Wordporn-series :This Madness Called Love (chp 38)

Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love  chp. *38


“My body isnt made of glass Bruno,  the way you keep staring at me and the way you hold me carefully as though I would shatter at any moment” her eyes were closed, her long beautiful lashes slipped on her face, she had a lopsided grin on.
Indeed I was staring at her, and I held her delicately, to myself. ..
“Yes, you are fragile. I am scared to hurt you” I reply, trailing lines on her shoulder blades
” scared to hurt me? Would you hurt me?” She had opened them up,  staring at me, looking into my soul,  I look away, hiding my flaws
“My past. I haven’t been such a good person Ama, I have done things I am not proud off and too ashamed to openly admit. And I know I am not the kind of person you would have ordinarily fallen for. Too many skeletons in the cupboard”  I say dropping my hands from her , staring into space. 
“Have you killed anyone before?” 
Felt a pang in my heart; a sudden pull.
“Came close enough once. But I have made a few bleed, only because they deserved it. ” Came my reply
“And a girl? Have you made her bleed?”
“What do you mean?” I stare at her .
“I have never laid a hand on a woman wrongly  and I would never do so”
I say, secretly assuring her that I would never hit her
“No I mean,  raped any woman. Forced yourself on her and all” she enquiried
“Never! I may have been rebellious, rugged and lead a group of arrogant individuals and did things.. well I try to make them do things rightly but of course a few of the boys were hot blooded but…I never indulged in such acts and I would never do. If a woman doesn’t want me then I don’t stress it. But unfortunately,  I never lacked ” I smiled a sad smile.
“So, you had a lot of women in your bed on a constant..”
“Hate me??” I search her eyes, after I nod my head .
She doesn’t look at me but stare away.. ” That’s your past, it doesn’t matter ”
“To me it does because I feel ashamed, to be open with you, bare it all. You are too innocent , too good for the likes of me that have been in the world and done things.  I regret them, I feel disgusted with myself…and i fear you won’t ever let me come near you again…to love you”
“You love me Bruno? ” She stares back at me
“I don’t know what I feel but I know that I want to find out. And if love is in the mix somewhere,  I swear it would be awesome ‘..
She smiles , then goes back to closing her eyes, but her hands goes to mine and squeezes . “Well let’s find out together shall we?”
I release my breath; and nod. “I would like that very much”
“Now shut up and hold me… I won’t break Bruno.”
‘Yes capt. ” I gather her into my arms and held her., slowly I begin to feel incomplete without her.. I squeezed her tight,,hoping that we stay there forever.
“Erm,..I can’t breath Bruno, you squeezing me too tight, I think if I were a made of glass I would shatter any moment” she chuckles..
Ok, this isn’t going accordingly to my day dreams. I sigh, pulling away
“Sorry Ama. I guess I was too happy to see you” I step away so she could enter, curious as to why she was here despite I was happy to see her
“What happened?  You are here ..by this time”
as she walks in I stare outside wondering if Nkechi was still lurking behind and if Amara had seen her friend. I should ask her
“Erm, I thought we agreed I shouldn’t stay home alone when mama isn’t around…” she trails off, her eyes falling to her hands.
I nod, “yes we did. Don’t get me wrong I am happy you are here. Sorry I haven’t been able to check on you this past few days.. work and stuff. Where did your mother go to anyways?”
She sits down, atleast she is bolder around me, not shy and fidgeting as she once was..
“Its fine. Not as if you are mandated to check on me. You have your life to live and I ain’t yout priority despite that you are helping me through school.  Mama? She had to go to the village, for some women meeting. I dunno the details. She asked me to  go to my friend’s place but when I got there Nkechi wasn’t around,  her sister said she went out and said she was going to spend the night at one of her friend’s place because it was far. She needed some things for school. I still should have stayed there but…. decided to come here instead. ” she finishes not looking at me.
I bend infront of her, a stupid smile tugging at the corner of my mouth..
“Did you miss me, is that why you came?”
“No!!” She frowned.
“I came because..because I didn’t want to stay there without  nkechi and it looked as though Nkechi’s sister might go out or so with the baby. I still would be alone eventually and you and mama have decided to listen to you about me not staying alone and she gets worried sending me to safety. ” she says
I nod ” Hmmm.  It’s fine. Say what you will, I know what I know”
“Meaning. ..I kinda miss you too” I say, as I reach for her hands, she doesn’t pull away
“And yet you won’t call me, after that night you didn’t call me after kissing me goodnight on my street. Don’t know how far I have gone with reg in school. And stuff..”  
she says , unsure why she says it. What was wrong with her, she actually felt bad he didn’t call. Why should she,..when did she start caring.
“Am sorry !!” I breathed, suprised to see the hurt behind her hooded veil
“It doesn’t matter. I don’t matter so….”
“Hey, don’t say that.  Don’t ever say that..you matter. You matter to me Amara!!” I say with finality, admitting to her and to myself.
She just stares at me. 
I couldnt help it.
“Can I be completely honest with you Amara, do you permit me to?”
She shrugs. . 
“I need you to give me permission to be honest with you 100 percent.” I repeat 
She nods ” Ok,  go ahead”
I look into her eyes,  tossing caution to the wind..taking a dive and not thinking about the consequences. .
‘The first day I met you, that first day I strolled towards you to ward of that perv trying to get your number, I was a man..wanting to help you get rid of another man so I could possibly have a chance to talk to you. There were things you said that day that..kept me awake for days, disturbed me even. And I realised that, sometimes the way we see ourselves isn’t so accurate, everything changed when I began to look at me differently through your eyes, and with your words and I realised that I didn’t want to be the kind of man I have always been.. ”
She was staring at me, not saying anything. 
“I blurted out without thinking about it that I wanted to take care of your university fees, partly because I wanted to keep seeing you, maybe get to know you and yes to help but..still to see you. ”
“So you are doing this because you wanted something in return?”

A shadowed look crossed her eyes. . So it’s true, she thought. .pulling her hands away from mine..I held on to it.
“Don’t please,  let me talk. I never ever did this because I wanted something in return. I never had an interior motive even despite not knowing what I want or even putting the “I want something back for this” notion at the back of my head. I didn’t know why I said so, then and I still don’t know why I am still doing it till now. But I never wanted something back then and I still don’t want something back now. It’s not conditional. It’s not…you have no debt to pay me . so you cant to do what I want. Yes, you piqued my interest, you…you clouded my thinking. But as soon as I said those words I may have regretted it immediately but..because I am a man of my words I decided to continue..”
“So, you regret it then? Don’t worry I and mama would find a way to repay you..” 
Oh God this is not what I imagined. Everything is going wrong,  she is not getting me.
I get up sighing… I sit next to her ” Amara!!?” I shake my head.
“No. Listen to me please. I am trying to say that between then and now, presently I am.a different person. I don’t regret it one bit. And I don’t want anything back in return. You…you make me want to be different,  think differently and do things differently.  My days and nights have thoughts that makes me make decisions that are either centered around you or because of you. What would Amara think about this, if I did this what would she think. And I have no idea why I have those thoughts.  Since I met you, I have begun feeling guilty about my pasts, my flaws and mistakes and wish I could change them. The way you look at me, the questions you ask me makes me also question myself. ..and I want to be a better person because I realise that..I don’t want to be the person I once was before… because I too am ashamed of that person..ever since I met you.” I tell her searching her eyes
‘What kind of person were you before ..”? 
My chest squeezes..
“Someone who you would never want to be associated with. I have lied and cheated, stolen, fought, did some pretty bad things. Hurt people,  left a trail of broken hearts, women, drinks,  smokes.. drugs. ..violence.. blood” I trail off I close my eyes 
I heard her sharp intake of breath..
“And you loved it ?”
“I did. I di, even proud of it untill I met you you see. I began questioning myself,  I began feeling dirty.. because your big innocent eyes bore into mine, as though looking through my soul and those words  you said to me “are you any different from the other men” made me realise that I am not.  Infact I am worse and I didn’t want to be any of that anymore. I couldn’t. .I just couldn’t. ”
I was baring all. I didn’t know why but I wanted to. I needed her to see me for me, understand me.. I wanted to bare all, naked and let her see me through and through. 

I just wanted her to know me…because i was slowly feeling incomplete without her, I needed her like the air I breath and it was beginning to scare the shit out of me
“Why are you telling me all this Bruno? ”
I didn’t know why..I just wanted to.
I shake my head ” I don’t know. I just need you to know that I regret nothing.  I want a better life for you”
“But you don’t know me, ”
“That’s the funny part . I don’t care I just want you to have a better life ” I tell her honestly
“No strings attached. No conditions for your niceties. ‘”? She searches my eyes, maybe wanting to believe me but uncertain. 
“No conditions. No strengths attached. Nothing back in return. ” I state   and then i continue  
“But I have begun to like you Amara,  not because of I was helping you but because my heart has a mind of its own, my eyes see, my body reacts…I like you Amara” I breathed closing and opening my eyes again.
“And what if I don’t like you back. What if I don’t return your feelings,  would your help be conditional now? Would you stop and take back all you said and all you have done or threaten me in some other way?” She shifted away from me, I let her as a sad smile curl in my face 
I shake my head ” It doesn’t change anything. I don’t like you because I am helping you . I like you because I am a man and I just like you, much more than I have ever liked some other random girl and you Amara isn’t one. I like you because all too suddenly my waking and sleeping thoughts are of you. My head can’t go a day without images of you flashing in my mind’s eyes. I like you because Amara I just do and I don’t know why neither do I have a reason. And even if you don’t like me back, this isn’t a condition for you to like me , me paying your fees  that is. You are not obligated to return my feelings. I won’t make advances towards you Amara,  I won’t. I won’t threaten you too. I would never do that. And you are not to repay me back for helping you. You are just to finish school and make your poor mother proud and happy and just accept my help as a goodwill from a stranger if you want. But I would never ask you anything in return.  I am not that heartless,  well not anymore.  I like you that’s that . I Just wanted to let you know how I felt because I swear I have so many feelings boiling inside of me  I felt my chest would explode if I don’t tell you. I want nothing from you than for you to be happy,and if I don’t see you again ..That’s fine too. ” I say honestly suprising myself at my sincerity .. 
“I would keep paying your fees, give you want you need. If it’s the only good thing I do for someone I would be happy to. You owe me nothing. Nothing at all. My feelings are my own and it’s up to you to not give a shit about it.” I smile up at her
She stays silent staring at me, I wish I knew what was going through her mind. 
“You are a beautiful girl you know that, a man would be crazy not to be attracted to you. But I would never be low enough to get your attention by threatening you or conditioning you. I  am too proud for that. ” I chuckle. 
“Because they seem to fall at your feets right?” She says, I wonder if I heard a hint of jealousy
“I am not proud of it but… I never have had a short supply of them. But like I said, they don’t mean anything to me. Not anymore. That life of mine is in the past, I run away from it. From them now, I can’t seem to want it anymore.  Ever since, ever since……” I look back at her trailing off. I shrug..
“Anyways,.. I just wanted you to know. ”
“So what about what’s her name ,Ngozi . That girl that I found in your house that day and kept saying she is your girlfriend?
I scoff ” She is crazy that one. Won’t let me be. But she isn’t my girlfriend. I don’t like her and would never have anything to do with her. No girlfriends Amara,   I don’t have one. And I haven’t been with another woman for a while now and I don’t plan to be and I have no regrets.  I think chasing the skirts is over for me, I rather have one and treat her like a queen. ”
“So when last have you been with a woman?”
I shifted, uncomfortable in my seat , trying to remember ” I don’t know. A long while.  Pretty long while.” I admit
Crap it’s been ages. 
“When last did you kiss a woman” her voice came as a whisper. .
” a week ago” I say staring at her, she looks at me, I see her blush and stare away, I smile. 
“Even if I would love to kiss her again but….. things don’t work out the way we want does it? I stand up
” Are you hungry.. have you had dinner?” 
I wasn’t thinking straight again when I suddenly remembered the kiss.
She nodded.  ” I am fine. Can I ask you something or rather tell you something?” 
I sit down back, nodding ” go ahead, you can tell me anything  ”
“What if I tell you I like you back’ she whispers 
“What if I say, I haven’t stopped thinking about the way you kiss me” she continues,  her voice shy I smile
“Then I would say you are a spoilt child Amara, you need to be spanked! ” 
Her mouth flew open,  her eyes too,  I busted out laughing , I felt her punch to my chest
“Owwww! !” I held on to her hands 

“That hurts!!”
“You laughed at me. Wasnt so nice”
“Am sorry, I was just trying to tease you.  What were you saying again.. that you sort of liked me? I knew you couldn’t resist my charm. !!” I winked at her , my heart nearly exploding
“I lied I don’t. ” she tries to pull away but I yang her to myself instead, she rested on me with the force, her other hand on my chest trying to steady herself. ..
“What are you doing Bruno? ” She breathed
“Trying to see how much you can lie about lying to me, I wonder, if I should see it for myself?”
I touch her lightly on her cheeks, playing with a strand of her plaited hair. She fitted well into my embrace, she doesn’t pull away.
“I am not lying.  I don’t like you” she lies again
“Hmmm.  I know. What if I kiss you, would you still not like me after telling me you like me and lying you don’t like me ” wide grin covers my face
“wouldn’t matter.” She says hiding hiding blush
“Okay then..” I nuzzle her cheeks, her neck,  I place a kiss there, then at the bridge of her nose, while I noticed she had closed her eyes, her breathing rasp I kiss her eyes,  then her forehead, back to my cheeks, and neck , her face.. perfectly avoiding her lips.. I do that for a while, 
“Bruno please. ..:” I hear her say
“Please what?” I keep placing kisses , but I don’t kiss her lips, from the corner of my eyes I see her lick her lips, I gulp but I don’t give in. My heart was beating fast, I refuse to be tempted not untill she begs me to.
I am at her neck again, I trail my tongue there, I bite her ear lope, I hover around her lips but I don’t dare come close,..
“Please…” she says, I wondered if my heart had Increased in the tempo or if hers had joined mine. 
“Please what Amara, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me” a moan escapes from her lips , it suprised her , when I bite her ever slightly on her neck, kissing her there again, trailing my tongue, tickling her ears..
“Kiss me. Please'” she breathed. .
“Do you like me?”
“Kiss me..
“Do you like me?” I kiss her cheeks, her jaw, her nose. She nods,  her eyes were closed now
‘I don’t understand sign language Amara.  Do you like me?”
“Yes . Yes I do like you. Just please kiss me, I can hardly breath!” She begged. I smile, 
She has no idea what she does to me, but atleast I have an idea what she feels
Slowly I crush her lips, drinking from her, savoring her lips , wining and dancing, enjoying the sweetness within.. she held on to me.
We kiss for a long time,  when I felt a tinkling between my thighs and began to feel uncomfortable as my frontal area of my trousers felt like it needed to breath. . I break the kiss . I rest my forehead to hers, she looked dazed.
‘Be my girlfriend Amara? Will you go out with me. I like you so damn much. I want to date you. I want to be with you alone. Only with you. I can’t fxxking keep lying to myself. I want you but not for all the wrong reasons. But for the right ones and I won’t hurt you, I promise” I search her eyes
“and girls? Those girls all around you?” She askes
“No girls. I don’t care about them only you.” I reply
‘I am scared, I have never had a boyfriend or know anything about boys . But I know I kinda felt jealous when she kissed you. I don’t want them around you”  she touches my chest, playing with my button
“Only you Amara.  I want only you. I don’t care about them. Hell I would even become a priest if you ask me to”
She laughs. 
“Go out with me., will you be my girlfriend? ” I needed an answer 
“Why do you want me to be your girlfriend.  Because you want to be intimate with me?” She stares down at me, I realised she had noticed my hardness 
I shake my head “No. I want you to be my girlfriend because I like you and I can’t keep denying my feelings and because you also like me too so why the hell not.  And For this?”
I indicate the bulge with my eyes 
” its perfectly normal when a guy is attracted to a girl and  we just had a long passionate kiss and we are in this compromising situation.  It’s normal for me to want more, but I won’t ask you for that. I told you already,..but let me make it clear . I don’t want you to be my girl because I want to have sex with you and need to exercise my right as a boyfriend ,No. I want you as my girl cos I have feelings for you. Forget the boy inside my trousers.. I think I have proved that to you already I won’t ever force a girl and won’t ever take advantage of her. He has a mind of his own but am still his daddy. So no, I am not going to be intimate with you Amara. I only want to keep kissing you till you beg to come up for air” I smile
She laughs..
“So, is that a yes??”
She kisses me this time , nodding.
“I don’t understand sign lang-
“Oh shut up. It’s a yes” she blushes laughing as she covers my mouth with her hands, I kiss them and pulling her closer with me, untill we were both lying down, she resting on me.
“Good. Now I can die happy. ” I smile over her head.
I felt good. No scratch that. 
I was happy.
We spent the night talking, and by morning i hated that  she had to leave.
Now that she had agreed to be my girlfriend I was over the moon.
“So, I will call you later, girlfriend! !”  I took a cab with her so I could drop her home before I went in to work early,  she needed to go open their kiosk. 
She blushes  “You better boyfriend.  No girls, promise? ”
“No girls i promise.Just one..you!!” I  wink.
I was late for work as it is,  I didn’t care.
“Good. ” she jumps out of the car after she places a quick kiss to my lips, 
“Hey….not fair!!” I felt cheated
“Bye!!” She waves .. I pout … “bye”.
I spent my spare time calling her , sending her messages.. her replies always brought a smile to my face.  Her sweet voice over the phone causes my heart to beat faster than usual.
I was stuck .. It was a happy stuck. I didn’t mind at all.
“Hey!!…you promised..” she came up behind me, touching my elbow
I turn around and face her; she looked as though she had been crying..
“I am sorry. I forgot.  What happened to you?” She had bags under her eyes
“I.. I lost a friend. ” She says right before she busted into tears, she falls into my hands and cried on her shoulders as she wraps her hand around my neck
The colleagues left in the office threw glances at us
“Erm Ngozi,.please stop. People are watching. What’s wrong?” I try to pull her away from me but she kept crying, her body heaving up and down.. 
She was soaking up my shirt.. since she wouldn’t let go, I let her, tapping her back..
“There there.. it’s okay.  You wanna tell me what happened? ” She was shaking. 
“I -wasn’t there for her when she needed me. She was depressed. She took her life Bruno, she cut her wrists and died. She took her life and and- ‘” she cries. I sigh
I understood death, how painful it was,  especially if it was someone you were close to.
‘Am..Sorry. !!” I tell her.
I wondered if this puts us in a compromising situation,  some people had their thumbs out for me, hailing me silently, I shake my head. Did everything always have to be sexual? 
I try pulling her away from me..
“Look I am sorry for your loss really I am. ” she nods when I was done talking
“Can we please just talk please. I realise life is too short and I really need to make amends,  you never know when your time might be up. I have so many issues I am going through , life is so unfair ” tears where running down her eyes, i hand  her my hanky.
“Ngozi..I am.sorry but I can’t,  I have to go home, I have to go see my girl-
“Please Bruno? Please. .you promised”
I smile weakly.. “Fine. ”
I had turned in my resignation letter earlier today. My boss wasn’t pleased but he let me go, asking me to stay till they get a replacement in two weeks. I was resuming in a month at the bank so…. I obliged.
It was closing hour anyways, I grab my jacket and phone, shutting down the system.
“Thank you. It means alot .” She says
We ended up not going to the cafeteria that I was hoping on.
“Why can’t we stay here and talk?” I asked her 
“Lets go to the bar, I need a drink.”
“And you can’t have a drink here?” I ask her with a raised eyebrow
“Vodka!!! I just lost a close friend.  I need something stronger than a mild cold beer Bruno.  Let me grieve my own way and just talk to a friend.  That too much to ask.?”
I sigh.
“Fine. Whatever “.
Nkechi stares at the smiling Amara who hadn’t noticed she has been calling her name for the past one minute
“Are you kidding me. Amara!!!” She shakes her
‘Christ! !! What ??” Amara frowns, not happy to have her thoughts disrupted.
“Have you suddenly gone mad?’
‘No! I am quite sane. Why would you go and say something like that. ?”
“Only someone who is mad would be smiling and talking to herself. What is up with you these days. I have been meaning to ask you,  the day before yesterday my sister said you came to the house to look for me and then you left, when I came back I went to your house but no one was home. Where did you go to, you and your mother wasn’t at home that day.’?”
“Mama went to the village for something but she is back now. She didn’t want me to sleep at home so asked me to go to yours but you weren’t there, your sister seemed like she was going to be away too so I had to leave ‘
“You didn’t answer me where you went to spend the night ‘”  
Something told her she wouldn’t like the answer. Especially when Amara tried to hid a smile.
‘At Bruno’s . “She says, wondering if she should tell her friend he asked he out and she was offcially his girlfriend
“I see. So now you go about sleeping in men’s houses right?”
“What is that suppose to mean? Bruno is not “men!” Besides he is my boyfriend now so,  I don’t see anything wrong with it” Amara says to her
Nkechi’s mouth drops open and he eyes follows too. ‘WTF!!!! ? 
Then she begins to laugh and laugh and laugh, Amara just stares at her
‘Bruno?.Bruno your boyfriend.? Bruno that you didn’t like all of a  sudden he is your boyfriend?  Why because you kissed him and you think he automatically becomes your boyfriend?  Tell me what new coke are you smoking because you are definitely smoking something new” Nkechi eyes her disbelieving what she just heard. 
Amara felt offended; she drops the oranges she is peeling and looks at her friend.
‘Whats wrong with you nkechi?  You act as though you have a problem with that!!”?
“Yes I do have a problem with you lying . I mean, fine sexy dude like that Bruno that can have any girl and you think he is your boyfriend. Besides you didn’t want anything to do with him remember and I also told you I liked him and I would go for him and you clearly stated I could have him..now because you know that he would fall for me you first spew nonsense that you are his girlfriend.  What a laugh!!” She sneers
“My God Nkechi you sound jealous and like someone I don’t know. Yes I admit I didn’t want to have anything to do with him but that was before I got to know him. Look he likes me and I like him back. He told me that already that day, and he was the one who asked me out and I accepted. So he is my boyfriend and I am his girlfriend.  He isn’t an object to be tossed around. So back off.  Besides  i know he could have any one he wants believe me I know someone who keeps bugging him, but he isn’t like that.  Well not anymore , and he did want only me as his girl” Amara finishes 
“You lie!!!” 
“Whatever, believe what you want”
Nkechi opens her mouth to say something and then closes it. Then opens it again.. “You know guys like Bruno lie alot just because they want to get into your pants ” she tries another tactics 
“He knows you are a niave stupid girl who is still innocent and chaste in the eyes of the world unlike us, so he wants to ruin you and then dump you. Don’t be carried away by those cute eyes and broad sexiness exudes. Once he is done with you he would toss you away,  infact I am sure he had flings of girlfriends at his beck and call, you have just been lied To. Don’t be stupid. ” she shakes amara
Amara hits her hands away ” Really? Now you are telling me to stay away from him? And you want him.?”
“Because I can handle him, I am not a Virgin like you”!
“So that makes it okay for you and not for me?.look I know all about Bruno,  he had opened up to me and I know he has a past , he told me about it. I don’t judge him, and he promises me that he only wants me as he girl. No other girl does he want. So, say what you want. Bruno isn’t a womaniser like before.  He has changed.  So I believe him. So Stop with your nonsense and don’t say trash about my boyfriend Bruno because I won’t tolerate it even from you”
She was taken aback by Amara’s reaction.  She was angered that Bruno would not give her a second’s glance even when she went and practically threw herself at him that night, if she hadn’t left Amara would have met her there.
She was angry and jealous , that Amara not only got someone to help with furthering her education but also got the man. 
How unfair. . How unfair.
She wasn’t going to sit back and take it, she was going to get Bruno by fire by force and Amara would be kicked out of the way. She didn’t mind dinning with the devil to achieve it.
Why does she have to be happier than she is..
“Fine. But I am warning you, once he breaks your heart don’t come crying to me. TruSt me, I know guys like Bruno. They dont keep it in their trousers . I know you guys have started you know….doing things but don’t worry he might be doing with others too. When he is done he gonna leave and … don’t be hurt then”
“I told you we aren’t doing anything and bruno isn’t like that. What’s the matter with you.? !” Amara’s anger showing
‘Okay okay. Fine. I won’t say anything about bruno”
“Good. He is my boyfriend, and you would shun this idea of “I want him” Because that’s not going to happen. Stop acting like a child, he isn’t a toy”
Like hell i would.
“Fine. I was kidding anyways. ” she lied., smiling.. 
“So, girlfriend of Bruno, have you spoken to him today?”
Amara blushes, nodding , showing her his calls and messages
” and he says he would see me today after work. Said he had something he wants to tell me too. Some sort of good news”
The smile never reaches Nkechi’s eyes,  she wonders what she should do to make Amara’s happiness short lived
” avoiding me are we Timothy? ” Junior comes behind  him, he had sighted him from the entrance of the bar, sitting alone and drinking untill the girl came in sliding beside him
Timothy’s smile wipes out from his face when he sees him, he ignores him
“How is the eye, looks like it’s healed, you lips don’t look too pretty,  would your date not feel disgusted? ”
He was beside him now touching timothy’s face,  
“I miss you honey, I miss you kissing my balls and screaming when you  about to cum”
junior says loud enough for  girl to hear ,  he kisses Timothy on  his forehead, those loud wet kisses
Timothy hits his hands away, turning to face him “What the Fxxk Junior,  what do you want ?”  He wipes he head
The girl seemed obviously disgusted , she excuses her self and leaves. . 
Junior busted out laughing ,  a roaring loud laughter… he touches Timothy who hits his hands off again.. he grabs his bag and made to leave,  Junior’s face turns into a hooded masked smile. 
“Sit the Fxxk down Timothy before I deflat your balls”  he threatens 
Timothy thought to disobey, but Junior’s pressing fingers digging into his shoulder planes causes him to wince, he sits down.  
“What do you want?”
“Nothing really, why have you been avoiding me?”
“I am not, I just don’t see a reason why we should be friends anymore.” He says honestly. 
Junior scoffs ” too touchy.  We used to be good together,  you raped a girl , I covered your ass, I almost or rather I thought I killed a girl, you housed me only that you lied about seeing and knowing she was alife and with Bruno.  Your fault , get over it. But you still owe me.”
“I don’t owe you shit.!!” Timothy spat 
” we are even! Just leave me alone okay”
” No i wont. Plus not quite..but I would make you deal, do this very tiny little thing and I would let you off the hook, and won’t punch some more holes in your pretty face. What do you say? ” He smiles
Against his better judgment. .
“Do what?” 
“Atta boy!! Get Amara to bruno’ s house later. That’s it. ”
“Why? Leave the girl alone. What do you want to do now,? What evil are you plotting junior. ?” 
Hands in the air “me? Nah Tims.  Not me, I won’t be doing anything , Bruno would be..I just want her to have a front seat view of how Bruno becomes Bruno the Hammer.  That’s all. There would be lots of ex-rated scenes, purely plus 18. I think Amara is about that age or slightly over that. ” He laughs
“And if I don’t?  ”
“You already know the answer to your Fxxk up up question Timothy ”
“You wouldn’t hurt her, you wouldn’t lay a finger on her, Bruno would come after you !!”
“I won’t be the one hurting her Timothy,  what she would see would be enough. And then,  anything other is non of yout damn business.  I have my plans mapped out, and I swear I would enjoy it. I hit her with this, and I go in for my treat.   That’s my biz not yours. You just need to go get her. I would let you know when you need to get her there..tell her Bruno sent you to go get her”
“She won’t believe me. ”
“Oh trust me, she would. Now get the Fxxk out of my sight and wait for my call!” Junior dismisses him
Outside Timothy struggles, lighting a cigarette. 
“Fxxk! ! Fxxk!! Fxxk!!” He kicks and punches the air,  angry with himself for being too chicken, for not manning up. Even more sad and angered that he knew if he doesn’t do what Junior wants,  he was dead meat.
“Fxxk!!!” He kicks the empty bin and walks home.
Back inside the bar, Junior smiles to himself…, he had moved to the corner , hidden away from the door and waited for the evening to play out..
He watches them come in a few minutes later
I was partially listening to half of what she was saying, she cried more than she spoke. Telling me of how hard her life was growing up,  how she had to fend for her family after her father passed, struggled to go to school, broken hearts, misplaced priorities and more life struggles. .
I yawned, this was my second drink, I sipped it slowly..
She went on and on about her friend who was like a sister to her, helped her though life’s challenges , gave up alot of her life to help her; but unware to her She was going though a depression, she was bipolar and she couldn’t take it anymore. She got the call that they found her dead in her room, the blood was from her wrist. She had been dead for two days.  It shattered her. I patted her hand. 
It was getting late, I promised Amara I would see her today..
“Bruno? Are you listening to me?”.. she sniffs
“Yes yes… what were you saying ?”
“You know she was ….
I drifted away, smiling when I remembered her words .” I don’t like you. I lied ” and felt her squirm in my hands when I kissed her..
“What are you smiling about ? Does death excite you?” She bolted me back to reality.  I sigh…
“No Ngozi. But I really have to go really i am Sympathetic towards you.  You would be fine life sucks but we have to go on. Okay? ” I pat her hand. I made to get up..
“Okay thank you for listening to me..you are a good friend.  But wait atleast finish your bottle? 
“No its fine.”
“C’mon Bruno it would only take a minute ” she says. .
I sit back down,  my phone rings. .it was an unknown number
“Be right back!!” I say getting up,  I couldn’t hear the caller so I had to move away, the voice was tiny 
Ngozi smiles and nod, I leave. 
It was a wrong call, I came back a few minutes later but stopped to use the men’ bathroom. .
“Sit finish your drink. A toast to a better life, more health and living life to the fullest! ” She says handing me my glass and taking hers in the other hand.. I take it as we clink glasses. .
I watch her down hers, I needed to leave ..
I gulped mine standing. .
“Gatto go Ngozi. You take care of you!” I say, touching her shoulders I leave 
I didn’t see her smile. 
I stand outside, waiting for a cab, I feel woozy.. I hold my head, I feel a searing pain, my knees buckle from under me..
“Hey I gat you,  are you okay Bruno? ” I hear her say.. I turn, my vision blurry..
“I don’t know..my head .. I can’t. .” My speech slurs .
“Let me help you home” I hear her
“No I am fine. I can get ho-..
I slumped .
“Are you Timothy? ” Amara says , he had shown up at her door step, her mother had been curious who he was
“He is Bruno’s friend mama. ” Amara says 
“Ehen !! Welcome my son. Is anything wrong?” 
“No mama, he just sent me to come get her, wants to show her something mama. He couldn’t leave work until now,  he is just heading home. I was passing by to go see him so he says I should stop by and get her. ” 
“Hope nothing is the matter?” Amara askes,  she had received a message from Bruno telling her that he was sending his friend to come get her, Timothy.  He had a suprise for her. And that he misses her”
“Nothing is. ” He doesn’t look her in the eyes.
“Mama I am coming! !” Amara tells her mother . 
“Ehen? Go and come back quick oh, !”
As they leave in a cab she wonders why Bruno didn’t come himself. 
Timothy steals glances at her; fighting within himself. .wishing he could tell her something,  anything. He didn’t know what Junior has planned  . he wished he could …help her, Bruno was his friend. And yet he was helping junior hurt the girl Bruno liked. Where had his balls gone.
Amara turns to him, “hmm?”
“I would deflate your balls and give you to eat it. Bruno might come after me but trust me,  what I would do to you would be much worse” ‘ Junior’s words comes to him as though he was beside him.
“Nothing.  Nothing at all” he says..
I felt her lips on me, her hands over my body, touching me , licking me, her warm mouth encircling my hardness. .
“Amara” I breathed, smiling. My eyes where closed , it felt heavy trying to open them. I felt Weak, my head hurts but I was so ooo horny. .I didn’t have any strenght,  I wanted to sleep, but I also wanted to feel..
I knew I promised her I wouldn’t be intimate with her but if she kept touching me the way she is doing right now I wouldn’t be able to hold myself..
“Hmmm… you are so damn sexy baby.  I heard you were equipped but..holding you right now, I am marvelled at how big you are. ….look at you baby, I can’t wait for you to fill me and let me rock you till your brains shatter ” she closes her mouth over me, sucking. 
I didn’t know Amara knew how to do that, she told me she had never been..but crap, I squirmed. 
“Amara…you keep doing that and I won’t be able to..Oh damn!!” I mutter, it was dark, my head hurts, I felt really weak like I had a bag of cement weighing me down, but I didn’t understand why I felt highly intoxicated. ..i only had two bottles and usually it takes like 5 to bring me down, ..something was wrong.. and Amara sounded different..
My head felt like it was s going to split,  I felt like i was floating too, and my groin was aching…
‘Amara …stop..” was she high too,

She kisses me, shutting me up, I try to raise my hands to touch her, she was completely naked… I felt a Chill too, I wasn’t clothed either…
‘Amara?” She was grinding me, .. “Shut up Bruno,  let momma take care of you”
She takes one of my  hand to her butt, and the other to her breast, straddling me, as she climbs me, teasing me with her body not putting me inside her yet
Timothy stands outside as she watches her go in, she knocks on the door and waited,  no answer, she turns back to face him..questioning
“He says to come in when you come, the door would be open. ”

He says not meeting her eyes. He turns away , taking a call..
“Is she there?”
“Fxxk you junior. !!” Timothy spat.
“I take that as a yes.  So run along now. And keep your mouth shut.” The lines cuts. Timothy looks back at Amara, he curses and leaves..
Amara enters the dark house..
“Bruno??’ ” she calls out. No answer..
She hears sounds from the bedroom,  she smiles. .
“Bruno?” She calls out again, no answer..
There was something about the sounds coming from the room, her heart started beating fast.
The door isn’t locked either, she opens it slightly, the sight before her causes her mouth to open, she staggers backward..
Ngozi was naked ontop of Bruno,  moving up and down on his body,  his eyes were closed apparently enjoying touching her breast with one hand, the other hand squeezing her bottom, they were locked in a kiss..
Tears stings her eyes,  Ngozi turns and sees her, a smile on her face,  she goes back to moaning loudly..
Amara stumbles out of the room, out the house …crying..
“Yes baby, oh Bruno baby… Oh gosh I have waited for this for soo long…..” she wispers into my ears right before she slips me inside of her..
She moans..
I stiffen. .something was wrong. I didn’t have enough strenght ..I was going weaker by the moment. .if I would make love to Amara I should atleast do it while sober. .
I open my eyes..
Her face was a blur,.. “Amara? ”
I drift away,  shutting down completely. 
Right before I heard  ‘Asshole!! He went limb!!! WTF! !”
continued ….

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