You are enough.
You are worth every thing beautiful.  Every glance, every thought, every happiness, every joy, Every love, every thing that glows.
Even that job, that career,  that promotion , that house, that child , that husband or Bro 😋, that achievent , that dream.. that awesomeness that every green. . You are worth everything. .. and You are enough.

Don’t let anyone treat you less than you are because of the way you look, act and your present situation.
So if nothing works out for you in any area of your life.
It’s okay to hurt. To cry. To feel the pain and all.

But it’s not okay to wallow in self pity and feel like you ain’t good enough.. you ain’t pretty enough . Your skills aren’t worthy enough . Your project isn’t perfect enough.  Your account isn’t full enough.  Your joy isn’t good enough or your desires isn’t top the chart worthy enough for you to achieve anything you want.

You are enough .  So stop chasing people. It’s enough. Stop wallowing in self pity. It’s enough.  Stop thinking something is wrong with you. No. Stop it. Thats enough.
He don’t want you. It’s okay.  Let it go. It’s enough. She don’t want you. It’s okay too. It would hurt. Only for a while. It’s enough. Job ain’t working out or You were retrenched. That sucks . I know. But  look at your hands.. what do you have there…so get creative. Think outside the box. Stop waiting on the govt.  It’s enough. You need that dream job. Get to working. You need that happy home. Get to planning.  You wanna be great? Then. ..get up.  Plan. Strategize.  Execute.  Just don’t think. Act.

You are enough to be happy ..
So be enough. Don’t let anyone or anything make you be less of yourself. ..

. Just know you are enough!!

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