Being a Better Version Of Me Today..


I have made mistakes , had scars from it. But I don’t let it define me.

I have cried, those circles underneath my eyes are indications of it. But I don’t let it mold me.

I have tried and failed, those feelings of uncertainties are every indications of it. But I don’t let it shape me.

I have been bruised, wounded , hurt, let down, trampled over and prally cast aside, .. my quiet and withdrawn demeanour is every sign of it. But I don’t let it consume me.

Those scars are things that show that I have been there, felt the pain and risen above it.

Those bags underneath my eyes are there to show that sorrows may last for a light but by the morning, those smiles replaces those tears and I know everything would be OK.

Those wounds visible or not is there to show that life isn’t a bag full of roses, but the fact that I can let it all go and look forward, plan ahead and treat people better than I have been treated shows that I have understood pain, and I don’t have to let another feel the same.

Those failures, those broken backs and negativities may have popped up its ugly head once upon a time.. but you see,  I fought hard, I gave my all and when the future didn’t look so bleak, from the corner of that very long tunnel… I saw that glimmer of hope and I ran to it. And guess what, I came out stronger. Better . A more refined version of me.

So it’s okay ..whatever your past is. It’s okay. Whatever your present is.  But the future is still unsure… so don’t this.. make it work. And everything would work out eventually.  Don’t look at the pains, the mistakes,  and all negatives.

You are alife,  and everyday is an opportunity to achieve sometime more than you did yesterday.

So get up.  Act. Think. Dream and achieve. .and run with it.

Life is going into be okay.

But you have got to be a better more refined version of you today .

Have a blessed week.




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