Sinking Sands, pebbles, water,life in and out. What ails your troubling mind?


~~ Sinking Sands, pebbles, water, life in and out. What ails your troubling mind??” ~~


Sinking Sands in stolen waters, dancing pebbles in beds of waters
There she hid, in the confines of her mother’s  warmth. Loved, cherished and protected, even the world in its chaos and epileptic waves can’t touch or even dare.

Like a babe, ushered  into reality, warmth from a mothers womb to that of her arms aren’t much thesame but thesame nonetheless .
For her smiles never wavers nor her sacrifices never ending. She may grow slower , weaker, greyer but her heart, springing love for that who she loved within and outside remains the same and her  emotions  becomes slightly or maybe a Lil more bigger. Encompassing if you may.

In another couple of years, her desires and wants, needs and aspirations grew a ton. Not a tiny weeny babe, clothed with tenderness and handled with care. Her strides are confident and her feet are sure. But her realities are harsher than it was before .

She finds that love from a mother and love of the world are two different things like two worlds apart.
While a mother might give her all, and stay in want. Sacrifice her little without a doubt.

The world plays a rather  different game; a game of friendships that makes or Mar, a game of brothers that sometimes leaves a mean mark. A game of lovers which leaves one to stride in helpless abandon, twirling to an inaudible music and falling into perfect bliss or shattered pieces of broken jars of hearts never healing just bleeding the wounds that can not be taped. A game of hopes and dreams, some tarnished but some still nsync.
A game of robbers, a give or take. A game of wonders that leaves you out without a simple take.

You see life is much different from the confines of a mother’s womb.
There you are protected. , provided for, loved and cared. Nourished and bathed with love .

But out here in the real world,  the realities sets in. Things are much different,  people are. Thoughts are. Emotions are. Everything is just a giant big puzzle,  a thick maze if you will.

What you hope for is not what you get. What you dream for is not what becomes. What you touch sometimes become gold or dust. What you feel sometimes makes you numb or even worse.

But then again, life goes on.
We go with the tide or we stand, wait and let the current pass us by while we stand at the brink or bank of the oceans, our feet a safe distance but touching the waters, caressing  the sinking sands in the stolen waters , while we throw pebbles as they dance in the beds of water, causing a ripple effect.
Much likened to our life.😊

What ails your troubling mind my friend? For that is a wonderment for me at this time…


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