A Story which isn’t A Story


Let me tell you a Story, a story I have heard so many times so long ago,
A story that had me rubbing my palms, sniffing my nose,  leaking through my eyes and laughing with my mouth.
A story made of words, woven from years , threaded upon carefully and written in the Sands of time that the water from the shores can’t erase.
A story made of dust, felt like water and brushed against the wet papers like brush.
Coated with love, torn away by hatred and hugged tighter than a baby just newly born.

Let me tell you a story,  never been told , not even under the darkened sky and the moon the only light, not by those grey haired rubust women with their large sagging breast. Not by the palm wine tappers dangling their half full or half-empty calabash between their self like a fourth leg . Not by the great white missionaries with their foreign talk and good book. Not by the one legged man, with white eye and a red cloth over his head as he dances staggerly, from side to side. Not even by the children as they gather before dusk and speak on words they only know. Definitely not by your parents as they coo you all to sleep and tell you stories they they may or may not truly know.

Let me tell you a story,  a story of love, trust , betrayal. Pain, anguish,  happiness and joy . Let me tell you a story of great men, women,  children, slaves and masters and even of gods.  Let me tell you all that you know and dont know, for words were spoken even before you began to think and live and breath. .
Sacred and polished, gone through the fire and glowing. Let me tell you a story of how all this came to be..
Let me tell you a story without words, for this is a story without a story but a story nontheless that pigues your interests and leaves you restless.  Let me tell you a story that I may not even know..
Just listen. .and let the story reveal all that you need to know for I also don’t know..


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#WhatsYourArt #AStorywhichisntastory #StephanieEgberike #Writes #TheSweetPerspectives  #Sweetness #AllthingsFinery


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