Wordporn-series :This Madness called love (chp.29)


Wordporn-series : This Madness called love ( chp. 29)

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Now to The crux of the matter. .


How do I console a broken spirit,  how do I keep her from shattering into tiny pieces?  How do I protect her from the harm of the world and people in it? How do I shield her..how?.

She sat there, quietly sobbing. Shaking , far from me as though scared of even me. Her hands hugging her, her head bowed and her lashes wet, still and quiet , sad and scared,  broken  and distant.

Why wouldn’t she let me take her to the hospital,  to check ..to flush. .to
God I dunno.

My chest hurts, my breathing difficult.  I refused to close my eyes because all I see is her, struggling beneath the bastard as he rammed again and again hard into her as she screamed while he covered her mouth his hands, his rod slicing through her essence,  his hands forcefully caressing her body and the tears trek down her face as she couldn’t do anything. And I was there, not so far away, unaware as she was been violated.

God!!! My heart bleed.

Why won’t she tell me who the monster was? Did he threaten to come back for her, or her fear was more of the stigma associated with things like this. I have heard people who never cam out to take about things like this because of what people say about them, even make them feel worse. They don’t need to be bashed. They need to be protected. As do Amara, as do Amara.

Is that why she won’t tell me? Go to the clinic or even to report to the police or even talk to her mother. Then ..
Why won’t she tell me who the monster is if she saw his face so I can put it to sleep by running a knife through his heart. For I have never felt this much anger in me for a long time..
So long ago, when I was a gang leader and someone had thought to cross my part, let’s just say he was a forgotten history. His face bared no resemblance to his twin brother.

“Oga, make I turn hear?” The driver broke me out of my thoughts.

“yes, when you turn stop at that black gate opposite that shop there ” I point , she didn’t move . She was quiet.

We alight as I pay the cap, she stands there refusing to move

“Amara, please ” I beg “just come in at least, or you rather stay out here and have everyone stare at you?”

She thinks for only a brief second then she follows me quietly into the house,

“Have you eaten, do you want something to eat?”


“What about water?”


But she sits down, curling herself again while she wrapped herself again in her big shirt.

Helpless I go to the kitchen,  I had noodles and geisha and then one egg. I proceeded to make noodles for her. In 10 minutes I was done,  I carry it in a tray and water from the fridge and place it on the table.

“Eat please. .” I tell her

“I have to call you mother Amara-

“No please don’t tell her please ” she begun to cry again.

“But Amara what would you have me do.  What? You won’t go to the hospital,  you won’t go to the station, you don’t want me to tell your mother and you won’t tell me who did this and I belive you know the person or at least saw his face. I am helpless what do you want me do. I can’t let you go back home and be alone. I can’t and I won’t.  I need you -safe. But I need to tell your mother ”

Shaking her head.., she grabs my hand,  she was still shaking her head, her hands felt cold. Was that fear, her voice broke

“Don’t please. Mama, mama would die. She is fragile. She would worry. She would..please don’t. She has been happy of late for a long time please don’t.  I beg you Bruno. .tell her anything but this. God please don’t tell her !!” She held my legs and wept

I blinked a couple of times..

“But I have to tell her you are here with me. Is that okay?”

She slowly nodded.

“Eat, please ”

I left her and strolled outside, running my hand over my face I dialed Junior’s number again.

“Where is that fool when you need him?”

It kept ringing and no answer

I Dail her number and she picks.


“Mama, good evening.  It’s me Bruno..”

“Ha my son, how are you. Did did you see Amara?  Did you get to talk to her, I hope she wasn’t hard on you oh, Ama can be like her father sometimes”

“No no not at all. In fact I wanted to speak with you- ” I began ,

“Please don’t tell mama I beg you ” her voice whispers in my ear again as though she was standing beside me at the moment and repeating them. I sigh

“What about my son? ”

“I erm, took Ama to my house. ”

“Why? ”

“I wanted to show her somethings she might need for school. Some of my old books that might be useful to her, so I wanted her to come and check through it. ”

She laughs “oh that’s very nice of you my son.  God bless you. Only this morning you have brought Ama’s fees now you are giving her books. Thank you my son” she blesses me

“Amen mama. Ehen mama, I don’t know how this would sound but is Amara having issues with anybody,  man or boy around your area, had anyone harassed her in anyway before. Like in anyway inappropriately before. ” I carefully picked my words

“What do you mean? Harass kwa? Who would harass my daughter, she is a nice girl,  everyone likes her and don’t make trouble with Ama. Why?”

“No no nothing. Just asking. Please Ama,  another thing. Pleas I don’t know how you would take it but I have to please ask your permission. I want Ama not to stay home alone when you are at the kiosk. When you both are together it’s fine but once you are going out alone or anything, Ama should not remain at home alone for any reason, I am always at work so Amara can come to my place and stay. I will give her a guy. Please, I erm.. notice too much bad boys in your area and I am not comfortable with her being alone . You don’t know what might happen behind your back?” I tell her, hoping she doesn’t refuse

“But, we have lived here for years and nothing
Bad has happened to us much less Amara,  is something wrong my son. Did something happen.  Where is Amara, I want to talk to her.”

“No mama nothing. But you know Amara is erm, growing and it would be just safe to make sure she is safe. Please mama. It’s for her own good. I mean no harm.  Even if you don’t accept, just always keep her at your side and make sure her friend nkechi is always with her too. Or send her to an aunts place when you are not around.”

“Hain. You are scaring me. Tell me truth Bruno, what happened. “?

“Mama, relax. I care about Ama and I don’t want any harm to come to her. Please that’s all. No need to worry about it. Please mama, give me permission.” I pleaded.

There was a deep sigh, a battle of trust, a surrender and another sigh.

“OK my son. Where is Ama, I want to talk to her”


I walk back inside and hand her the phone,  her noodle were still untouched. Her eyes were questioning .

“Speak to your mother Please ”

She places the phone to her ears, “mama?”

“Ama, ke kwanu? Are you okay? Tell me!”  Her eyes shoots up at me, pooling again.  I shake my head “I didn’t tell her” I mouthed

She clears her throat,  “Mama, I again fine. No nothing why?”how are you, is market going well. I am sorry I have not cooked yet. I will cook it soon”

“Hmm. You are sure? Bruno said he took you too his house that’s why. Said he wanted to show you books?”

She looks at me, I nod

“Yes ma, when I come back I cook.”

“Hmm. Okay.  He also said he wants me to allow you always come to his place and stay when I am at the kiosk or when we are not together,  that bad boys full that out area and he no like am. That he cares about you. So him say he would give you his key when he goes to work you can go there and stay then come when  I come back”

She looks at me again, shock and then anger, she shakes her head,

“Erm No mama it’s not necessary.  I can take care of myself. ”

“But he said people may harass you”

“Mama I am a big girl” she replied, cleaning her eyes. Her normal self was returning

“What if something happens there to you when no one is around eh? Who would protect you Ama. Me I don’t like it too but for Bruno saying saying it maybe he is seeing bad people eyeing you. So you will take his key okay”

“But mama, I won’t! ”

“See you are my only daughter oh. Don’t make me worry and cry. If anything happens to you God should just allow them take me too oh. Hain. Chineke God. Who have I offended!” She wailed

“Mama stop.  OK I have heard. I will” she surrendered.

“OK.  Give Bruno phone”

She literally threw it at me

“Mama? ”

“I have told her. Please eh, if anything is wrong shei you would tell me. You can treat me like your mother,  don’t lie to me. Ama hides things that hurt her too much, but you Bruno you would tell me abi?”

My chest tightens again.

“Yes mama, I would. Nothing is wrong. I promise ” I lied.

“OK.  Bye o”

“Goodbye mama”

“You can’t make me do what I don’t want to do” she spat,

Yep, sometimes the little cat can be feisty.

“Am not making you do anything,  I am making sure you are safe unless you rather have me tell your mother the real reason why I suggested it”


I sit down opposite her, ” I am not your enemy Amara, I want to be your friend and  I need you to trust and confide in me. I won’t let any harm come to you not on my watch Ama. So the sooner you start trusting me with your demons the better”

“I don’t have any demons” she frowned.

“I was speaking figuratively.  Eat please,  would take you home when your mum would have gone back home.”


“Are you going to keep ignoring him all day?”


“Wtf junior. If you really killed her I think you should leave Bro.  I don’t want any trouble with the law. I have been on a low for a while , I don’t need you to drag me down.” Timothy was clearly uncomfortable.

He wished he hadn’t picked his call nor opened his door

“I can’t maehn. I need an Alibi,  I would get out of your face by tomorrow please. I didn’t leave anything of mine in  her house so nothing can be traced to me, but I need a solid Alibi to say I wasn’t  there just incase I get fingered.” He was pacing

Bruno calls again.

“He is still calling you”

“Ignore it still. Let me think.”

“When you to done thinking you can leave. ”

“Guy I no de go . I have covered you up before in school when you raped that chick. So why the fxxk are you trying to bail on me now huh?  I need you.” Junior turns to Timothy, 


“Whatever.  Keep holding that over my head. Now this is one -one. After this we are through,  you fxxk up next time and from here on out, you clean your own dam  mess. I told you to leave that chick alone, there are plenty other chicks who likes to spread their legs with only a tiny fling you no gree stay with those ones, name person wei your guy, your main guy like naim you go tear now, she Don die. Guy you fxxkup!!!

“I didn’t even get the opportunity to tear. Before you know Bruno was knocking on the door and she wanted to scream I had to stop her, how would I  know this would happen?”

“Ehen, ask me. Fool! This is coming back to bite you in the arse one day. Karma is not selective. ”  Timothy leaves him and goes outside to lit a cig. Whenever he was angry he smoked much more than he had ever had in an hour

“Fxxk!” Junior exclaims


” mama nkechi, what is the matter?”

The lady had ran to her shop,  wailing

“My sister abeg come, my eldest daughter dey labour,  you know her husband no dey. Biko bia come follow me make we rush they go meet her. I have called the nurse, they said she is bleeding already. Chineke mo! !” She cried

“Ha!! So she is alone in their house”

“Yes oh, chie God.  Epp me, what do I do. Come my sister come and follow me and help me”

Amara’s mother quickly clocks her shop.

“Hey let me call my daughter and tell her” then she remembers Bruno

“My sister let’s me going,  where where is nkechi? ”

“She is there. It’s her that called me. Please hurry”

She began to run, Amara’s mother followed behind her

“Hello” I pick  , “mama, what is it? Why are you sounding like that?” Fear grips me.

Please God no more bad news

“Ma son, I am going to help a friend out its an emergency. Can Amara stay with with you till Tomorrow? ” she sounded as though she was being chased

“Why mama, what’s happening? ” I get up

“My friend’s daughter is in labour,  they say she is bleeding, I am following  her there”

“Mama Amara come ooooooooooo!!” I hear am frantic lady wail

I calmed down.

“I am coming o. ” she called back

“Mama okay there is no problem. ”

Line dies

“What happened to my mother?”

She still hasn’t touched the noodles

“Emergency , something about a baby and nkechi. And that you have to be here till tomorrow”

She stares at me blankly.


I go outside , and buy soap , sponge, toothbrush  and a small towel.

I come back to find her still seated, my stomach was singing

“You should eat that. I am not hungry” she pushes the food away

“I know my cooking skills isn’t awesome that’s why I made noodles because at least someone can eat it without rolling one’s eyes.

“I am not hungry ”

Her stomach sang. She wraps her hand around her tummy as though trying to shut the noise

“Or you don’t want to eat what I have made? Scared I put something in it?”

“Maybe” it came like a whisper

I don’t hide my smile, I bend taking the fork, roll a large chunk of it and put it into my mouth

The worms in my stomach sang
” Hallelujah! !”

“Should I eat more before you are convinced?”

I drop the fork and sit down.

Nepa smiles. 

“Thank God. I needed this” I plug my phone and put on the fan.

She takes the fork and then pauses

“This is much, I won’t be able to finish it” she says eyeing the food.

“I would eat whatever you remain” I tell tell her honestly,  I head to the kitchen to get a bottle of beer


Knock knock knock

Amara looks at the door, fear grips her

Knock knock knock

She looks to the kitchen , Bruno wasn’t coming

Knock knock knock!!

She gets up , opening the door to find a farmilar face standing there



To be Continued..

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