Random Musings

Randommusing 😎
1#There is a glimpse of perfection staring back at you from the mirror,  not because your features are excellent or your bones are properly positioned. But because He who have created you thought to himself that indeed his work is beautiful and because you are made in his image and likeness , your perfection stems from him.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise or make you feel less of yourself or what you are…

You are God’s child.. You are beautiful just the way you are.

Own it. Believe it. Flaunt It…


2#There is a reason there is a lid closing objects…so what’s inside dont leak out..

There is a reason why butterflies goes through certain stages hidden, birthing, becoming the beauty they eventually are before flying away ..proving to the world what they are made off.

There is a reason why the knife/sword  goes through the fire.. countless times.. to refine it..to edge it..to make it whole in its uniqueness.

There is also a reason why you need to build on you, work on you.. why life challenges you the way it does, preparing you for what’s out there. . So that when it’s time and you step out, from under that lid thar has kept you protected and hidden…you become what you are meant to be, beautiful in your uniqueness, refined under the fire, worked on to perfection and prepared for what’s to come.

You time isn’t over..never Is it omitted.  You are made for greater things…you are to accomplish awesome things.

So keep your head up, be a better version of who you were yerterday,  work on the necessary,  let go of the negativities, you dont need non of that.

Work hard, pray harder. Be grateful for life’s little gifts . Be happy be awesome.

Have no regrets…

Be confident and be you…

You can’t be anyone else 

3#There is a twinkle in your eyes when you smile, your face lights up the sparkle that sits in your eyes, the sadness that used to swim below those bags dissolves, the worries of yesterday’s and failures of memories pass sinks away,  like vapour , like the sun drying up the wet earth.  Something happens to you when you smile, when that smile is from your heart, not negotiated not forced,  your heart expands, excitement courses through your veins, the peace envelops you wrapping you in warmth, joy seeping in coursing you to break out in a feat of hysterical highness. No its not Madness,  something great happens to you when you smile from your heart and your insides tickle , your eyes sparkles and that light there, right there in your eyes don’t go out for days..

There is a twinkle in your eyes when you smile…

Don’t stop smiling. ..it cures the soul even from life’s inflicted pain…Hey!!! Why do you run away , hide in your face, cry in your misery and give up all hopes?

Why do you throw in the towel and take a one way ticket to mm self pity town?

There is no one there but people who gave up just like you ..and trust me there is no calvary leaving to pull you out from wallowing in that pit. Your calvary Is yourself.

I know life can be hard , the challenges seems to come a thousand fold and the obstacles like big rocks impossible for you to roll them out of the way or jump over.. I know. 

But I also know that ….giving up is the worst betrayal you would give to yourself. You have to keep fighting and pushing to the end. Heck! ! No one  never said it’s going to be easy..but no one  ever knew that one day ..the heavens is going to part , releasing rains of blessings and drench you to stupor.

Get up, use your hands,,your legs and your head . Go after that which you seek, hustle harder, put in your all, those dirts under your fingers are indications that you worked the work… soon,  you won’t need to introduce yourself.. your success would howl like a mountain wolf left in the wild.

Don’t give up. Pray harder, chase harder, build more, do more…keep..moving. ..on. don’t settle for less abs don’t you dare remain on the ground when life pushes you down.
You owe it to you …don’t let you down.

The world is big enough for you and everyone to shine. ..so get to dazzling them. 

4#Black and white doesn’t necessarily means absence of colours, it means appreciating the simplicity of universality. 

Before the world became beautiful and filled with creations of both living and non-living entities,  there was darkness, and darkness gives away for light when He who is the master and creator of all causes his words to become do-able actions.

Thus likened to common day lives, just because you are in darkness and going through phrases of live, it doesn’t mean the colours to brighten your day, the good news, thr upliftments and a favoured story,  that breakthrough you so desire would never come. There is light at the end of the tunnel. That darkness has to give away for colours , beautiful  colours to beautiful your life…

Don’t stop praying. Don’t stop believing.  There is a time for everything and know this, delay is not denial. …have a lil faith. GOD HASN’T FORGOTTEN YOU YET….SO DON’T YOU GIVE UP ON HIM JUST YET. ..

5#Sometimes we lose sight of why we are here…

Sometimes we forget who we are ourselves. .

Sometimes we place values on things that don’t matter and cos things to matter  when they have no value..

Sometimes we lose sight why we are here..and that’s a very sad thing to ear !!πŸ€”
#Still I rise,

Let the storms come, let the winds blow, let the current whissh and whosssh and let the tubulents increase.

Though I must have have tossed here and there, broken down and helpless seeing no help, though I have been walked unpon, beaten, abandoned and forgotten, 

Though I have tried and failed, won some and lost some, bright and sad , deep blue and /or over the moon..

No matter how life is, ups and downs in its favourite little tease ..

Till I rise to move again for the world hasn’t ended but time is ripe and there is a gain…for the man who didn’t give up too soon and letting go.

Till I rise.. 
6#Raindrops against the windowpanes,  rainbow drawn across the skies , thunder claps and the sighting of thor’s sparkling lights, the wet earth, the nourishment it gives, dry land gives way for the mud sinking sand…. the heavens did shed a tear.😊

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Happy Sunday and Have a blessed week Ahead. .


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