INTERMISSION : This Madness Called Love.. : Love Taunts



My waking and sleeping moments are filled with thoughts of her. Her lips I long to kiss. Her skin,my fingers desire to trail. Her lashes , I hope covers mine. My heart longs for her..but she don’t know it yet . Even i dont know why it beats fast and slow at thesame time when i stare at her .
How do I hold her in my arms and not want to sink into her. How do I tame the beast within me when all I desire is to own her,not to seduce but to protect her. Keep her safe and pure, untouch. As beautiful as she was created. How do I love her when I don’t know love myself. How do I stop thinking about her, when my nights are filled with visions of her.
How do I hide the shame I bask in. How do I change me.. how do I not want to touch her and yet want to.
Am running mad, like one intoxicated.  Like one addicted to her scent even without sniffing her.  Like an heroine she runs though my veins. But I desire not a cure. Like a bad habit I hold on to her. Like air I breathe her in on a daily. Like water to a dying man of thirst. Like food to an hungry baby. Like one without a form.
Amara, you would be the death of me. Or the life I long to live.
Save from from this madness I feel.
And yet . If this is what it feels To be inlove.. then I rather dwell in this madness called love.. I don’t want to be sane.
Amara,  my sweet orange seller. Change me from the man I was.  Make me the man you want.
Let Bruno,  my name.. mean more to you than a man who sees a woman and desires what’s underneath her skirt. Let Bruno be a man, who makes you smile and wants to protect and provide for you. Because trully,  that’s what I want. I have no other desires.. despite I long and yearn and want you. I rather die than hurt you..
I love you Amara, even if I don’t know it yet. But my heart can’t stop beating.
Oh cupid!! You sly bastard. Look what you did to me…❤..


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