What’s Your Art??


What’s your Art?..

Writing is an art. An unexplainable art. It’s words like magic… It gives life. It heals. It sooths. It slays. It humours. It breaks down. It lifts up. It transcends through time. It sticks. Doesn’t go away. Not like beauty, it dwells.
It runs, climbing up your sleeves, clawing into your heart, keeps you awake, gives you visions..makes you see.


It makes a man laugh to himself. Like the stranger brooding by the corner, eyes rolled up into his head, pen in his mouth,  scribbled notes on his lap, unseeing he stares..at you and through you. You shake your head and pass, hear him murmur obscenities.  Like he is in his own world.


But you see.. to him. You are the one mad. For he sees clearer than you, further even. Far and beyond. Over the seven seas, and the wonders of the world. He can create a whole new world from his mind. Make castles and dragons. Give life and death. Turn babies into man. Give you riches or a poor church rat.


You see, he can be a president and rule on the iron throne. Make you an elf or a mere mortal without eyes. In his world, there are no impossibilities. Impossible isn’t even a word.

So don’t frown at the brooding man by the corner. Or the lady typing a thousand words over her tab. Or the child who makes out nothing from thin air with his pen. Or thar boy who plays with wires and floater and chases canter. For you don’t see what they see. You think they are strange. But in reality ..you are the one who is different.  Because you only see what’s infront of you  but they see what’s behind you and further down and what’s coming…


Writing is an art. The writer an artist.
And every other person whose passion drives him. Their art is beautiful. .
Don’t despise their little beginings. ..

Love your Art. Be Your Art. And let your Art speak.


I am  Stephanie Egberike and i am a Writer. And I love every bit of my Art.
What about you???😈


I Am ##StephanieEgberike
#IAmSweetness 💋
#ISpewWords ✒ #lifeofawriter
#TheSweetPerspectives #iwritethesweetspectives


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