“LOVE IS….” (A Valentine Story. ..)

So am thinking of writing a short story for ‘Valentine’s Day” ..
Have no idea what the story line would be  about or the characters or the plot.. (Not bothered tho… my mind tends to work on its own even without telling me๐Ÿ˜‚”..
By the way, my hands..he/she is called “Itchy Fingers” I swear itchy fingers puts me  in trouble most times but ..no harm done. ..Yet.
So…here I am drumming my fingers to my jaw and squeezing my face it tells me…Why not write a short Valentine Story?
So am thinking..”Heh!!” Why the hell not right?”.
So I would make it a 4 chapter story..  first chapter should go up tomorrow Saturday   (the 11th) and the final chapter would go up on Tuesday , (the 14th) which is on Valentine’s day.
I know I know. ..every one might be lovey -Dovey,  mushy-mushy and what not. So nothing wrong to grace thr occasion with another of itchy finger’s works.
So it’s titled  “Love is..” 
Ps : I was doing a few lines pieces of #LoveIsSeries” there is a collection somewhere in Wattpadd and on okada books. It’s a compilation of “Love is love and a jar of broken hearts” ..Ps..it’s a love/hate thing. Good read.
So…this story is “Love is…”

“A white/Red Valentine.” (A Valentine Story )
Would it be all about love or blood/ or mushyness  or prince charming and butterflies in the belly or… a dark brooding stranger or death? Hell I dunno. Why don’t you find out. First chapter comes up tomorrow.  Don’t miss it.

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