Wordporn-series :This Madness Called Love (chp. 36)

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Over to you itchey fingers  …

*I smile walking away..leaving my fingers behind alone …it finger-trots to the paino,  plays a soft tune and beckons you closer….a bit closer….just a bit closer.. it pulls you cheeks…and flicks your nose..๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹..*


Itchy fingers.. ” Shall we begin?..”

You : Oh yes puleeze..

Itchy fingers finger nods …” And so….




They laid face up, staring at the midnight sky, not counting the stars but their mind occupied by things they don’t understand. ..yet.

“A penny for your thoughts?” His voice reaches her ears, his hot breath caressing her cheeks. She knew he had turned to watch her

“Well ..it’s nothing. ” she replied..not looking at him.

“But you seem lost in thoughts..” He says, 

“Well you too” she replies, brushing her hair away from her face.

“That’s because I was thinking of you” he reaches out and pulls her cheeks , she laughs hitting his hands away, 

“Why? I am right here beside you.. why would you be thinking of me?” She enquired, turning to face him finally, her cheeks resting on her hands as her eyes searches his

“Well maybe because I don’t know what you feel about me, I wonder about it alot. What do you feel about me?” He inquires 

“Nothing. I feel nothing ” she says, uncertainty in her voice 

“Nothing?” He looks into her eyes, wondering if he could see a slight waver

She nods, avoiding his eyes. “Then why do you not stare into my eyes, why do you shake when I touch you, or hold your hands…or even kiss you?” She swore his eyes bore into her soul, it made her..feel different 

“I don’t know.” She replies truthfully. .

“Do you like me Ama?” 

“I don’t know..I don’t hate you. If not we won’t be out there, lying down under the skies and …talking”

He nods, a small smile on his lips. .

“Do you like me Amara..what do you feel for me?” He askes again, this time he places his index finger to her jaw; causing her to stare at him..

“I-  I. ..I don’t know..Maybe i do like you..I don’t know what I feel for you…” she breaths,  “I just know you scare me…make me nervous and …” she trails off

“Scare you..scare you how, in a good way or bad way?” He hoped it was the first

“My heart keeps beating faster than normal, and..well I like it when you kiss me, and touch my hands…but I get so many other feelings. ..good feelings but it scares me because I don’t know what or how to react to them..but…it makes me giddy..” 

He smiles broadly…” Well that’s enough for me” 

‘Why?” She was curious 

“Because Amara, I feel great being with you. I have feelings too that i don’t quite understand but I like those feelings..I like you…and what I feel about you is that…I want to always be around you..talk with you, hold your hands, lie under the stars, talk about things that make sense and don’t. And .Kiss you..just be with you.that’s how I feel. .” He says

“Bruno…” she began but he stops her, shaking his head..

“Lets not think to much…lets just..let it flow see where it goes. Yes?”

Then she smiles. …, nodding her head.. “Yes!” He pulls her closer to him, letting her rest on his shoulders,  they go back to watching the stars.. when she felt his kiss to her cheeks the smile on her face widens, and her heart did flutter..



“…Amara!!! AMARA!!!” Her mother calls again, 

Amara snaps out of her reverie to find her mother standing by the entrance to their kiosks, hands at akimbo and staring at her daughter. 

“Ha mama, sorry I didn’t hear you” she says,  getting up.  She looks down when something falls from her laps, she had been peeling oranges, or thought she had been. The oranges were half peeled and the knife was lying a safe distance away..she had been lost in space for the duration  of time she sat there. When she remembered what she had been thinking off, she turns away to hid her blush that had warmed her cheeks.

What the hell is wrong with you Amara, she thinks to her self. Having day dreams of Bruno now? She shakes her head

“Amara are you okay? Since yesterday you have been moping around the house or lost in thoughts  what’s wrong  with you? Is everything okay?” Her mother had come close to her and touches her forehead…”you are not feeling sick are you?” Worry creases her mother’s forehead

Amara shakes her head , ” No mama I am fine.  I was just thinking about ..Erm school.” She lied 

” you know on Monday I would go and start my reg and pay my fees, was just thinking about the process and all?”

Her mother nods her head, dropping her hands from her’s  “okay my daughter. Help me bring those things I left at the corner. Have you made any sale this morning?”

Amara moves away, comes back with two bags filled with things for the kiosk, she sets about arranging it.

“Yes mama, about four thousand naira” she replies opening her purse to give her mother the money,  which she collects and nods.

‘Atleast you would have transport to go to school.. have you eaten, I know you would wait till afternoon before you would put food in that  your tiny stomach.”

Amara smiles knowing how well her mother knows her “yes mama I have. Oya come and sit down and rest let me handle everything else okay.  I just warmed your own just now. It’s in your flask, go and eat.” She nudges her mother gently into the kiosks, places her on the chair she was sitting on and sets the food infront of her. . “EAT. !!”

Her mother laughs “Yes mummy!!” 

Amara shakes her head laughing and walks to the front of the kiosks back to her orange stand, a customer was standing there with his back to her.

“Goodmorning, you want to buy oranges?” She calls out as she nears him, rubbing her eyes as her lashes falls in, she stops momentary to rub it out not fully seeing who was there.

He turns ” Yes, but those lovely round ones on your chest looks succulent and juicy..how much for those please and the owner of them. They come with the full package Yes?”

Amara eyes shoots open, he was smiling at her..

“Helo Amara!! Miss me? Cos I missed you!!”  His eyes were cold, his smile menacing


I was seated in a room filled with people,  dressed in suits and carried files, I wondered if I didn’t look out of place.

This was a bloody test not some interview.  I didn’t know why I listened to David and sent him my CV. I didn’t know wether to get angry wth him for the call that woke me up this morning,  I should have just thanked him and said no. .I ran my hands over my face.

I could still remember his half-assed apology through the phone..

“Erm, so you remember  that bank job I told you about and the fact that there would be a test for it?” 

“Huhumm..is that why you called me up by 5am to tell me? Are you drunk David?  ” I was yawning 

“Drunk no.. and yes that’s why. Because the test is today!!” I swear I could hear him hold his breath

“You fxxking with me right?  Dude you just told me to send you my Cv yesterday. Hell you just told me about it yesterday and even though you almost choked me for my Cv  not leaving me a choice , wasn’t I supposed to prepare for the test that was supposed be in.. in like 3 weeks? You didn’t mention it’s going to be today..a couple of hours after you told me. TF mehn?”

“Hey relax , wasnt ny fault.Bru bru!! Okay am Sorry man, they changed it and moved it back. So technically am not to blame, I work for them not own the fxxking bank.  So get your ass down to the address ama send out to you, look sharp, and Erm. .good luck. Look the good thing is that you have got an inside man, just do your best. You ain’t dumb like your friend junior.. if you get above 50, I can guarantee you that you  are going to get to second stage. If you get below maybe I can work some few strings.  But below 20..then you are fxxked”

“Well I ain’t going. Am going back to bed. I don’t even want the stupid bank job.” I yawned

“Bruno if you don’t get your ass up, am going to come drag you down here my self. How long have you been waiting for that shell Job?  Dude there are hardly jobs in Nigeria , a thousand people are fighting for a few hundred jobs, 50 to 1,  you think this shit is easy. Life is hard. So you better take the one life is handing out to you, while you are there you can keep branching out and looking for that gold mine you left with Solomon ghandi. But you need to get in first. Now get your bony ass up, take a shower.  It’s by 12 noon so use a few hours to go through some stuffs I sent to you about..” I heard him clicking on his keyboard 

“….a second ago. No excuses Bru.  Besides even if you don’t want to try for me or yourself.  Do it for Amara” he laughs
“What does she have to do with this David? ” I rub my eyes sitting up, a notification mail comes in.. I look and see its from David,  I open the attachment and see test revision scripts 

“Well, if you both  eventually date don’t you want to be in a better position to take care of her, buy her nice things, go on romantic dates and get her a present..?”

“Dude really? That the best you can do?” I raise my eyebrow, laughter in my voice

“Is it working?” 

“Maybe ” I reply. . He made sense.  I wouldn’t want to keep borrowing. It wouldn’t hurt to be able to do thinges on my own.

“So get yout up.  You only have a few hours slugger. I would see you after”..

Now I was wondering if I still shouldn’t have said no.

“Group C and D file into the next room please, you have  2 hours 30 minutes for the two tests. Good luck” a lady who had just stepped into the room says, she was pretty on the big side, fitted trousers and her buttom could sit a cup. I would have openly admired her and maybe looked for her to flirt with afterwards  ..if I were Bruno a few weeks ago., but I turn away,  not missing the appreciative glances thrown her way from the guys that were seated with me. I smile shaking my head..

Bruno you have been pussywhooped! ! I chuckle and I didn’t have to taste it to know. Amara was like a drug I was slowly getting addicted to even without drinking from her.

I sat infront of my computer, scanning the room, waiting.

“And your time starts now” the buzz came over the heads from the speakers..

“Okay..here goes nothing ” I say right before I clicked on start and concerntrated on the task at hand.


“Won’t you say Helo Amara,  why are you standing afar off.  Come closer, let me whisper some sweat endearment to my runaway puppy ” he teased

She shakes her head, standing where she is

“Is your mother in,? Let me go say Helo to her.” He says

“Yes she is in, my uncles are too.” She lies, he laughs

“You have no uncles Amara.  Come closer, give me orange 100 naira, let me busy my lips with that while I stare at you.. pray tell, how is it that you happened to spend the night at Bruno’s,  did you tell him about us? Our little pull and tease, I particularly like the one when I place my fingers between your legs and rub it up, touching your center. How about when I squeeze your bosom, were those twin miracles reside, you know you have a soft skin..hmm I miss not kissing your lips though.. but did you tell him how you struggle for me not to touch you but I do it anyways?”  He saw her wince

She turns to make sure her mother wasn’t standing behind her, she Steps closer

“Leave me alone junior. Why won’t you stop harassing me?” She says her eyes pooling

“No? So you didn’t have such pillow talks with Bru boy? ”

He takes an orange off the tray and throws it up catching it.

“So how about the sex then, I hear he is big and impressive around that area, heck we knew how big he is in the shower., as guys back in school when we all bathed together,   we teased him alot then..that he would tear a girl and cause her to bleed. Funny enough, the girls seems to like it and him. He can make you scream in seven languages, leave you sore for days and keep you coming back for more they say. How is little Amara..is she sore?” 

“You are a disgusting human being” she says, cleaning her eyes 

“No? Not sore? Hmm” a finger tapping his jaw 

” then you enjoyed the pounding.  I wonder did you think of me during it, when he touched you were my hands had gripped you. Did you think of me atleast; it would make me happy!!” He says looking at her

“You will never touch me like that again. I will never let you have me.. never. !!! You want to force me to have…have sex with you. I will never . So Stop harassing me,  I swear I will tell the police. I will tell ..I will tell Bruno!!” She says with finality 

He throws his head back and laughs hard ” right. Go ahead, you think it would stop me. It wouldn’t.  I may sleep a night or two in the cell but you see that’s if you have evidence to stake . But you don’t.  I may as well say you like to seduce me and when we are in the process you back out. And Bruno? Please…Bruno is much like me. We love girls, we screw girls…it’s a guy thing. Don’t be deceived by his cool acting or because you guys had one or two sex session and you think he is better than me …don’t be stupid.”

“We didn’t – she began

“And that hurts me Amara. Because I wanted you for me..first. but you went and gave yourself to him just like a little slut and I am angry…so angry…I want to hit you so bad ” 

Amara backed away, the passerbys weren’t paying them any mind. It wasn’t a busy  morning.

“How dare you ..you little cunt! !! Argh the smell of you intoxicated me for days, your smooth flesh keeps me hungry, touching you with my hands left me high and hard, all you had to do was just let me have you..and I swear you would have enjoyed every bit of it. I would have made you a proud woman. And just maybe we could ..you know…continue being sex buddies. You get to go to school while Bruno takes care of that for you. Nobody knows, nobody gets hurt. Well, I would have also told you not to let him touch you..Unless I say otherwise or done and tired of you, but you see…this would have been fun. But No. You run away from me and go to him and let him take what’s mine….now I am fxxking pissed and I need to be pacified!!”

“I am not yours or anybody’s”

“I see you have become bolder haven’t you. The wonders  a dxxk can do to a Virgin. I am impressed'” his eyes squinted,  

She thought to tell him that She and Bruno didn’t  but that would only make him want to a aspire to be first like it’s some competition . Plus it didn’t matter, she hated him and didnt  want him to come after her again..and  she saw that he thinking she and bruno may have being intimate  angers him. Maybe she would anger him so more so he let’s her be. She hopes

“Yes, I suppose it gave me that” she raises up her head “and I liked it alot”

She saw his jaw flex, he squeezes hard on the orange and then looks at her

“No matter. Amara, I have a forgiving heart. I forgive you. ..but you see, only if you go down on your knees and beg me!!”

“Me?.never.!!” Her eyes flashes 

“That’s what I thought.  I would come for you harder than I have ever done.  You should have died that day, saved us the trouble..but instead you ran to my friend and ended up  in his bed and that displeases me. You can tell whoever you want to..Doesn’t stop me. But I know you can’t tell Bruno. .because just maybe he won’t believe you or think you are just a slut. And Bruno is a male gigolo. .just so you know. But you see Amara,  I will take what you denied me and I will have no mercy..not the police nor Bruno or even you can stop me. Watch your back…you might not know who might be sneaking behind you to give you a kiss. And if you tell anybody or even  tell Bruno…you might not live long enough to regret it. That would be after I have you pinned underneath me and pounding the life out of you.. ” He winks at her and then walks away leaving her shaken to her bones. 

“Amara, who were you talking to. Who was that ?”  Her mother comes up behind her as she see someone turn and leave, climbing an okada that disappears down the road

“It was the devil!!” She blinks back tears


“No one mama, ” she says turning and places a smile on her face..

“Are you done eating??”


“So…how was it?”

“Twas … iono. Don’t think I did alot. ” I tell him. We were sitting in his car, having a cold drink of beer

“Hmm. Well we would know by Monday sha. So what’s up for the weekend?”

“Nothing. No plans…yet” I scratch my jaws

“No Amara? ”

I smile “I did say ..Yet ba?” 

 I  tell him checking my time . I could swing by her place, go buy oranges. 

“I can drop you off. Heading to go pick my girl”

“Whoooa  Grace right?” I couldnt remember 

“Nop.” He says

“Tolu?” I ask

“Nope” he had a smile on his face, he turns on the car and pulls away from the parking spot.

“Chidinma; the one with the butt …?”

He laughs” ” she was a great lay but nope”

“James”! ? I place my hands to my heart,,looking aghast

“Your momma.  She was pretty hot.. too bad she died from my pretty little David ” he teased

“Asshole! !.don’t soil the memory of my dear mother. Have some respect ” I hit his head

“Ouch.  Sorry. Don’t tease me . I aint gay. ” He rubs it

“Stop jumping around from one girl  to the other.. who is she this time?”

“Hey, just because you are turning a new leaf doesn’t mean you get to play saint.  It’s Tina and she is hot.damn!!!” He whiles


I saw her first before she saw me, she was attending to three customers who blocked her view from me, so I waited my turn

“Sir how much did you say needed?” I was next,  and the only one standing in front of her but her head hadn’t looked up 

“Fifty naira worth!!”  Her hands pauses and she looks up, the smile comes slowly and then it reaches her eyes, did I see a blush too

“Have you got change?” She ask, trying not to let the smile steal her face entirely

“Erm..Yes.  I think !” I dig into my pocket and brought out some lose change, giving her but I don’t let go when she holds on to it

“Let go !!” She says, biting her lip

“Hmmhummm” I shake my head 

“You don’t want the oranges?” She tugs at the money, I hold on to it

“Share with me?” I begged

“Am working” 

“I will wait.. !” I state 



She doesn’t tell me to not call her Ama as she used to. It was a nice progress.  I liked it..

‘Only if you are nice”

“Hey..I am nice. You can call me Mr Nice guy .. I can do anything because I am nice  too nice infact” I wink. She had a mischievous smile on her face..I wish I hadn’t told her I was nice

I ended up selling oranges beside her..quarrelling with a customer for change and avoiding two girls who wouldn’t stoP asking why a fine boy like yself was doing all neatly dressed, standing under the sun and selling oranges with my neice or sister and that I should give them my number…

“She is my wife!” I blurted out when the other girl almost pulled me away, Amara almost choked on the pure water she was drinking 

“Your wife, ?” They look at each other and back at me and then Amara, I nod 

“I don’t see a ring” 

“Me neither” they say

“I am not his wi-” 

“I just did the introduction so. .. it doesnt matter” I rush cutting Amara off

“Ha Bruno my son you are here? Welcome.  Amara have you given him something to drink?.my son come here and sit down, ,let sun not get to you, see your fine cloth” she came out from the kiosk coming towards us.

“”And that’s my mother in-law! ” I say, they turn seeing her come behind them

“Yes mama I am ” i say to her 

“I came to  see this pretty daughter of yours and my obim” I say reducing to what they could only hear without her mother hearing

“But I am not your-

“Isn’t that so Ama sweety? ” I nudge her a little, ,cutting her my left eye.. 

Play along!!

“Yes hunny it is!!” She almost laughed 

The two girls eyes eye amara, smile at me and then walk off leaving me alone

“See, didn’t it work? They wanted to steal your prince charming away. But I serrrvvee a mightyyyyy gawdddd!!”I sang, she laughed

“Good afternoon mama” I step away from her,  and go to great her mother


“Why did you call me here Junior?” A pissed Ngozi sat across from him, she hated to be disturbed from her weekend relaxations 

“Because I think you are more talk than action. I can’t believe you let a little girl take your man from under your nose. So much for Ngozi can have anything she wants ”

“Who? That Amara girl? Leave that thing. Bruno would dump her when he is done. I am very patient ” she replies

“Then you are stupid.  ” junior s

“Don’t insult me!” She points to his face

“Look, we both are on thesame sides, you want Bruno right?”

“Wait you want Bruno too?” She smiles 

 “I didn’t know you play that angle too” 

she places her hands on his thighs, under the table and squeezes when she reaches his tool

“Baby, I like them soft not hard. Quit fooling around.  ” He says but he doesn’t stop her hands 

“I want Amara ” he continues  

“So you better do what you have to do to get him away from her and I would do what I have to to keep  them apart.  Bruno has eyes for her and this isn’t some fling. TruSt me”

“Why do you want a girl your friend  wants anyways ” she drops her hands curious. 

” I know why I want Bruno because he is cute,  sexy body and I hear he is a great lay plus…am tired of this assholes for guys. I think I even love Bruno that’s why I am all over him..and I would get him. But atleast mine is logical. Why do you want her..not like I care though but am curious”

“None of your fxxking business ”

“Oh really? ”

“Yes really. You want him I want her. That’s all we need to work on.  Go to his house, turn him the Fxxk  on and get him to bang you and forget about her. She I would handle,  send some naked pictures too if you can. Once she sees him as being a sex addict like any other guy I am sure she would believe me when I tell her he is just an asshole just like the rest of us…but am a better asshole, ” he smiles

“Whatever! !! Next time I see her in his place I would teach her a lesson. Because of her he threw me out of his house”.. she continues 

“The nerve. I even tried to seduce him in the toilet but he ran out. ” she was still pissed over it

“Dude if he won’t go down with an open eyes, spike his drink or something. Are you a leaner?” Junior says to her

She smiles “you must really want that girl for you to tell me to do that to your friend. I thought you guys are best of friends.”

“Weren’t you ever told to trust no one. Not even blood” he smiles

“TruSt me, Bruno thinks he doesn’t miss that life, but once he gets back to shagging everything walking the streets wearing a skirt and good perfume, he wouldn’t even bother about Amara the orange seller.  ” He finishes

“I can’t wait for him to get me screaming his name.  I get so horny thinking about him, like now..it’s been two days men.  The last dude I hooked up with in the office couldn’t get me to reach my edge. Was frustrating.  He bragged alot and he was done in 2 minutes.  Such waste. ” she squeezes her legs tight, drinking her beer

Junior eyes her

The last time they hooked up was weeks ago, he wouldn’t mind servicing her.

“You need help scratching your itch between your legs..while we wait for Bruno boy to get his senses together eh?” He winks at her..

At first she looks at him as though he was high, when he takes her hands back to his thighs underneath the table and feel his reaction, she smiles

“Meet me in the ladies in five”

 She gets up walking away

He counts to ten, downs his beer and meets her up in 3 minutes instead..

“You don’t waste anytime do you?” She says, as she backs herself to the wall, he locks the toilet and heads to her…

“Nope.. ” He reaches her,

 “and you talk to much ” he crushes her with his lips and before long  her legs are wrapped around him as he thrusts in and out into her , and she meeting him each time halfway..

It took them a while to come out…

“You aren’t a bad lay ” she says 15 minutes later as they stand outside, “maybe we could hook up every once in a while?” he didn’t spare her another glance 

‘You aren’t exactly my type Ngozi. I needed the releases you needed to scratch an itch. We both served our purposes.  Now, go get your claws into Bruno. . ” He says walking away

“Prick!!” She spat smiling

“Slut” he returns laughing.


It was getting late, I had to leave. I couldn’t believe I spent my entire afternoon here with Amara and her mother..  practically watching her attend to customers and used some time to  talk to her mother, about random general things.

They were packing to head home, I helped them lock their kiosk.

I was going crazy..Yes.  Bruno has gone crazy, I shake my head.

We reached their house 30 minutes later, 

“Okay mama, I am going ” I tell her

“Okay my son., God bless you. Stay well oh?” She pats my back heading into their small hpuse

“Yes mama” 

I turn facing Amara…not knowing what to say… 

” Goodnight Amara” I tell her walking away

“Amara don’t you have manners, escorts him atleast to the junction nah!” I heard her mother say

“No mama it’s fine.. she is tired just like you, no need ” I say but regretting it. 

“Okay mama” she says, surprising me

There wasn’t any light on the streets, it was getting dark and I didn’t want her to walk far, I stop and she stops with me, 

“You don’t need to you know..” 

“I know..I wanted to. ” she looked like she had more to say, a dark shadow crosses her face and her smile went away, worried I turn her to me

 ” what’s wrong Amara,  why that face?”

Junior’s visit today troubled her, much worse, all that he said to her, she was tired of keeping things to herself,  but she was scared what he would do to her if he found out she told anyone of his advances and …what if..just what if junior isn’t so wrong about Bruno,  but then again….Bruno seems different so  different  from what Junior says about him..And she had begun to trust him.

But what if he Confronts junior…Junior says no one can stop him…he would harm her.. she shivered

“Are you cold Amara? ” I ask her, without thinking I pull her to me and rub her shoulders.., I felt her shake her head..

“Okay, are you going to tell me what’s on your mind. You  okay?  look you can trust me Amara,  I think we have passed that stage of distrust ..or do I need to keep proving myself to you?..I don’t mind it but…you have to trust me sometime to tell me all what is bothering you…..you know that right? ”

She nods…

“So,  it was nice seeing you today though, I got to sell and jist and even play husband for a fee minutes. It was cool”I say smiling into her simbi  all back plaited hair. she laughs. I love her laugh.

“It was silly” she replies 

“But cool too nah. Admit it. Don’t be a kill joy jor..” I tickle her, she pulls away from.me laughing, hitting my hand away

“Okay okay.  semi cool.! ” She admits

I didn’t want to leave ,..I wish ..I wished for a lot of things and one of them was not to leave her alone…

Something was definitely wrong with me. I am smoking something new…

“Gosh Amara” I say

“What?” She askes Puzzled

Damn did I call her name out loud? 

“Erm.nothing. you should go home. So your mum don’t worry. And please, remember,  you dont stay home alone if your mother isn’t there. That’s the deal!! Okay? ?”

She hesitated for a minute..then nods.

“Good girl .Now..run along before daddy decides to throw up over his shoulders and takes you home with him..”

She smiles,turns and began  walking away

Damn..I couldn’t help it

“Amara?” I call her, she turns.. 

“Can I atleast kiss you good night. I swear my heart won’t stay still and I sort of miss doing that. Kissing you that is..even though it’s only just twice” I say. Half expecting her to turn and walk away or simply say No..

But she says nothing, instead she picks the inside of her palm, drew circles on the ground and  bents her head..
It took a minute to decide if her reaction was a yes or a no

I close the distance,  taking her face in my hands I brush a kiss to her cheeks. I didn’t want to push it..

“Goodnight Amara” I say when I draw back, but did I see disappointment  in her eyes..

“What is it?” I fear I must have done something wrong..  I pull away from her face

” I am.sorry, if it upset you”

“No” she says..” you said a kiss not a peck…so..” she rolls her eyes

I smiles, without warning she pulls me close and then kisses me full on the mouth. .

“My God what have I created.. a kissing monster ” I teased her mouth , kissing her back..

She laughs, 

God she was doing things to me.., I kiss her slowly this time..Relunctantly I let her go.

“Goodnight Amara” I repeat. 

“Goodnight Bruno ” she says

I watch her walk away till I didn’t see her again, then I flag an okada and went home.

We didn’t see the figure lurking in the dark, in anger he smashes the bear bottle he was drinking to the wall.

He had come hoping to catch her alone at home..not to find someone with her..

“Fxxk you bruno” he mutters, heading away to the other direction. 

Tomorrow was another day..



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Have an amazing Week..

Next chapter on Wednesday. (A few more to go..yay!!

Helo Monday! !



4 thoughts on “Wordporn-series :This Madness Called Love (chp. 36)

  • nice one thanks for posting as much as a love the story but no real progress on the story i thought the story was going to end around chrismas.i hope junior is caught before he does something nasty. good writing though

    • Thank you so much for commenting. While I am trying as much to rush it, I am also trying not to cut out the necessary parts. We progressed from Bruno liking her, Junior showing his intentions, then to Ngozi cming into play and slowing we see Nkechi also staking a claim on Bruno. We are in the stage where Amara is slowly trusting Bruno and it looks like she might also kinda like him. Yes I want to finish the story but the fundamentals should not be omitted at all. But don’t worry, we are getting there. Lol for junior…we kinda want same thing. Thanks again and keep reading . Cheers

    • Helo dear, thanks for commenting. Soon actually, a few chapters to go. But I also want to let the audience see how Amara struggles and how she builds trust and eventually love for Bruno. We all have seen Bruno turn from being selfish to being selfless. And Junior being a brother to being a creepy nasty individual. And ofcos Ngozi and Nkechi and a loyal friend David. But we haven’t yet seen Bruno and Amara love each other have we? But don’t fret. I would try to round up. Thank you for reading and please don’t go anywhere. Cheers

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