Wordporn-series  :This Madness Called Love (chp 37).

​She sat mesmerised by the rising sunset , her feets curled and  hidden  in the sky blue sea water. She was barely a few breath spaces from me, looking sideways , seemly unperturbed by the silent cries of the chirping birds, or the whoosh whissh sounds of the dancing ocean as it shyly kisses her toes before slipping away only to come back again to grab her ankles.
She doesn’t blink or make a sound, instead she closes her eyes and let the cold tickle her legs, her upper half well protected from the water, seated safely on the clear bright sand.
I watched her, not saying a word  not wanting to disrupt the peace and tranquility she felt, I was content in her being here,  not bothered by the sinking sun and the dark taking over…
Her slow breathing precise but sure, the rise and fall of her chest, where her glorious bosoms perfectly resides seemed not to be in a hurry.. 

But it was her face that captures my eyes, there seemed to be a slow smile on her lips, I did know I love her laugh.. but her lips was another matter. 
Having tasted from its lusciousness I am almost quite aware of when it moves..aiming to see first then to listen to the words that come out from them.
It’s soft surface keeps you glued, but it’s the sweetness that keeps you intoxicated and coming back for more.
I licked my lips, trying to remember when last I drank from her, savoured her, tasted her from her lips..

The communication therein is a language that needs no explanation.. a language that I very much desire to speak every single time of the day..but for now, I was content in staring at her and watch the smile break out fully..watch her breath in and out, see her curl her feets in the water and have her sit beside me, on the beach sand watching the sunrise and then letting the darkness take over..
I was content in her being here with me…

Then I felt her hands slid close to mine, lacing her fingers with mine, she squeezes, then I knew that. ..Maybe,  she did know what was going through my mind all this while. 
I smile..
I woke up smiling like a stupid goofy kid. Those kinda smiles that have you stretching on the bed , with your face a goofy wide grin. 
I yawn, turning rolling off and grabbing the pillow.. and
“Owwww” I moaned as I hit the ground. I laid there for a few seconds rubbing my head , getting up slowly I sit and stare at the time. It was 7:15.

While I showered and prepared for church I wondered which church Amara goes to and if she was a christain..
“Since when does that matter to you boy? See you have an opening, call  her over. .she let’s you kiss her now anyways  which is a good thing. Hell she even kisses you back. Why don’t you both have a nice service together at home, let her body be your bible and you commune with the gods and sing praises  between her legs. Yes? Call her Bru.  You been given a chance to explore her contours and trail lines over her lucious-   ”  He appears on my left shoulder 
“Shut up!!” I say brushing it away. 
“Today is Sunday,  get thee behind me Satan ” I mutter  walking out of my house and heading to church..
“AMEN!!”  A chorus answer from the congregation.
“Amen!!” Amara mutters beside her mother.
While they filed out from the church nearing the exit, someone nudges her from behind from the crowd.
Amara turns to stare, a smile breaking out on her face..
“Oh you came to church today abi?” She says , turning away and reaching the steps, waiting for the last person to make way for her to pass.  Her mother was walking infront of her, she stops to wait for the person to fall in line with her as her mother seemed to be engrossed in small talks with the elderly women .
“Well, when have I missed a service ?”
“Erm… three Sundays ago .” Amara says 
“Hmmm. So, what time are we going to school tomorrow.  My mother has been able to raise my fees after much stress.  You are lucky you have someone who just came out of the blue and gave you money. ” a hint of jealously spiked her voice. Amara missed it
Amara smiles .. ” By 8am. I hear the crowed and process of registration can be long and tasking..” ignoring the  other part of her statement.
Nkechi nods. Observing , ” okay.”
“So…. Bruno?”
“What about him?” Amara looks as her mother turns back looking for her.  She waves to indicate she was close by standing with nkechi, her mother nods and turns back to discussing
” Erm. ..Nothing !” Nkechi says. .

“Don’t worry about it.” . 
She wanted to tell her to stay away from him, and that she was going to make a move on him, but thought against it. Afterall Amara had said she didn’t like him, so she doesn’t need to tell her to stay clear of someone she doesn’t like right?  So she might as well do what she wanted.
“I don’t get Ngozi. You call his name and next thing you said I shouldn’t worry. Why is that?”
“Nothing Amara, just that he is a nice person to want to help someone he doesn’t want anything from you know..” she says
Do you kiss someone you don’t like?  Or would your heart beat the way his heart did if he didn’t like me?  Amara thought..
“Well.. Yes he is.”  Her mother beckons to her ..

” Ngozi we would see tomorrow,  mama is calling me ” she says walking away.
Ngozi nods waving at her mother who waves back. Someone comes to stand by her side. .
“Is that not mama Amara and Amara? ” her mother says, she was carrying a little bundle of joy, her baby babbles making her smile.
“Yes mama, they are going.  Where is Ada?” Nkechi turns around looking for her sister and mother of her neice.
“She is coming, she went to pee. Have you told Amara that you both are going to school tomorrow together. ? Atleast you would have a good friend with you ..so I am not worried.”
“Yes mama I have told her. ”
“Hmmm. Amara is a nice girl, just like her mother. She told me that one fine man came and decided to pay for Amara’s school.fees in school. I thank God for her, she used to cry every day wondering how she can train the poor girl but see how God has answered her prayers.. Have you seen the person before. ? She says he is a young man. And I asked her the last time wether he wants her daughter’s hands in marriage or if he is doing this because he has some interior motive but she says no, that he is just a good person, very calm and respectful.  He just wanted to help that’s all. But she says he is a good person. I thank God for sending some on to help them.oh.., if there was someone who had come like that to help you I would have been happy, it would have helped me to not to be bothered. See how I had to go around to make sure I sell goods to get money for you so you better sit up and read and pass so you can help us when you finish school and have a good job” she yapped away
” yes mama I have seen him.. ” she said
” and it won’t be bad to have someone like that right”? 
Was all she said..
She deserved Bruno not Amara. She concluded. 
They left as soon as her sister joined them.
I strolled in to work Monday morning, there were a few people already seated going about their daily buiness. .
“Hi Bruno? ” I didnt raise my head from the file I was studying..I wondered what she wanted now
“Helo NG. ..can I help you with something?” I ask her
‘Actually I wanted to apologise for my recent behaviour towards you, I know i have been somewhat of a pest but you shouldn’t get angry and blame a girl like me.. when a girl likes a boy she tends to do..things to get his attention. But I am sorry if I offended you in any way. Can we be friends atleast, I promise to stop being such a nuisance ” she stretches out her hands towards  me 
Atleast she picked the right word. But i ignore her.
“Really am sorry Bruno, I would stay away and not bother you again.., don’t leave me hanging. .” 
I sigh..looking up,  searching her eyes,  there seemed not to be any deceit in them, was she going to stop for real and leave me alone? Should I trust her..should I? 
I smile shaking her.. “apology accepted. ”  But she doesn’t let me pull my hands away, I raise an eyebrow
“Under one condition…”
I knew it.
“Which is?”
“We have a drink. A drink of truce. Atleast to show how nice and friendly I am and can be, and to tell you I can keep my word. Let’s just have a drink. .one drink together. That would not  be such a hard task now Abi? Plus I kinda need a friend to talk  to. I have been going through some shits lately and I need someone to talk to. That’s it I promise.’
“Don’t you have any friends? You can call up anyone you want ..hell, you have all these men around you even at work. Buzz them” I state 
“Well you see they just want to bed me …I need a friend. And since I know you don’t want what…I want. Well… I know I am safe and you are, respectful. We can just sit and talk, have a drink. That’s all. I just really need a friend now not some groping fool around my skirts” she says , looking withdrawn and sincere
Don’t listen to her Bruno.. 
“Fine. Whatever. One drink. And that’s it. I am not a shrink so if you have problems you need to book the actual counsellor for that. . ”
“Yes I only need you to have just that drink.” She mutters 
I didn’t hear her ” What was that Ngozi? ”
.”erm i said I know that. I  Just. ..need a friend to talk to Bruno that’s it I promise. ” she says smiling..
“Fine whatever.  Can you let go of my handnow, it beginning to give me the creeps” I say tugging at my hand 
“Oh yeah am sorry ” she legs go, I dip my hands in my pocket feeling very uneasy. .
“I have to get back to work.” I tell her
“Okay, how about today?”
“Erm no, during the week or something.  Kinda busy. ” I reply honestly
“Okay. Thank you ” she smiles walking away
I stare at her retreating back and wondered if I shouldn’t just call her back and tell her no.
She needed to talk right? She had problems and needed a friend? Fine. One drink and a few minutes , i don’t have to listen to her all day. 
I shrug , turning away I  get back to work, flipping through files and making a mental note to see Boss on a delicate issue.
Its been a long stressful week.
Going to work early and getting home late, too tired to think.. too tired to check in  on Amara..
‘Shit” I mutter to myself realising it’s been a week I saw her last. I wondered if she missed me.
I had called her mother a few days a go to check in on her, she told me Amara had begun her registration and classes resumes the following week.
I didn’t want to call Amara directly because I felt she would be too busy chasing the process of registration.  But that’s just an excuse, I practically had to stop myself from calling her.. I needed to get my head straight. .not think about her too much.
That’s shit was hard. Maybe I would see her today. 
My phone buzzes in my pocket..

I smile when I see the person calling, I clear my throat
“Helo lover, missed me?”  I asked
“Yes baby I did” the caller purrs
“Aww I knew you couldn’t keep away, how are those deflated balls of yours?” I had laughter in my voice..
“Fxxk you Bru !!!” He laughs
“You wish right. What can I do for you son, you have been calling me nonstop throughout this week, I am starting to suspect you. ” I move away from my chair, heading to the cafeteria. It was lunch time
‘Because you my boy. Have to check up on you you know ”
I scoff “What is it now?”
“Good news Bru! !”
“What..you won the lottery?” I smile at the lady and nodding at her when she askes me  by mouthing the usual menu. I give her  a thousand naira note and waited for my change , from the corner of my eyes I see Ngozi  coming towards me, I turn away
“I wish abi.? Anyways,  you not so dumb. Am proud.”
“What bullshit are you spewing David?”
“It means that..God sha thinks you cute enough to give you a little sense. You made it above average.  Got a whooshing sixty -fxxking -nine points. ”
“Am sorry I am lost !!” I took my food and went to the corner close to the window backing the door.  I hoped she doesn’t come sit with me
“The test Bruno. The bank test. ”
Oh snap! ! I had forgotten all about that.  It was two weeks ago or less? Couldn’t remember 
“Oh that! !!!! Nice! !” I smile. “But wait what does that mean now?”
“It means that, you need to prepare a nice looking suit, shave and look sexy AF,  you got an interview tomorrow by 11am. And it’s going to be done my one of the heads of operations but  dont fret. She likes them young . I am sure you can impress her.”  He laughs
I didn’t know wether I should be pleased or offended. I wouldn’t have minded a while ago but this Bruno did.
“So what? I should go in and trip for her and see wether she likes the size of my Hammer, really David? ”
“Erm….well.. if that could work?” He was laughing
“Don’t joke David.  You know that shit ain’t me anymore.  If I can’t get the job on good merits and skills I won’t get it by banging the HOP lady. I might not even go for that interview sef if that’s the case.” I say with finality taking a spoon full of rice 
“Hey, look i am sorry,  I know i was just messing with you. Look she likes young boys yes, but I am sure you can put her down easy just incase she throws that card.  But nevertheless I know you can get it through with what’s on your Cv and your head not what’s between your legs even though it would have been faster……” He chuckles
” but in any case,   you passed the average,  your Cv is rich and you got the brains, and you got me inside so.. just go for the interview  and You might want to invest in more suits from now on. ” 
“Fine. Whatever.  What time again tomorrow? ”
“11am Grandpa.  What you going to tell your boss? ”
“My sister is sick and is about to die so I have to rush her to the hospital  ” I smile. .
“Hmm didn’t you use that one time before?” 
“Oh yeah.., I can go with my step-sister. How about that ?” I scratch my jaw, Ngozi slid in beside me, I tense
“Yes that could work. Later mehn, I got fleas of customers infront of me. ” line cuts
“You don’t have a step -sister, you are an only child ” she says, 
I roll my eyes, did I ask her
‘Hi Ngozi, ” I move away from her
‘Do you mind, I was on the phone”
“Not anymore you aren’t.   So I haven’t seen you -seen you all week, how are you? Did you forget about our date- Erm sorry drink? ”
I didn’t miss that. I shake my head ” I have been busy and no I didn’t forget, but isn’t your problem solved already?”
She shakes her head ” No. Sadly no. Can we talk later today?”
“No, can’t . during the week’ I say again.
I have an interview tomorrow,  much as I hated bank jobs what if this was a  stepping stone to something better for me.
“Ok”  her eyes filled with sadness.  ” Okay. ”
‘So let me let you finish your lunch,  see you later” she says getting up.
I felt bad. She hadn’t tried to grope me or seduce me this week. She kept her distance, surprisingly enough.  Maybe she did mean she would stop. 
“Ngozi?” I call out, she stops and turns 
“How about Friday or something?  Would let you know okay?” 
She smiles and nods ” Thank you Bruno, really.” Then she walks away”
She has been staring at her phone subconsciously. .
“Why do you keep doing that?” Nkechi  askes her
‘Doing what,?” Amara says , 
“Staring at your phone as though you are expecting someone to call or send a message and when Mtn sends those random messages or they call you sigh .?” 
They were leaving their faculty and going home . They had just gotten their time table and done with their registration . 
“Oh..Nothing. I was thinking of something, not important ” she lied. 
“Amara? Is something bothering you?”
Yes something is.

Bruno is. The last time they saw was when he kissed her goodnight  , that was little over a week ago . He hadn’t come around like he did the last time, hadn’t called to check up on her or anything. ..
I mean how can a guy kiss you again the second time,..no wait they had had like three kisses  already and  not call her up . She wondered if he didn’t …like miss her or something.
Does it mean she like kinda miss him? 
Amara something is definitely wrong with you.. she shakes her head.
“No nothing is bothering me..are you going to stay in the hostel? I hear hostel space is like 25 thousand.?” She quickly changes the subject.
“I think so. You?”u
“I would be coming from home. I can’t afford it. Besides, it’s only about an hour from home” Amara replies as they cross the road
“With traffic, an hour 30mns. ” Nkechi corrects.  they walk towards the park, entering a bus 
“I have no choice ” Amara  says
” we don’t have the extra money for that. I will go from home ”
“Unless Bruno decides to give you money for a house too, since he is paying your fees. ”
a hint of jealousy and anger filled Nkechi’s tone. She hopes Amara doesn’t notice
” what’s that’s supposed to me “?  Amara turns facing her
It means I am jealous that’s what it means 
“No nothing Ama, I mean he wouldn’t want you to..suffer that stress na would he. He might want to help with that too?” 
” No. I can go from home. He has done enough. He isn’t plucking money from trees and not a shell worker besides he has no obligation to do so.  ” Amara snaps.
Nkechi turns away from her  ” You don’t deserve him Amara.” She mutters under her breath.  She should go pay him a visit..
“Sure it would work?'” Ngozi askes him, 
“Don’t ask me stupid questions. I tell you to get something for his drink not to get some mild shit that can only keep him down for 30 mints. This would take him out for a day.. make him horny AF and give you the joy you have been desiring for months sweatpea.” Junior says giving her a lylon having a white substance in it
“What if I mix the two?”
“Double the effect.  Your choice?”
She smiles. .
“So when are you guys having that drink. You have to make sure no one sees you putting it inside and it has to be late in the day so you can help him home, maybe the weekend so you can have him all to himself. ”
“He said Friday., that’s two days from now. You know I never knew I could act so well. He almost felt sorry for me, looking all sad and saying I needed a friend to talk about my problems.  Yeah problems between my legs needs to be addressed ” they both laughed
“And you, how is Your plan with getting that little girl away from my man?”
Junior smiles into his glass of beer…
“Been watching her for the past couple of days , hoping to catch her alone unawares but she doesn’t stay home alone anymore.  Either she goes to the kiosk with her mother, go to her friends house …one Nkechi girl down the road when they are not going to school for registration. I got it all mapped out”
“Oh she just entered school? ”
“Yup. .your boy is footing the bills” he chuckles  
“What!!Bruno? How much is he making to do that.  Is he high?” She nearly chokes on her drink
“Yup, I guess he is  but he is doing it. See , we both care about Bruno so we don’t want him to go borrowing and maybe end up stealing just to take care of one little girl who is obviously going to eat his money and dump him for one university guy you know…”
“You don’t care about him you just want to to screw the girl, don’t confuse your twisted emotions.” She spat 

Neither do you, but let’s pretend shall we that we are doing this for him. The  plot is better this way when we aren’t the villains but helpers. ”  He laughs , she nods accepting. 
“So go on?”
“So, I want to catch her unawares and then when I have had my fill, I would record it and make her watch it then I would leak the video…so he gets to watch it. One thing Bruno doesn’t do is share his women…well that’s why he would never touch you with his senses active.  TruSt me. Your hole has been Busted through by so many keys I would have been ashamed if I were you ” he looks at her from the side of the eyes, she winces
“Fxxk you!!!. You didn’t mind having me the other day, groaning and moaning while you shouted your release ” she sneered 
“True. I am an asshole, and I love sex and I know how to scratch an itch, you were howling like a mountain loin back there. .” He laughs
“You are a dick you know that? ”  she got up carrying her bag, he stops her
“Yup I know. Now sit down we ain’t done yet, you want Bruno right?”
She sighs , dumping her bag.
“Good. Drug him, get him home and screw the life out of him. Send me pictures . That’s all. She wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him again , even if he comes to tell her anything..it would be bullshit.  She is a girl and you know how girls are even if they aren’t dating. ..  and when I ruin her .. she would be too  ashamed to show her face and he be too  disgusted to want her. So….mission a complished.”
“But won’t your face show in the  video?.”
“Nope.  There is a thing called a mask , you do know that right? You wear it over your face to keep your identity hidden ? I didn’t think you’ were stupid. Now get going. .” He says dragging her up and slapping her buttom nudging her away.
He downs his drink and leaves …
“What happened to your face ?” David askes, 
“Nothing.  Had a drunken brawl with some dude at the bar palour last week. ” He says turning away, David grabs his face not letting him move
“Mehn, that’s some mean black eye you have there, even your lips is bruised . What happened?” He touches his face
“Yeah? You should have seen the other dude’s face. Just some argument that led to the other. It’s nothing. It’s not so bad now and the lip cut is gone.” Timothy lied.
They had ran into each other in the supermarket. 
“Okay, be careful dude. I thought those careless things have stopped since college. so how is junior,  haven’t seen him since that day at Bruno’s house . he okay. ?”
Timothy shrugs.. ” i dunno, guess he is fine. Haven’t seen him too. ”
They had come outside, David turns to him
“Is something up with your guys? The other days you  both seem….uncomfortable with each other. No rather, you seemed you were easy around him. And I was wondering why he was shocked seeing  erm..whats her name, Amara at Bruno’s that day, and he looked at you funny. What’s up with that?”
He turns looking at David. If he tells him the truth, David is a loyal dog, he would tell Bruno and bruno would come after junior, but what if junior comes after him first. He should just mind his buiness but Bruno was his friend, being there for each and everyone of them, especially junior and he wonders why Junior hates him.
But Junior had threatened him,  he has to look for another way to let Bruno know without junior getting wind of it. .. David would only complicate it.  Besides David has always been wary of junior.., since that day long time ago in school when he caught him his Bruno’s girl, and later some of Bruno’s money, and when he jokingly told the guys he was going to overthrow him from his position as gand leader. Ofcourse he said he was drunk the next day but David never believed.
“What? That? Nah its nothing.  Junior was just been junior. Look dude I gatto go, let’s hang out some other time alright?”
And he was gone in a blink of an eye..

David wonders if he should run it by Bruno? ”
He enters into his car and drives away.
“Come in please Mr Bruno! !” The lady says.
I came in and sat down, and waiting for her to fire me with questions. .
After a series of back and forth, she closes my file smiling at me., I shifted on my seat.
“I must say I am impressed. Most handsome guys don’t have anything up there.” Her touches her with her finger
I smiled. But didn’t say anything.. “Your Cv is impressive , and your points off the test was….not half bad, seemingly it was your first time. I wonder, how good would you be in the field ” ? Her eyes sparkles, sneaking a look at my crossed legs. .
‘I hear the operations department would be better, I am not much for the field work. Too lazy, I think I would be of better use here behind the desk” I reply. She smiles 
“That could work too” I wondered if we were still talking about the job.
“So, we have all that we need and I would like to say.. welcome on board Mr Bruno. You would get a mail from us when You should start and every other information you would need to apprise yourself with. There would be forms for you to fill and sign and return back to us with photocopies of your cridentials attached .  That would be all for now, see you soon” she had a wide smile on my face and held on to my hand longer than necessary. 
“Thank you”..
I breathed when I was out of the office. ., quickly sending a text to David. ..
“I hate you. But it looks like I gat the job”
He calls me immediately  “you lucky bastard!!!!” He bellows  “Was she hot? She was hot right? Wanting to ravage you there and there right?”
“Cut it out. She made me uncomfortable.  But thanks man!!” I smile .
“For what?”
“For this. I mean…it means alot. ”
“Heh!!! You welcome. You would do thesame for me wouldn’t you.?” I nod even though he couldn’t see me.
“Lets meet up, drinks on me!”” He says

I open the door to knocking , suprised to see her standing there  ..
“Hi Bruno,  how are you?” 
I don’t step back to let her in, instead I come out closing the door, it was 6 pm what was she doing here.
“Ngozi,? I am fine, how are you and Erm. ..why are you here by this time. Is something wrong?  How is Amara?”
A frown crosses her brow..
“I am fine., I just wanted to come and check on you, actually  I was passing by, I was in the neighbourhood you see and realised that your house is here and just came to say Helo. ”
I observed she didn’t answer me about Amara
I nod. I also knew that she had to take an okada from where she stays to get to mine and couldnt possibly be strolling or around the area to mistakenly walk into my compand to drop courtsery  calls.
“What can I do for  you Nkechi? ” 
It was getting dark, there wasn’t any light.
I was stinking of going to see Amara, maybe tell her off my new job, would  she be happy for me? I wondered how her registration is going and how is preparing  for classes..

I wonder what else she might need. I got the mail, I should resume in a month, I already drafted my resignation letter . I wouldn’t miss anyone there. ..especially glad to be away from the likes of Ngozi. 
“I like you Bruno. I am attracted to you  and I like you so much. I think about You alot . I know you don’t like Amara but you just want to help her and I know she doesn’t like you either,  because always used to say she hated you and your friend..or so. 

But you see,  a girl who isn’t grateful to the person helping her shouldn’t be helped at all. I would never be that way with you . ..because I know how to appreciate,  much more than you know” she hugs me, rubbing her body against me
First I was in shock,  then. .I pull her away from me.., putting her at a distance. .
“Are you high Nkechi? ”
“Look, I also know how to make a man feel good. Amara is a girl who doesn’t know anything to have any skills. I know she kissed you, she threw herself at you but I forgive her. But if you are with me, I would appreciate you better than what she did, should I show you” she pulls me towards my house
“Leave !!!” I say, pulling away from her casing her to stop and stare at me with her eyes bulging from her sockets 
“What? ” She was taken aback , not expecting my reaction
‘LEAVE!!!” I say again, she didn’t move,  I grab her by her hand,  helped her through the gate and left her there, walked back to my house and lock the door.
Everyone was going mad.
Knock knock knock!!!
“Are you kidding me!!” I turn to face the door barely ten minutes later 
Knock knock knock!!!
I ignore it. When she gets tired she would leave. 
I couldn’t believe it. On one hand there was Ngozi, And it seems my boss  might want to pitch in too and now Nkechi..what’s wrong with people these days?
Knock knock knock!!!
I get up angrily and fling my door open, a sharp retort on my lips . I wouldnt mind putting her in a cab myself and take her home and maybe have a word with her mother.
but the sight of her whom I see standing there weakens me to my knees
“Damn!!” Was all I could mutter..right before I pull her to me and wrap her in a warm hug.


continued. .
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