Why do you doubt?
Why do you fear?
Why do you not understand that God is always  here and near.

Is it because men speak vile things
Is it because they believe in vanities
Is it because they forget who gave them all those good and beautiful nice things

Do not be discouraged,
No!! Do not be dismayed
Sorrows lasts for the night but joys of the mornings would flow come what may

Why do you doubt ..
Why do you fear
Why do you not see that God is always near

So anytime  the devil threatens you
Everytime you feel you have lost the battle
Know this, believe this…even shout it

I am the child of God.
Made out of perfection
Covered with love and loved with precision
By Him who has no beginning
For He is the begining before the begining began
By Him who has no Start but everything started with him and by him
By him who sees the end who knows it all through and through
By him who is the father of father’s
By him who owns in all and Lords over it
By him, through him, with him and only him life is sustained and eternity of bliss is sure
How  then can I be afraid, when He is all that and more .
I am a child of God and devil you can’t hold me no more.

So why should I even be afraid. Why!!!

The Lord Says ” FEAR NOT!! FOR I AM HERE.

So be not afraid. Instead cast all your fears unto the Lord and he will care for you.



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