Happy Birthday to Us!! There are many things I am grateful for, one of them is for my Mum. Her endearing spirit , her zeal to impact good knowledge,  to lead, to caution, to bless, to pray you to the right parts, to love you even if it  means to give up her comfort and her last meal she would. She is selfless, she is wonderfully amazingly. .

Some days when I would rest my head on her bosom, she would use her loving fingers and course through my hair, telling me wonderful things,  blessing me, directing me, loving me..saying things would be okay even when we don’t see anything worth being so. But as a mother, she would brave the storms just so you have peace. She would go out in the rain so you can be dry, give her foot so you have legs to walk down the right paths and be safe. She has been my anchor, my father and mother , my friend,  my love…my all. And as today marks another year for her…and for me, I want to celebrate her more than I would celebrate me. Because without her…there won’t be me..for she had carried me, nursed me, taken care of me…and made me into the person I am. Though I have fallen short of expectations, erred, made mistakes as children would. .but she never stopped loving and caring.. today she had called me and sang for me, prayed for me..blessed me..and today I pray for her much more than I have prayed before. That God should keep her so she enjoys all the firsts of her labours..all 8 of us must have given her a headaches and whatnot…but you see. ..she never stops loving us..she never gave up.
So today, my mother, my superstar. .my Queen, my ever loving inspiration. .I love you mum. I wish you long life; joy,  peace…and love.

Happy birthday sexy super mom.

Happy birthday Stephanie Egberike..

Happy birthday to us…

Being birthday mates with your mum can be supercool huh? Plus we look alike so go figure. .. We would soar!! We would live..!! We would be amazing….we would be US.  That won’t change.. So here’s to more years, prosperity.. to health and wealth..here’s to another year of blessed opportunities.  To grace and upliftments. .here’s to the Queens of January. .here’s to my super amazing mum..and me on our birthday!!

Happy  Birthday!!!
Another year, another day to

celebrate those who matter to

us…To show love, to appreciate. 

Here’s to more love, more grace,

to continued blessings..and heart

desires being granted.
          Happy Birthday 






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