While I laid there..


While I laid there   .

I laid there,  the blood clotting at my side, my visions blurry.., pain ripping down my leg line, I am sobbing.

I laid there, while the people who towered over me, some cried and laughed. While the people who towered over me,  snapped and snapped.

I laid there, my heart beating, fast and slow, my head throbbing and I felt so damn cold.
The honking didn’t stop, the blares of the horn didn’t stop. No, nothing dared to even crawl to a single shy stop..yet I laid there.

Yes, it’s a few seconds, minutes, hours… damn I don’t remember as I laid there, the truck that crushed me laid on half of me, heavy still, making me weak.

The passerbys wailed , and stopped. .staring at me as I went in and out of sleep, I hear the click click flash of the camera as they tried to get me nsync … I could hear the words in my mind as they typed  in helpless glee..

“just happened. .” “Woman caught underneath the truck”  “I was there. Down town.. somewhere in Nigeria..” and yet I was basking in pain for this was my hell. .

And then, the click click click..like the old father’s clock trying to get through ..this is no lame man’s thought this was the sound of my death’s knock.

Yet I laid there, tongue rolling in together, maybe foaming at my mouth, Christ I don’t remember. My heart calling out for help, my eyes bleeding “please don’t let me die here”.. my weak body..my fingers stretching out…” please pull me out..under…I don’t know just get me out of this tormenting hell”.. but instead they just stared.

I see them, now maybe faceless, the camera flashlights from their phones makes my visions all too blurry. The typing of their qwerty pads.. would probably bring the news over the internet to my poor poor  soon-to-be-lonely and sad family. ..

Who would tell send them my message..tell mama, I love her. That her sweet melodious voice always kept my heart merry. Who would tell papa to not forget to take his drugs because his heart becomes heavy. Who would tell nkem, my little shadow that I love to rock her to sleep when she is scared of the dark. Who would tell emeka, my toublesome little superman hero that he is going to be that hero he always wanted to be.  Aren’t doctors super-heroes?  they save lives right? And if he were here..standing .. he would have ran with his two little legs.. trying to safe my life  . ..not like this people here.. standing over me, watching me as though I was on a borrowed time.

As I laid here, my pains suddenly going numb, my fingers cold and maybe my lips have turned blue, my eyes going into my head and all I feel is just to rest a Lil,  close my eyes a little. ..just maybe.. just maybe someone would come for me, help.. the calvary might be here soon..

While I laid there.. the world never stopped. The Internet buzzed … my face everywhere,  a hundred likes. A thousand replied. The media changed it from ‘trunk crushes a girl ” to  “nemesis catches up with a runs girl” and that’s how the Chinese wipers goes  .. while I laid there  ..nothing happened. Yet everything else happened..and gosh I am so tired..and when I opened my eyes..

I am standing here. On the other side of it all. Watching the scene unfold..and yet I still laid there  . Waiting for the world to realise ..that a life is much more precious that a few seconds of fame from the click of the camera and I went ..slowing sinking into my dead end.

While I laid there … the world moved on until I laid there dead and yet no one ..simply cared .

And yet this comes to mind… ” Yes heaven, Angels are real and there. But now let’s talk about hell,  it’s empty. .and all the demons are here!”.

#WhereIsTheLove ? #WhereIsYourHeart

#TFHappenedToHumanity?  #WhereIsYourLoveDamnit? ….#SafeALife #DontTakeOne #ForgetTheCamera #MakeACallInstead #GetTheCalvaryFirst

It’s a sad world world leave in.

PS :Rip to those departed souls, we remember. We pray for Peace.. let your soul find rest.


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