Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love.. chp. 24



I had hoped… one day soon. When she was bold enough .. she would come to me. And we would sit side by side,  maybe talking.. maybe not.
Maybe staring at everything but our eyes.
Maybe then she could tell me what’s hidden behind her dark eyes..  or be able to smile up at me without fear… or shyness within her eyes.

I had hoped.. one day soon. I would be bold enough to speak to her. Tell her nothing I not know but hope she listens.
For I wanted to be seen for much more than I was., than the guy who ran after skirts, tore down walls and left tears spilling behind him and he didn’t care. Even if she didn’t know.
Then guy that commanded authority as well as a few brothers. .. who was some sort of a terror while the college days was ripe. Even if she didn’t know that too.
Then guy who didn’t care to love.. never felt it. Still haven’t.  Who laughed at the faces of the fragile weaker vessels when they pour they heart to him. All he was interested was what they had within her legs, on her chest and if she had  a good breath, then it was a merry-go-bliss. I pray she doesn’t get to know that as well.

I was a guy of many faults. Many secrets. Many flaws.. that never bothered me much.  Not until those beautiful innocent eyes stares up at me and her words ringing in my ears…
” And you.. are you any different? ?” .

And now different is all i wished i could be. Not just for her but for me.
Maybe then and only then could I stand beside her.. seeing her as she is. Beautiful. . Lively.. spirited. And want nothing more than to shield and protect her from the world. Even from me.

I had hoped, one day soon.. when she comes to me. It would be something…of bliss. To talk to her. And nothing Amis.

But here she was. In my home.. and here also the daibolical twins.

Junior and Nkechi.

Who the heck invited them??.


“Ouch!!”  He exclaims rubbing his head as the bottle I grabbed came in contact with him.

He had a mouthful of my fish. Fish that Amara’s mother had cooked for me.
Food she had sent Amara to bring for me and he,,junior’  adviced himself to dive in… without being invited, no courtesy.. and he was enjoying MY PEPPERSOUP!!! 😠

“Oh dear Lord!!” Nkechi exclaims.

Amara at first covers her mouths with her hands in shock. And then out of the blue, without warning.  She busted out laughing.

Those rich, deep throated laughter. That had her throwing her head backwards, almost falling off. I didn’t realise when I started smiling. Suddenly forgetting every other person in the room. Even the Peppersoup.  I watched her go off and I felt warm.

For the first time I didn’t just see her smile. I heard her laugh with reckless abandon. And if slamming Junior’s head with a bottle could do the trick. I didn’t mind doing it again…and again. Because technically,  he was starting to piss me off. And because…  I just wanted to hear her laugh like that again.

“Wtf Bruno! ” he rubs his head.. cutting into my thoughts.  I didn’t turn.

“Relax Dude. It’s just plastic. ..Hard plastic. You lucky I changed my mind in the last second before flexing my hands towards your face. ” I gave him a thin smile.

“After all you deserve more than that”..

The fool stares at me.. and turns to Amara laughing, Nkechi had joined in the laughter too.

“Yes. Laugh ..keep laughing. Soon you wouldn’t. ” he says

As soon as the laughter began, it seized. Amara returned to who she was. Like a switch. That calm quiet girl. Who looked too timid or scared.
The negative vibes tugged at my sleeves. What the hell is going on.. 

“What does that mean junior??” I raise my eyebrow. The sunshine just left the room and all of a sudden I felt like punching him in the face.

“No nothing bruh . I mean,  it’s funny they laughing at me now. Soon they wouldn’t because I might just do you back..” he smirked .  He was referring to Amara. He knew she was a smart girl and could read inbetween the line.. He helps himself to the rest of the peppersoup . Grabs his beer and drinks it. Belching. I wince.

“So now that you have eaten his food. What is he going to eat??”..Nkechi askes,  a frown crossing her face. She stares at me.

“Nah. Am good. Amara, please do me a favour. Tell your mum I enjoyed it. “.. I pleaded. But she just stared at me for a full minute then nodded.

“No that’s not right. Junior that’s a very bad behaviour. You should have least asked to join not swallow it up like a lion. That’s gluttony “. She stated.

“Hmmm.English!!! ” junior rolls his eyes.

“What is Bruno is mine. What is mine is Bruno’s. We share everything. … you have no idea”..he winked at them.

I flex my knuckles…

Nkechi interest seem piqued. Amara looked uncomfortable and I wanted to stuff something big into his mouth and choke him. What was he trying to do.. make me look bad?.. we share everything. .? Is like telling the world. .. we play the hide and seek together with the same woman… the tinko-tinko  game of wetness and hardrocks. . Moans, groans and screams while we take turns. WTF!!!

I mean.. What The fxxking fxxk! !! That has never happened.

Well, just one time. But technically. . I dated her briefly.  Well if you call one week , briefly.
And the next week I found them shagging.  That was the last I ever had anything to do with her.

She claimed she thought it was me in the room with her. She came back drunk. And junior claimed she seduced him.

I wasn’t pissed because I didn’t care about her. But I was irritated. Disgusted. There are a few things I don’t share.. and that includes my women and my shaving sticks. Amongst others.  That shit is delicate.

But really junior .. WTF!!!

“Oh okay…!!” I get up. Kicking junior under the table.. “Get going you dxxk!”  I mutter under my breath only for his ears as I clear the flask. Heading to the kitchen to wash them.

“But not to worry. Since I know your house. I would prepare something nice and bring for you tomorrow. .”.. nkechi states

I almost stumbled over an invisible table…

Now it was junior’s turn to burst out laughing.

“NO!!!!!” I said.

Or was I the one that said that. Junior stopped laughing and all eyes turned to Amara.

” you don’t need to. I would just tell mama to cook another. That you liked it soo much and you don’t mind another. “.. Amara says . She had no idea why she said No. What was her concern if Nkechi wanted to throw herself at his feet and worship him. She felt embarrassed all of a sudden.

“Please NK. Can we go. Before mama would come back and get worried I haven’t come gotten home.”..

“But your mother said she was going to-..

“NK,  let’s go. Please give me the flask . I would wash it when I get home. ” Amara cuts her off. Nkechi keeps quiet.

“No I really don’t mind. Let me wash it and give it back to you. “..

“No please. ” Amara insisted.

I shake my head. ” I was raised to be neat and deciplined accordingly.  Never leave your plates dirty after eating. Was one of them. “..  i said half-truthfully. Okay that’s a big black lie. I was lazy AF sometimes. But.. a Lil white lie wouldn’t hurt.

“But you don’t need to”.. she says.

“I insist.”.. I offered

‘Bruno just give her the flask . They want to go home. It’s late. She can wash the flask when she gets home. ” junior chips in. Nkechi observes..

I wished there was something other than the flask I was holding.  A tape.. maybe. I smile , trying not to get pissed. .. she didn’t need to see me like that.

“Please , mama is waiting home for me.”.. I reluctantly hand her the flask. And with a nodded thank you she packs it up and heads to the door. Nkechi reluctantly follows, her eyes lingering on me.

I stand behind them as they walk out..

“Let me put you girls in a cab at the junction “..

“Yes please ” Nkechi smiles 

“No thank you.  We can find our way back. ” and in another second they walked away from me.. leaving me to stare after them. But at one person in particular.

Then I remembered him. And I turn..

“Do you mind explaining to me what the actual fxxk was that?”.. I said through gritted teeth.

“What was what? Look i said I was hungry and you thought I was shitting you. You cant be having home cooked meal and let your boy starve. I mean that’s just pure mean. Plus, you didn’t look as though you were hungry to eat it. I was trying to save you the awkwardness  ” ..

I shake me head, stepping a bit closer towards him..

“I did say I didn’t want you coming back to my place today. I did mention that I wanted to see Amara alone and talk to her about stuff. And yet you show up and all you are doing today is piss me off.   Give me a reason why I shouldn’t punch you in the face. “?

Junior thinks for a second. He should tread carefully.  When Bruno was pissed. He was a hot coal on a delicate soft skin. He wasn’t called Bruno the Sledge Hammer for nothing. . Good or bad. There was once a time, he was revered.

‘Look.  Am.sorry mehn . Really. Promise it won’t happen again.” He lied.

There was no use crying over spilled milk. She was here  and she has gone. Maybe she won’t ever come here again . Even if to give me food from her mother.

“Whatever mehn! ! Just leave”.. I open the door wide open for him..

“I need to crash. Have to be at work first thing before the first light is up. We see tomorrow  or something. ” 

Junior gets up, slapping me across the shoulders
“Good man Bruno . Good man. ” as he Steps outside.. just when he was about to say something else I shut the door . Walking away and shutting the walls back into his mouth.

I just needed to sleep. And pray Amara doesn’t taunt my dreams again tonight.


Junior smiles to himself.

“Task completed for today. “..  as he walked away, heading to  the opposite direction. He danced.

“Ain’t no way am allowing shit go down between you and angel face Amara. Not until I have had my fill.” He stated matter of factly.


“Why are you staring at me?” .. Amara turns and sees Nkechi  staring.

“Nothing “. But she doesn’t stop staring.

“What is it??. Stop staring.” … Amara felt uncomfortable with it

“Ohk fine. For someone who seemed not to care about Bruno. You seemed pretty big on protecting him .”

” I am not protecting any body much less Bruno. ” Amara states

“Then why don’t you let me feed him and have him . If you don’t like him. And he isn’t your Bruno. ”

“Jesus!! I already told you already… he isn’t my Bruno.!!😲

“Then why did you say No?” Nkechi wanted to make sure there won’t be any competition.

“I don’t know. “!…  she honestly didn’t know.

“It’s just that I felt bad that … that his friend ate his food. And mama  wanted him to taste her food. I felt it’s only right that I tell her he loved it and needed more. That’s all. ”

“Okay. If you say so” … Nkechi says. It didn’t make sense to her but… she shrugged.

“Yes i say so.. Now ,can we drop it already?.  I am having a headache ” Amara folds her hands staring out of the window of the moving car.

“Oh okay. Fine. Let’s drop it. “.. Another day, She would bring up the junior issue and why it seemed as though Amara hated him more than Bruno. Because she never said a word to him nor smiled.

Hours later as Amara laid on her bed. She wondered too why she blurted out .
She really didn’t care if Nkechi went all out to feed him. It shouldnt matter to her.

She just needs to give him food from her mother  again and that’s it .

Nkechi can kill a fat calf and stuff it into his throat. 

She didn’t care .


I strolled into the office the next day.  And concentrated on work.

I made a special note to avoid Ngozi as she constantly threw sexy glances my way.

During lunch break. I was the first to leave the office and last to return. I have tired to avoid her for the past few weeks and I wanted to continue doing so. Being alone with her at a place was setting yourself up for a downfall.

I rather be a priest than be found bearing my head within her core . Where every key had opened .


Sharing women wasn’t one of my traits.  I may  be a bad boy . But.. I am also a different kind of bad boy. Plus, someone else makes me want to be better. Even if she doesn’t know it yet. Even if I have not the strangest clue why the hell I want to change.

By 4 pm. I ran out. Hearing her call my name trying to catch up with me. I was gone .

Home. Tired. I flung my self on the bed.. and dozed off.


Knock knock !!!

The silent knocking woke me up. I laid still.  Maybe it was the neighbour’s door.

Knock! ! Knock!! Knock!!!

I sit up. It was my door .  I look at the time and it was 7pm.  If it were junior, he would have banged on the door or bellowed..
“Son, open up. Or some stupid as shit “.

I get up,  stretching and I go to the door. The knock continues. .

“I am coming.. “.. I call out…

I yawn.. rubbing my eyes. I open the door.

To find her standing there. And my heart skipped a beat.


To be continued.


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