Worporn-series: This Madness Called love (chp.28)..

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Now, back to Bruno and Amara.

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Over to you itchy fingers… *I walk away*

*Curtain closes and opens to find itchy fingers playing a soft tune on the keyboard, then a dramatic hight pitched tune that crescended to a shrill stop.”

Itchy fingers  :hello, welcome. Shall we begin??


I always prided myself about following my instincts , letting it lead me. When I don’t feel right about something I don’t do it or go to a place I originally wanted to.  When I feel good and comfortable,  I felt I was trusting enough so I went.
Mama used to be all superstitious;  to her, hitting a right foot meant maybe something was about to happen, and when it happens more than once,  it meant it was something bad. If whatever she was holding  and she drops suddenly stood on  its own, maybe before hitting a flat line, someone was coming. Itchy palm meant money was coming. 
I would look at her at wonder why, it was funny to me because it didn’t make sense.
But today, leaving Amara’s shop and heading to her place, I felt some sort of uneasily, a bad vibe, some negativity crawling up my sleeve and clawing at my heart , shaking it off only made it worse and my thoughts kept going to one name.


“Driver, step on it” I told him.

Something was wrong.


“I did tell you that I was going to see you later didn’t I? ” junior says, having pushed the door close following Amara into her house, making her back away from the door with the way he forced it open, her scream not helping matters. Junior turns , removing the key from the outside and locks the door swiftly.  It felt as though it was something he usually did and was good at it.

“Why did you follow me. Please leave, mama is on her way coming . ” she looks around,  hoping she could see someone epass from the window so she could call out.

She had closed and locked the windows while they went out this morning, incase rain fell so water wouldn’t enter into their tiny room. No one would hear her scream. Junior came closer to her, while she backed away to the door.

“I wonder if you miss me sometimes Ama? I mean for someone who contantly wants you,  isn’t there some kind of twisted emotion somewhere within you that tends to desire that disturbance sometimes.?” He was close to her now, her back pinned against the wall.

“Ama, should I tell you what thinking about you does to me? It intoxicates me, drives me crazy. I go wild, little junior pokes at my thighs every night and even when I am slidding into another wet Warmth of some faceless bimbo, I think of you and I explode with ease. Do you know what that means my dear Amara?”

Back against the wall,

“Junior, my mother is coming.  If you don’t leave now she is going to come and break your head I will tell her every thing. Every single thing. She would call all the boys and they would beat you . Please just leave and I promise I won’t tell anyone anything ” she begged, from the corner of get eyes the stool stood too far away from her, the kitchen was like travelling across the sea, no protection from this menacing prey that had a human face.

God please help me.

His face a mere inches from her, his breath already caressing her skin, he stood right in front of her , placing both hands to the wall on either side of her head.

“Your scent Amara, your Virginia scent is soooo    tempting. Your skin so fair,  and the way your full lips are inviting me to kiss them makes me want to just give in and I would. But the thing  is, I have been waiting for you to want me on your own, come to me willingly, in all your womanly glory and beg me to have you. But every single time you see me you ignore me, snub me and all I see is hate in your eyes. And that hurts me, it hurts me a lot!

“But I hate you . “! She whispered in fear

Junior laughs,

“Oh well,  good thing scares a lot of people so I can let that slide. But, doesn’t change the fact that I want you so fxxking bad Ama,  so would you stop all this your childishness and let’s have some fun. I promise you would like it ” he caresses her cheeks, trailing a line down her neck

Amara hits his hands away “don’t please”

“Oh don’t be a kill joy. Why are you acting as though a guy hasn’t made his intentions known to you. Like you haven’t kissed a guy before and let him touch you , OK I know you are a Virgin and all, which is pretty obvious but it could also be because you haven’t met someone you are willing to give it up for. But c’mon, you watch movies movies and read those exotic books, so you do know about a man and a woman and what they do. Aren’t you curious? Didn’t you like the way he” he looks down “feels against you , don’t you feel the heat rising up your thighs, don’t you get tingly huh”? He rubbed his hardness against her

Amara made to move but he stops her
“You do know that it’s just both both of us here, no mother to save you not for a couple of hours at least. So, we have enough time to hit it two ways to Sundays and go another if you like it that much. I really listen to the desires of my ladies and you Ama would be one special treat” he grabs her jaw and forces his lips on hers, she pushes him and slaps him SMACK across his face, her eyes deadly.

She won’t give in . She was going to fight him.

Junior laughs touching his face.
“Nice Amara, feisty.  I love”  he grabs her and pins her to the wall again,
“no one likes an inactive lay anyways”

he grabs her tighter and crushes her in another kiss, deepening it, fiddling with her cloths with the other hand, tearing her button and grabbing her breast. She screamed into his mouth , struggling but he wouldn’t let her go.

“Oh dear Ama, so soft ” pinning both hands up above her head, using his leg to keep her lower body in place, he puts his head to her breast and takes her into his mouth, sucking hard ..

She screamed, kicking and struggling and in the process his teeth cuts into her flesh, in pain her scream became louder. He leaves her breast and closes her mouth, tears streaming down her face

“Please please please please let me go pleas ” Amara pleaded

“If you promise not to scream or try to run away but be nice and let us play”? She nodded, he stares at her for a minute.  Then he let’s her go stepping back. Her eyes darted to the door, she looks down at her shirt realising he had ripped aside her bra and her breast were laid  open, a sob escapes from her lips, she tries to conceal her bosom

“No no no baby. They are pretty,  let me marvel at their perkiness.  Damn Ama,  I want you now. ” he fiddles with his jeans,  removing his buckle.

Make a Run for it Amara.

Her eyes darted to the door, then she ran to it , but not too quick, strong arms grabs her and pulling her to the chair , both of them falling on it with junior on top.

“I kept my promise but you didn’t.  Now am angry”.

He pins her hands over her head again , separating her legs with one leg, with the other hands he raises up her top and pushes the extra cloth to her mouth stuffing it in, having free rein with the other hand he frees little junior from his cage,

“Argh damn” he mutters rubbing it to her thighs,  he drags her panties to the side and let his finger tweak her flower

Amara didn’t stop crying , her struggles seemed to be making him even more excited, he suckles  on her breast, licking her nipples,  kissing her body while he had her pinned..he brings his finger and places it to his tongue,  he moans from the taste

“Damn, I wish I can use my tongue first Ama, you would have loved it but you are being too stubborn. But that would be for another day, now it just want to feel you up, with all of me, and watch you surrender when you begin to enjoy the goodness little junior can bring ”

A muffled plea

“Do you know why I want you so much? Because you are beautiful so so beautiful.  You haven’t been touched, not even by Bruno and the mere fact that Bruno wants you too should scare you more. See I am the angel to where Bruno stands.  At least I come out to tell you what I want , Bruno is just pretending. He is worse than me, waving the whole good boy flag , wanting to pay your fees, some he would come knocking to collect what he wants, at least you would feel better than I am helping you give up that which he wants the most. So you should thank me’

Another muffled plea. ., pleading eyes as tears streaked down  her face.

“Ama,  I am making you a woman, after today you would thank me and come for more. I promise to be gentle..” he kisses her cheeks, caressing her breast as his hands goes down between her legs, he touches himself and rubs her core, raising her up from below he made to force his way into her core,  ..

Knock knock

He froze, Amara’s eyes shoots open.


Knock knock knock!!

” Amara?” I call out. 

Silence. I look around,  curtains were closed and windows,  it didn’t look as though she had gotten up. Or did she branch elsewhere first. But her mother did say she had gone home.

Knock knock knock


“Amara? Are you there. Amara?” I call out again.

Maybe I should leave and come back later

I turn walking away


Hands to her mouth, and finger to his

“Sssshhh. I swear if you make one sound I would strangle you Amara, I swear it” he whispers

Scream Amara scream.!!

She struggles free and let’s out a scream, the slap made her dizzy, he stuffs more things into her mouth and covers her mouth more, pressing her face into the chair

“Shut TF up . Sssshhh! ! ” he whispers,  holding her still


I stop , hearing someone scream but then silence.  That feeling creeps back at the back of my head.

Something was wrong. I can feel it.

A few people walk pass and go on their way. Maybe it was nothing. I shrugged it off, and continue back on the road.


He peers and sees junior leaving. Sweats breaking over his forehead, he swallows hard.

But something was wrong. Amara wasn’t moving .

“Amara?” He shakes her. She remained still.
“Amara, hey wakeup. Was just a slap. Wakeup!”

She didn’t move. He quickly removes the gag from her mouth,  touching her. She remained still.

“Fxxk. I told you not to scream dammit! ”

He touches her wrists,  but his heart was beating fast so he couldn’t tell if there was as pulse. 

No time. He needed to leave.

He pulls his trousers up, checks around to make sure he didn’t leave anything lying around, he peers outside opening the door, seeing that no body was about and junior wasn’t in sight. He runs through the opposite direction after closing the door.


It was when I hit my leg the second time to a stone I didn’t see that I stopped.

Mama was never always wrong. And since I couldn’t get Amara’s name out of my head, I turn quickly and ran back to the house.

Breathing heavily, I stood at the door and pounder it

“Amara, Amara!!!! Amara????!!”

Silence still.

No, I wasn’t leaving. I pound again and the door gives way, opening up.

I pause for only a second and run in, finding her lifeless on the chair, her dress opened and her bosom bare

“Oh God No!!!” I grab her face, shaking her

“Amara, Amara?” I shake her up. “God please no!” I look around, something had happened here, someone had being here, had done this to her, had had –

My chest had begun to hurt, I laid my head to her chest, faint heartbeat.  Her wrist suggested a faint pulse too

“Thank God!” I ran ran into the kitchen,  came back with a bowl of water and springled across her face until I saw her blink, a maon escapes  from her lips.

“Thank God Amara!!” I gather her in my arms

But she struggles up screaming and hitting me, trying to run away from me

“Hey! Hey Amara stop stop it its me. You are safe now. It’s me, you are safe. No one would hurt you again. I promise, ” restraining her, gathering her again in my arms, covering her up, “it’s me Bruno

She begins to cry, wailing and shaking
“Who did this Amara, tell me who did this to you. I will find him amara and make him regret. Tell me, did you see his face?did he-did he-” I couldn’t bring myself to say it

I should have busted the door in when I heard that scream. I should have listened to my instincts,  this wouldn’t have happened. I woul have caught the bastard.  This was my fault,  I didn’t listen even when I felt something was wrong.

“I am so sorry Amara, it’s my fault. If I had come in earlier this wouldn’t have happened. Who did this,  tell me”.?

She didn’t stop crying , I rock her

“Let’s go to the hospital,  you need to be checked just incase- I don’t want you falling sick. Then  we would go to the police station, you ate going to tell them everything , who whoever did this to you would be caught. ” I couldn’t say it.
I kept clenching and unclenching my fists.  Anger rising in  me. I wanted to hurt someone bad.

She was shaking her head.
“No hospital,  no police. Please”

“Why Amara, why! You fainted, you were-
Amara whoever did this needs to be caught and God help him if I find him first.  We need to go now”  I try to help her up, my chest didn’t let up. I felt pain in her pain.

“No!! Please don’t tell my mother. He tried but he didn’t,  no hospital.  No police. Pleae”

“Amara,  do you know who did this. Did he threaten  you? Tell me Amara” 

She was shaking. Who was making her scared

She was silent.

“Amara? Tell me, please. Let me protect you from him.”

“I didn’t see his face. I am scared and I don’t want mama to worry. Please” she begged

I didn’t understand it. Who got her this scared. She was lying. Who ever it was must have threatened her.


“I am fine Bruno. Please  before my mother comes back and finds out.” She covers herself tightly, I shake my head

“She knows I am here, I went to your kiosk before coming. You know you are going to tell me the truth Amara. I know the truma of people finding out is scaring you but how do you stop it from happening again if you don’t talk and report it so the culprit be apprehended?” I look at her sadly

“I-i am fine. I want to be alone please ”

Bruno is not different from me. I am an angel where he stands. He is going to come  collect his too. Don’t be deceived by his good boy pretense.

Junior’s words replayed in her mind.

“Or you want to finish what he started?”

I was taken aback.

“Amara?” I couldn’t believe believe my ears

“I want to be alone please. Just go away. Please go away” she began to cry again. She wast hurting, I knew that but she didn’t have to compare me to the animal who did this to her and i wasn’t leaving till I was sure She was safe, even if it meant doing the unthinkable.

I get up,finding my way to their tiny room. On the wall a big shirt was hug and a Jean laid on the bed. I grab both of them and come out

“Wear this now!! And you are doing  everything I say” I was firm 

“Amara I am not taking No for an answer and I am sure as hell not  leaving you here alone. We would call your mother on the way”

I waited. She didn’t move

“I am dead serious”

It took her about  20 minutes. I grab her hands,  locked the door and pulled her along.

“Please Bruno , please no police, don’t tell mama, no doctors” she begged pulling back

I didn’t want to listen.

All I wanted was to find the bastard but I also wanted to keep her safe too.

I stop a taxi, giving him directions, she didn’t stop sobbing.

She only raised her head after after few minutes, “The hospital and clinic is that way” she says pointing amidst her tears

“I know” I close my eyes resting my head

I was taking her home.

For now


“Timothy,  guy if anyone asks I have been at your place since morning . Do this for me Bro ” Junior breaths heavily, as he grabs a cold bottle of water from his fridge

“What the Fxxk have you done this time Junior?” Timothy stares hard at him.

“I think I killed her mehn.  She wasn’t breathing.  I think I fxxking killed her” he cleans sweat from his brows

Timothy just stares at him with his mouth open.

Junior’s phone rings

“Bruno is calling” Timothy says staring at the caller

Junior moves away from the phone as though it’s a plague

“Don’t pick!” He mutters

To be continued



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