Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love (chp40)

Wordporn-series :This Madness Called Love chp. 40
Funny how life plays out differently for you.

They were boys then, chasing canters, playing robbers and smoking on some cheap cigarettes and ogling at the females passing by and drawing down their skirts, because it kept going higher up their thighs as they moved, or covering their cleavages when their tits threatened to fall out and say hi.
Sometimes they stood in pairs, whistling making the girls shy,  walking up to them and saying a word or two to get them to smile. It was a routine, it was their lifestyle .. it was how they rolled. 
As boys, they were always together, eating and laughing , parting and hanging . You never see one without all or all without them, like leeches they were glued together,  like stitches to a cloth, even the oil couldn’t separate them when thrown into the water. They stuck together like glue. 
Out of all of them, one stood out. 

He was much smaller than the rest of them, but he was the most likeable. Not because he was the richest kid on the block if talking about their status, but because he was just….lovable.
He smiled alot, he gave up the little he had  so that someone else could have. He was selfless, and automatically. .. it was easy for them to always go to him for advice, for anything..soon he became their leader not because he wanted it or asked for it..because it just felt right especially when…everyone looked up to him. His size and height didn’t matter one bit. It was inconsequential… 
Entering the university, despite being the lovable,  by guys , the ladies loved him more. So while all of them found it hard to get them ladies, having to chase for decades to get a sleepover, he had it easy. They begged to be wanted by him, fighting themselves to be his girl..and he indulged.  And thus the nickname ” The Hammer!” Because he was…well ..well endowed  they say. They had seen it too, while they showered and joked about girls and all that … 
“Dude, so Victoria and her friend were talking the other day..”
“Hmm, about what?” He was soaping himself up.
It was normal for guys to bath together in the hostel .. it was a long bathroom with shower heads and you just have to go to your corner and bath but… everyone could see everyone’s ass or rod or pickle … depending on which area you fall into.
“Yeah, she was blushing like a little girl” Timothy strolls in naked; slapping Him with his towel
“Ouch. Tf Dude that hurts.” He had rubbed his tush eyeing Timothy.  Who laughed.
“Yeah tell us, why was she blushing or what was she saying ?” Junior askes, he was on the forth shower bathing, David smiles
“Well, she says she had been hearing about you from other chicks and she thought they were exaggerating about your size …” David says  eyeing him
The guys laugh,  he doesn’t say anything but smiles 
“So?” He shrugs 
“Well, apparently she got a first class private class recently so she was blushing and talking about it” David gives him a knowing stare
“I don’t know what you are talking about david” he had said, hiding a smile
“Bru Bru. ..wanna tell us anything? ” Timothy askes
“No!’ He replied, putting his head under the shower,  letting the water hide his struggling laugh
“Are you sure, because she looked pretty excited I think she glowed Timothy what do you think?”
“I think I saw the sun rays on her skin ” Timothy nodded 
“Hmmm, no wonder she wouldn’t give me the time of the day. ” junior says , he wasn’t happy about it.
David hears him, ” we all know she has been eyeing Bruno since she got here, why would you even approach her when she already told us who she wants?” 
“I was kidding ?” Junior replies 
“So..back to it David,  don’t digress. This dude be smiling and don’t wanna talk. Should we water slap him or use the towels? ”  Timothy was already soaking his towel with water, David picked up a pail and let the shower fill it up with water,  junior grabs his towel too, he didn’t want to be left out.
“Spill !!” David says
“C’mon you guys!!” He says backing up, 
David was rolling his towel, three guys to one , he wished he could run for the door but then he would be going outside stark nark and that isn’t something he wants on the school magazine tabloids. 
“Tick tick tock tock says the grandfather’s clock” David says
Kpass! !!! 
“Ouch!!” He shrieks 
They were laughing. .
“I ain’t saying shit” he eyes  them rubbing his tush
” Dude I am going to do that to you back I swear” he threatens him
“You can try, before you get to me we would have given your body some designs with this towels, ” David says
“I think he wants another one” Timothy says, 
“No no wait!!” He exclaims 
Too late
Kpass Kpass! !!”
“Argh!! The Fxxk! !” He exclaims
“Awww the Hammer be dangling up and down. Dude, start talking !”
He tucks it between his legs
“Faggots! ! ” He hisses 
“You  wish, another? ?”
“Fine fine back off. It was a late night hook up.. 3 rounds. Now can I bath in peace ??”
“Awwwwww Baddo baddest. !!!” They chanted
“And another one is the sack. How many now?” David says
“Dude you know I don’t keep records .” He replies
“So when you going to see her again?”
He shrugs ,  he winces from the pain to his  tush “I swear guys e dey pain. I go do una back” he says
“You didn’t answer the question ”
“Dude it’s like you have forgotten,  he gets in, gets done and gets gone. Bruno the sledge hammer never exactly stays longer for seconds and thirds after the thirds. If you know what I mean!!” Junior says
David rolls his eyes “you sound jealous junior ”
“Why would I be. I get plenty girls when I need them. Begging infact to eat my nuts” he says 
They roll their eyes,  everyone knew he was lying.
“No strings attached bro. I don’t lie to them. Besides , they just want to have fun and I am too gentleman to refuse  ” He smiles saying to david
“I swear  i dont I envy you. I mean, this dude’s minus me chase this girls on a daily and you just sit there and look handsome and they come crawling. I guess we are the cassonovas of our time Bru.  Me and you both . Not this wannabes . So Erm,  ..Victoria,  that’s her name? Economics department yes?” Junior askes 
Bruno had grabbed his towel, tying it around his waist, walking out,  the others following him behind, no one pays junior any mind.
Yes, he was the typical ladies man. While he was soft on one side, he was also..strong on other aspects. He wasn’t like other leaders that would command authority and make everyone fear him. He gave out instructions that everyone followed, he was called the “Warlord ” from their Ke-kites group. He was nice and he was deadly if he wanted to be.

But he treated everyone as his equal,  that was the reason everyone loved him, was loyal to him and followed him. When he isn’t being the head and leader, he was their friend,  their brother, making sacrifices for everyone. .

Like David and Junior, ..

They weren’t exactly well to do.  Junior was an orphan,  while Bruno still had a few nairas to his name, he made sure junior never lacked for fees or necessities. 
David, had a poor mother and father in the village, he was the second person to be under Bruno , he never had to be sent home for lack of continuing his education. 
And him, Timothy? Bruno had practically taken punches for him amongst other things.  Sometimes they fed from one plate and he got pocket allawances when he ran out.  
About punches,  Timothy won’t ever forget that day. 
They had come for him in the dead of the night, five of them. A deal gone bad because he told on them , they indeed to silence him, or cause him to lose some essential parts.
He called Bruno,  seeing them jump through the fence,  he dailed the only number that he could think of, backing himself to the corner he waited the inevitable. 
Bruno strolls in , one had a gun to timothy’s  knee cap,the other held his hand to his back, his face was dipped a couple of times into the water, he was slowly losing consciousness due to the beating.
“I think you should let him go” Bruno  said
They turn to see him, he was alone. He stood at the doorway his shadow looming.  Timothy smiled in his bloodied mouth, atleast he came, even though it was late but he came.
“This doesn’t concern you. He ratted us out to the brigade officers.. we want to teach him a lesson. You should go.” The bigger one says, he slams the gun to Timothy’s knees, he screams out in pain, a punch to his face, he loses another teeth, he coughs out more blood.
“I said, you should let him go..” Bruno repeats coming onto the darkened room, the moon the only light from the window..
“Why? Who are you to tell us what to do?Do you want to die?” He says letting go of Timothy and walking towards Bruno,  he pushes him backwards and points the gun at him
“My name is Bruno.  And that person you have so mercilessly up beaten is my brother. I don’t know what he did and I don’t care. But I think he has had enough for whatever you all think he deserved. So….let him go. Please ” he says
“See this manchi oh!! ” one says
‘Who be this magga!!! Abi you dey mad. Make we change your status?” Someone else says
“See this mudafxxker strolling in here like the godfather looking for christain.  Oboy you smoke..c’mon leave here na before I descend on you.  Before I count to five.. 1? ” He pushes him again, Bruno pounces back
“2?” He cocks his gun pointing directly to Bruno’s  heart
“See this manchie no dey fear oh !” Two says in unison . They all leave Timothy and stand behind their guy..
‘3″ he continues counting
“Guy shoot the fxxker jor, then let’s finish the other guy up and be going. ” this one was energetic, his muscles flexed
“4?” He smiles wryly 
Later he told me, there was only one of them with a gun,  one with a stick and the others had nothing on them.
It was a quick reflex decision. Risky but…necessary.
It was a back kick that threw the gun away, and it was dark, it couldn’t be found  and a punch to his gut that caused him to fly to the wall. the stick that landed on Bruno’s  back made him lose his grip and he got a few punches to his face, .. but their mistake was they underestimated him..
Before long, they were on the floor, Bruno made sure the one pointing the gun to him had a pretty good design to his face..  we later heard his twin brother couldn’t recognise him.
The other guys comes in rather a minute late, Bruno had timothy resting on his shoulders and helping him up, they come in, the dude’s from Bruno’s team , seeing our state.. then looking to see the state of the five dude’s moaning in pain and looking worse than we were.  lets just say…
“Bruno ” was a name called with fear around there. 
And there were others, whom Bruno helped in the group, sometimes he doesn’t let them go completely out of line .
Like every other group filled with youths, with hot blood running through their veins, there was violence,  gang attacks and retaliations and the likes.
“You don’t go around fighting people.  Causing an uproar just because ” he says, holding on to the collar of one of the boys. He had been in a fight with a rival gang over a girl, the dude was bloodied in the corner trying to seat up.  Bruno had pulled his boy away from him, the girl was crying at the corner, he had slapped her too.
“Let the girl go. She isn’t worth it to spill blood over  you fool.”  He pushes him away
“But she is my girl!” He says in his defence 
“It didn’t stop her from shagging the other dude, willingly infact. Was she raped?” 
“Was she being threatened?
“No!!” The dude replies, seeing the folly in his ways
“Infact you got here to find her licking up his lollipop and moaning in several languages as she rode his joystick. So she was obviously was two timing you both.  You should have sense mehn, you walk away!!” 
“I would punch in his face and take his joy stick home with me” junior says . They had all come together when they had gotten wind of the fight. Bruno, David,  Timothy and Junior had come amongst others
“Shut up junior!!” Bruno says over his shoulders , he turns to the other dude
“Dude, forget the girl . You both need to talk it over like men. She ain’t worth it. You dig, if she loved you she wouldn’t have been in the bed of your rival or some other guy in the first place . You dig? So no more fights . No more.. have I made myself clear?”
No answer. 
“Have I? ” Bruno slaps his head
“Yes boss. ” 
” Good. Now another thing. Never lay a hand on a lady. That is low. Too low”
Bruno nods, taps his shoulders and walks away. .  Not sparing the other guy a second glance.  Junior kicks him in the groin .. everyone turns back to look at him
“What?  He deserved at least that?” He shrugs 
“Hey?…” Bruno grabs him by the collar.  “Don’t be an asshole ” he slaps his head
“Hey! Wake up! !” He slaps his face again
He felt cold water sprinkled against his face ..
“Hey, sleeping beauty wake up!!” Another slap
He opens his eyes to the dimly lit room, he blinks a couple of times so his eyes adjusts
“Awake now? Good. !!” Junior says shifting from him and taking a seat across from him. 
“Hungry?” He askes
Timothy licks his patched and bruised lips, his body hurts and he could hardly see with one of his eyes. His head had stopped throbbing and he has dried blood on his cloths, He had been sitting on this position, tied to a chair and gagged for days, or weeks he couldn’t tell. Going in and out of consciousness,  dreaming of the old days, and  soiling himself on most days.. 
Junior had a cloth over his nose..
‘Water!” Timothy manages to say
“Oh water?” Junior hands him water from the rain he had collected the day before.. “hope you don’t mind. I hear the rains from the heavens can cleanse your soul” he smiles bringing it to his lips 
Timothy had no choice,  he was thirsty,  he drinks it, a tear drops from his eyes
“So food? ” He grabs the left over bread , the mice had managed to eat some away, he cuts it bit by bit and stuff it into his mouth. Timothy painfully chews it
‘So, it’s time for me to get Amara timmy boy. I have been following her and watching her for weeks. You know, she broke up with Bruno.  I told you yes? I mean Ngozi..you remember her, she really did a good job. Amara don’t wanna see his lying and çheating ass..I heard she blocked him. I see him come by her house everyday trying to talk to her but to no avail. The stupid girl cries when he leaves  but he doesn’t know that and I won’t tell him” he laughs stuffing another bread into timothy’s mouth
“They ask of you too you know, David and bruno. I told them you upped and left town and don’t know if you would return.  They believed me. Guess no one really cares if you come back. See I did you a favour, now you know who your friends are..if you didn’t want to go run your mouth to bruno you wouldn’t be here lying in your own shit and being starved for days. You wanted to be the lil dxxk to foil my plans. You were stupid. ” He spat
“Bruno…Bruno cares.  David cares. .you, you are just pure evil. I remember how you were then. Bruno took care of you. Took care of everyone of us” Timothy says 
Junior laughs ” Bruno was doing that shit so he could buy our loyalty but mine wasn’t to be sold. ”
“He made sure you went to school, gave you a home. Gave you a life and reason to live..picked up from the streets and took you under his wings”
“Did I ask for his help. No one did. And he came around to lord it over us because his family was well to do. I was glad when they died and left him with nothing.  Yet,  no one was willing to overthrow him they were scared of him and the girls…they were like flies and bees all over him. I hated him for being him and I wanted all that he had. Everything. His influence, his status, his money,  his girls… even his name if I could. Why do you think I stuck to him like glue.  Even without having nothing after school and surviving on that IT job, people still help him, Ladies still go for him what the Fxxk does he have that  I don’t? ”
“You were happy his family died? How heartless of you. Those vultures relatives took his inheritance away but hr didnt let it bring it down. He still found a way to help everyone eveb you. What does he have? He has a heart and that’s all he needs to be loved.. you.. you are without one. If you did have one you sold it to the devil”
Junior laughs.. ” funny. I am the devil. But you see, I am the one standing here and giving you food. I don’t see Bruno or his lap dog David looking for you. Do you know how long you have been here,  its like a couple of days maybe over two weeks now. Oh sorry, it’s been over a month you have been here baby, you look worse for wear I might comment. Awww” he touches timothy’s  cheeks
Timothy turns away   ” you probably just need someone to gloat with and because I can’t do shit being tied up and thus I become  your perfect listening ear. Untie me and let’s go at it again. But know I would tell Bruno every damn stinking thing.”
Junior smiles ” Well my friend… I think I might come visit you for the next two days or so. But in any case I would be done with Amara today or tomorrow depending on my mood and by then it would be too late for bruno. So, enjoy the darkness,  your stench and your thoughts for company.. I hope you don’t die out of starvation. Tell the rats some bedtimes stories and when morning comes, count the ceiling with your eyes untill they are too weak to be open.  Infact I may not come here again….you are being ungrateful! ” He touches his jaw
“Kill me then since you are heartless! !” Timothy spat
“I should but you would smell, so i would tell you what. A couple more weeks and you would be dead anyways.. why don’t I wait eh. Oh, crap I have to go. Amara on my mind sweatpea.  ” He says getting up, gagging his mouth again he leaves , making sure to go through the back door and out to the streets without anyone seeing him.
“You know I could make you lose your job ?” She says
She had called me into her office in the guise of a query
“Ma’am you called me here saying I have a query, can you please tell me what’s it about. I got the mail last night that I should report to you this morning but I haven’t seen what I have done. I have carried out my duties accordingly,  my operation units are doing well. I don’t understand ma, what have I done to make you give me a me query to the extent that my job is on the line ma?” I asked her
She gets up walking round her desk, going to her shutters and closes it. I heard a click of the door. I turn around
“Ma’am?” I say 

” Why are you closing your window and locking the door. Please can you open it?”
“Bisi? Would you be a darlyn and hold my meetings. I don’t want to be disturbed for the next one hour atleast”  she buzzes her secretary who answers an “ok” curiously.
“Ma’am?”  I had gotten up  because I wasn’t comfortable 
She walks to me, standing infront of me
“Bruno Bruno Bruno. ..Bruno.  my beautiful beautiful handsome boy. You know what I want and I have been practically begging you since you started here. A tiny kiss you run away from, touch me sef you refuse. But what I really want is for you to get me on that table , spread my legs and give me a good head and then a earth shattering-out-of-this-world-sex.  That’s all I want. A few times a week, a couple times a month.. and who knows, you might be on your way to the top faster than you know it.  I got strings and influences here. C’mon, we have enough time to go two rounds and when I look at you I know you are packing ” she closes the distance and  grabs me, then squeezes,  her eyes going big
“Jesus ma”am” I was shocked at her forwardness.   I slap her hands away and backed away from her but the table was what I hit instead
‘Oh my my my. ..I’ll be damned. I swear Bruno I just got wet. You feel huge even in your flaccid state.. I can’t wait to see you when you are all high and mighty. . I give a mean Bj too just so you know. C’mon baby, on the floor or on the table. .I don’t care which one but we have to get to it because I can hardly think straight”
She pushes me, her lips were on me and her body was grinding mine
It took a few seconds to peel her off my body..
“Madam please  let go of me. This is insane. I ..I have a girlfriend! ” I say
“I have a husband. Both are  consequencial at the moment.  I want to be screwed and I want it now. So shut up and get to it or I would have your job and I mean it”  she raises up her dress,  taking off her panties, she spreads her legs wide sitting on the table
“So, what do you say. Sex me good, keep your job and a few more allawances to your payroll, a promotion in a month and more to come as we keep hooking up and you make me happy. Or….. you kiss this your job bye bye and I am not remotely joking. I am horny and you don’t want to cross me now. ” she says breathing heavily. .
It took a few minutes as I stood shocked to my bones at this lady who was married for a couple of years and have a few seeds already in the primary and secondary school and a dotting husband in the ministry. 
“This is your job mehn. What are you waiting for. More money in your pocket, probably a new office in a month and latenights at the office and a new car in a few weeks. Get in there Bru boy. No one would know.  Besides your Amara don’t give two shits about you. She thinks you are a cheat so why not be the cheat…well even though technically you both aren’t together anymore.  All the reason to sow your wild oats gladly. Get in there…do you have a condom tho?” He appeared on my left shoulders with a chewing stick while his red horns went back and forth as he talked
“Bruno. ..this isn’t you.. not anymore ” he says from my right shoulders. .he had a hand to my face, a sad smile to his face, a crown over his head.
My minimes have suddenly become a part of me, one pulling me this way and the other pulling me to the opposite direction 
‘ See Bruno, i am dripping wet and you staring at me  and i feel like exploding. Come to me Bruno . Make me happy and you would be happy too. I promise. Just come here already and blow my mind.  ” she says fondling her now exposed  breasts
“Fxxk it!!” I say going to her, I touch her thighs,  sliding my hands down to her buttom,  she pulls me in and grabbing me again..I don’t move , I let her. I grab her and lift her, she wraps her legs around me, excited.
I dump her on her couch. ” oh yes baby, take it off!!”  She purrs 
She had managed to pull my shirt out of my trousers and unbuttoned them.

I unzip my trousers why  she stares at me,  i unbuckled my belt, buttoned my shirt and tugged it in. I zipped up and put the belt back in place. I walk back to the table while her eyes grew from lust to curiously and then to understanding and finally shock.
I grab my phone, she had been sitting on it so I had to move her away, without a second glance I made for the door
“Bruno if you leave this office forget about your job and I mean it!” She says threatenly
“I think I already made that decision when I turned you down again ..Boss!! I would be waiting for the sack later but untill then, I am going back to work”! I say leaving her in her state of bewilderness and hornyness 
I heard the thud as I slammed the door, I think she threw something at me. Too bad the door took the brunt of it instead.
I went to my desk.. forgetting her immediately
“For real bro? ” David says laughing. 
We were having lunch and I was wondering why I haven’t received a mail yet from her terminating my job.
I nod, ” yes sir. ”
“Dude you get mind.  You told her that. You mean she was all out and waiting to be banged and you left her there drolling?  I cut cap for you.  I mean  you could easily have screwed her and kept your job. This trying times. Hain!!”
“I don’t roll like that David.  Told you. Atleast not anymore. All these …rubbish disgusts me now. I swear I didn’t even need to think twice… I just said Fxxk it. Whatever should happen should happen. I won’t do it. Am still waiting to get the letter of sack.  Or maybe I should first send in a resignation letter? ” I ask him
He shakes his head ” just wait. Till she does. So what you going to do now? ”
“Survive.  That’s what I have always done.  I would survive” I reply him drinking water
David had a sad smile on his face. ” Am sorry. I knew she liked dude’s and still allowed you be under her unit. I dragged you into this. Am sorry ”
“Its fine. Not your fault you thought I still lived under the skirts . Ordinarily this wouldn’t have been a problem but not today. Not me now. It’s just utterly disgusting and it’s sad knowing she has a family. .” I say
“Am proud of you Bruno. I swear I feel like a sinner beside you. You not only turned a new leaf you became the new leaf. ”
“You are a sinner.!” I tease and we laugh. But it doesn’t reach my eyes
“I miss her David.  Her laugh, her smile. The way she shyly looks at me and the way she …kisses me. I miss her so much it feels like I can’t breath.  I think about her alot and she won’t still talk to me. It’s been so long…so long I heard her laugh and I feel like I would never have her close to me like before again and it hurts mehn. I don’t know What to do than to keep trying.  She has got to talk to me …she has to. ” I rub my face
“I know. You have been moping around the office like your heart has been broken. Don’t worry she would come around”
“I still talk to her mum once in a while and she askes me why i haven’t been coming around..told her work and stuff . Sent her some money and told her not to tell Amara.  ”
“Oh? What did she says?”
“She wanted to know why but I said … that Amara wouldn’t want to feel indebted to me so she shouldn’t say anything to her. I just wanted her not to lack for anything you know. .even her mother.  The little I have I send. ”
“You are a good man Bruno. You make us look back.  You used to do thesame for us back then” he smiles remembering
” You would do thesame if you were in the position to gelp too. You are doing it now so its not like am one saint. Help yout brothers, thats the motto.

But david, she thinks it’s because I wanted to …have sex with her. I swear David I don’t think of her that way . Yes I am a man and sometimes …you know the thoughts comes but…it’s not topmost.  It’s not a criteria or a necessity for me now or a condition to help her no. Non of that. I helped her because. …hell I don’t know. But…falling inlove with her worked on its on.i had no plan for it , no irkling whatsoever. I miss her so damn much and I love her and I can’t even tell her these  things because she still thinks that I cheated on her with that. ..that slut of a girl Ngozi ” I hit the bottle away
“Take it easy champ . I know how you feel”
“No you don’t ”
“Okay..I don’t but I can imagine. And that Ngozi chick Nko? She stopped bugging you?”
“You should switch phones with me, I have over a hundred messages from her, calls and God knows what else.  As I block her she gets another line and continues. I had to lock my Facebook wall and set it to privacy.  She is every where. And to make it worse, you know Nkechi,  Amara’s friend? She comes to my house every single day with food and an overnight bag thinking I would be stupid enough to open my doors. Speaking off I need that agents number…need to move.”
David was laughing…”I should envy you but I don’t.  Sucks to be you right now dude. Send it to you later” he says
“Tell me about it. Heard from Tims?” I went by his house two days ago, he isn’t back. I swear he should keep running oh.  I am sure him and Ngozi planned this. No wahala but if I catch him he would regret it .” I say rubbing my jaw and flexing my hands 
“Maybe we should talk to Ngozi , !” He suggests
“Talk to that girl and ask her what? if she and Timothy planned it? Ofcourse she would lie. She is longing for an opportunity to be near me and I don’t want to give her that. I would wait till Timothy shows up or him Don relocated? When I find him I would cripple him first for causing Amara pain and then fix him up real good for setting me up with that slut ” I was angry..
“I would go buy his house again.. Maybe a neighbour or something might know something .”  David says rocking his legs back on his feets
“So, what you going to do now..?” He added
“Going to talk to my girl again. Her mother says she would be out of town, only Amara would be home.   And I don’t want her to be home alone. If it means me flinging her  over my shoulders and whisking her home with me I would. We are going to have to talk wether she likes it or not. I can’t bear it anymore I am literally going crazy” I say getting up
“Hey, it’s going to be fine okay. ?” He gets up with me
“Yeah.. I hope so. Let me get back to work..I may not have a job tomorrow but thanks for….being a friend.” I give him my hand 
“Stop thanking me Bru. .you did alot for me.  I am just replaying the favour.  Let’s leave tomorrow for tomorrow. ..when it comes we would work something out.. brothers never leave brothers stranded. Isn’t that what you used to tell us?”
I nod smiling. ..”Tushei “! He half hugs me and walks away ..
I check my time… it’s just 1pm a couple more hours to go till closing time…
I have to see Amara today and get her to talk to me.
“Argh!!! I thought that class wouldn’t end. So long..” He says coming to sit with her as the lecturer leaves
Amara gives him a weak smile and continues gathering her books
“Are you usually this quiet or you are a snob? ” He says
Amara stops and stares at him 

“And you say so why?”
“Well because you keep to yourself most times,  talk to a few girls and one in paticular that you follow home. You don’t really let the boys come close.  Why is that?”
“Because I think I like it that way. Am sorry I have to leave” she made to get up but he stays her with his hand to her elbow
“Why are you in a hurry, I just want to get to know you. My name is Anthony and you are?” 
“Amara. I am Amara. ”
“Good. Amara, such a beautiful name. I am the course rep. Do you know?”
“I do have eyes , why is that any news?”
He laughs ” Well so because you are aware who you are talking to. I like you, can we be friends? ‘
“I am sorry but we can’t. ” she replies moving away from his hands
“Why not. There is no harm in being friends is there?”
“No there isn’t.  But a couple of days from now… you would want to be more than friends. And some more days from now… it would  be you  asking to be a third Base Friends from kissing buddies to under the sheets buddies and a couple of hours after that, you are off to the next naive girl who was stupid enough to listen and trust You. So no we can’t be friends”
She says walking away leaving a wide mouthed Anthony. .
“What the hell, I just wanted to be her friend ..not shag her” he exclaims shaking his head and walking away… 
Nkechi laughs coming to her, “you definitely scared him away.”
“Who?” She turns noticing a hand over her shoulders
“Anthony.. the course rep. I was listening. ”
“Oh!!” She sighs
“So, are you sure you don’t want to follow us to the ceremony?” She askes her
Amara shakes her head , she wasn’t in the mood for happy moments. These days, she finds solace in her company. .her quiet company and she was glad for the peace today would bring.
Her mother would be travelling, Nkechi and her family would be out and she …would be alone at home today. She needed the peace. The silence. . The thoughts. 
“So what would you be doing alone at home. Or you want to call him.. I thought you said you guys are done” Nkechi says
She never told her friend how many times she had gone to visit Bruno,  taking him food and hoping she spends the night with him
Bruno had been adamant and stubborn,,kicking her out every single time  or won’t even open his door to her knocks.
She had a recent bruise to her face, she had met Ngozi and they had ended up in a cat fight with both of them clawing at each other. When Amara asked her how she had that bruise she had said her little neice had sharp nails and her face was in her line of vision and whalla! !!!
Nkechi was mad at Ngoxi for daring to fight her. She had the effrontery to say Bruno was her man. He was fair game , and she had laid a claim on him since Amara said she didn’t want him anymore. 
Ofcourse she didn’t tell amara any of this. But she is  hoping one day Bruno would give in but no. 
The messages he had told her to give to Amara she never did . The gifts, she kept them for herself and told Amara that she had a boyfriend who showered her with gifts and that one day she would let her know who he is..she still hopes that Bruno would come around soon so she that she could flaunt him..
“In your face Amara!!” But this dream is taking longer for it to come through . She thinks to herself.
She was running out of ideas to get Bruno to like her but it was obvious he was stuck on Amara and it wasn’t good for her. 
“Don’t be stupid Nkechi. I haven’t spoken to him or thought about him for ages now. I just want to be home alone and I don’t need the noise.  Is that any indication for you to say I want to see him. Please don’t annoy me, that chapter is closed. I am just glad I had the sense to walk away from a relationship that was based on a lie”
Nkechi eyes her ”  Don’t insult me”
“I haven’t yet.  But if you keep bringing him up I would. For all I know he has already moved to another game . Who cares ”
“Well, he has. Saw him the other day with two girls kissing each other.  I felt disgusted and walked away. He must have seen me but acted like he didn’t.  ” she lied
“I don’t want to hear it” Amara says
“Okay i am just telling you so you know..”
“Nkechi., I have to go hmm..let me meet mama at home  before she leaves ” Amara cuts her , 
“Okay see you Monday then”
“Hmm Monday! ” 
Amara gets to the park,  enters a bus and heads home. 
Nkechi takes the bus, but instead of going home she makes a detour first
“Please I would like to see Bruno” she says
He saw her come in, her dress too tight and too short. He knew she didn’t fit  in here
He approaches the table..
“Bruno who?” The lady askes her
“His name is Bruno and he works at the operations unit. Tell him his girlfriend Ngozi is here please ‘” she says
“Again, Bruno who?” The lady in uniform askes her again. Ngozi raises an eyebrow. . She wonders why she keeps meeting this dame lady here and why she gives her a hard time. Don’t they change staffs?
“Don’t worry chioma I would take it from here ” a man walks up behind her and  says , the lady leaves and he is faced to faced with Ngozi
“I asked for Bruno please. ..can you please call him?”
“Sure. Why don’t you wait in the cafeteria just out this building and he would meet you shortly..” He smiles 
“Urmm okay sure. ” she walks away
He dails a number on his phone. .
“Yup” I answered
“So this karashika just strolled into the building and wants to see you!”
“Karashika. Please who is that ?”
“NGOZI. !!! you didn’t tell me she was working it too hard to be pretty. Too much of whatever she gat going on there..I swear.”
“Seriously? I am not available please, send her away. Handle it. I don’t need that drama in my face biko.!” I say
“Sure.!..Ama deal with it.”
“Thanks son!”
“Welcome Grandpa! !” He cuts the call and goes back to his desk.  
3o minutes later he strolls into the cafeteria. 
“You are not Bruno.  I thought you were going to call him for me. I have been here waiting for him for almost an hour. Is that how you people treat guests? When my boyfriend comes he is going to make you apologise to me ” she says
“Correction,  it’s been only 30 minutes and we don’t treat people like you because you are obviously not “people ” neither are you a “guest ”  and finally how do you feel assuming someone to be your boyfriend when in actual fact he is not. I mean, how do you do it…Ngozi aka. .the office slut”
She was taken aback.. “who the hell are you to talk to me like that. Do you know who I am. Where is Bruno? ”
“I am just a man . Bruno is currently unavailable for your drama so I am handling it. That’s what friends do. Now,  here is an advice. Leave him alone. He doesn’t like you neither does he want you. It was a low blow for you to stage nonsense at his place and caused his girl to get the wrong facts. That’s really bitchy my dear you should be ashamed of yourself. !” He says folding his hands and leaning back to the chair as he sat down
She stares at him, convinced he must be close to bruno to know about that
” I won’t let him be because he is my man. He doesn’t  know how much he loves me yet”
“I swear you should listen to yourself. You sound like a retard”
“And you look like a clown!”
“I know..I have been told.  It makes funny faces I make look animated. Now…back to it. Back off and leave my friend alone. You have done so much damage by that singular act and you know what,  I  believe my friend when he said he didn’t sleep with you and I also believe with all certainty that you drugged him but what I want to know is how you got Timothy to be part ot you dirty little game. Hmm?”
She seemed confused. .

“Yes Timothy.  You told him to go pick Amara and get her there. Yes? ”
It took her a second to get back her game face.. Junior had told her that they suspected Timothy 
“Oh yes. It was easy, a guy can do anything when promised heavens between these legs. And Bruno and I did have sex, lots of it infact.” she laps her thighs..
David smiles ” keep telling yourself that lie. Well because you are a woman, nothing can be done against you but for Timothy. .you should let him know that..Bruno is crazy mad so he had better show up and come apologise or bear the consequences when he is found.  Better still, tell him to keep running ..because if he stops we are coming for him. you dont hurt a brother that way.. especially one who gave up so much for us. And for you, I have nothing to say to you. You are just a sad sad lady, who thinks life revolves around the inside of her legs. Sadly, those things don’t move Bruno anymore so try as you might,  you would keep hitting a rock and I hope you shatter from the impact because my boy ain’t never going to dig you. ” He says getting up and walking away..
“Dxxk!”” Ngozi spat  him
“No baby, this dxxk actually got class too. I am sure you can find you skalawag self and cheap ass out of here. Don’t fall while you walking because those heels look too posh.”
He saying laughing,  Ngozi storms out of the place.
“My Ada” her mother says touching her face ” My beautiful Ada” 
“Hmmm mama” Amara smiles , they were at the park
“Don’t worry oh, I would be back by Monday.  Just two days. But I would have liked it if you came with me. I don’t want you to stay here alone. You still have Bruno’s key don’t you and we have agreed you would stay there when no one is at home with you but I don’t understand why anytime I mention his name you get angry. Did something  happen between both of you my daughter,  biko tell me na Ama. ”
“Mama I am fine. I am a big girl.  I mustn’t go and be staying at someone’s place every time you travel. I am fine. We would see on Monday when you get back. It’s nothing. Nothing happened. Why would something happen. ?”
“Hain me I am wondering na. He doesnt come around again as he used to before. he only calls to check up on you”
Amara looks at her mother “I told him to stay away why does he still call?” 
“Amara you told him what?”
“No mama, I meant I told him we are fine so he shouldn’t be bothered about  us every single time. ” she lies
“Hmm okay.  I actually thought you both have become friends.’
We can’t be friends anymore. Neither can we ever be more than friends again. Never!!!
“Hmm. Mama, the bus is leaving. Come and be going. ”
“Oh!!! Please my daughter please listen to me. If anything and I am far, biko call Bruno okay. Don’t be doing stubborn stubborn. Okay?”
“Yes mama!!”
“E-wortai-lar?” She askes again
“Yes mama I understand . I have heard”
Ofcourse if he is the  last person on earth she wouldn’t call him.Ever.
The bus leaves in another 30 mints,  amara walks home , slowly lost in thoughts 
“Why are you here walking up and down, what is it? Someone piss on your parade?” Junior opens his door to usher her in, he had come home to find here pacing infront of his door
She brushes past him sighing and sits on the chair, her anger evident
‘Is- is it not that-that fool!!” She says 
“Which fool are we talking about here. ?” He goes to his kitchen and grabs a beer, and comes back not offering her anything
“I went to Bruno’s office again, this is like the 10th time since he doesn’t let me into his house to see him. Everytime I go I don’t get to see him either they say he is unavailable or that he just stepped out and stuff. ”
“Oh that fool. Go on” junior smirks
“That’s not even it. I didn’t get to meet Bruno today even after telling that guard that I am his girlfriend she was just looking at me as though I didn’t say anything at all. What insult. ”
“Okay?” He yawns becoming uninterested in the jist. It was about that time he should get going to the place his heart is happy to.. he smiles 
“Ehen, one other guy comes and says he would handle it and told me to go and wait in the cafeteria that Bruno would be with me shortly and I go , and wait for almost an hour Bruno doesn’t show up but he comes to me instead. He started saying I was a slut this and that, I should leave his friend Bruno alone and that how did I get that guy, what’s his name ” she snaps her fingers a couple of times to remember ” Ehen Timothy to partner up with me because he knows I set Bruno up and that he believes Bruno when  he said he didn’t sleep with me and bla bla bla, he called me horrible names junior. ” she sobs
“Does the guy happen to be 5″9, cute mustashe under his jaw, always smiley and have a cute baby face but slightly chubby on the sides, but has a sexy drawl when he talks and can sting you like a mudafxxker?” Junior askes with a half laugh
“Hmm….Erm,  yes..Yes Yes that’s him” she tries to remember what he looks like and nods
Junior bursts out laughing..
“That’s David,  Bruno’s loyal dog. You were lucky he didn’t bite you, he just greased your elbow and you are crying. What if he sanks his claws into you, you would be wailing. Mtchewww!!! Is that why you came here? For a month you have been dancing around Bruno and can’t get him into bed, Amara doesn’t want to have anything to do with him and he still lingers around her house every single day as soon as she comes back from my school and you being the Mrs Major Slut can’t get one man into your bed and out of my way. You are useless. But in any case,  I don’t need you anymore, the major obstacle as been removed because Amara don’t want him around which leaves her open to me……and  that party would be rated +18 uncensored and soon to begin. And your wailing is cramping my style, go home and cry to mummy okay. ”
“So now am useless abi? Is it not because of me you now have room to go and do what you want to do with that little girl. If not I played my part well both of them would have still being together , now you call me useless abi. I don’t blame you. You are just an ungrateful dude. See you better find a way to make Bruno like me. Aren’t you supposed to help me? Isn’t that the plan eh?”
“Nope. You were to help yourself and I was to help myself.  You wanted Bruno I gave you an out to get him and told you what to do. Not my fault you couldn’t work your magic. I even sent a message to Amara’s phone from his phone telling her I was sending Timothy to come pick her and deleted the message, and Timothy delivers after being threatened Ofcourse and still you couldn’t work your magic!” He drinks his beer
“Was it my fault his dxxk went limp, with all the ectasy drugs he still went limb when I was untop of him, and when he woke up and went hard as a rock he wouldn’t let me come near him despite the throbbing pain I could see he was going through he kicked me out of his house . Was it my fault then? Please stop saying rubbish. Besides Bruno and that dude you say is David is looking for Timothy. They are convinced that we are partners in this and Bruno might want to teach him a lesson. I was almost thrown off guard when he asked about Timothy and I had to play it like a boss. But where is Timothy? ”
Junior laughs ” Whatever if that makes you feel better, keep rocking that boat of denial. Bruno my guy.. yep it’s good that they think it’s Timothy and they can’t get a hold of Timothy because they ain’t going to find him. Not yet anyways. ”
“What do you mean. He left town? You threatened him?”
He shakes his head laughing “I told you I found the fxxker trying to get through to bruno right?”
She nods ” yes and you said you dealt with him. How did you deal with him, because I haven’t seen him since then. Well not like I was looking or cared to know about him since then”
“Well, I didn’t just threaten him and I knew that letting him go would have Bruno breathing down my neck and so I had to do something after beating him up to a pulp. Just know they can’t find him till I am done with Amara. ..” He smiles
“Di- did you kill him?” She whispers
“Don’t be too dramatic Ngozi. I didn’t I just tied him up and kept him ”
“Tied him up where? Wait since then. Jesus it’s been over a month. Isn’t he dead? ” 
He throws his head back and laughs getting up and stretching.. ” My dear this isn’t a movie eh. I feed him once in a while and give him water, the food still got a sharp mouth despite sitting in his own facaes and looking worse for wear. And nope he isn’t dead.  Not yet anyways, but I didn’t need him to tell on me and if I told him to leave town he would still have gotten Bruno to find out and I don’t want that. So he should sit tight there, after today…Maybe I might let him go but I may have to cut out his tongue…” He says laughing..
“You really don’t have a heart. That’s your friend. Shouldn’t you have just  beaten him  up and let him go and make sure he doesn’t communicate to bruno. How can you leave a man tied up like that for over a month. I hate to imagine the state he is in. Junior that’s you going too far.. you could kill someone ” she blinks uncomfortably 
“Nah I really don’t.  And don’t act all good-two-shoes on me. You drugged a guy and broke him up with his girl.  How is that being a saint?”
“Drugs you gave me”
“Your intentions was thesame so quit with the bulshits and get out of my house, I have a date with a princess ”
“How do I get Bruno to love me?”
“Ask Google,. Our part together is done. Well unless you want some of junior boy?” He grabs his pack
“No I don’t! ” She stated standing up disgusted 
“Heh!! Wasnt going to give you anyways,  wana save my juices for my princess. Camera check! Mask check! Belt and ropes to tie her up in BDSM style check!! See the idea is to have her first over and over again. And then I put on the recorder, put on the mask to hide my face and everything and then once I set up the stage I go ahead, got some viagra pills you know to keep me at it for hours.  Then once I am good and done. I am out of there, well maybe after I let her watch the video and do her again while she be crying and stuff. Then I release it into the Internet and make sure my boy gets to watch it. That’s how am going to roll today. An early valentine gift for my boy . What do you think? You want a first class role ticket to my show?”
“Argh!!! You are an animal. If I cared about the girl I would have felt sad for her but since I dont and since its because of her I cant get my man. Do whatever just don’t tell me. I may be his shoulder to cry on you never know ” she smiles.
“Hmm. Now get lost, I need to get going ”
“You really are still at it? ” I look to find Nkechi at my door barely a few minutes of getting home. She looked as though she just got in from school.
“Bruno why don’t you like me? I keep coming here every single day and bringing food for you and want to take care of you but you ignore me why?”
“Because I don’t like you nkechi and the sooner you get it through your head the earlier for you to move on” I say
“Can I atleast come in, I am thirsty. ”
“Malam sells water . I am not stupid you can’t pull that trick on me again. Look I just got back from work and I am tired and I wana go out. Can you please leave…now nkechi!”
She smiles , okay he caught her ” But Bruno what do you want me to do. I really have feelings for you. See, I don’t know why you keep thinking about a girl who has obviously moved on….”
“What do you mean moved on? ” I ask her turning back to look at her
“Well, she seems to have a fan of boys already at her heels. Her course rep…some Anthony dude and her were all cozy and stuff even today at school.”
My jaws flex ” aren’t you the little gossip. And I wonder how are you guys even friends? It’s a sad sad thing nkechi and I see the way she treats and cares about you like a sister . And yet you come behind her back to chase her boyfriend? ”
She laughs ” I am just letting you know that you should forget about her and look at me who is obviously available for you to mingle and tease with. I mean what’s so wrong with that. ? Plus you aren’t her boyfriend anymore and I don’t even think you should even call yourself that because you both didn’t date- date okay? Yeah so what if she treats me like her sister, matters of the heart is delicate, so I should give up my love for her? Maka why? Odikwa very risky!! See I like you, let’s do this Bruno.  Don’t you want someone who cares and  values you?”
“Are old are you?”
“I don’t see you asking Amara that when you started dating her.!” She says 
“No I am wondering because…Amara  is so different from you. Pure, her mind isn’t corrupt and to think you both her thesame age and you spew this nonsense out of your mouth is sickening. Nkechi if you don’t leave I would have to call the security .. ” I say
“But bruno-
“Musa!! Musa? ”  I bellowed, the lanky security hears my voice and comes
“Oga Bruno. .I dey here!”
“She I Don tell you not to allow this girl and that other one come here again you no dey hear. Weitin you be security for. Every Tom dick and harry just they stroll  into this compound you no know wether person na thief or na winch .. you go let them come inside. Abi fellow tenants like me no dey pay you, which one be your work na?”
He looks at Nkechi, 
“Oga no vex I no be dey gate when she pass. You no say plenty people t dey compound so i no go know which one dey live here and which one be visitor.  And she dey come here well well.. and I dey my brother side dey eat”
“You de mad? ” I ask him
“No sir. Madam abeg come dey go abeg no vex” he grabs her hand
“Let go of  me you. How dare you?!”
“Musa carry her commot from here. If she come here again con knock for my door I go tell landlord say you no dey do your job. She and that other fair winch wei both of them been fight that day. If they come no let them enter. You no dey like sitdon for gate I Don dey wonder wether we get security sef. See….make she no enter here again ” I tell him pointing to him and  then to her
“Bruno, c’mon Bruno you are embarrassing me. Leave me jor!!” She hisses at him.
I hear him pushing her out thr gate and he venting her anger on him. I shut my ears
I walk back into my house and lock the door,
I rush a quick shower, grabbed a pair of jeans and a shirt
I come out to find out Nkechi had gone. I head to Amara’s place. 
There was a bit of traffic.
I sigh while sitting in the cab, cursing myself for not taking an okada instead
David parks his car and alights, it was early in the evening and a few people where still about. He was heading home from hanging out with a few friends but decided to stop by to see if he could find Timothy at home, just incase he had returned .
His house was quiet and still, it doesn’t look like he had been back since he left. He goes to the neighbours and knocks on the door
“Yes good evening. Who are you?”
“Sorry ma, Goodevening.  Please I am friends with your neighbour Timothy.  I was wondering if you have seen him? ”
“Am I his mother? ” She askes about to close the door
“No sorry ma’am. No you are not. The thing is, I haven’t been able to get in touch with him for over a month and we his friends are worried if something vad happened to him. Did you see him leaving with a bag or anything at all?” 
“No!!” She says and slams the door in his face
He sighs approaching everyone on his line, no one saw him. Some didn’t even answer him.
He was about giving up and leaving,  he gets to the last house.
“Timothy? ” the guy askes
“Yes” David nods
“Come Timothy done travel ba?” He askes someone over his shoulders , I see a head pop out
“I think so oh. Because he hasn’t been around since” the lady says behind him. 
“But when last did you see him?”
“Hain e Don tei oh!!” She says scratching her head..
“Okay thank you ” David says backing away
“Daddy , I saw uncle today.” He says coming out with his mother
David turns around..
“Shut up. Where did you see uncle .?”
“Where?” David askes him
“His house. ” the little boy says
“Don’t mind him jor, he likes to lie sometimes. He just talks and doesn’t know. Was it not since you saw uncle Timothy? ” the woman says . He believes  she was his  mother

. She looked too young to be a mother,  David thought, he  wouldn’t have guessed 
“No today. From his window where I went to pick coconut. Uncle used to allow me go back and pick coconut when he is around. So I went to pick and I saw uncle inside  ” he says shaking his head and kicking the air
“But uncle is not around and you went to pick coconut. I will tell him when he comes back” she scolds him dragging him inside
“But can’t you call him or something? ” the man askes
“Number not going through for a while, don’t know where he has gone to or when he would come back” David says lost in thoughts 
“Well ..I hope he is okay. ” He says backing away into his house
“Hmm thank you” David says, he stood there for a minute as the door was closed.
I saw uncle today!!”
I saw uncle today at the back when i went to pick coconut. 
He knocks on the door again.
“Am sorry,  please when he says the back, is there another way into his house?”
‘We all have back doors in the house, that’s how it’s built. Most people use theirs but we don’t.  For security reasons.” He says
“Okay, so assuming I want  to go there, how do I get there?” David askes him 
He directs him, David thanks him and heads there.
It took him awhile to get past the grown bushes,  the gate was locked but he notices some foot path. He walked through it and goes behind timothy’s house.
Peeping through the window it’s pitch dark inside, curtains drawn.
He couldn’t see anything. .
He sighs stepping away but a movement got his eye. He gets his phone and puts on the touch.. and directs it through the window, using his hands to cup his eyes looking through
He saw someone seated, not moving. 
He peeps again, looking..  noticing why the person wasn’t moving.
He was tied to a chair..
“The Fxxk! ” He began hitting the window to get his attention 
“Timothy? ?” Timothy. !!!” He screamed
Amara sat in the small palour, it was dark and no light, ordinarily she would have put on the lamp so she could see but she wasn’t in the mood for even a tiny light. She had sat outside on her varenda for a bit,  the cold made her come inside. 
Her books were on the table but she was tired of reading. Her mind kept wandering and a particular face kept appearing infront of her
She wonders what he is doing now, maybe with another woman, every single day of the week after Ngozi. 
He had stopped coming to beg her, no more messages or calls. She sighs  remembering that she blocked him.
He hurt her, he lied to her, said he cared about her and only wanted her and after telling her about  his past life she had trusted him, even trusting him enough to want to tell him after his friend junior and how he had been harassing her.
She had begun to have deep feelings for him.

The way he laughs and the way he looks at her makes her weak to her knees.

And when he kisses her, 
She closes her eyes and bites the lower part of her lips,  
She wants more..
When he told her he wanted her to be his girlfriend,  she had been happy, because she couldn’t hide her feelings any longer and everything  had been okay untill he had gone and slept with that that girl that works in his office and had the nerve to come and lie to her that he didn’t. 
She flings a book away in anger.

It’s been over a month yet she still feels the hurt, the pain of betrayal.
She had never felt the way she felt for him before for any guy, those feelings in her tummy and the way her heart flutters when he is close by.
She thinks about him alot and when he used to come to beg and plead she just gets angry and screams at him and sends him away and when he leaves she cries. 
How dare he lie to her; and cheat on her and says he isn’t all about sex and yet she when she isn’t looking he is with another woman and had to call her to come see?”..
She flings another book.
But despite her anger, she misses him, misses him so much. Misses being shy around him, misses talking to him or him talking to her.

Misses lying on his chest and his big arms around her.
Yes! She Misses him and she hates that she still misses him. She thought she would be able to forget about him but she couldn’t . She keeps lying to her mother that nothing is wrong but …the pain in her chest isn’t letting up.
She picks her phone, scrolls to his number..
Biting her lower lip, she sighs and throws the phone away .
There was no point. No point. She should just forget about him.
Besides he had stopped coming to meet her and plead his supposed innocence maybe he didn’t care about her  anymore. maybe he had really seen that she isn’t worth it.
But she wishes that just once  maybe,  just maybe he wouldn’t give up ..
She wondered if she was too hard on him. But he deserved it. She hoped that she could see his face just one time, even though she won’t forgive him but hear him talk even if it’s for him to say he is sorry; just to see his face again even if she would slam the door on his face. But…..if only…
Knock knock knock! !!!
The knocks bolted her out of her thoughts. 
She sits up, 
Knock knock knock! !!!
She gets up,
“Who would be knocking on my door by this time of the night?  ” She says to herself.
She gets up working to the door,  she could see a shadow of man, tall, same build with Bruno,  his head to the door as though resigned to fate.
Her heart began to beat really fast.
Bruno was here, Bruno had come…
She doesn’t open the door immediately but waits. Counting one to ten slowly. Then ten to one much slower
Knock knock knock! !!
It was dark she couldn’t see his face, though she was angry with him and probably wouldn’t even have anything to do with him again, but ..he was here outside her door and probably wants to ask for forgiveness. ..Again. 
Maybe she should just let him in and hear what he had to say.
She unlocks the door and opens it wide.
She meets a smiling face..
“Missed me?” He drawls.
The traffic isn’t letting up. I come down and begin to walk..

It was a cold evening. ..I wanted to get to her before it gets really late and she wouldn’t want to open the door to visitors because ….well security reasons.
It felt like it was taking ages to get to her junction, tiny beads of sweat broke all over my forehead .
I sigh wiping it away with the hanky.
Looking ahead at the stilled cars, horns blaring almost deafening me, it seems like I would never get there.
I kept walking, thoughts in my head.
The name dances through my mind.. a name I have come to love.
Amara…!! Again .. the name perches on lips
I felt the prickly hairs stand behind my neck  and then my heart beating faster, I don’t know why.
Amara!! My head says
Maybe because I was going to see her… 
I quickened my pace….
I needed to get to Amara.

“I brought a lil treat for us… like to see?” He shows her a bag. Right before he reaches for her and stops her from screaming.
He kicks the door shut, pushes her to the chair and locks it.
Satisfied he turns and claps ..
“Princess. . Shall we begin??”
Continued. ….


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