Ho Ho Ho!!!!!


“Ho Ho Ho ho” santa bellows out, riding the sleigh high above our heads, while we slept

“Ho ho ho” he chants his entrance call, alerting kids in their beds

“Ho ho ho ho ho” santa sings, little kids scurry to the window to hear the white bearded man sing

“Ho ho ho” they sing with him knowing he is here to give them their Christmas gifts

“Ho ho hoooooo” he rides above their heads, covered by their shelter they jump on their beds

“Ho..Ho. .ho” he drops the gifts one by one down through their chimneys and sends them to bed

“Ho ho ho” he rides and turns, leaving snows fairy dust on their rooftops and springs some on their bed

“Ho ho ho” he sings disappearing into the night knowing he gave them all their heart desires while they slept

“Ho ho ho ” santa, the white bearded man sings

“Ho ho ho” Christmas is here. . And soon Christ , the king who would be born on that day would  soon be here.

“Ho ho ho”
Ho ho hoooo” Christmas chariots is here!!!


#stephanieEgberike #Writes✒ #TheSweetPerspectives


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