Wordporn-series :This Madness Called love (chp.30)

Wordporn-series : This Madness Called love (chp. 30)


Ps : Sorry for the delay. Phone issues (Disappearing acts and loss of important info and whatnot. ) But we back and getting right into it.

Ps : Next chapter by weekend. (Hopefully Saturday.  We need to finish this and get into the next brewing story.)

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I have always wondered about life , it’s mysteries . Of how things are the way they are, about colours and the absence  of none, about the heavens , earth and whatnot. I had also wondered about love.. those deep insane loves portrayed in the movies and I wondered if that was real, or just some made up bullshit being fed to the populace because that’s what sells; a good love story , a earth shattering bang and more of that  where it came from.

What is love? I had no idea or what it felt like or what it means and I never really cared or desired to.

But seeing her in her pain, helpless to stop her hurting I felt a pull in my chest, I felt anger yes for the one who la-

I close my eyes..

Who laid his hands on her. But I also felt something else,,some need to protect her much more than I have ever wanted to protect any one, and the way I feel Is unexplainable.  All I desire was to gather her in my arms and keep her safe from harm.
But her walls were drawn up, while she on wide alert and on guard,  which I don’t blame her… but still, I want to keep her safe and I would. Wether she likes it or not and she has to talk to me.

That Bastard! ! Who ever he Is would get what it’s coming. . When I know whoever TF he is.

I folded my fist.

“A penny for your thoughts? ” Her voice pierces my thoughts. She was standing beside me,  right before she slips her hands into mine,grasping it. .

“Let me protect you. .” I tell her

“You are protecting me already ” she says, her eyes looking into mine.

” you being here is enough”

“No its not,..tell me who he is . Won’t you tell me? ”  she looks away but I hold her still, turning her to me as I raise up her face with my index finger, searching her eyes …
Just maybe , just maybe it would reveal what she has refused to say .

Her eyes were sad,  instead of answering she holds me tighter,resting her head on my shoulders.
“Let it be . Just let it be ” her voice came as a whisper

“Just hold me please ”

I drop my beer,grab her from her waist  and hold her close to myself,  she lays back , sinking into me as I wrap her  up with my arms, her head under my chin

I hoped time would stand still for this moment, holding her close.. where she felt protected in my arms..I hugged her tight.

Knock knock

I blinked, coming back into reality to find  no Amara in my arms, just empty shelves and the kitchen, and the beer in my hand felt warm…and

Knock knock knock

” Was that knock for my house?” I wondered. Maybe it was a neighbour’s . I ignored it as my stomach sang again.  My kitchen was near  empty,  I should have gone to the market but.. was lazy to . And I just cooked the last noodles for Amara. 
There was raw rice and a few condiments  but cooking solid food wasn’t one of my strong points. I always ended up making concoction but “hungry man no get choice”

“Maybe I should have gotten another noodles as I went outside? ”   I open the fridge ..


Amara blinks , her eyes widening at the person she just opened the door to.

“What are you doing here? ” Ngozi askes the girl who opened Bruno’s door. She took a minute to take her all in, she was fair skinned,  pretty to the eyes even without makeup,  her hair plaited all back much like simbe’s . She figured she was not more than eighteen or nineteen. But what the hell was she doing here . She was the same girl who brought food for him that day, she never forgets a face..

“I- I. .” Amara stutters

“You you what? Can’t you talk? What are you doing in my boyfriend’s house by this – ” she glances at her watch , it was past 6 at night.  “This time of the day, and it’s dark.?”

“I am sorry, Bruno asked me to- because – erm..” Amara trails off.  this was the lady she saw at Bruno’s the day she came to give give him food the second time from her mother.  She had kissed him right infront of her, her hair had been dishevelled and she had said they had a wonderful time together.  She wondered why that thought made her wince, slightly upset..

“What? Get out of my way right this instant and get lost before I turn my back. Move!!” She shoves her away as she makes her way into the house, she throws her bag on the ground and makes her self at home..she was angry.

“Bruno darlyn , I am home” she called out. She wore a very short brown dress, revealing beautiful legs and her top showed a little too much twin towers struggling to come up for air.

Amara leaves the wall she briefly kissed from the push and walks back inside slowly, she wanted to go home. She didn’t want to be here , infact she never intended to be here, so she turns and begins to leave..

“Where the hell do you think you are going to Amara?” I ask, coming out to find Ngozi seated. My brows furrows,  what was she doing here? Didn’t I ask her not to come here again. Which devil gave birth to her?

She turns and gets up unpon seeing me, she jumps on my body..clinging, caressing , touching

“Oh baby, I missed you ”  A loud kiss,  I push her away..disgusted

“Please don’t.  ” my jaw was set, Amara looks at both of us, and she reaches the door

“Don’t leave !!”

“Who the hell is she and why is she all over you?  And why are you asking her not to leave? ” she shrieks

“I can go home, ” I look at Ama as though she was crazy. How can she say that, go home to where? Alone by this time of the night and be alone in her house at night and what if that person comes back . Was she crazy. Did she think I would let her? Even if it meant carrying her on my shoulders kicking and screaming I would.

“No you are not ” I tell her matter-of-factly.

‘Baby, I am asking you a question,  didn’t you get it?” She stares at me and then Amara,  I turn to her, wondering  how far she intends to go with her games.

“Firstly None of your business ,
Two, refer to answer one.
Three, because you are leaving ”

“You are hilarious Bruno” she walks up to Amara, laughing

“I think I told you to get out of my face and this house, you are in my man’s place and we don’t help  stray dogs even if they look innocent because they are the worst set of pretenders, much like you.  Get out! !” She pushes her again,  Amara shocked , she staggers hitting the door with her back, she winces, anger flash on my eyes

OK.  Wrong move.

  I closed the distance between us, grab her arm, reaching for the bag I noticed on the ground and which wasn’t there before and with the other hand, I open the door wide and walks her out and push her away slightly, because with a little more force, she could slam her head into something. I didnt want to hurt her, I never physically hurt a woman.  Emotionally?  Well.. that was me a couple of months and years ago.

“OK,  Ngozi, Stop it! Just stop it. I am trying to be a nice guy here but you really really don’t want to cross me. I am in all kinds of shitty mood all evening and I don’t need you to fuel it the more.  And for Fxxk sakes, I am not your boyfriend, i never asked you out  and never intend to, not in this life and the next as long as it’s me. And this should be the last time you touch her that way again.. got it?” I was mad.

“But, b-utt the night we were together , you made love to me and it was great” she even sounded genuine . Was there a school they go for this?

“Stop lying Ngozi,  please don’t come back here again.” I give her her bag,  walking away.

“You chase me out and that thing get to stay?  I used to think you are awesome and that you have good taste,  is that the person who is making you lack all sense of  reasoning, that you forget that a fine looking babe like me is all you need. Abi , you banging her right-left and two ways to Wednesday,  is she that sweet that you sold your senses to the warmth between her legs-”

If she were a guy, a slight cut to her lips would have sufficed. Instead i closed my fists and thought of walls i was breaking into two,  it  works effectively.

“How dare you?? ” Amara’s voice was strong.  “How dare you say that. ”
her eyes were frowning  as she came closer . I was shocked. What happened to the quiet little mouse a few seconds ago

“Oh looky looky here, she actually made a sentence ” Ngozi eyes her

“how dare I?  you should ask yourself what you are doing at my man’s place.  Aren’t you ashamed? How old are you sef? Eighteen , nineteen?  Don’t you have boys your age you could frolick around town with. You come here, bang my man and making him throw me out and you think you have won? Look here little girl,  I think you should think twice because when I start, i don’t just bite I roar! And you think you are having fun? Guys like Bruno likes to have fun and maybe for now he has an interest in you, but when he is done swimming in that honey jar of yours, satisfied to the brime,  you would be out the door just like me but the only difference is that he is going to come back for me. I know how to treat him right know this, Bruno is mine and I won’t give up easily just because of a pretty face that looks like she never sucked on some balls before”   she spat

“Jesus Ngozi,  what in the wor-

“Look, please what ever you think is going on with me and him isn’t true , and I don’t even want to be here and right now I don’t have a choice because – ” she stops herself  ” I just have to be here but I won’t have you insult me for something I am not doing. You dont have to worry because there is nothing here.”
Amara cuts me off, just when I was going to ask Ngozi why would she say something like that.  I mean was everyone out to piss on my parade everytime Amara was near me? First it was junior now this witch in a lady form.. and besides..

“Why in the world are you explaining yourself Amara and Ngozi can you just shut up spewing lies and just leave already.  Christ! !! ” I grab Amara’s hand and got us back inside, slamming the door shut in her face and didn’t hear her words fade out . I turn the key and when I heard the lock sound, I leave the door, leaving Amara too as she struggled free.

There were multiple knocks and  i ignored her name calling me, when she was tired of standing outside she would leave.

“Let go of me ” she pulls away
“I want to go home Bruno , i don’t want trouble with your -girlfriend. ”

“No you aren’t.  You mother said you should stay here till tomorrow and that’s what you are going to do and she is not my girlfriend. Never was, never would be. That situation you saw us in that day at my house was a slight misunderstanding, as well as this too. ”

I didn’t know why I was explaining , I didn’t need to but I wanted to.

“She is just some girl who likes me and she won’t give up, no matter how much I tell her no or ignore her. And sadly she works where i work. I wondered how she got my address because i never fave her and next thing she shows up at my door. I tell her off at work, she always coming onto me but She still finds away, like showing up unannounced in my house and making passes at me which I refuse, maybe today she was hoping to see if i would give in. In a way, it’s good she saw someone  wkse here. ” I tell her,

Amara just stares at me blanky,  not saying a word.  Maybe I expected her to say something. I sighed

“Have you finished eating,  you didn’t seem to like it. Am sorry, am still learning ” her gave her a weak smile pointing at the half plate of noodles

” Am full. ” she says as she goes to sit down.  “And you said you would eat the remaining one, but it’s cold ‘

I noticed something about her today, She was shy and timid at some point and then other times she is bold and focus,  and she cares an awful lot about a good name. But she is shadowed,  you can’t understand her, nor predict her.. she was a mystery.  But the fact that she was more interested to clear her name seemed to be more important to her, other girls would have seized the moment ..but not her

What did the bible say about it?
“A good name is better than riches ”

I nod, taking the noodles away
“I would just warm it”..
I leave her once again.


“Have you seen any news yet about it??” He says, he was seated at the veranda , Timothy takes the last drag of the cigarette as he scrolls through his Facebook. His feet had a couple of finished cigarettes lying close to him

“No. It’s not as though it would be on social media but, news and radio would be the most likely places.. first.”

“But you do know that you messed up big time junior. I swear. You fxxked up.  I mean I keep telling you to stay away from Bruno’s girl but you say no. How do you not have any conscience, what do you think the dude would be going through now, or her parents. You messed up. ”

“She isn’t Bruno’s girl so that means she is fair game. She has just one parent, her father is late and for shits sake Timothy,  I didn’t. It was a mistake,  if she had allowed me to bone her right from the beginning instead of being stubborn about it, we both would be having a nice time..but no. She had to struggle,  she had to fxxking say no and wanted to scream and Bruno was just outside the door and I had to make her keep quiet,  how was I to know she would stop breathing Tims, ? Some fxxking honest mistake but I wasn’t wrong to want a girl, I wasn’t wrong to want Amara, she was so innocent and beautiful,  why the Fxxk does Bruno always have the nice ones why? He gets everything good, why can’t I have her.. fxxking prick.  ”

Timothy hated the fact that he was here in his house , and there was nothing he could do. Because he owed him. But it amazed him how junior would have supposedly killed someone and he had no remorse, not a pinch of it and here he was talking about Bruno as though he had no right to have the good things he does. What this what jealously does? And before now he thought he loved him like a brother, but junior only loved himself and wanted things he couldn’t have come to him easily and those things was what belonged to Bruno or Bruno could get. He couldn’t wait for morning to come , and change his numbers if necessary.  He was done rolling with junior..

It was years ago, back in the hostel,.there had been a chick who seemed to act like  she owned the world, was walking on egg shells and flaunted her expensive things.

He was young,  foolish, stupid and horny. He belonged to a group of kekites,  where Bruno was the leader and they did pretty crazy things ..

Bruno was more decent , he got violent when someone crosses him, never laid a hand on the ladies and did a mean number on a twin who thought quiet was easy and calm looks was a sissy. He was a serial womaniser and he had the fun  he needed, he is a handsome chap and the ladies were never few,  no one could keep up with him.and the way he changes them,  he gets in, gets done and gets gone, their cries never bothered him much. But there was one thing Bruno was,  he protected his own, his family, he never did this just because , never got into a fight just fir phone and never rained down the hammer just so he could make people fear him. Everyone loved him, the ladies and the guys, Bruno always had a good heart,  he was mean for good reasons but he was a ladies man. Never asked for anything, never lacked .. protected his own even giving up things just so you can be ok. That was Bruno, 

Junior always wanted to be like him, Bruno, and maybe take his place after school   but that’s like giving a kid a loaded gun. But he always wanted what Bruno wanted or had,   talk to whoever Bruno did, made friends with Bruno’s , and wanted to get into the women he did too, and he succeeded in more ways than one. Junior was brutal, a fxxkster and a womaniser, a  jealous  and envious fellow whose main focus in school was just to ruin who ever crosses them and who didn’t just to instill fear, raid houses and cause trouble.  Steal another brother’s kill, beat him up if he dares to complain. He would steak without remorse, fight and then run, Bruno always cleans up his mess. Junior was anything but good, but he always clinged to Bruno and everyone called him Bruno’s right hand, his brother. Bruno loved him as one, and when they left school,  Bruno kept him like one.
Apparently junior had reasons why he remained friends with him, to keep being the asshole that he always have been and go after things that belonged to Bruno.. every fxxking thing. That trait was a dangerous thing a friend should have . Today he realised that ..Junior never liked Bruno but everything else Bruno had or wanted.

The thing that had him letting junior have his way was when that chick made his boil boil after turning him down , she had teased him continually , flaunt her assets and make him have constant fantasies of her and so one day, he had had enough.
He, Timothy had followed her,  Chioma was her name,  into her  off campus house,  feigning he wanted to help study for exams.  She liked to use people, and he had practically helped her through her school works and all she did was a thank you while showing off lovely legs and soft breasts to him, then push him out and lock her door. He could hear her laughing at him constantly as he passed, telling her friends what a big fool he was.

And so after they had entered her house and as soon as the door locked due to security reasons because it was late,  he had pushed her to the bed, closed her mouth to muffle her screams, ripping her cloths and panties, with his strength he had pinned her down, her struggles didn’t make him flinch, then  he entered into her as many times as he could before he shattered, going over the top to the highest heavens and then back. Left her crying and ran home.

And the next day the police came, Timothy was just strolling in and they dragged him while the girl was crying.

“Officer that’s him, he rapped me, he rapped me in my house” she cried. He was shivering,  nearly peeded himself..
“It..it wasn’t me. She is lying ” he said,  his stuttering making  whole body shake. And with the chaos , Timothy had walked in  while they dragged me away

“Officer he is telling the truth, we were together last night. Look?..” he had brought out his phone,  showing them a video of both of us drinking and partying at a club. That was a week ago but I had worn thesame shirt that day. Infact thesame cloths..

“I can call someone else to confirm it to..” he calls another person who had being in the video ,

“Peter, that party wei we go for dickson place, who and who come with us come stay till midnight?”

“That party last we-

“Ehen last night party , ehn who and who” he says it fast cutting him off, ” call their names fast, na matter of life and death. ..”

“No be me , you, Bruno , David and Timothy?  Shei we get there around 6pm and no leave till 4am in the morning? ”

“And Timothy him commot go anywhere at all?”

The boy laughs, ” that fool was wasted already by 11am, too fxxked up to stand.  No He us back am go house. ” he laughs, junior cuts the call

“See? We were all together last night so we don’t know what she is saying. Besides she is a runs girl, ask around people go tell you. She must have confused him for another person.  My guy no go do that kin thing. How na,? Him be ghost. She say him do am.arounf that 10pm for night for her house for off camp.  Meanwhile we were in town in that club, I go give you address or give you the manager number to call. The distance from there to hear is almost two hours without traffic, officers check am out na. This girl Don go party go drink, carry man go her house him done do , now she dey cry fowl just because she and my friend her maybe Don get quatter before. . I don’t know”

“No oh.. never! !” Timothy said as they held on to his trousers, the girl held on to him to, crying and screaming

“It’s a lie it’s a lie. He raped me. You must arrest him”

“Officers make I call people for this place them know am finish, them go tell you her story,”.. the next minute he runs out and before the blink of an eye the room had crowded, and alot of peple said she was indeed some runs girl who came back with different men, the girls who were jealous of her poured fuel into the fire, explaining how snobbish she was and how she flaunted things she got from the men.

At the end of the day, the officers having an ear full,  decided that her story was as fake as her lifestyle and they left,  the crying girl went after them with everyone booing.  When the room cleared and I sat down,  at the corner. .silent.

“Thank you..” he had said . He wondered what would have happened to him if they had taken him to the cell, kirikiri was no place for young boys like him, his asshole would have been a constant pleasure for those starved sex gays and God knows what else would have happened to him.
“Thank you for saving me.. I didnt do what she said. If you didn’t come I would have been taken away.. what would I have told my parents?”

Junior was silent for a while, watching him, then he busted out laughing so hard, raising with laughter and tears falling from his eyes, then he come down and sits opposite him..

“So how was it, was she sweet, how many rounds did you go? Did she eventually enjoy it, was she any good?” He nudges him

“I didn’t do- ” he began looking up

“Shut TF up Tims,  I can smell her on you, your body language was going of like a fxxking siren. Again,  was it good? ”
There was no use lying.  He nodded. Bruno laughs again,.
“Nice one bro, you learning fast. Next time, go an extra few rounds and let me know so I can have a proper cover up for you okay. She deserved it. Maybe I should pay her a visit too. But your secret is safe with me. You never know, maybe one day you get to be my own calvary ” he laughs again getting up.

For him, he had vowed to never get himself into this kind of situation ever again. He never told anybody,  he regretted it. He wondered if he had a sister and she came home crying about being raped he would kill the guy. 
So he made a decision,  never to lay a hand on a woman when she says No. And he had stuck to it.

He never saw her again, but he wished he did, his conscience hadn’t stopped pricking him.

“Check again, any news??”  Junior askes him

“None” he sighs. He couldn’t wait to be done with this. He didn’t want to get into any trouble with the law, not again. Not ever again.


“You can go and shower, I would be outside. When you are done let me know so I can take my bath too” I tell her, I place a shirt of mine on the bed and one of my juggers.  It would be big for her but I didn’t have ladies nighties lying around in  my house , I left her and went outside, sitting on the varenda

Amara stands and watches him leave,  then she locks the door behind him. Then sits on the bed, angry.  Angry at herself , angry at junior for trying to rape her, angry at her mother for telling her to stay here and angry and Bruno for ..forcing her to and at that lady, who is his girlfriend and he claims she isn’t.  That wasn’t her business but she had to right to think she, was having anything to do with Bruno.  She would never have anything to do with a friend of the devil, she would never.  For all she knew he probably planned it with junior and here he was acting like he wants to protect her, from who? Isn’t him just the same with junior, how else would they be friends if they don’t do thesame thing?

She wanted to go home,  she wished she could and she didn’t come out with money if not she would force her way out and go, but her house was far from her and she wouldn’t trek at night especially in an area she didn’t know. She sighed.

Tears filling her eyes as she remembered being pinned to the chair as junior touches her with his hands and his tongue, she pulls her cloths and ran into the toilet, grabbing the soap and sponge Bruno gave to her and began to scrub, tears mixing with the water ran down her body as she scrubbed, crying. Angry, helpless she cried.

When she came out she laid on the bed, her sobbing had stopped. Was she safe here? What if Bruno would want to finish what junior started.

“But he had stayed with you all  night before,  kept you warm , just holding you while you were cold and barely clothed,  he didn’t touch you” A voice in her head tells her

“Didn’t mean he didn’t want to.  I saw her, felt him.. he is just thesame” she cried, wrapping the towel around her tighter as she remembered his hardness brushing against her thighs when she moved

“Maybe, maybe not. Don’t you think he would have if he wanted too, but he didn’t?  Isn’t that enough reason not to judge a book by its cover?” It says

“Junior always says that’s what he wants, this lady says that’s how he is, he is just here pretending,  coming to pay my fees just because he wants to have me, oh God. Mama, how do I break your heart and your dreams, I rather stay uneducated that be a toy for a man, but how do I shatter your hopes and refuse one thing you have always wanted for me, a better life?  How?” All junior wants is me, maybe all Bruno wants too is me too.. how do I go away from here, unhook myself from this mess? Maybe I should tell him , maybe I could beg him, maybe.. just maybe I should give into him and get this over with. This is what he wants right, what they want. Me? My viginity. . They can have it.” She gets up cleaning her eyes, 

It took an hour before I heard her open the door back,

“Am done” she says stepping away from the door, I get up and walk inside,  the room was dark

“No, please leave it off” she said, her voice came as a whisper, my brow furrows

“Okay. I want to take a shower and when I come out i would sleep in the palour and you can stay here in the room you can lock the door if you want. The key is there” I grab my things and head into the toilet

Fifteen minutes later I  was done, I noticed she hadn’t left the corner, and the cloths were still on the bed that I dropped for her to wear. Was she crying again? My chest closed

“Amara, are you okay?” I asked, reaching the door so I could leave


“Ama, what’s wrong? Look i know you don’t like me very much and that you hate me at the moment for making you stay here but I need you to be safe, I would be worried about you if you were alone at home and God knows I won’t ever forgive myself if ..if whatever happened to you happens again. I understand why you don’t want to go to the clinic and the police or tell your mother but… I wish you would talk to me, at least talk to someone.  So don’t beat yourself up, he would be caught. One day he would when you decide to open up but please,  don’t beat yourself up too much. Please put on something so you don’t catch a cold, I laid out something for you on the bed, it’s big but it would make do, by tomorrow I take you home. And you are going to be with the key, no arguments ” I told her,


No responds.  “Amara, why are you so quiet,  please answer me, let me know if you are okay”

Nothing, then suddenly she moves getting up.  The light seeped in from the moon, resting on her. She was still tying the towel I kept in the toilet for her around her

Suddenly it dropped, and she stood there, naked infront of me..

“This is what you want right? This is what you all want? So take it because I have no more fights in me. That’s why you are here right, helping me, because you want to have me, just like him. So take it and be done with it. ” her voice was surprisingly clear,  I saw a tiny sparkles omof water on her lashes.. she had being crying. She came closer

“I won’t fight you. I won’t struggle I promise.. just do what you want and then leave me alone, please ” she came closer to me now

My back was to the wall, and she stood so close to me, she smelled of lavender,  the bath gel I bought for her to bath with.

I knew I shouldnt be thinking about anything but my body had a mind of its own , I knew she was hurting but.. I couldn’t stop myself from reacting, she was beautiful,  and all all the curves in the right places, unlike Ngozi that I reacted with lust no doubt, this ..this felt different and my heart began to beat in my chest as rapidly as though it was going to explod. I had seen her naked before while I kept her warm when she was almost dying of cold,  she was nearly half asleep,  but she standing infront of me this way, offering herself to me felt different.  I reach for her and hug her to myself.. her soft skin against mine. I realised I hadn’t put on my shirt yet and my boxers seemed to have felt abit uncomfortable.

“Amara!!” I breathed , closing my eyes as I hugged her to myself

“Just get it over with, please”..

I hold her tight, just holding her.. my senses running wild.

I did the next thing that came to my mind.. without thinking, without regrets.

To be continued


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