Wordporn-series :This Madness Called Love (chp 39)

Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love chp 39



I was floating,  I felt light headed as though I was in a cloud of smoke,  the air enveloping me, i was drifting , falling, stumbling, getting up and running. My head felt like it was expanding and the pain in my loins excruciating.  My chest expanding and constricting, my breathing pained, something was wrong but I couldn’t tell..

She was afar off from me, her shoulders slouched, her head bent, staring away from me and drifting with the cloud of smoke..
“Amara?” I whisper-scream, my feets were not touching the ground, yet i felt water and sand despite gravitating,  touching the silk of bedsheets,  bare skin and hard rock of a building surface.  It didn’t make sense. 
I was in the darkened alley, staggering and falling , the dark blocking my vision, I hear her sobbing,  bent at the corner, her shoulders heaving up and down, ..I reach for her . What was she doing here?
“Amara?..” My voice conveying my message. .”Whats wrong?” But as soon as I touch her, holding her hand I feel dust sip from my fingers, and then a shadow of where she once was, then I hear the door close, I hear a scream, I bolt for the door…
My head hurts, am floating like am under the sea, I feel wet sloppy kisses over my face, claws on my skin, I slap them away,  I hear another sob escape  not so far away, I reach out, searching for her in the water, I am in an open place, no.. I am in my room, she is standing there, her back to me, 
“Please Amara,  talk to me..why do you keep running away from me, why are you crying..please if you don’t tell me I can’t make it better , I can’t make you feel better. .and God I so want to” I stagger to her; holding my head in my hands, my legs are weak, they wobbly under me, but I reach her before I fall, pressing her to me I wrap her from behind…”talk to me ” I breathed, writhing in pain.. 
Something was wrong.
“You are no different from them, all thesame..all thesame. You lied. ..and chased all the bees away.. the honey is contaminated. You lie. .you all are thesame. ..”she sobbed into my hands..
“What bees Amara,  what honey is contaminated.. what do you mean, please talk to me” 
but I was going weaker by the moment, the pain in my head searing, I feel the claws on my skin again and wet sloppiness on my face, I feel something to my groin again..
What the hell was happening. .
“Amara please. .what’s wrong?” It hurts me that she was crying and she didn’t want to say… I hate that she is hurt..I wish I knew who hurt her this way.., but she wouldn’t look at me, I held on to her tight. .I don’t want to lose her or let her go..no., not when I have bared all, told her how I felt. ..No, .
“Tell me what I did so I can fix it,  if I did anything babe..please let me fix it. I don’t get why you drifting away from  me, just like now ‘
“You lied..you all are thesame..” she says, and then all I see is darkness and a few wet tears in my hands,  
“Amara!! AMARA.. AMARAAAAAA!!!!’ I  bellowed.
“Amara?” I whisper opening my eyes,  I felt hands on my body, kisses to my face, another hand to my groin.  My head felt like someone used a sledge hammer on it, I felt whozzy, I blinked a couple of times to adjust and focus on the environment.  Yes, i was in my room alright. .on  my bed. 
I feel her head coming up from kissing my navel..
“Amara? ” I call out again. No, I was supposed to see Amara last night?  Did we become intimate?  Oh no…
I raise myself up abruptly. 
“Did I do what I promised you I wouldn’t. . Did I ? Oh Shit Amara!!” I mutter, closing my eyes,  my vision was still blurred but I blinked again, holding onto my head
And I did it while I was drunk? Did i make love to Amara while I was drunk?
Stupid !! Stupid !! Fxxking stupid Bruno !!! You have been keeping it together now you lose it all, get drunk and become intimate with one girl you have decided to be different for. Scrap!! 
I hit my head,  ” Amara I am so soooo sorry?” I say embarrassed.  Ashamed. Disappointed in me. I couldnt raise my  head to even look  her in her eyes,  
But wait? How did I get drunk?
“Oh for fxxking shits sake can you stop calling her name like your life depended on it. I am this close ..this close from losing it. Last night just when I was about to slip your cute big rod inside me you call her name and and….” she trails off 
My eyes snaps open, that voice ..that voice.. I stumbled out of the bed , hitting the ground with a thud ..I get up…
Oh God No!!
“Ngozi? ?!!! ” I exclaimed. My eyes clearing. She was on my bed, but naked. No she is in my house, alone with me and …  
What the Fxxk! !!?
I stare down at myself,  I was butt stark naked too..
“What the Fxxk are you doing in my house Ngozi and why the hell are you..we naked?” I pointed to her and myself ,  confusion sweeping me, I shake my head to clear the warts from  it, was I dreaming? I slap my face, shaking my head.
This isn’t right. This was a joke? Someone was playing a sick joke on me.  I look around the room, no.. this isn’t a joke.
“Because baby, we had a couple of drinks last night and realised that we were meant for each other, you invited me over and you know. ..we got it on” she says smiling , she crawls from the bed, coming to me she touches me, I side step her, 
“What the Fxxk !! What the Fxxk! ! What the actual Fxxk? !”  Is  all  i say shaking my head , disbelieving it.
“No I wont have slept with you. I don’t even like you let alone be attracted to you..this..what? Oh my God. !” I rub my face with my hands
“Keep doing that baby, Junior is all bouncy.. Oh wait.. Bruno’s hammer you call him, so magnificent that one. ” she comes close to me, reaching out to grab me, I hit her hands off sidestepping her..again.
“Don’t touch me you slut!!! “I tell her, looking around for my cloths, I slip on my boxers, grabbing a pair of jeans from the hanker I put it on.
‘Slut? Well you didn’t think that way when you were banging the air out of me last night. You are such a tiger. .Goddamned! !’ She tested watching me
“No. I would never sleep with you I didn’t sleep with you. You cheap skank! ! I would never sleep with you..no I would never do such a thing ” I hit the chair, holding my head
“How would you know you didn’t.  Did you like measure the -the sperm counts in your balls?   or tie your boy with a ring ,  locking him to a cage or put an alarm to let him go off when he sinks into a lady’s vajayjay?” She doesn’t cover herself,  instead she spreads her legs wide and fixes a finger inside herself and brings it out for me to see, she licks her finger..
“Baby you were smashing this ass two ways to Sundays , ” she winks
I shake my head,  repulsed, disgusted. .scared. .
“No no. I would never sleep with you. Not even in my dreams ” my eyes turn to small squints.. I shake .my head again. It can’t be!!!
“Hmm..Maybe,  how about when you are drunk? Horny AF and shits like that. ?” She askes me with a nudge of her head to the side, a tentative finger tapping at her jaw as though she was pensive
I try remembering,  ” I had only two bottles of beer. Never enough to  knock me off and do stupid shit like that.  Put some cloths on you disgust me !!” I tell her  “and get out of my house.”
“No you had more than two. And you were so wasted you begged me to come over and before long we were playing the paino and drums with our bodies.”
“You lie!!! ” I get up pointing to her
She smiles , she wasn’t sure if he would remember anything but it seems the gods were on her side today.  Bruno didn’t remember shit that means she could convince him that they had sex. Lots of sex. 
“Why don’t you come touch me again and you would remember all you need to know” she comes forward and pushes me to the wall, I push her away
“Stay away from me Ngozi.  I thought you had changed but apparently  you haven’t. You were pretending all this while. You planned to get me drunk and set this up right. . Get me drunk and lie you slept with me?:
She throws her head up in a deep throated laughter  .
” oh dont be ridicules,. Anyways, that’s not what your little missy thought anyways when she ran out of here clearly heartbroken after seeing us..in some heated intense – passionate love making infact” 
I felt my chest close.. I hit the chair standing before I realise I had gotten to the floor. I swear i couldn’t breath
“Hmmhummm. .she came here last night and boy the look on her face was epic when she saw me banging you ontop and you..well..having fun yourself.  She almost had an heart attack poor girl , but I was too engrossed in  giving you a good time to say hi, please forgive my manners” she smiles..
“Oh my God!!” My hands shook, my head was hurting, the pain  between my legs obvious. .
“Baby, forget her. Beside she can’t handle a man like you. I didn’t lie to you. After the drinks which I innocently just wanted to have with you , you started making advances towards me, and well,  you know I already liked you and next thing you are stopping a cab and we end up here. You telling me you wanted me was enough for me to know the feeling was mutual. What we did wasn’t wrong. It was a show of love between people who care about each other and I swear I would treat you right. .just like last night. You told me you have never had it this good. Baby, don’t worry about that cheap cunt of a girl who came unannounced and found us in bed together but no matter,  I have you and you have me. That’s all we need. Baby..forget the stupid little whore’, she can ne-
“Shut up!!” I hissed 
“BTW,  I don’t get why we are still here talking when we could go back to doing the do!!” She was saying
“SHUT UP!!” I bellowed
“I didn’t get drunk, I didn’t sleep with you. What the Fxxk did you do to my drink..why do I feel like I took pills of viagra and the pain is excruting? What did you do to me Ngozi, I feel like shit and I know this isn’t from beer….?” I was saying, shaking my head
“I did nothing to you you didn’t do yourself.  You said you haven’t been in the sack for weeks and I don’t know what you did. All I know is I was screaming to the high heavens and you were loving it. I was loving it. Come back to bed baby, let’s not waste anymore time. Forget her, she is gone. All the better for me. I have you all to myself which is what i have always wanted. I love you .Bruno.  I love you insanely. ..now come here and help me itch this scratch between my legs, I am so wet I could drown a horse” she comes to me again..
Her mistake..
I held on to her hands so tight I swear I could snap it ..
“Bruno, Jesus you are hurting me” she screams pulling away . Then she smiles. . “Oh you like it rough, I can do rough” she grabs my face and crushes my lips.., I pull her way, my hands lifting above my head, my anger evident,  my veins popping out….
I see the fear in her eyes  I have never hit a woman before but..but..
“Get out Ngozi or I swear you would regret it!!” I theatened
“Bruno we had fun. .we made good love, why are you acting like this?  Baby..”
Seeing I was dead serious , she decided to leave and fight another day. 
“I know you are angry, but I would come back and we talk about it ok baby..I kno-
“GET OUT!!” I took a step towards her
She scrambles out of my room, parking her cloths, I slam the door, and sink to the ground.
“Fxxk!!”  Was all I mutter as I bring my head to my knees, my chest closing. . My vision picturing Amara at the door, shock and in tears .. obviously shattered ..
‘What have I done?” I say to myself,  I can’t remember what happened after the bar, I don’t remember anything till  this morning but my heart, my heart says I didn’t sleep with her and I believe that.. but I have hurt her , she would never believe me. 
“Amara ?” I call out, my shoulders heaving,  I feel the tears fall to my feets before realising I was crying..
And for the first time, i felt no shame..but pain, more for her than myself ..
How do I face her? 
Oh God, have I lost her..
I couldn’t breath. .the tears flows freely.
She cried throughout the night, only cleaning her eyes when her mother comes to find out what’s wrong with her and if she was coughing and why.
‘No!’  She had choked out the words, not knowing how to explain to her mother why she was crying. 
How does she tell her mother the pain she feels in her chest,  the way it constricts when she thinks about him. How does she tell her mother she had begin to like and fall inlove with the man who had come to pay for her fees, and no strings attached but had suddenly found himself expressing his feelings to her. She didn’t like him because he was helping her, she liked him because he seemed real, different ..and he  ..made her feel things..that she had never felt before.
How does she tell her mother that she had begun to kiss him, that first day shyly, but now hungrily as one starved.  How does she tell her that she had begun to have thoughts about him, those kind of thoughts she had ideas from while reading those romantic books, listening to the girls fall madly inlove with those rugged fellas, and how he presses her body to him and they give it all up to him, falling over and over again. . How does she tell her mother that she had begun to have those kinda thoughts that makes her grow warm, her face burning from constant blush, feeling all tingling, and sometimes she finds herself biting her lips wondering what he would feel like pressed to her,  muscle and man, hard and more hard…while his lips savoring her, his member taking pleasures from within her legs..
How does she say all this to her mother and tell her that -that man she had begun to like everyday, minute and second, that man she had told she liked him..but what she feels is more. That man that had become hers…he had said he wanted just her and had called her his girlfriend. .and kissed her so passionately she didn’t wish to come up for air..

Now that man had begun to cloud her dreams and tease her in her sleep and she wakes up smiling. .happy. .wanting more. 
How does she tell her mother that that same man who had bared it all ..and told her he would never be with another but her  but had lied to her when she had begun to trust him..with that same horrid woman whom he had claimed he didn’t like nor had anything to do with or would have ever have anything to do it.
All lies. All bloody scheming lies.
Junior was right.. he wanted something. Just like him. They are all thesame. .all thesame. .
So she had said nothing , suffering in her pain. All through the night..
“Amara, my daughter what it is , please tell me!” Her mother turns her to face her, they were in their background leading into the small kitchen.
“Are you unwell? ” She touches her forehead, looking into her eyes, worry creases her head. Amara avoids her eyes.., she nods
“Mama I am okay, I am just tired with the going up and down with school reg and settling in.” Amara says
“Are you lying to me Ama? I am your mother ..tell me , did someone annoy you, hurt you?”
Yes mama, Bruno. ..Bruno hurt me. Here ..right here. 

She mentally touches the spot where her heart is..closing her eyes and squeezing her cloths, as the pain sears through her
“No mama” she lied , breathing in and out. “No one did. ”
She walks away from her, going into the room and to the bathroom, and cried.
Junior was roaring with laughter, he couldn’t contain himself nor his happiness. 
“So tell me again, how was her face?”
‘Poor thing felt like she could shatter and break , I was suprised she didn’t faint  on her way out. What do I care.” Ngozi joins in the laughter. 
“Damn!!  I missed it. ” He says, calming down. He looks at her with appreciation in his eyes.. “You did good slut. So tell me, how was the sex with Bru boy, did he meet all your expectations?  You sore from all the hammering. Pray, a lil juicy detail should suffice.” He teases but she was frowning. 
“Why the frown? ”
Well she might as well tell Him  ..
“The bastard went limb!!!” She spat
Junior looks at her as though she was saying something that didn’t make sense “Am sorry, speak  English because I didn’t quite get that!” He turns to her ..his eyebrows raised
Ngozi sighs , closing her eyes and then opens it. ” I said the bastard went limb!! Like he was up and hard alright,,he kept mumbling her name possibly thinking she was the one with him, saying shits like…I promised I won’t ever touch you, hurt you .. bla bla bla or I don’t know, stuffs like that.  You know I was so wet and waiting to ride him, preparing him for the journey I know he would never forget but after that that girl walked in on us and runs off crying,   I was like Snap!!! He was still dazed and drunk and hard and calling her name, of course he didn’t know she was there. His eyes were closed and I was kissing him, stroking him I knew he had no idea what was going on or what he was doing but …all I cared about was his member being a solid rock which my goodness it was a beautiful hard member,   and i  was like yes this is my moment..positioning my butt to let the rod go in and the dude blacks out, and he goes limp. Like..flaccid.  soft…like….He fxxking went limb on me!!!!!”
Junior stares at her with his mouth open.. blinking rapidly , shaking his head..
“Am sorry, what did you just say. ?”
“Are you fxxking dumb? Let me rephrase it for you. ..we didn’t have the earth shattering sex I was always planning and dreaming off because your boy Bruno went flat at the opportuned moment when he was about to commune with the river god and let me sing Chinese and Spanish and all other heavenly languages rolled into one. ” she stated fumming.
Junior was shocked,  baffled..and then he began to laugh so hard he feel off his chair, Ngozi grabs the nearest bottle and flings it, he dodges but didn’t stop laughing.
‘So wait, wait wait, tell me. So despite getting him drunk; spilling some ectasy pills and all that into his drink to get him dazed and to do your bidding and of course keep him hard enough for you to sing hallelujah all day all weekend long. You still didn’t get some because. ..Even in his dazed and hornied up state…he still don’t like your slutty ass, ..damn!!! ” He  laughs at her
“Screw you junior!! She spat at him, angered. The truth hurts but she wouldn’t admit it . Damn you Bruno she says to herself.
“Yes,  you did that remember,   a couple of times. But that’s irrelevant at the moment.  So wait, wow!!! I can’t believe it. How is that possible? I mean any guy would be banging his way out of it but Bruno. . Bruno goes flat.  Even though he was drunk and dazed , having viagra in your system and don’t get your release, that pain could kill you.”
She nods remembering how he groaned in pain while he bent talking to her and telling her to stay away from him..
“So why didn’t you jump him in the morning.?
“He kicked me out of the house.'” Came her reply
“Damn!!” Junior stares,  continuing
“Does he know you drugged him and put the ectasy drugs in his drink?”
She shakes her head; a smile curling at her lips.. “Nope. But, I think I sort of convinced him we did have sex. He didn’t remember shit. And oh I let it slip that Amara had a front seat view of the whole moans and groans. He went pale, I told him she looked worse for wear when she ran out.. poor girl felt like she had just walked into her own nightmare” she laughs, atleast something to take pride in
He nods his head , atleast all was not lost. But wow!! Either Bruno has a tough immune system to sluts and bulshits, an extreme self control or . He was deeply so inlove with Amara that… he couldn’t do it without her with him or… no. It didn’t make sense. ..

No guy would pass it up.. Bruno must be in pains now… he laughs
“Good girl. Let him believe that.  Still works for us. Don’t stop pestering him, he would give in. Especially now, Amara wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him, he would be alone and pained and would need company to vent. So, keep poking him,  one day he gonna cave in. Now it’s my turn to go into play; I wonder if Amara needs a shoulder to cry on ” he pouts
  He saw her squeeze her eyes together and bite her lips. .
‘Whats the matter with you now? ”
“I am crazy horny! ” She says.. ‘I am so pissed but yet I am crazy horny . Imagine having a large chocolate cake infront of you and not able to eat it because …it’s locked inside a fridge and the key thrown away? That’s how it was with Bruno. Gosh it was so  frustrating. ” 
He smiles,  touching her thighs, her eyes shoots to his hands
“What are you doing? ” 
“What do you think am doing? ” He winks.
He didn’t like her, she was still a slut to him but then again, he didn’t care.  He was a male slut too … and right now he could use some..release. All this talk about sex gets him excited, he might as well slut the slut.. he smiles. 
“Slut the slut” he chuckles under his breath 
” what’s that? ”
“Come here, get on your knees …let me give you some of what you missed last night he says, ” he opens his legs, she looks to see his evident reaction.. she bites her lips.
“I don’t like you junior”
“The feeling is mutual” he says “now get on your knees’
She gets up,  strips and goes on her knees, 
He could hear her moaning and he groaning from the door,..they had left the window open.
He had come to talk to junior , he was not going to be part of  their little games. He regretted taking Amara to Bruno as requested by Junior,  he hopes nothing had happened to her. He intended to give it a one last try, talk Junior out of messing with Bruno’s girl Amara and make him a deal; he won’t say anything to bruno if junior leaves Amara alone. His conscience was pricking him.. so he came here to talk to him, the door was slightly open  and overhead them talking..
He heard everything. 
He turns and walks away, he needed to find Bruno.  
He dails Bruno’s number, it wasn’t connecting.
I stood outside staring at their door . It’s being  two hours already   ..
What do I say to her, how do I begin?..

How do I explain something I didn’t understand ? 
After what felt like forever I walk up to the house and knock. .
No answer 
I knock again, my heart beating fast in my chest.
The door opens, her eyes looks bigger, the bags under them evident..
She had been crying. It broke me.
“Amara, please I didn-
She slams the door to my face
“Amara who is that?” I hear her mother ask. 
“Nobody mama. Nobody !!” Her voice replies and fades away 
I keep knocking, I won’t leave until she let’s me talk to her. . I can’t. . I can’t leave, not like this
“Go away Bruno and don’t come back here..my mother is inside don’t let her come out here and see you. ” she says again as she flings the door open
“Amara please I beg you..please . I swear whatever you saw last night. .wasnt me”
“Wasn’t you?” Her eye brow raised.
“No I mean. It was me but it wasn’t .. no it wasn’t what it looks like I swear it Amara,  please”
“It was what it looks like but see i don’t care.  You are a man anyways and can’t seem..seem to keep it in, what do I care. I am just a naive little girl who began to trust and like you and I can’t believe you lied to me and I let you. ..Kiss me” she turns around to see if her mother was coming before she says the last two words.
“You are a disgusting man Bruno.  Just like every other man. Just like junior. .all of you thesame. Leave me alone. I hate you! !” She continues, I stop the door from closing  this time 
Shaking my head ” my God Amara I know it looks bad but please please, if you cared about me even a little let me explain ” I went on my knees 
“I swear I didn’t sleep with her. . I don’t remember what happened but I didn’t sleep with her. I don’t even know how we needed up there, and even till this morning everything is a blur. ..I beg you Amara please believe me”
She pushes me away and comes out shutting the door..to avoid her mother from coming out. She had always been calm and quiet , shy even. But Amara standing infront ot me was one pained,  jealous even, angry,  sad,..betrayed 
“Yout both were glued to your members,  she in perfect joy and you in blissful state. I walked in and saw you both and I know  what I saw..and  to think you sent me a message to come to your place knowing you would be having sex with another women barely how many days you asked me to be your girl. And here I was excited and full of happy glee. You sent your friend Timothy to come get me, you let me walk in on you having it with another woman , same woman who you claimed you had nothing for,  so it was an act the day you threw her out of your house. You disgust me. Don’t touch me!!” She hits my hands away
People were passing by,  staring. I ignore them 
“No no Amara.  What?  Timothy?  I didn’t send you any message.  Why would Timothy come get you?  No no Amara I swear something doesn’t add up, I swear Amara I never slept with her. I was drunk and maybe possibly drugged. But I know I didn’t do it. I know it must have looked like that but…Amara. .God please listen to me I beg you. It’s you I want..always wanted..I can’t and haven’t been with another woman, Amara you are the only girl I have thought off for weeks unending..how can i-
“…Oh my goodness Bruno I don’t care what you have to say. Stay away from me..You and your friend. All of you are just disgusting pigs and all You care about is wanting to sleep with girls and don’t care how you do it and who gets hurt and you even force them Into it when they don’t want or threaten them. But In your case, like a thief you are subtle, trying to win me over and my God I was falling for it . I fell for you…but am glad we didn’t get that far. Get out and go.”
She continues 
“I know you paid for my fees and all, now I know that’s the reason. You that so you can have me as a package right?  ..don’t worry, I would pay you every last dime, just so you and I have  no contact or anything to tie us together.  So you can leave me alone now. I swear I would pay you back for your troubles,  I now know you did all this so you can get me into bed and I was wondering why you turned me down when I offered because I was tired of being harassed like people like you.. You were acting like a good guy who cared when I was tired of been forced and threatened..”
“What are you saying Amara, why are you calling junior.  Who has tried to force or threaten you, who is he?.Amara please I don’t understand why you are saying all this..my God! ! No I beg you..i never had an interior motive towards you ..Jesus! !! No don’t pay me back..my God no ..Amara. .don’t do this pleas..give me a chance to explain and prove it”
“Take your filthy hands off me” she says, her eyes threw daggers at me.
Jealousy could change a woman from one tamed pet to an angry roaring lion. I knew she was hurt. .and I wanted to fix it even if I know …I know..I didn’t do anything. .
Damn!! There was wrong with the picture.

Me sending Timothy to go pick her to come to my house right before she gets a message from me? I didn’t send her a message neither did I tell Timothy anything .
Why was she saying I and Junior was thesame..
“‘Amara, pleas let’s talk about it. Please ” I pleaded letting go of her hand as she told me not to touch her.
“We have nothing to talk about bruno. You are  lair, a womaniser and a disgusting human and you are just thesame as every other guy out there and I don’t want anything to do with you ever again. Please don’t come to find me, don’t come close to me  and  my mum..I swear I would find away to repay you.  But if it’s sex you want for payment? .fine! give me a day and time so you can take it and be gone. Because I have no more fights left ” a tear ran down her eyes,  she had been fighting not to cry, I reach out for her but she Steps back
“Baby..please,  I beg you. I swear I I didn’t do anything.  It’s a mix up somewhere . I was drugged I think. My head hurts, my my…” I stare down at myself. .. the pain was still there. I had to wear two tight briefs to tug the hard on in. They must have given me a dose too much of viagra or something. This was no ordinary hard on.  Something doesn’t make sense. No everything didn’t make sense. I didn’t drink myself and got drunk. I wasn’t interested in Ngozi so i wouldn’t have slept with her..not while sober and I didn’t get drunk enough to be stupid to either.  The only explanation to this is that I was drugged.  If only she could listen to me, ..my chest hurts. 
“Argh!!! You ..you.. just leave Bruno please.  I don’t want to ever talk to you again ”
“No amara please listen to me,  I would never have been there with her sober, ..I wouldn’t. .”
“Yes you had to drink and bla bla bla. . You are a liar . And I hate you. Stay away from me..all of you!!!”
She was already slamming the door to my face
“Ahah, what’s wrong. Why did Amara walk in angrily like that and leave you out here?”
I heard her voice behind me, I turn. .
I don’t say anything but I walk away with my heart on my sleeves. .
Nkechi watches me leave,  perplexed she goes into Amara’s place. 
Something was up, and she was going to find out.
Timothy was tired of waiting, Bruno’s number wasn’t connecting..and his house was locked.
‘Where the hell are you bruno? ” He askes himself.  
He needed to find Bruno and tell him what he over head.
He was going to check the bar, maybe Bruno might be drinking himself into a stupor .
I walk, and keep walking..not knowing where I was going to. I walked for a long time, I felt the burning sun to my skin and my cloths soaked wet. I needed to think, but I got nothing.   I walked until I turn on the streets and stand infront of a door.
I knock, she was dressed in  a mini short dress and a bodies, her hair in in a bun
“Helo, yes please?  ” She askes me, curious as to who I was. I had never met her before.
‘Is David in?”
“And you are?” She askes,  
“Tell him I am a guy fxxked at the moment” I say sitting on the pavement, my head in my hands. She must have stared at me like a mad man and possibly went in to tell David that too.
I feel a hand to my shoulders. , I raise my head to meet his eyes
“Bruno, what’s wrong bro?” David notices the redness in my eyes
‘Its over!!! Amara she.. I did..it’s over..am fxxked David.  I lost her..i lost the only girl  I ever felt something  real for due to my carelessness.” 
David looks at me, .. he doesn’t say anything but goes back in.
Five minutes later i notice the girl leave, he grabs me by the shoulders pulling me up.
“Come in bro, i gat you. ”
‘You not going to tell me what that was about ?’ Nkechi  pulls Amara to the side of the room , 
“Leave me alone Nkechi , please ” she says, she was trying to hold it together. .
“No. You and Bruno were obviously arguing outside there and you look as though you were crying. Tell me, what happened.  ?
“Nothing.  I need to go and wash Ngozi. ” she moves away 
“If you don’t tell me I would go tell your mother you and Bruno were fighting and that you both kiss each other every time and possibly are bed mates in the third dimension ”  nkechi threatens .
Amara bites her lips, her heads bent,  tears filling her eyes..
“I saw him with her..’ She whispers, sniffing already
“Him..her who?”
“Last night. I walked in on her, his office colleague I think… they were ..they were…’ Amara trails off. Tears following briefly. .
Inwardly she was happy.. Happy that Amara was hurt. Happy that something bad had happened to make her hurt, cry and cause both of them to fight.
“What?  ” She exclaims 
“And he says it wasn’t him or its not what I think. I thought he was different,  he told me he was . He is no different from his friend , all of them are thesame. They want only what you have between your legs. They lie and cheat and pretend and here I was falling for him and he does this?” She cries
Who was the slut that slept with Bruno.  Nkechi was curious..
“I wish I knew who she was I would rain slaps on her ..who is she “?
“Some Ngozi girl. She looked at me and smiled and he pretended as though he didn’t see me and now comes to spew lies that he was drunk or drugged after sending me a me message to come and sent his friend to come pick me. Oh God NK. . The pain I feel in my chest. I cried all night..”
She couldn’t pass up this opportunity 
“I told you so,men like Bruno are just  walking dxxks”
Amara winces, biting a hot retort back. She would have defended him a few hours earlier but now  .. it’s simply the truth.  It hurts
“I told you didn’t I but you kept claiming he was saint next to Jesus Christ.  How dumb. Well he has had his fun with you and back to his cheap whores. You think a guy would want to help you through school and not taste?.is he God or what? Now you are crying. When I told you to give him to me or allow him for me you refused. Now you see yourself  now”
‘ Whats wrong with you Ngozi?” Amara couldn’t believe her ears
“Am just saying the truth but am sorry.  Hope you broke up with his two timing ass?’
Amara’s  tears began..” I don’t want to have anything to do with him or see him.. ever again. I told him I would find away to pay him and I have to do that without mama knowing” she wipes her eyes
“Good”  Nkechi  smiles. Now she has him open and free and possibly ready to mingle. Why was he acting like he would not touch another girl  when she threw hersself at him that day, yet he was banging his office chick?  
Savage Bruno! ! She muses. When she caught Amara staring at her She frowns..
“Disgusting pig. Forget him. Study and focus on school okay. He isn’t worth it”
Amara nods..
But that’s the thing, though it hurts. But how does she forget him?
She was already inlove with him, that’s why it hurts twice as much.
Nkechi sees Amara’s pain. She didnt care. Bruno was free.. she was mentally jumping of happiness…
Bruno wasnt there at the bar,  and he was not anywhere else that he knows..
It was late, and he wasn’t answering his phone still.
Timothy goes home, ,he would go by his office or check on him tomorrow. 
He leaves.
“Doesn’t make sense ” David said . 
I nod, the cold beer he brought for me stil stood untouched on the table, I eye it like it was a plague. I was never going near it again.
“I know..one minute am in the bar drinking  like two beers and the next I wake up naked and that  that slut on my bed and saying we did things David.  But am weak, dazed, my head hurts but my groins is on fire. Like I want to get laid you know but…it’s intense and I know because It’s me I can feel it but.. I never ever had any sexual attractions for Ngozi. Never.  I mean every guy i know have done her. And you know I hate to share my women but for the last couple of weeks meeting Amara I have been celibate . Like straight A-celibate . I don’t even watch a fxxking porn  or look at another girl’s tits. Like all I think about is my angel face David.  So next thing to wake up and see that…I wanted to die mehn. Literally.  And she told me Amara had seen us David.  Amara. Oh God!!!” I cover my face with my hands. 
“Take it easy bro ”
” I can’t.  I just can’t.  I swear I didn’t sleep.with her”
“But you said you didn’t remember anything” 
“I know I don’t remember but..I don’t know. I just know I didn’t.  I think she messed with my drink or something. ‘
“Did you see her do it?’
“No” I shake my head ” but I left it to go take a call briefly which happens to be a wrong number…and I don’t know, I am sure it was then she did it’
‘That was stupid bro. Never ever leave you drink unattended to. You take it with you or when you get back don’t drink it . You thought us that one bro the Fxxk! !”
“I know I know but.. Oh God David what do I do. Amara hates me. She didn’t want to listen to me. She hates me and I think I lost her. I can’t. .what do I do..I swear I didn’t sleep with her. I don’t know how we ended up there. I think it was a setup. I swear .”
“I believe you bro” David says thinking. 
“And she kept mentioning Timothy ..that he said I sent him to come get her and I sent her a message. But I never did those mehn. I was going to see her later that day I know but…I didn’t send her a text or send Timothy. You see why I say something isn’t right and doesn’t make sense. Is Timothy and Ngozi in some sort of games. I swear when I see him, gosh !!!” I punch  the wall standing 
“Hey dude relax. .don’t break something. Wait Timothy.  You think?”
“I mean why would she say that. She wouldn’t lie would she? I think Timothy and Ngozi set me up.  ” 
” I am going to kill him. I swear it David.  Because of him and her I lost the only girl i care about . It hurts. Mehn. It does ” I slid to the found my head to my knees
David walks to to me, sliding down beside me
“Take it easy.  I agree something isn’t right. Let’s start with finding Timothy to know whats up,  I know you want to punch in someone’s face now but..wait. Let’s find him and know what’s up. As for Ngozi, don’t let her get close. Try  talking to Amara and explain things. .
“She has blocked me from calling her number. I tried several  times she kept busying my calls and now it’s disconnecting me. She says she doesn’t want me around her anymore or even come close to her mother. She broke up with me david. She said that we are done. But David,  I can’t let her go..I just can’t.  I think …..I love her.” I say shocking myself..
‘I don’t want to lose her over some stupid mistake I did.  Hell, I don’t want to lose her because I can’t remember shit of what I did.  But she doesnt believe me. ”
David sighs in deep thought..
“One step at a time baby. One step. first stop is finding Timothy and getting him to tell us what the Fxxk he did..we would deal with Ngozi later ” 
I nod, clearing my eyes. I nod again.
Junior was whistling , he knocks at the door. 
He had forgotten a shirt he left at Timothy’s place. He needed to get him, and needs him to do one final thing for him then he let’s him be.
“What do you want?” Timothy says opening the door
“I forgot my shirt here. The army green one, with a “Fxxk you” on it. Can you be a darl and go get it for me?” Junior says smiling.
Timothy remembers seeing it in his wardrobe while junior was in his house.
“Fine. Wait here!” He says closing the door and goes in inside. 
Junior kicks the door open and follows him.
“Why, you don’t want me to come in again? Thought we are friends babe” junior blows him a kiss
“What the hell junior,  wanna break my door?” Timothy turns swiftly when he hears the door be in kicked in, he eyes junior. 
“My bad. Reflex. Get me my shirt..need to Bounce. Plus I need you to do me a favour”
Timothy goes in and brings the shirt which he throws at him. 
“That’s your shirt you can leave,  and I ain’t doing shit for you no more.”
Junior smiles,  “no need to be feisty. Find whatever I would find someone else”  he says turning 
Their attention goes to the phone on the table ringing. The name made junior grab it
“Why is Bruno calling you?”
Timothy’s heart skipped a bit. 
“What kind of stupid question is that Bruno is my friend..why shouldn’t he call me?”  He reaches for the phone , Junior hits his hands away
“I know he is your friend but he is closer to be that any of your guys. If he needs something  he calls me first and I am waiting for him to call me and cry on my shoulders but he is calling you..why is that?”
Timothy shrugs ” I don’t you!” He says, “give me my phone”
Junior let’s the phone ring a couple of times. When no more calls where coming  in from Bruno he goes to the call log..
He sees that Timothy had infact tried calling Bruno a couple of times since last night and today.

He goes to his sent his and sees messages that didn’t deliver, one especially catching his eyes..
“Bruno I have something to tell you. It’s about junior and Ngozi.. call me back as soon as you get this. You have been set up!! ” Junior reads
“Explain” he sneers
Timothy doesn’t say anything.   
‘I said explain. ”
“What are you going to do. You have hit me once. I am not scared of you. I heard you both. You and that slut talking. Then saw you shag her.  You are a pig ..a disgusting hateful dog who bites the hands that fits it. Bruno is your dude. Your friend. He took care of you when you had nothing.  Have up alot of things so you can have. Now because of a girl, his girl you want to ruin him. And her. You have no heart. I would tell him . This has gone to far and someone needs to put you in your place. ” Timothy stands his ground.
Junior laughs, .. 

” I warned you didn’t I? ”
“I would fight you this time’ Timothy goes into a box stance ” come on!!”
“Your mistake ”
Junior rushes him with an uppercut,   Timothy swings back at him getting his jaw, junior kicks him to the groin and heads him. Timothy falls to the ground, groaning and tried  getting up but junior slams his head to the ground…
Timothy blacks out immediately. 

“I told you I would get you before bruno gets me” he touches his jaw ..
“Asshole” he kicks the limb body of Timothy.  He touches his neck. He felt a pulse. 
He drags him to his room, ties him up and gagging him.
He locks him inside, taking his phone and keys. He leaves. 
He needed to put his plan for Amara under way.
He whistles as he flags an okada..

He would come and check in one Timothy once a day…for as long as he takes untill he was done with Amara, hopefully no one would miss him..
Its been a  month. 
Amara wouldn’t talk to me. I couldnt tell her mother either. I mean how do I say it to her.
Timothy ..just disappeared into thin air. I and David keep calling him and going to his house unannounced to see if he is there. He is not. Number not connecting.
Junior says he hasn’t seen him either, mentioned something about him saying he had to travel out of town for some work. But it’s been a month. Where did he go.
Junior kept asking me why I was looking for him, told him it was personal, until I see him.
I didn’t tell him what happened,  David says not to. I don’t know why..

But i don’t.  

Maybe later.
My new boss was making advances towards me on a daily..
Backing the printing machine I was in the room alone one of those days.  I had felt a hand around my torso, tensing I turn her around  to find her
“Ma’am?” Shocked,  I back away,  looking to see if anyone saw us
“Oh dont be shy. What are you doing later? ”
“Home ma’am”
“Need company?”
“No ma’am” I needed to leave, I was staring at the door
“Call me Jane please. Ma’am makes me feel old. I like you bruno, you are easy on the eyes but you have a body of a Greek God.  I wonder the power you weild between your thighs. Care to show me?” She reaches for my buckle I back away
“What are you doing ma’am. Pleas don’t, you ..you are married” I stutter
“Heh. My husband is slow and quick to cum. I need someone who would give me a run for my energy.  And I think you can help with that. ”
I push her away and exit., hearing her laughter following me.
Then I come home to more.
I had to throw Ngozi out of my house twice again.
I ended up staying with David for two weeks.
Amara still won’t talk to me.
Nkechi shows up unannounced too.

Bringing me food, forcing herself on him.
“Amara is your friend goddammnit! !” I shook her
“She doesn’t want you but I do. She can’t handle you but I can. Yes you slept with her and your colleague.. so. I don’t mind. I want you please”
“I never did any of those. Please help me get Amara to talk to me. Beg her for me”
“No I wont.  Am here for me not her”
“Then leave nkechi.  Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? 
“No” she reaches for me again. . I nudge her out my door for the tenth time that week.
The last time Ngozi ran into her..
I  left them fighting and clawing at themselves and went out. 
“He is my boyfriend!!”
“No he is my man” and so much other front and back banters  was heard.
I came back to find my house in a mess.
They didn’t stop coming for me.
Now I had two girls stalking me at home, one in my new job at the bank and I had only one girl I needed to talk to but she wouldn’t give me the time of the day.
I was fxxking depressed. 
And Timothy is no where to be seen.
No calls, no messages and no one seem to know where he is. His house has been locked and no one was home.
I couldn’t take it anymore..
I was going to make Amara talk to me wether she likes it or not. 
Junior smiles,  tomorrow  was it.
For the past couple of days, she had not be home alone but tomorrow  her mother was travelling, Amara would be home alone.  Her friend Nkechi and her people were out too.
Just Amara… this was his chance. 
Tomorrow,  he had it all planned out.
Every single time he went to her house after watching her for weeks, there seemed to be someone at home with her.
She had been going to school, kioks and her mother had been around.
She had returned to her quiet self,  not even talking to male customers nor looking them in the eyes or being friendly. A  straight face, and a cold stare.
Often times he caught her staring at her phone or down the road, as though looking or waiting for someone.  
He had also seen Bruno too, approaching her and a little argument with she not listening and walking him out.
But he sees her turn away to cry when no one is looking.
“Fxxking asshole! ” He would hiss at Bruno as he backs into the corner so that Bruno doesn’t see him when he is leaving, wearing his heart on his sleeves. He didn’t care much for his friend Bruno,
They have hardly seen this past month. Ngozi told him Bruno resigned and he started a new job with their friend David at the bank.
He sneers, he gets Bruno a job and doesn’t get him.
“I won’t do shit for you junior you know why?  Cos I don’t like you and because I think, there is something off about you. I can’t place it. I know we all are friends but… I don’t know. There is something really off about you. But if you really need a job, I can call in a favour at the IT company , I have a friend there who can help you when there is an opening. ” David says one of those days he chides him for not helping him get into the bank like he did Bruno. 
“I don’t want an IT job. I want a bank job” junior told him.
“No more opening here. Next one would be in a few months. Would send you a link when it does. Other banks would be recruiting too by then”
“No I want the bank Bruno is in” he says 
David looks at him..” No. What’s with you always wanting to be all over Bruno’s face?”
“I want to be where my friends are. You and bruno” junior had laughed nervously. 
“No. Sorry I can’t help you. ” David told him eyeing him, 
“Fxxk you!!” Junior had stormed out of his house .
“You too!!” He heard David reply.
He shakes his head; clearing it. He comes back to the present .

He had been waiting to get Her alone.  He wanted Amara alone.. and tomorrow looks like the day he would get his wish and to put his plan into motion.
He had the video recorder and the mask and a full tank of horniess. 
He laughs,  whistling he turns away from watching their door in the dark as soon as the lights go out.
He backs into the darkness. .. 





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