Don’t forget to show love…


Helo wensday! !!!

There say , life is too short .
They don’t lie.
So be happy. Live, love, and pray.
Don’t forget to show love, to appreciate,  to give and be and do whatever you want.
Don’t forget to tell that person you love them, everyday . Don’t forget to be with your family on a daily. Don’t forget to reach out to that friend. Don’t forget to experience that love and warmth from togetherness.  Don’t forget to live.
Don’t have regrets. Don’t dwell on tomorrow. Live for today and plan for tomorrow. 
Don’t forget .. before its too late. And you then wish you had… said something,  don’t something, being and acted someway, told them, appreciated them etc.
Life is too short. Don’t have regrets.

Show love and kindness to those who matter.




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