Wordporn-series:This Madness Called love (Chp.26)


Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love (chp.26)

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I had never really gone out of my way to have them flocking around me like bees on a honey stick. Ever since I was a young teenage boy,  I always had this persona that had people liking me, young and old, mostly females. Like I exuded some sort of aura that had them coming. And as I got older I used it, like a special gift which had them falling and falling hard, most times underneath me, legs wrapped around me as I sent them to the seventh heavens and back, and most times they fell hard over their bliss, shaken to their cores and quaking as though the earthquake was happening in their core, spilling the river from within their thighs and  they toppling over with their eyes sinking into her head and  this satisfied “ooh ” or “ahh” expression all over their face, curling their feet and holding on to rumpled sheets like their lives depended on it.
Yes, I knew my onions and I knew why they cried. Bruno junior wasn’t called the ‘hammer for nothing” and they kept coming back for more…and Bruno was too eager to please.

She laid there on the bed calling to me, inviting me, waiting. .really waiting. She smiled seductively , spreading her legs open, giving me a perfect view of her flower, biting her lower lips, fondling with herself,  tempting me with those curves and eyes and her core  …those cores that I would never ever pass up. Not even in my dreams and there she laid,  waiting.

Junior aches between my legs, he had risen to his full height, pulling me towards the force on the bed, blood flowing to my veins,  my head aching, my vision blurring.  Yes, he had been starved since the orange seller came into the picture and I well, was never quite bothered, running away from temptation when it came.  But what do you do when temptation comes to you , to your house and lies on your bed, naked like the porn  star on a playboy magazine, but eager to roar like a lion when you sink in.

“Come to me baby, I won’t rock myself ” she purrs from the bed.

Yes, I had never ran out of the ladies,  they came in different colours;  black, white, melanin, fair etc I was no racist, so I never discriminated. I like what I see I get it. They were never in short supply, even when I got in and left faster than the brink of the day light leaving them with their broken hearts , I didn’t care.

“Bruno baby, I am so wet, I could go off in a few… come to me baby. Take me to hell you beast ‘ she calls out, moaning and groaning..making my breathing go higher a notch, my frontal area needed to breath,  he needed an out, he needed to join her on the bed and I couldn’t for the life of me hold on to ‘control” for much longer..

Yes, the ladies loved me and for a brief time I loved them back. So it wasn’t a suprise to see NG lying on my bed wanting me to have her. This was what I did on a daily back when, up until I saw her. This ..this wasn’t wrong. In fact it was right. And I missed it so, so damn much and for a second i forgot that every lock had opened NG’S keyhole. I didn’t care I just wanted the throbbing between my legs to stop and Bruno junior to let me breath .

“Oh baby, I need you now..” she calls again dipping her fingers into her core…

I swore leaving the wall, each step had be taking my cloths and dropping them on the floor, I heard her squeal in excitement and spreading her legs wider probably to accommodate my form..

“Yes baby that’s it..” she laid on her back, appreciating the height I had come to, marvelling at my manly glory,  yes. .I was told I was beautiful and she smiled in wonderment..

“Wow ..Bruno,  ” she smiled in admiration. “I can’t wait…take me” she said. 

I was standing above her, towelling over her as I looked down at her. Slowing climbing the bed , my body touching hers briefly, 
Yes, this was Bruno,  the slider,  the womaniser , the one who never let a cookie jar go untouched.  The one who alway always loved to feel, to touch , to taste..to be man.
Yes, this was me.

I bend, to capture her lips, looking into her eyes ..to feel her and stop the aching in my loins..
she smiled,  closing her eyes,  pouting her lips waiting to feel mine against hers, aching her body towards me.

Then I stopped.

Her skin wasn’t fair.. her eyes wasn’t warm, her hair wasn’t plaited and her innocence had gone without any decency . A few weeks ago, this would have been althea height of my day. A beer in hand afterwards boasting to my boys of how she screamed out my name. And by the evening I have another kind of skin in my bed and the journey continues. This would have been a happy moment even if briefly , as I scored points making my spring sing..sweating it out and later wash my rumpled sheets. This would have been me..a few weeks ago.

But..this , this wasn’t Bruno anymore.
This wasn’t Her, the girl who had plagued my sleeping and waking moments for weeks. This wasn’t the innocence that had be running away from myself,  wishing I could erase my past and change the old me.
This wasn’t Amara, my orange seller, whose laugh had me warming to my toes, whose silence leaves me wishing to make all her sorrows go away. I really didn’t know what I felt or why I felt the way I felt but, I wanted to be a better man, for her ..for me.
Yes I am a man, and being a man meant wanting to exercise one’s sexual prowess over the female folk. I have being there and done that… yes then it was an achievement but today,  all I felt was shame. Shame for being the way I was. ..

No. This wasn’t me anymore, let the ache between my legs throb me. Let my veins explode.  Let Bruno junior act like achievement spout child,  but daddy ain’t giving you no cookies. This- this isn’t me.

I get up, feeling disgusted with myself. Feeling ashamed. 

“Wtf bruv, you living that deliciously looking box of honey jar unlicked ..dude get back to her and show her why they call you “Bruno the Hammer” ” the evil mini-me appears on my shoulders again. I take a mental bat, taps it to the ground and swaps him far away from my shoulders, he hits the ground and disappears into nothingness.

The other one appears, taps my shoulders ..

“Atta boy!Now put on your trousers, don’t embarrass us further” he said , ‘poof-ing” out of existence. I grab my cloths and put in on. I felt him between my legs trying to stage a protest, refusing to go in.

“Down boy. Down! !” He deflated like a sad puppy not getting his bone for dinner.

“What the actual f- ” NG trails off opening her eyes when she didn’t feel lips against hers , sitting up she stares at me

“Bruno baby,  what’s wrong.  I thought she had a connection a second ago.? Come back please,  I know you want me..want this.  Don’t kill the mojo” she gets up from the bed, grabbing my waist, grabbing me I push her away

“Don’t NG. This..there is no “chemistry” na there is no “connection” this never happened before because I never liked you. And this wouldn’t happen now because I still don’t like you…”

“But as second ago you were burning with desire.” She pushes her naked body to me again,  I push her away again.

“Forgive my moment of disgusting relapse. That guy is gone . This guy is kinda on a different path. Get dressed NG. You need to leave ” I pick up her dress and put it in her hands..

“But Bruno. ..you possibly can’t turn  me down. I-i love you!”

“No you don’t and yes I can. I just did . So please don’t …come by again. Please. Am sorry NG but…you and I. .can’t ever be not even for an fleeting two seconds. ” I walked out of the room so she could get dressed, grabbing a beer from my fridge I down it. Then I wash my face with cold water, if I had another me, I would have punched me in the face. What the hell was happening to me.

“Who the hell are you Bruno ?’ I asked myself but I got no reply. I came out and say her dressed, her bag still on the floor. Why wasn’t she leaving.

“Why are you still here ngozi?”

“It’s raining heavily..I can’t go outside the rain.” She stated.

Shit. It was 9pm already and the rain didn’t look another’s though I got was going to stop soon. I walk to the window pushing my curtains aside, it was flooded.


Would I be the devil and just don’t care and ask her to go under the rain and walk the water? I sigh sitting down.

“I guess we are stuck in here together the whole night” she says , a tiny hope in her voice. I smile,  it didn’t matter anymore.. if despite the temptation I could lock up and pass, then I had walked through my valley of hell,  so I had no fear.

“You can sleep in the room Ng. ” I tell her

She seemed happy, even smiled. She walks to the door and pauses…
“Are you not coming?”

“Am behind you” I get up following her, I let her go in, then I touch the key hole, filling for my keys, she had begun undressing again. I turn away removing the key..

“Goodnight NG”

I close the door and lock her in. Yes I may have  succeeded in passing this test, but a man had to take special measures. .
I went to the palour and sits on the chair, I heard her calling out my name and fiddling with the lock…

“Bruno, ,Bruno please open the door. Baby, Bruno. ..oh come on! !!”

It was 9:30pm. I didn’t want when I fall asleep, I feel a warm mouth over my self. Tina,  in mys school days had a nark for those sorts of things and it was welcomed.  But that was then and that Bruno took a hike a while ago. Plus I didn’t still trust Bruno Junior . I ignored her and laid on the chair and soon after dozed off.


Knock knock knock! !! Bang bang bang!!

I started it out sleep, someone had been chasing me in my dreams.

Bruno Bruno! !!!

Bang bang bang!!

I look around me,

“What in the world was I doing here”?

Bang bang!!! “Bruno?”

Oh crap! ! NG!!!

I open the door to a angry woman. Good, time for her to leave anyways. It was 10am. Damn, I slept till now?

‘Hi Ng, did you sleep well ?” I yawn, she walks past me,

“You know you are being unfair to me. Looking me inside your room like I was the devil” she grabs her bag

“Well, technically you were, and I was protecting myself from your claws” I smirked

“Bruno,  why don’t you like me ? I am beautiful and all the guys want me.. or is it that you have someone that you just pass me up , me a fine piece of ass. Gosh I wanted you yesterday and I want you still now” she touches my arm. I pull away..

“NG, don’t don’t this to yourself , really don’t.  It’s not you..am just ..not interested and has nothing to do with any girl. But you need to leave though,” I go to my door, waiting so she follows me

“You know I want give up. NG always gets what she wants!” She states at the door now.

“Goodluck Ng. You going to need it” I open the door, the same time NG leans in and gives me a loud kiss, I heard a gasp from the opened door. I push NG away immediately  disgusted and annoyed to find Amara standing at the  door, eyes open and then briefly lowers her eyes to the flask she carried.

“A-am sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude. My.- mama sent me to give you this” she tabs the flask

NG turns seeing the girl, her eyebrow raises, I wipe my lips again.

“Lord, why !! Why did Amara come at this minute and meets this girl whose dressing indicated the dance of the horny gods just went down..and her hair was in disarray and she just kissed me” I wiped my lips away, hoping it sent a message to Amara that it’s not what she thought.

“No no Amara, it isn’t  what-

“Baby who is this and why is her mother sending you food?” NG leans into me, pressing her bosom to me

“NG what in the world, ?”

“Baby, ?”  She says, observing me trying to entangle myself from this situation.  She turns taking the girl in, who didn’t look more than nineteen, but she was Beautiful even without makeup and a nice hairdo, too beautiful for a age, her skin fair without spots,  her curves put hers to shame. Why was Bruno nervous all of a sudden, could this…this girl be his love-interest? No hell No.

“Here please,”Amara hands me the flask and made to leave, I hold on to her hands, …

“No please wait”!

“Baby, ?” Ngozi grabs unto my hands. .
“I know I have to go but  .you were a fox last night, gosh. My superman ..I love the way you make me want me. My Bruno -man” she lick my nose in as quick moment.  I wasn’t fast enough to dodge. Amara pulls German hand away..

“Let go, my mother is waiting for me.” Why was he holding onto her while his girlfriend was there.

“Ama, please wait for a minute ” I begged. But she struggles free and walks quickly away.  NG blocks me from going after her.

“You going to run after that little girl? Is it because of that..thing that had you turning me down? Her?” She stands between me and Amara’s recinding back which disappeared a few seconds later. If she were a boy, I would have slammed the flask to his face. I was pissed… Amara probably thought the worse of me. 

‘You need to leave now NG for real this time, I am in a foul mood and you don’t want to see the next level of this state am in” I say  calmly

“I just to let you know that if that’s the girl who has you all messed up, she stands no chance against me.  Baby, you are mine. I just want to make that clear” she blows me a kiss and walks off..
It was useless chasing after Amara,  she must have been on a cab or okada home. I sigh going into my house and slamming the door.


“My daughter did you see him. You are back so quick,  were you not supposed to wait and bring the flask back eh Ama?” Her mother says seeing Amara walk into their small house, frowning

“Hmmm” she says, picking up her oranges from basket and arranging on the tray.

“Did he like it.  Where is the flask?”

“Hmmmm” she says absent mindedly,  arranging the oranges, folding the napkins,  adjusting the empty salt containers and counting and re-counting the oranges.

‘Ama, is everything all right.  Did anyone annoy you? ”

“Hummhumm” she shakes her head .

“Amara what is  it, you only get too busy when something is bothering you  and when you are upset.. what’s wrong?” Her mother touches touches her arm. Amara stops and stares at her mother, she manages a smile.

“Nothing mama. I am fine” she lied.

She was jealous and she didn’t understand the reason  why.

“OK my daughter. Let’s go to the kioks”


“How did it go? Did my boy deliver, did he blow you away.? Junior speaks into the receiver

“Can you believe that I was there start naked lying on his bed and he left me hanging . Bruno left me hanging in all my wetness and his beautiful rod keep wanting wanting me but Bruno let me hanging. ” her reply came

Junior couldn’t believe his ears “what? Bruno didn’t bang you two ways to Sundays and make you call all the saints?” Wow..this was strangely strange . Bruno never passes up a naked chick. He knew ngozi wanted Bruno so bad and when he ran into her yesterday and she complained about Bruno avoiding her like the plague he gave her Bruno’s address and blessed her “Go have your core shattered and let your mouth roar the heavenly praises after a satisfied dance of the gods”. And Bruno still didn’t shag her. This wasn’t good for his plans.

“Yes. He even locked me away in his room . Argh I was pissed and horny all night”.

“Quite unfortunate.  I thought you had it in you.” Junior states, disappointed

“I do. I like Bruno,  he is mine. No one takes him from me. And by the way, something happened. A girl comes to his house carrying food and Bruno seemed to be all nervous around her.. who is she? Because if it’s because of her I didn’t get a good bang last night she is going to get  what’s coming to her?”

“Amara was there, today?”

“I think that’s her name. Fair, plaited hair ..”she trails off ..

Anger boils up inside him.

“But I scared her off, loving up Bruno infront of her.. it was hilarious. She should keep off my man. She didn’t look pleased and Bruno was pissed . ” she laughed.

“Good. Don’t worry Bruno digs you.  He told me himself. So keep doing you, always always be in his face…he would confess his feelings to you.”

“NG  gets what she wants!”   She says her goodbye and the Line dues .

Junior didn’t like that Bruno didn’t fall for NG, neither did he like Amara going to Bruno’.. but he was glad that NG have Amara the impression that Bruno was her man. Now he needs to go fuel that fire, plus he missed forcing her to kiss him. Sweet sweet Amara..

He leaves his house and flags down an okada,  he  heads to Amara’s place  . There was so much he wanted to do to her.

To be Continued.



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