Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. ..23


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love .. (chpt.23).
“Won’t you feed me, or you rather me stare at your beautiful face”?..

She smiles shyly as she opens up the food. Exposing a special delicacy of peppersoup that had a few obstacles rearing its head from the darkened water and red warm garri that heat still emanated from.

“Wow. Your mum really went all out. It looks really good.” ..

“It tastes good too. .. ” she arranged the food , placing the utensils by the side.  A bright smile on her face. Her eyes sparkled

“Yeah.. I know what would taste even better ”   .. eyes ran all over her body, appreciating what they saw.

“Oh really.. what would taste better than my mother’s food. ?.. Amara askes shyly. But she moved closer, leaning just just a little. So I could see her cleavage.  From where the eyes peeked.. they were a beauty.

“Well. I can’t tell you. I would have to show you. The taste is better comprehended on the tastebud. . ”  welcoming her every move

“Well.. show me then”.!! Amara teased, fluttering her lashes. Biting her lower lip.

“Damn”!!. Forgetting the food.

She laid beneath, wrapping her legs to the form that had the eyes. And in another few minutes. Cloths discarded.  All that was left was bare skin and the desires burning.

“Taste me “.. she begged. “Taste me now”.

“I will my beautiful Amara. And I would savour every moment.  I would taste and drink untill all your essence is gone and all you feel is spent. Satisfaction and a taste for more in the morning light”..

While penetrating her core. Her moans sounding like music. Her touch digging. Her face with desire. Her being..accepting and taking all of the form could give…

“Amara “.. the form wispers..feeling her tighten,  rising. Her climax reaching. He not far behind.  The form squeezes..Amara holds tighter, eyes rolling into her eyes, feets curling..raspy breaths..then intensity

“Bruno!! Yes ..Yes ..yessssssssss! Bruno!!!!”…
“Oh hell Nah!!” Junior claws into his mind’s vision and flings Bruno from Amara’s body. As he hits the wall he turns into nothingness.

“Like hell that shit is going down on my watch. Not on my watch. Ama hit that before you even think to score a home run Bruno boy. You won’t even get to first base with me screwing up her mind about you. Not while I got two balls and this huge tool. Ama plow my way into her and leave her hole so big you won’t even fit.” Junior spat, speaking into thing air.

“What the Fxxk is with you Junior. Why did you slam your glass to the wall. The Fxxk mehn?”.
Timothy eyes him, he turns hearing the glass shatter just when he was about to leave. Barely a few minutes after Bruno had left saying he was going home. The bartender looked offended.  Shaking his head. His boss was going to have his head.

“Nothing.  Nothing at all. ”  Junior hisses waving Timothy off.

“Go on.  I gat to be at a place anyways.”..  He turns facing the bartender, pulling out his wallet.

” Don’t worry fella. I would pay for that. “.

“You had better “.. the man behind the bar mutters.

‘You say what??” Junior pauses, his jaw flexed.

Timothy senses and comes over. If he didn’t get in the way. The dude would be nursing a broken jaw for the next few days.

“Nothing. He said nothing. Lemme pay the dude. Thought you would said you gat a place to be.”?  He grabs his shoulders and takes out his own wallet and pays the guy. Who nodded a thank you. He was pulling junior away.

“Yes. Right behind  her and infront of him.” He smiles

Timothy felt disgusted. Above all.. He felt pity for Bruno.  He watches as junior flags a taxi and gave them an address. He knew where he was heading. He digs his hands into his pocket picking up his phone. He scrolls to a name. .pauses on it for a few seconds deliberately.  In another second he shoves the the phone back into his pocket and swears .

“Damn Bruno. Am sorry ! Fxxk you Junior.
Fxxk!!” He turns and heads the opposite direction.


I was visibly angry. I know I told him i didn’t  him coming. What the hell junior??”

“Helo.. Helo heloooooo” Junior smiles , taking Nkechi ‘ s hands and brushing her knuckles with a featherlike kiss.

“Oh goodness!!” Nkechi breathed. Obviously not used to it.

“Am junior and you pretty lady ??”

“Am Nkechi . But my friends call me Nk. And this its my friend…Ama-

“Amara , the beautiful “.. Junior cuts her, smiling at Amara.

“Won’t you give me a hug Ama??..” Junior spreads his arms open, inviting.

“Oh you know her??” Nkechi smiles

“She is gold around her. Her name is like rare diamond.  Amara, the beautiful. “..  when Amara didn’t move. He laughs and pinches her jaw.

“Always shy this one”. Amara turns her head away.

I was really pissed. Literally boiling.

“Yes she is.”..

I cleared my throat. They turned.

“Helo Amara,  Helo Nkechi.. Bye Junior”. I step back and allowed the girls to come on. Nkechi quickly steps in, smiling up at me appreciatively as she passed, pulling in the reluctant Amara behind in. Who seemed unsure wether to come in scared of the unknown or stay outside.. fear of knowne. . 
Her behaviour made me be curious . Again the negative vibe. As they passed I made to shut the door, junior blocks it with his hands.

“Hey, watch my face mehn. “.. He says pushing the door open.

“Actually it was the very intention. ” I smiled.

“I said bye Junior”.. I repeated .

Junior looks at me and bursted out laughing .
“Oh Bruno, funny guy. You funny”.. He pushes the door open and steps in .
Amara and Nkechi was standing watching us.
*Let Let it slid bro. Let it slide . Breath * I tried to relax myself. 

“Please sit. Welcome to my simple home Amara.  You haven’t said much. How are you. ? Can I over you girls anything ?” I ask staring at one from the other.  Ignoring junior who decided to help himself despite.

“Smirnoff please ” Nkechi  chirps. I raised an eyebrow. And how did she become friends with Amara again?

I turn to Amara, my eyes warms… but she shakes her head. My heart sinks.

“You know it would be terribly unfair that you came all this way to give me foo from your mother and you refuse my only offer. Something to quench your thirst. The sun is hot. Please,  don’t say no. Atleast take water. Fanta. Malt. ” I pleaded. I saw Nkechi nudge her friend who seemed visibly uncomfortable.  Quiet. Or was that fear hidden  behind that facade.

“Malt. She would take malt.”. Nkechi answers for her. Amara held on to the food tightly . She didn’t look at me but nodded. Atleast that was a win.
I turn to get the drinks. But first….
I hear wispering

”  Whats wrong with your Amara? You just keep quiet like person wei no sabi pronounce A-B-C . Inside the bus you were spewing nonsensical things . What’s with you?”

“Nk, you won’t understand. I just can’t wait to be out of here.”.. Amara replies. Fear griping into her. Fear and anger.  Mostly directed to one  of the men in the room.

“Hain. !! Me Ayam nor understanding oooo”. She says then smiles.

“Oh Amara why didn’t you tell me that your Bruno is a Greek god. I mean  as soon as he opened the door I wanted to faint. See that lean tall body. I bet he got six packs. And that smile and dazzling white teeth. Jezz, those lips. It’s too die for. Did you check out his ass? So taut and fit right into those jeans. I wonder if he is big enough down there and he–

“Oh shut up Nkechi. And he is not My Bruno. He He is just Bruno .”

“Mmmmmm. Ehen if he isn’t your Bruno then why should is shut up. My God babe he is fine. This fine dude wants wants to pay your way through school and you are there like monument. Like a stagnated robot. Me, I would come over one weekend , and tell him. Am all your sire, take me.!!” She pushes both hands infront of her, dreamily

“You read too many miles & bones”. Amara shakes her head. Clearly uncomfortable

“And clearly you don’t read enough if not. You would be twisted enough not to stake a claim on someone who obviously is ready and willing. See the way he looked and smiled at you?”

Yes. The same way Junior looks and band smiles at me. They are thesame. Wanting thesame thing. Probably planning who gets to have me first . Oh gawd!!! Mother. If only I can tell you the torment I feel.

‘Hey, are you listening to me??” Nkechi snaps her fingers.  Amara blinks.

“No.!” She states. Placing the hot food on the table as her palm couldn’t bare it anymore.

Nkechi shakes her head
“Oh my goodness.  Amara, Bruno is hot. And if you don’t want him. I will have him then. Since all you are interested in your education not the man or his money. Which ” she looks around ” apparently has ..little. I can keep him”.

“Whatever. You can keep both of them.not like I would wish either on worst enemy. ” Amara spat.

Nkechi raises an eyebrow..
“What the Fxxk is up your ass mehn. What are you doing here?” I pulled him to the side, staring him square in the face.

“Erm getting myself a drink, apparently since I wasn’t offered and maybe for the ladies. Like the perfect co-host that I am”. He smiles

“Why are you even here?” I was smiling. Was he even looking at me. Was I carrying a placard of an emoji smiling?

“Dude I said I was hungry. Won’t you feed a brother?. Plus am already here. Why so serious? Your guests are waiting and here you are…talking to me. Bad hospitality bro.” He pats my shoulders

“I can’t even deal with this shit right now. I need to speak to amara about something.  So finish your drink and ball out. ” I walk away, taking the cold drinks to the girls.

“Like hell that’s happening”… He chuckles.  He grabs his drink, picks an extra plate and utensils and heads back out.
One of the girls was smiling up at me.
But she wasn’t the one I wanted to see  her eyes sparkle. 

“So here..” I place the drinks down opening it.

“Hmmm. So Mama just wanted to feed me by fire by force today Amara?”  She offered me a weak smile.

“Please thank her for me. I would return the flask when I come visiting another day”. I sit down oposite them.

“No”. Amara states


“She said you should eat now. I tell her you have.”

“Am sorry? “. Why does she avoid looking directly at me. Was she shy?. I mean .. for a guy who have kept her warm throughout that night without trespassing.  Can’t she trust me enough to tell me what’s making making her uncomfortable?

“Well. She meant her mother insisted you eat  it infront of her and call her. “..Nkechi says. Still smiling at me. I didnt like her. Especially the way she stared.  Like a hungry lion.

I laugh… “‘seriously . Oh well. I best begin. So you can give mama good report ”  ..

Amara reaches for the flask, Nkechi beats her to it.

“Oh let me help you Bruno. I know how to serve very well”. Emphasis was on the serve.

“No it’s fine. I can help myself “.  .. forward much? If Amara didn’t want to I had two hands. Why did I want Nkechi far away from me all of a sudden.

“No. I insist!”.. she grabs it, smiling and she opened it, dishing out its contents. I resigned to my fate. Amara sat there quietly, playing with her finger.

“Thank you”! I muttered awkwardly ..

“Please join  me?”… I stated . Waiting for Amara to make a move atleast . Junior who had been watching from the corner suddenly pushes himself from the wall, grabs a stool shifting it to the table , close to me and the food.

Before I could blink.. or anyone for that matter..

Junior empties more than half of the plates contents of my food into his plate.
I repeat…My food. And began eating. Yumming and licking his fingers ..

I grab the near empty bottle of beer he was drinking and..



P.S :
Damn!!! Back to my baby small face 😈. Oh well…Am. Still. #Winning.
Like a seed I keep sprouting up, defying all odds, breaking grounds. Tearing and seeping through the earth, shattering cores. Like life .. I blossom. Standing tall, not wavering but held up . Petals like beauty, scent creating a peaceful ambience.  I refuse to be put down and stay down. I am me. Created for a purpose. Setting a pace. Making a statement. I refuse to be put down and stay down.  I keep breathing.  I keep living.  Doesn’t matter the health challenges,  doesn’t matter the lose of weight or swollen eyes.. I keep sprouting up from the ground and I keep winning. Back and Better.  Thanks for the love.. 😘


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