Wordporn-series : This Madness called love .. chp. 25


~~ Wordporn-series: This Madness Called Love chp. 25 ~~

I was standing by the edge of the bed, smiling down at her sleeping form. She looked peaceful. I have never seen an angel before but I could swear she looked like one. Her delicate fair skin shone brightly in the deemed glow of the candle light .
I was tempted to touch her, not  hungrily but touch her none the less, briefly run my fingers through her thick hair. Though plaited I didn’t mind if it was loosened. To run my hands over her shoulders and protect her skin from the menacing vampires of the night. To rub her cold feets  to keep her warm when the cold night breeze does a waltz with the curtains back and forth. To touch her lashes, her long beautiful lashes and feel it tickle my thumbs. To feel the breaths coming out of her nostrils as they flare while she took in air. To touch her chest, by laying my head there to hear her breath peacefully, calmly as one not  bothered by the chaos of the world.
I stood there, by the edge of the bed and smiled from my heart as she took her rest. And because I was tempted to touch her, not hungrily but touch her nontheless,  I bent, ever so lovingly and placed a kiss on her forehead.

Knock knock! !!

Her lips moved while her eyes remained close. ..

I blinked.. shocked. I didn’t mean to wake her .

Knock knock knock!!!!! 

This time her eyes opened, her lips moved again.

Knock knock knock!!!

Amara! !! ” I wisper

I startled out of my dream and the knocking continues..

I run my hands over my face. .and with another sigh I get up and go to the door. It was 7pm.. who could that be, ruining my sleep.

I open the door and I couldn’t believe who was standing infront of me.

“You!” ..

“Surprised? ” she said , smiling mischievously.

“Why are you here NG  and how did you find my place?” I asked. How the hell  did she get my address. One of the dude from the office maybe.  They would see my bad side in the morning.

“Won’t you let me in?” Ngozi askes me. I didn’t smile. I didn’t need to.

“No am sorry, but it’s late and I don’t have visitors by this time in my house so thanks for stopping by NG . See you at work tomorrow.  ” I made to close the door in her face but she pushes it back open and walks past me into the house, laughing.

“Oh Bruno darling you are so hilarious. I come all the way to see you and you can’t even invite me in for a glass of cold water. Where are your manners. You used to be charming and sweet. Why the aloofness and cold shoulders towards me? That’s not fair. ” she sits down crossing her legs. She wore a brown dress, those kinds that looks like a rob tied at the waist.

I stand resting on the wall crossing my arms . How do I get her out of here without having to pull her by her hair. I didn’t want her here ..who the hell gave her my address.

“How did you know where I stay.”?

“I have my ways baby. Where is the water ..am really patched. And you haven’t changed since you got back from work. Where you sleeping? Aww poor baby I woke you up.” She purrs . I wince.

“I don’t have cold water because there hasn’t been light all morning. But we can go outside and I can get you a cold drink by the shop opposite my gate. Then I can put you in a cab. I was actually on my way out too” I lied

“OK. Let me have the water like that. Half is better than none , isn’t that what they normally say.?” She had dropped her bag. I don’t move.

“I don’t have any water in my house to drink NG. I can get you the ordinary water outside too. ”

I was lying through my teeth. I didn’t care if she saw it. I was obvious like the white paint on my wall. I didn’t care.
Can’t she read the hint boldly written like the..
“I hate hoes” on the frame above my head. ?

“Oh don’t be mean. I know you don’t want me here but please , I am really tasty and tired and if I don’t have a drink of something I could die of thirst. Faint even. Please , I promise I would leave. Promise!” She stated again,  standing up and carrying her bag.

I think for a second. If giving her water would get her out of my house. Fine.

“You want water right?” I asked her and she nods. “You would leave once you drink it?” She nods again.

“Fine” I leave her to go get water from the fridge. I was tempted to give her tap water but since I don’t drink it because I didn’t trust the source. I didnt want to inflict some sort of disease on her. Even if i didnt like her.
I carry a bottle water from the fridge , it was cold. I think for a second.

“Whatever. She already knew I was lying from the start ” .. I say to my self. Then I hear the tip tap drip drop sound of rain solders on my roof.

“You gat to be kidding me”.. it was going to rain.. I rush out with the bottle of water in my hands. Intending to sholve it into her bag, push her out of my door and let her be on her way before she uses the rain as an excuse to wait in with me.

Hell to the No Deliliah! !! I ain’t your Samson!

I step out, OK something was strange . Where was Ngozi.

“Ngozi? ” I called. She didn’t answer. Her bag was there but she wasn’t.  I opened the door and looked around. She wasn’t standing outside. The drizzle had increased.

“Ngozi. NG where are you?” I come back inside. Maybe she went to the toilet but she hasn’t been here before how would she just move around someone’s house.

“I am in here” she calls back. 

Why was she in my room? 

“I have your water please can you come out and take it. It’s drizzling already and I need to go out after you leave” I don’t move.



I hear a thud. A muffled scream. And I ran inside. Hoping to God she didn’t fall and break her head or something.

“Ngozi?” I rush in. Fearing to see her on the ground.  Bleeding or worse still not breathing. But I find her dress instead, empty without a bodily form and I look up at the corner, and there she stood.

Naked in all her glory. Smiling at me, beckoning to me.

I gulped.

The rain had beguns to drop down heavy stones and the cold seeped in as though snow had begun to fall in niaja.
It only made those mauds point evilly at me from her bosom.

I gulped again.

She didn’t stop smiling.


Amara closes the windows and puts buckets under their leaking roofs . Her mother was sound asleep.

They had had a busy day going to the market and selling and the kiosk. Her oranges were sold out before nightfall and she had joined her mother in the kiosk to help sell their other goods.

By 7pm they had gone home. Her mother had eaten, showered and gone to bed but for some reason,  she didn’t feel like going to bed early.

When her mother had asked her  about Bruno yesterday , and if he enjoyed the peppersoup.  She had lied and said yes. And because she did want to chicken it out of already what she had said yesterday.  She had told heenr mother he enjoyed it so much he requested for another. Her mother with smiles on her face made her buy fish in the market . She was going to prepare another one for him and send to him.

She wished she had just kept quiet. What did she care if junior ate it. What did she care if Nkechi offered to cook for him.

She hates junior and seeing junior always makes it clear what he wants from her and what he wants to do with her, and that Bruno is not any different. Her hate for him began.
It didn’t matter if he always tried to talk to her. Smile at her and wants to pay her way through the university. No.
She didn’t ask her. She wished she could tell her to take his money and sholve it up his rectum.  But because mama..
But because mama..

I wish you could see through the hurts and fears through my eyes..
I wish you could see the pain through my smiles and see that I have cried. How do I tell you to forget your dreams of happiness for me..
How do I tell you that junior wants me .. pinned under him while he takes my innocent from me while playing the good friend.
How do I tell you that that Bruno you praise is no different. Because a friend wouldn’t lie. Didn’t he say they share everything. And I think they intend to share me.

How do I tell you I rather be untrained. Stay like this. Continue to sell oranges unless God changes our situation . I know you would say… I have gone mad. That God has sent someone to change it and you afndnd refusing. And when you ask why i am refusing… how do I have begin to tell you of the rawest and undefined desires of these men towards me.

Would you believe me or would I have even able to say I hat and watch the light in your eyes go off. And all your dreams and prayers come to naught.
How do I tell you mama, that I fear this journey would ruin me more than make me.

How do I tell you my fears?

She sighs.

The rain had become heavy, cold seeped in. Amara takes a cloth and covers her body , curling up as she began to shake .

Her thoughts drifted and she was back to that day.
Shivering , covered.  Drenched and wet. And he stood staring at her.

“Ada you are shaking and if you don’t warm up soon you are going to catch death cold in the morning and you could get really sick.”

Her teeths were chattering  against it other. And before she knew  it she had drifted off. Zooming out in the cold..

She woke up and found out she was naked, covered. And she wanted to scream..but she was cold.  Still very cold.

“You were soaked with rain. You were shaking.  I had to take off your cloths. I swear I didn’t do anything else. And you still shaking.”

She quickly runs her hand over her body, within her thighs. She didn’t feel as though she was touched. She wouldn’t know if she were because she hadn’t ever been touched so she couldn’t tell. But she knew she would have to have felt something but she felt nothing.  So she relaxed. Her body shook . Her teeths  wouldn’t stop hitting against each other.

“Look, you need to be warm Amara.” He said, worry filling his voice. It was dark and the only light came from the window, a deem flicker from a neighbour’s gen. She didn’t say anything. If the wrapper can’t keep her warm, what could?

“Fxxk it” he swore and in another meeting. She watched in shock as he strips..she averts her eyes

“What are to doing?” Fear fills her, she grabs the cloth covering herself more..

Oh lord please no.

“Ssshhh relax Ama. I swear am not going to harm you or do anything to you. It’s to just keep you warm. Body health. Would warm you up faster.  I swear I won’t touch you. Don’t think that’s was i intend. Not that way. I swear. Just to keep you warm..body heath and you would be okay. If not you would die of cold. You going to be really sick Ama. This is the only  other way  I can think off.”.. he said

Even if he wanted to force her. Screaming and struggling wouldn’t save her. It was raining. No one would hear it. Her mum was away so she was alone.

She was resigned to her fate.

And when he climbed in beside her, she expected the worse but instead he suprised her.

When he pulled her to himself, held her there, rubbed the cold out of her shoulders and arms.  Even though she was stiff and reluctant. He didn’t force her nor stop. Soon her breathing became normal. Warmth seeped through her bones and then she relaxed.

She fell asleep and woke up sometime during the night.

He hadn’t stopped rubbing her arms… but his body was warm..his breathing strange  and his eyes were open. But he didn’t do anything else other than rub warmth into her.

For a minute she allowed herself to dream.

What if, he was someone she liked. She hadn’t allowed herself to take him all in but if she was being honest…

Bruno was a beautiful man. Handsome, tall and well built. Like those mills and bones she read, they would say he was built like a Greek god.  Even naked … she blushed. She didn’t dare look.
She wondered what it would feel like to be kissed since she has never been kissed before. What his lips would feel like. Would it be like sweetened honey, or sugarcoated chocolates.
And if his hands did more than rub her shoulders,  maybe touch her neck and run through her hair?

What would it feel like to be beneath him and feel him …
Have him stare and her the way it’s described in those books.

What would it feel like if touches him and caresses his smooth skin, place her hands on his chest..

Would would it feel like if she touches his lips now with her fingers, would they be as soft as it looks?

She moved.

“Please don’t move.. please don’t ” ..Bruno breathed in a wisper.  At thesame minute she felt something strange close to her thighs  she froze.

“Go back to sleep” he struggled. And she thought he would give in and ruin her. But when he didn’t she relaxed. Forgetting her fantasies and slept.

By morning he was gone.

A secret she would never and smit to herself nor to the shadows , she missed him.

And wished….

She turns on the bed.

“Stop thinking trash Amara. Stop it. Junior and Bruno are the devil. One and thesame. They just want you and use you. Stop thinking trash”.. she shook the thoughts off herself her head and willed sleep to come.

It was already flooded outside.


“Why are you staring  at me like that like you haven’t seen a beautiful naked woman before”. She asked,smiling and walking towards me seductively

“Erm NG.. y-you ne-need to g-go” I stutter

Deliliah .i ain’t your Samson.

Focus Bruno  !! ” a mini me appears on my right shoulders.  Kick her out. Or leave her here and run.

Nigga don’t dull. Rain +cold weather + warm wetness + strong rod equals dancing to the rhythm of the night. Those sheets won’t scatter themselves and those melodies of uoooohhh and ahhhhhh would start up itself too. Make some magic Bro. Afterall she came to you. Get to sliding. Get to plunging. Get to it Bruno. Make me proud ” .. a two horned mini me appears on my left shoulder

She was in front of me now . Her soft breast brushing my chest.. my back against the wall.

“Put on your cloths  Ngozi” I state. Ignoring the left  mini-me. The right mini-me with a crown on his head nods.

“Atta boy!”

“Are you sure that’s what you want,” she purrs, there was no airspace between us anymore,  she grinds her body to mine and when she touched me there.

I was already hard as acirspacelready rock.

“Your boy thinks otherwise” she bites my earlobe, goes to the bed, lays on it, opens her legs and beckons with her finger..

“Am wet already.. I think it’s the perfect time to let him out of the zipper. I won’t rock myself. ..” her fingers sinks into her core as she moans

“Fxxk this” I swore leaving the wall…

Continued. ……..😋

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