Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love (chp.35)

“I am walking on sunshine! !  Whoooa oh  ohhhhh !! Am walking on sunshine whooa  ohh ohhhhh,  and am feeling good. Yeah yeah yeahhhhhh!!!

And am feeling good.!!! Yeah!!” I bellowed at the top my voice singing out of tune but singing nontheless. .

“Hahaha Bruno, I swear you are killing me with your voice, my ear drums are suffering”. 

She was walking on a straight line, a pavement three times higher than the one I was in, I held her right hand to steady her as we walked down the path heading to the streets, one feet infront of the other, she went. 

“It can’t be helped princess ” I blow her a kiss 

“Hmm princess,  is that what you are calling me now?.not Amara , not Ama?” She manages  a glance my way before focusing back on the pavement so she doesn’t fall off to the other side, but her eyes sparkles

“Yes princess.  Because you make my heart flutter ,  you dey make my heart go gim -gim-gim eh obimm-ohhh!” I half spoke and sang the rest winking at her

“You know you are going to make me get used to this” she teased

“Used to what?” I say staring up at her briefly before crossing the gutter. She jumps down at the end and stands infront of me, I towered over her, and I liked it. A thought of lifting her to my level made me smile..

“You being sweet and nice to me. You being….all lovey Dovey towards me..”

I smile..” You should.  You should get used to it cos this is how it’s going to be.. you dey make my heart go gim gim.gim” I sing again, gathering her in my arms

“What are you doing, ? ” her hands to my chest, looking around

 ” Someone might see us Bruno,  we are out on the streets ”

“Good.  They can watch. But most importantly,  am just letting all the wandering eyes take note that this is my territory.  What better way to show than a juicy view eh.?.” I dip her, her laughter fills my ear

“You are crazy Bruno ” her eyes sparkles, laughter feels them, but she doesn’t pull away

“And you are beautiful ” I smile down at her before closing the distance and capturing her lips…


“–And that’s how I got saved. Those stupid police officers dont know their job……” David was saying

“You are lucky!” I hear Timothy say

“I swear Bruno if you were there you for Don vex punch somebody. The dude was in my face and blocking me from passing. The mumu officials were looking for money. Remaining small yawa for gas. You know how those things can be now Bru?”

The stupid goofy smile hasn’t left my face, my eyes were opening but dreamy. .

“Bru?” David calls 

” Bruno, are you even listening to me sef. Bruno?”

Timothy laughs ” That nigga ain’t here mehn.!”


“Hmm hmm where, where?” I was booted out of my reverie 

They busted out laughing.

“I swear if I didn’t know you better I would have said you have been jazzed. But this…this is fxxking something else. BRU IS INLOOOOOVE !!!!” David bellows

“I am not David , knock it off” I couldnt stop the smile from breaking at the corners of my mouth

“Yep. Denial. You are inlove. Admit it”

“No I am not.” i repeat again, 

or was I?  Shit I don’t even know. I have never been inlove before. I don’t even know what that is, or what it feels like but I did know I liked the way my heart began beating faster with her near me…

Was that it. Was that love…or some stupid nervousness. No. Shaking my head..

“I am.not!” I repeat again.

“Hunhun. See the way you were smiling like a mumu when she kissed you. You were fighting hard not to grab her and maybe shove her back into the car and tell me to take you back.home.” He laughs,  turning at the next street 
“Savage!!!!” Timothy taps my shoulders, I look at the front mirror so I can take a look.at him

“Nah bro, Those tendencies are history. This dude right here is on some different pills mehn. It’s called decency responsible shit. Really loaded. You should try it. Infact all.of you should try it.” He shakes his head at me, Junior looks at me briefly and smiles nodding his head I turn away, 

Why did I feel.some coldness vibrating from him. ? I shook away the thoughts. 

“Well I give it to you sha, she is pretty. No scratch that. She is beautiful. ”

“Its not about the physical attributes.  It’s more than that Davidson.  TruSt me. It’s more than the way she looks. And I don’t know what it is. And the fact that I don’t know is even better. I just. ..iono..” I shrug trailing off

“–Inlove with her!” David finishes

“I don’t know . I don’t know what it is. I like the feeling that’s for sure” I admit.

David nods, Timothy taps my back again..”That’s enough for us. Proud of you son. Atleast the girls don’t need to bother about a heart breaker on the Loose again. The bad boy had thrown away his keys. He got a new set of keys..Named AMARA! !” He whistles

“She is no.key dude. Quit playing. She is Amara..and I like her fine like that. Drop me home slugger. Don’t taint me with you evil vibes ” we all laugh

“Its going to be a long weekend, sure you don’t want me to come rub your back and suck your titties?” David teases

“Sure grandma, after you give Grandpa Timothy here a good smoothing and ancestor junior a feel.of your dried up sags  between your legs, then you can come over and bust it open for me, okon down my streets wouldn’t mind filling in for me since I don’t do old shemales” I throw back

“Ewwww nasty!!!” He laughs

“I know right!!” I hit his head. 

“Dude am.driving ” 

“That’s why you Dont talk bullshit and drive. Didn’t I teach you anything son?”

“Sorry mummy, I was out of class most of the time playing dress up with Tina. ” He smiles

We all remember Tina,  she was his first.

Timothy had already started laughing, old memories comes up and jist leaves me and revolve around school days. 

Junior  head was only half in the jist, his mind was plotting on his next set of actions.  


They walked to her door, 

“Why did you do that?” Nkechi askes, they have been silent for a couple minutes while they strolled inside . She was upset.

“Do what?” 

“Don’play dumb. Kiss him. Kiss Bruno?” She stops, folding her arms and staring at her.

While they alighted and told Amara that they should go, she Ofcourse wasn’t expecting anything as shocking as that. One minute Amara was by her side walking with her and the next minute she turns to find her leaning into Bruno and kissing him.full on the mouth. Her heart nearly stopped . It must have because she couldn’t breath for a few seconds and the anger in her had boiled. 

Or was it jealousy? 

A small brush creeps to Amara’s cheeks,

“Oh you saw that?” She was stalling, she knew it. She turns away

“I mean Durh! !! Everyone in that car and I saw it. Why did you kiss him?”

Amara shrugs ” I dunno. Wanted to. Felt like. I just wanted to thank.him” she sighs

“For ?” A raises eyebrow

“For…I dunno. ” 

“Amara, from the way it looked it seemed as though it wasn’t the first time you you have kissed him. Or I am wrong?” 

Amara’s blush was too visible to be missed, 

“Oh Fxxk! !! You have kissed him before. When?.where? Did you guys… did you guys–

“Oh don’t be stupid.  Am not like that. And He isn’t like that. .” That realisation warmed her.

To hell with what Junior says, Bruno isn’t the way he claims he is. If not, two nights in his house and he hadn’t tried to harass her, man handle her or force her. If not anything he had turned her down when she had wanted to give herself up to him that night because she was tired of being pressurised by Junior and forced to sleep with him and she thought..

Why not give it up to the lesser evils, at least it would pain Junior that always mouthed off wanting to have her first before Bruno does. 

But…it’s been a lie. Bruno seems different from what he says..

She still had that nagging feeling behind her head that just maybe he might be pretending just the way junior says but… but, still.. he had his chance and he said No. If he was so bad as junior claims,  he proved him wrong.  He had proved her wrong .

For some reason she trusted him. And that brief moment ..standing there in his house and he had wanted to feed her suya and she had refused..something had dropped away. Her resolve, her walls had come down a bit and all she thought about was what if? Just what if.

And when they had kissed. Her knees had grown weak. For the first time ever she had been kissed by a boy. .or man..a guy. Whatever.  She had been kissed.

All the things she had read in books and watched in movies didn’t prepare her for the flutterings in her stomach or the way her heart accelerated as he kissed her, asking how it felt.

Then when she laid her hand to his chest, his heart was beating so fast she thought it would explode and she could feel him strugglng , struggling to remain still. She noticed he folded his hands into a fist . She felt him, she felt him close to her thighs and she knew ..

Ofcourse she had seen him..barely clothed,   revealing all his manly glory …before, but then he had stripped to keep her warm that night many days ago when she was shivering from cold.

Then she was a scared girl.. and when she had wanted to give herself up to him, she was a broken and helpless girl wanted to give herself up so that the taunts and threatening and harassment from junior would end..or hoped it would.

But when he kissed her , leaning into her and she kissed him back, following his lead, tongue for tongue,  pull for pull, suck and lick for each, drinking him as he did her. .. she felt..strangely excited and when she felt him close to her thighs..

She felt not scared,  not helpless…but different.  A strange feeling of yearn, of want..

She grew warm thinking about it.

She wanted to kiss him again..and again and again. And she had no idea why she feels that way..
“Amara are you even listening to me?” Nkechi nudges her. “I have been asking you a direct question and you are ignoring me. So what did you guys do at night if you say…you are not like that and he isnt like that. All men are like that. ”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t hear you. We slept.. like close our eyes and slept. Him in the palour on the chair and me alone in the room. And yes, he isn’t like that”
“Then why kiss him. ?”

“Why does it concern you?”

“Because you said you didn’t like him. You kept bashing me if I brought him up plus you said I can have him since you aren’t interested. So imagine my suprise to see you kissing him. You gave him to me..”

“He isn’t a property or an object to be given Nkechi. ”

“But you didn’t like him. You said horrible things about him,now you are kissing him’

“That bothers you why.” ? She was getting irritated 

“Because I like him and I am sure he would like me too, but you have kissed him now clouding his vision from me. I don’t like that. Don’t do it again. I would go after Bruno because you already don’t want him before so I don’t get why you are clingy. You said you didn’t like him before so what is  this?”

Amara stares at her,.

“I- I ..” she opens her mouth and closes it

Yes she had said earlier she wanted nothing to do with Bruno or even liked him

She has no idea what she felt now but she knows the way she sees him now  has changed and…she knew that some how, just maybe…Bruno does really care for her as he said. ..and maybe likes her. If not he wouldnt kiss her the way he did.

“Well I think he is okay and..he isn’t some property we get to choose off a magazine. Plus , he wanted to kiss me first the first Time and I also wanted to kinda kiss him back. ” she blushes again..

‘So what does that mean?” Nkechi eyes her

‘It means that. ..Bruno isn’t such a bad guy and..I think. I like him. And I think he likes me right back ” she says with finality, smiling.  She turns and enters  into her house

Nkechi stares at the closed door fumming.

“Just because you kissed him twice doesn’t mean he belongs to you.let’s see who he likes better then when I show him my own skills!” She sighs walking away and heading down the bend to get to her house. 


“Mama!” Amara comes in and hugs her mother from behind “welcome. Good evening. How are.you? ” she breathed

“Hain Amara,  this one you are hugging me like this, is everything okay?” She turns in her arms and hugs her back , she pulls away and peers into her face

“How are you Mama? ”  

“I am.fine. how are you Amara? ” curiously she stares at her daughter.  Wondering what was different about her

She pulls her to the chair,  “Amara sit down I want to talk to you!”

Amara follows her to the chair and sits down infront of her, wondering what her mother has in mind to talk to her about.

She remembers her saying that Bruno had brought her school fees. Ok maybe she wants to talk to her about that 

“Amara my daughter, I want to have a mother-daughter talk with you and I hope you would answer me honestly.  I had a disturbing talk with nkechi today and then..my mind keeps going back and forth what Junior , Bruno’s friend said one time.”

Amara stiffens at the mention of junior,  her mother notices

‘Whats the matter Amara? ”

She shakes her head, “nothing mama, what kind of talk,? What has junior said mama?’

“No my daughter, Nkechi seemed upset that you were at Bruno’s place when I told her that that was were you were. You know ordinarily I won’t have ever allowed you to go stay at a man’s place my daughter, but Bruno,  Bruno sounded very worried that day he called me and I was really unsettled if something had happened to you while I was away. Did it? You know you can talk to me. He kept asking me if anybody harassed you at home. Did anybody do that Amara? ”

She was silent. Yes mama , Junior. .the one what looks as if innocence is his middle name. He is the devil.

“No mama” she lied 

How do I tell her that,  what can she do to stop him, threaten him?.what can her poor mother do against a man who is bent on devouring her in ways men devour women?  Cry and scream at him.

“Are you sure Amara? ” She looks into her face, searching 

Amara nods,  “yes mama..Bruno was just worried because. .because I had an alteration with a passerby and he had threatened to beat me up..because. .because ” she searches her mind to complete the lie 

” Because he was maltreating a small child over something miserly”

“Ehe. Who is that ? How dare he,who is that? I would rain down the heavens on him if he dares touch my daughter! !” Her voice went up a notch,  Amara touches her arm, calming her down. 

Exactly why she can’t tell her the truth. .

‘No mama. I said a stranger I don’t know. So Bruno had come just then and saw it. And he warned the guy and he then says he doesn’t want to leave me alone. That’s why. Notthing else mama. HoneSt. He is nobody, he doesn’t even leave here.  Forget it mama. I am okay,  no body can harm me. When I have you,  ” she touches her face, her mother calms down and then smiles.

“And Bruno..me and Bruno.  Your father isn’t alife to protect you but atleast God has sent us a helper ”

Amara smiles genuinely. .just maybe her mother was right after all.

“Ehen, Nkechi said that you were saying things about Bruno and getting angry when he is around.  I don’t understand why she mentioned  it and then getting angry you were there. What’s it about. Did anything happen between you and Bruno? ”

“No mama. Nkechi..well, honestly mama I was always uncomfortable with Bruno and his friend coming around because I didn’t know why they were and most importantly why he wanted to help me through school. So I voiced it out to nkechi and she was convinced I hated him. But that’s not the case mama, Bruno is..Nice ” she turns away. ” He is  not a bad person.”

“Hmmm.” Her mother eyes her. Looking her over ” Amara, did anything happen with you and Bruno?” 

“No mama!!!” She answers quickly ..too quickly.

“For your sake I hope not. I have raised and trained a responsible daughter. I knew I had to make you stay there but I expect that you know yourself. I do know Bruno is a good man. But if he has any intention towards you ..the right thing is to come to me and ask permission. I hope he wasn’t irresponsible with you  because he would hear from me..you wouldn’t lie to me Ama? Because junior keeps saying things like Bruno is  a man and shouldnt be close with you alone, against my better judgment I had to believe that Bruno is a better man and I had an emergency at hand I had to attend and i had to leave you with him. Did anything happen with both of you?”

Yes mama. A kiss..a breathtaking kiss. And I liked it. I liked it alot.

She shakes her head. “No mama. Nothing. ” she was getting uncomfortable with the talk.

“Okay.  Good. So on Monday you are going to pay your fees abi? Study hard oh, don’t follow bad friends. Infact it’s you and Nkechi that would be together so I am not bothered.  Don’t let the poor boy’s money go to waste, he doesn’t look like a rich man, yet he has come to help.  The least you can do is to..study hard to pay him back for his help hmm?”

“Yes mama. Let me make you something to eat ” Amara gets up moving away from her mother and going into the kitchen. 

While she busied herself around the kitchen,  her mind wonders off to a place, in a simi dark room, back to the wall,  two hearts beating fast and lips locked together in a heated frenzied kiss.

She almost dropped the pot of water she carried to place on the stove.


We ended up jisting Infront of my gate , relieving old times.

I missed it, the memories , the bonds of friendship we had built. The friends we had made and brothers we have become. And the men we have grown in to.  But I didn’t miss my life, my old ways ..my Subtle ways with the women.

No, I didn’t miss it. If anything,I felt repulsed. Ashamed,  regretful even.

“You know, I never knew that a point would come in my life and I would realise that all those times I felt I was being high up there was just me being stupid and a kid. That wasn’t the life mehn!, tearing down hymens and breaking walls, the booze and parties,  the fights, the violence, the chase and retreat, the gang life..all of it. Wasnt the life. Wasnt at all. ” I shake my head. 

“No it was mad fun Bruno, we were the kings of Uniben” Timothy says 

“No Bru was king,  we were just his loyalty stooges.  And had amazing perks for being stooges.  The women, the influence…damn!!” David says.

“I was his right hand man. Not a stooge. You fxxkers were just wannabes ” junior says. He had been so silent I wondered what was wrong with him

“You wish you were more than that didn’t you?” David says , looking directly at junior

“I wish I was king of the fxxking universe David. ” junior responds. But he knew David always chides him then of always wanting what wasn’t his, especially Bruno’s.  He smiles wryly.. he sort of hated David a bit then, Bruno must have liked him , junior as a close friend but he also held a special place in his heart for David.  Afterall he practically trained him. David’s loyalty to Bruno was solid earth, he didn’t want him getting wind of what he has in mind.  Speaking of things he had in mind. ..Timothy is top list.

‘So Amara…you guys seemed pretty close  now eh?’ He couldn’t help it. He was curious. He wanted to know

I smiled.. typical junior ” Well you could say that” I absentmindedly rub my lips where hers has been.

“That good huh?” He askes

‘What? ” I didn’t get it

He gesticulated, swinging his waist and slapping an invisible butt, swinging his waist again, back and forth, and in and out motion. the others laugh., I frown 

“That good? Tight or loose. . Did she howl  ..Yes Bruno baby…harder harder harder HARDER! ! JESUS YES..SWEET MERCIFUL JESUS ARHHHHHH!!” He bellowed.  He laughs but his eyes were cold. Or was I still seeing things.

“Shut up Junior. I told you before. .don’t talk about such nonsense about her like that!”

“C’Mon dude. We your boys. Did she hold on to the bed edge screaming like the others, telling you to take her and ram into her, saying all the slutty things girls like her say..?, did you go all Bruno the Hammer on her, take her to the 7th heaven and back, bust her open and let her honey cover you up while her walls constrict-

I didn’t let him finish, I had grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him higher above where his  legs used to touch the earth,  against the car ..I was few inches away from busting his lips..

“Relax Bruno! !” David touches my arm, both him and Timothy taken aback by my sudden reflex, coming to my back and restraining me from hitting my friend. 

“The next time you make her sound like a slut I won’t hold back. I told you before. ..it’s not like that and I wonder why you keep insinuating shit.  What the Fxxk Junior?,  don’t you even just shut the Fxxk up and stop saying stupid things especially when it’s not welcomed?”

He was laughing..actually laughing. .

“Sorry Son. I was joking. My bad. C’Mon. !!” He muffled, holding onto my hand, struggling to breath 

“Dude let the asshole go. He had too many beers mehn. Forgive his leaking mouth” David says, I release him, he staggers to the ground, adjusting he shirt. David slaps the back of his head 

“Apologise son!! You know the bro- code. You don’t go after a dude’s girl, you dont talk trash about her and you don’t go after their sloppy seconds either. So apologise properly ”
“Ouch! ! He rubs his head.

“Whatever! ! ” I was pissed. 

“Sorry bro. Was just messing with you. Didn’t know.. it would hurt. Just wanted to know how the sex was- ”

The look I gave him had him stepping back

“You got a death wish son?”

 This was Timothy now.

 ” You don’t want to cross Bruno when he says it’s enough with the jokes now. He might be changed  now doesn’t mean he can’t  still make you suffer and hit your words ”

Junior was nodding. Yes, he knew Bruno.  The mean ass Warlord back in the day. Doesn’t still stop him from being curious. 

Did he bang Amara or not. Did he bang the girl he wanted to bang before him. The girl he wanted for himself, wether she wanted him.or not. The girl he has been forcing to  let him have her..

And just one tiny mistake he pushes her into his arms..into Bruno’s? . 

He was angry. Jealous.  Death-inflicting anger maybe..he could harm anyone.  Even Bruno if he gets to that.

Every fxxking time bruno gets to have everything he wanted. The life in school, the position of the warlord. .gangleader, baddest nigga..most loved by the dudes, droolled over and chased over by the ladies, he was rolling in money…living the life..he junior always wanted to leave.

He hated him.

 Now, He couldn’t just let him have Amara atleast…even she seemed to have fallen for Bruno’s charms.

He would make  her suffer for refusing him. No more Mr Nice guy. No more.

“Nah. Bruno my brother. Sorry bro. Forgive my lapse in judgement.  ” He grabs my shoulders and gives me a hug I push him away

‘Whatever junior. But don’t do it again! !” I point to him,  he salutes ,I turn to the others 

” I gat to ball in dudes.  We go yarn and catch up later.” I slap timothy’s head, hug David. .

Timothy  and Junior nods and heads to the opposite direction,  i and David watch them leave, just when I turn away and David heads to his car
“Watch out for junior Bruno, you know he is always a sneaky bastard.  He is our friend I know but….just keep an eye on that one. ” 

“What do you mean. Junior is a lot of things I know but he is a good guy” I was pissed at him but…I have known him for years. He was a good guy, foul.mouth but good guy nontheless

“Yeah, it’s always the ones that surprise us the most Bru. Am just saying. And Erm. ..good look with Amara. I like her” He enters, waves and drives away

“Yeah, I like her too” I say, remembering her smile up at me. My anger for junior dissolving…


An hour later, 

Timothy laid on his ground with a bloodied nose.. Junior was standing over him, his knuckles bleeding.

“Next time you lie to me, I would fxxking make sure you won’t be able to recognise  your face ” he threatens 

Timothy coughs,  then he laughs

“You prick! !! Let her be. She is Bruno’s girl now. We all saw it. Let the poor girl be. You almost killed her. That’s why I lied. Don’t you have a conscience? ”

Junior grabs him by the collar and shoves him to the wall..

“I sold it a long time ago. And no I won’t.  Not, I have a burning desire to make her suffer. .and trust me I would bang her till she bleeds, over and over and over again for giving her self to Bruno before me. And when I am done, I would laugh at Bruno’s face when he realises how tainted she is he wouldn’t want to touch her again.”

“Why do you hate him so much.for all he had gone for you, for us..you especially? ”

Junior scoffs ” Me? Who asked him to. Like I was some charity case  and ge lording it over us like he owned the fxxking planet. Whatever he has or owns or aspires to get is mine and should be mine because I deserve it. Especially Amara. ”

“I will tell him..”

“You could try..but then again I would deflat your balls and feed it to you. One word from you Timothy I swear you would regret being born. Bruno may come after me but I would come after you first”

He flings him.to the corner, 

“Get out of my house” Timothy hissed.

“Am leaving. But am watching you!!’ Junior sneers, he grabs his bag and strolls out the door..

Getting to the junction he stops an okada and gives him directions..

He stands there for an hour, watching the house from a distance.. seeing the shadows move around and then the face that peeked out of the window before drawing  the curtain close and locking the doors

Untill the last light goes off and the tiny house becomes dark..

Then he turns away whistling into night, with a cold smile on his face and four words on his liPs. .rolling off his tongue

“See you soon Amara..” He smiles. 

To Be continued 

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