Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love (chp.27)


Wordporn-series : This madness called love..(chp.27).

Ps : As promised. Two chapters per week so we round  this story up. #Anticipate the #BoogieMan and also, I hope you are following my story “All I want for  christmas” on #madivas. Go to their website http://www.madivas.com and search on the search bar ” All I want for Christmas ” and viola. It’s still on  chapter one so you haven’t missed anything. Chapter two comes up this weekend. Stay tuned.
Now, over to you itchy fingers.. * I walk away leaving my hands behind.*

“Hello ”
itchy fingers writes. .finger-strotting to the chair and finger-sits down, fidling with the phone.

“Let’s get to what’s happening with Bruno and his friend junior, then Amara the orange seller that Bruno seems to like and who his friends , junior,  just wants to defile.  And not forgetting Nkechi,  Amara’s friend who suddenly likes the guy “bruno” who just wants to pay her friend through school. And Ngozi, the girl who doesn’t mind showing up naked under her cloths just so she can have bruno. Dude ran out locking her in..

So shall we continue?  Oh yes..


She backed me, sitted,  but her head were on her knee. I didn’t hear any sound but I saw her shoulders move up and down, like someone trying to struggle for breaths  rather calmly.

But there was something about the way she was that made my heart tighten a little in my chest, without thinking i run it, grimacing in the slight pain I felt , suddenly moving to my head like a migrane.

“Amara?!” I call her, but silence greets me instead. I couldn’t tell if she was seated outside my house on the pavement or if she was in hers, behind it,  basking in the loneliness of still buildings

“Amara”? Again the silence, I move closer , closing the distance between us, bending slightly I reach out and touch her shoulders but all I felt was the cold, radiating from her body, but it was strange. The cold i felt wasn’t from her skin.. it was like an emotion , more like anger

“I am sorry” I tell her. I didn’t know why, but I felt I should apologise.

“I am sorry Amara..” I knee down beside her, willing her to turn

“Why?” It came like a wisper,  a breeze dancing pass my ear, and then silence, I touch her again, she moves away suddenly, not facing me, I reach out, my finger to her jaw,  I needed her to look at me

“Why..did you Bruno? Why did you hurt me so?” She turns slightly,  i felt the tears even before I saw them streak down her face, my heart breaks..

“I didn’t.  I would never. I promise. I am sorry..please” I wisper, pulling her to me.. God forbid that I hurt her.. my chest closed and I cloud breath. .suddenly she was far away from me, walking away.. 
“Amara, please. AMARA!!!” I go after her


With a thud I hit the ground, groaning in pain. I turn, realising that I must have fallen asleep on the chair, and hit the ground rolling.

I sigh.


I rush a bath, slipping into a pair of jeans, a t-shirt. I grab the flask, pouring the contents into a bowl as the aroma reaches my nose


She used to cook delicious foods for me when I was younger, right before she crossed the seven seas and galaxies and never returned. God bless her departed heart.

“I miss you mom” I mutter. And in another second, I share the grace and delved into the spicey fish peppersoup and  red hot buleo-garri and a chilled bottle of water. I nearly cried out of happiness.

There was nothing better than a food cook by a mother with love. I nearly envied Amara, who still had a mother to love her.

Speaking of Amara,. She left without a second glance. Was she angry that that …oh God Ngozi.

“It’s God that would judge you” I wipe my mouth, getting up to clear the dishes,  washing the flask and putting it into a bag. The memories of the scene this morning causing a tightening in my chest.

I was trying so hard. So so hard to love a good life, now that she-devil comes here and she is just going to ruin me. But no I won’t let her. Amara can’t see me as an immoral guy  that’s the old me. The new me.. jut wants to be good for me.

Yes, I would need to speak to Amara. Tell her what she saw wasn’t what she thought

“And why do you need to explain yourself to her. Not like you guys are dating or anything. Big deal if you like her. A girl is supposed to understand that it’s a privilege to have a good looking young man like you as some financial support. But there she is giving you attitude. Who the hell did she think she is to walk away like that. She was supposed to even stand there and allow you give that lady a good resounding kiss, slap her butt for good measure and press her boobs for emphasis. A good loyal girl is supposed to wait her turn like a puppy waiting for his Christmas bone because bad dogs don’t get no loving.” The devil was back on my left shoulder, using his rake to pick his teeth while he crosses his legs, and screams the words down my ears ” she ain’t shit. You are a man, Bruno the Hammer,  so be a man. Don’t be embarrassing the men folks B boy. Damn!!” He shakes his two horned heads

“Oh don’t listen to him Bruno. Do whatever it feels is right. You may not have a reason to explain things to her”

“For once we agree on something ” red devil says

‘No no let me finish. Don’t interrupt red. So as I was saying..you may not have a reason to explain to her but if your conscience pricks you a little, that means you are not comfortable.  So..do what’s in your heart.  That’s all I can say. Plus, you don’t need people like him around you. Do the right thing ” white says, a tiny crown on his head, swinging on an imaginary swing.

I turn to red on my shoulders, frowning,

“Oh of course.  As usual, everyone listens to him. That’s fine..ic would just leave but know I am right” he jumps down,  hitting the ground and disappears.

I grab the flask, put on a loafers and steps out  of my house. 

I needed to talk to Amara but first, a quick stop.


“Mama, good morning . How was your night? ” she turns when someone greets her, her face breaking into a smile.

“My son, welcome how are you.? You came to visit us today?” She pulls out a stole, dusts it with her wrapper so he could sit

“No oh., I was in the neighbourhood so I just decided to stop by. How is market?” He asked, looking around.  She wasn’t in sight.

“My son, we dey do am small small oh. But we thank God. How work?” She hands his asked bottle of cold water,  which he drinks distractedly,  eyes darting here and there

“We thank God. How is a out soon to be university girl? I guess she is as happy. When does her registration starts and when does she begin?” He fished. Where the hell was Amara

“This week. We are just waiting for Bruno to be ready , with erm the money  then she can begin. ”

“Ehen..okay he will. He keeps to his word that one. So erm mama, hope you know that Bruno is a man so, Ehen.  You shouldn’t be allowing Amara go and be giving him food alone.”

“Why.. what happened?” She pauses with peeling oranges

“No nothing. I am just saying. She is a fine girl, so person eye no go de chuke for am. You know bruno is a man that enjoys the pleasures of women , but I know he sees Amara like his little sister that’s why he is helping her. But to be on the safe side sha,i just wanted  to tell you. He is my friend oh, a good person but, but mama you know boy and girl together for once place no good.  Especially for someone like him. For me, I have no sort of ideas what’s so ever. But ..just don’t be sending her alone. Okay?”

Amara’s mother thought for a second,  her mind going back to this morning and how Amara came back really quiet and slightly upset from Bruno’s house. Did something happen..

“Where is Amara sef,  I wanted to talk to her sef. You know she needs someone who has been through the school system before for guidance.  So i can help her” he breaks into her thoughts.  He sees her coming, dropping from and bike and walking towards them with a basket on her head, he rushes up to meet her

“No nah, you shouldn’t be stressing yourself Amara. Mama, it’s not good for a girl to constantly carrying heavy things on their heads, it deletes brain cells ” he over exaggerated

“But who would go to the market and help me. My bones don’t allow me do much stressful work anymore. ”

“Ehen, Bruno would find someone for and pay sef. Just tell him” he states, helping Amara to left the basket off her head.

“Mama , I have come. ”

“Welcome my daughter. Come first,  I want to show you something.” Her mother beckons to her and walks behind the kiosk,  Amara   curiously follows her, ignoring junior totally.

She didn’t ask for his help.

Her mother looks at her as she comes closer, she wondered what she had done

“Tell me the truth Amara, what happened this morning as you went to Bruno’s house. Did anything happen, did he hurt you. Harm you? Tell me . Don’t tell me nothing. Because Junior here is warning me about letting you and Bruno be in the same proximity alone with each other,  due to his past experience with numerous women according to Junior”

Amara looks into her mother’s eyes and wondered wondered if she should say the whole truth and nothing but the truth. About junior. About her fears. About bruno and why she felt a pang of jealous of him and that lady that dressed as though she was going for marathon seductive scheme.

Amara rolls her eyes mentally.

“Amara? I am talking to you . ” she likes Bruno. He was nice, out od the blue he was coming to train her daughter despite no strings attached, and he hasn’t come off as being a bad person.  But she really needed to make sure he was just as his friend had discribed.

Amara shakes her head..

“Really mama, it was nothing. I got there and Bruno had a visitor, a woman and I dropped it the food and left, that’s why I couldn’t wait. Plus, I didn’t know if it was his wife or something so I don’t offend her. I was upset that Nkechi didn’t give me something she borrowed from me and no he didn’t hurt me. Nothing happened. And I don’t know why he is warning you about bruno when he is the devil himself.  ” Amara states

“What do you mean Amara?” Her eyebrow was high on the left

“No no mama I meant, Bruno is a good person. Has he being anything else?” Why was she siding him.


“OK,  so why are you worried. ”

“Junior was insinuating some things and as a mother I should ask abi? ”

Amara nods.
“There is nothing to be worried about Mama. Bruno seems a good person who just wants to help. He hasn’t ever done anything harmful harmful to me” she stated truthfully, Lord why was she siding him. She still saw both junior and him as partners in crime but for some reason, She would rather side the lesser of two evils.

“OK. ” her mother nods , content that there was no worry, then she walks back to the front with Amara following behind her.

Junior’s face breaks into a large smile. He had a feeling that the seed of doubts he just planted in Amara’s mother’s mind would be effective .

“Mama,  should I go bring your food for you. You haven’t eaten all morning.? Amara ignores junior

“Ama,you didn’t even great me. Mama see Ama forming big gurl for me”

“Amara where are your manners.? ” she smiles at her

“Sorry mama. Good morning ” she looks away from him.

“Hmmm how are you dear?” He willed her to look at him. She didn’t.  He smiled. There was time for everything

A muffled “fine”  escapes her lips.

“Mama?” She askes impatiently.

“Erm okay. But I ate something not too long ago o. Alarm and bread as mama suleman brought while you went to the market. But you can go home and make that small jelof rice for evening.  When I come i eat. ”

“Okay mama let me be going. I will see you later” junior gets up, taking his leave. Today seemed to beg working out in his favour

“OK by son. ”

“OK mama. See you later Amara” the sparkle in his eyes was too bright. He wondered if she noticed he met every last word.

Amara pretends to beg seizing through the basket 

“Good riddance to bad rubbish” she mutters under her breath, she raises her head when she realise head had gone.

“OK mama, I will see you in the evening .”  Amara gathers her bag, flags down a taxi and waves her mother goodbye.

Ten minutes passes, a shadows looms over her, blocking the morning son as she sat under the shed of her kiosk.

“Mama, good morning ” I said, pitying the tired woman as she sat there waiting for customers

“Ha, bruno my son. Welcome” she gets up

“Mama, how are you.? I ask, picking up a fallen orange and places it back it into the basket..hiding a small. This was the Genesis of my situation now.

“I am fine. Sit, let me offer you something cold to drink”

“No mama. Thank you. And thank you for the food it was delicious.  God bless your hands. I missed proper home made meal. Actually I wanted to see your concerning this. Where is amara, is she here with you?” I didn’t notice here when I came

“Ehen. .you are welcome my pikin. I am glad  you enjoyed it. Ehen, what’s it asmrmbout my son? ”

I bring out an envelop from my pocket, handling it to her.

“Amara’s acceptance  and registration fees”


He took a detour and stops, paying the cab guy and gets down , then he waited beside a kooks knowing she would be arriving soon.

After five minutes Amara comes down from the okada, pays the fare and walks to their small apartment, he made sure she didn’t notice she was being followed, he waited until she turns the key and then opens the door, then carries her bags inside and closes the door. No body was about.

“1..2.. 3..10” he counts and then goes to the door and knocks.

“Yes who is it”? He heard her call out. He knocks again and waited.

“I am coming please”

He quickly scans the area, no one was paying attention as they walked by, the door opens to find Amara shocked to see him there.


“Hi princess”  she made to close the door in his face, he wasnt meant to be here. Wasnt he going home as he said, what was he doing here. She panics,

but he kicks it in, and pushes his way inside.

A muffled scream as he kicks the door shut behind him.

He meant  what he said when he said said he would be seeing her soon.


“Hey my son. Thank you so much. Amara would be happy. Chineke God will bless you! ” she hugs me.

“Amen. Amen. And you too. But where is Amara.. I wonder if it would be possible to have a  word with her mama? Is she here’?”

She had tucked the envelop inside her pocket bag she hung around her waist and re-tied her wrapper., after she was done dancing.

“Ehe? She went home to prepare food with the small food remaining in the house” 



“Okay, maybe i would come back another day. Thank you mama” I made to leave

“But if it’s very important you can go to the house and see her oh. She just left not too long ago. It’s not a problem” the words junior said to her about bruno flies out of the window.  Bruno didn’t seem like he would bring harm to her daughter

“Well…. erm.. ” I scratch my head. Was I comfortable with this? But she didn’t mind.

“OK mama. Let me go. I would tell her that you are aware that I am coming over. Okay mama, try eh. ‘ I say touching her briefly

“OK my son”!

I walk away, flagging down a taxi and giving them their address, I wave to her and enter

‘Oh see me, I forgot to tell him that his friend was just here too” Amara’s mother says hitting her head.

“Mama, come gimme orange and a bag of water” a stranger breaks into her thoughts.

While the car was enroute, I wondered what I was was going to say to Amara when i  get to her house..

I was fifteen minutes away.

I felt a bad vibe crawl up my sleeves and I didn’t know why.

“Driver, can you drive faster please..” I tap his shoulders to get his attention.

I felt uncomfortable. 

Something was wrong and my thoughts kept going to one name.



Be Continued .

Ps: Next chapter , this weekend.

PSS: Don’t let nothing weigh you down. Things would get better,  just give it time.
Live. Love. Pray and live life to the fullest.
And be you, no one does it to better.
Smile,  it’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.


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