

Woman, thou art  beautiful and blessed
And what’s between your thighs shouldn’t make you ashamed and feel detest.
For you are a mother , a wife with what’s between your legs
You are a home maker , a lover, a life protector with the heart within your chest.
Woman thou art beautiful,  don’t ever listen to a drunkard ‘ s crazy jest!!!~~~ Stephanie Egberike

Xoxo #Sweetness 💋 #Allthingsfinery #TheSweetPerspectives #iwritethesweetspectives #IAmSweetness #StephanieEgberike #ISpewWords ✒ #lifeofawriter


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