New Story Alert!!!!! 
Tittle :  AMAKA
Synopsis ;  Amaka , is a young girl who denounces God after losing her father. She believed religion and God was just a made up story told to kids to scare them and adults to submission. He isn’t real. So believing in someone high up in the heavens was thesame as believing the santa claus appearing once a year to drop gifts for kids. While in reality. .. was people dressed up like that. So there is no God . No heaven. No hell. Just plain ‘ ol superstitious stories.  Like tales under the moonlight so she was done  believing in folklore and fables. 

Untill she was faced with a delima that had her falling to her knees and calling on the same God she didn’t believe. 

Does he answer her. Or just get silent … just the way he was when her father died in her arms, years ago in her early teens.
Find out… in this series “Amaka”.

The journey of self discovery and realisation of higher powers only God can reveal. From enjoying the social vices of the society, school life, bad friends,violence, sexual pervasiveness, discovery, religion and God… ********* Like it?? Where you can find it?

Go to and search for “Amaka”
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5 thoughts on “Amaka!!!!

    • Lol Har+new, I am stephanie . I am writing Amaka for an online magazine. I have some of my other works there too.
      “My boss’s ex wife, walk of shame, the other woman, all I want for christmas and now Amaka!!.. . So it’s me “Stephanie ” writing it. No one is co-authoring it with me .lol and definitely not another stephanie. How are you tho? Have a blessed week

      • I’m sorry. I been missing in action a while so I didn’t know. Lol. I’m doing ok. Need to write more like you. Keep up the writing.

      • Lols…what have you Been up to? But I hope you have been good tho? Stay safe and I will keep writing. Lol, you are way better than me dear. Keep soaring..don’t go anywhere. Cheers!!

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