Why do people always leave?…

You see,
She said she would never leave, be there forever
never stay away for ever. but she lied, for yesterday
was the last time I saw her smile. for her hands had
become cold,her lips blue and her eyes didn’t hold no
more smiles. she lied. she left me ,all alone. to face the
taunt of loneliness. to stare at the shadows hoping to see
her there. to turn on my side and feel her stare.
she lied. when she said she would never leave..but
all I feel is sadness and emptiness inside.. my heart
has become cold..there is no more warmth. no love..
just a chest where my heart beats. even that seems
be my hell.  for my angel is here, lying on her cold
death bed.
she said she would never leave..she lied.
now am left with memories of you..and that’s
painful as hell.



My prayers goes to those who have lost someone..
Be strong.
Don’t give up just yet…



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