Love is ..  (Chp 1.) FEB11TH

……. . 
                “A White /Red Valentine Story ”

                         A Valentine Story. ..
Love is love and a jars of broken hearts..

Love is butterflies, a dance in the wild and a twirling under the midnight skies and a kiss under the moonlight or under the lamp on sixth streets. 

Love is mother saying I love you, father giving you piggy rides and brother protecting from harm and family keeps you from falling. 

Love is.. his sea blue eyes never leaving your face, his hands caressing your cheeks  and his actions saying I love you and his ever afters sure after he goes on his knees.

Love is.. that dark brooding stranger who follows you in the dark, smells your hair while you sleep and urge to drink from your neck when you least expect with a death wise in his heart.
Love is ..a love /hate thing. . Depends who is thinking it.

#LoveIsSeries. .

Love Is..

Here Is a Valentine Story. it about love and mushyness. .or blood and death. .after all its all about Red. Who knows? That’s a question you need to answer by reading🤔



Damaris rolls to the left side of the bed and hits the clock to stop it from beeping.
She hated the sound. Especially when it was a weekend and she wanted to have her beauty sleep. 
She yawns getting off the bed she scratches her butt and walks bare footed to her toilet, pulling down her panties she sits down to pee, curling her toes as the liquid leaves her body,  to make a dripping sound into the WC. 
She yawns again scratching her head, she gets up and flushes it. Pads to the mirror and looks at her face. Her hair was in a mess.
Last night was a rough night with the girls.. jumping,  smoking , drinking and partying.
Their drinking parties always turned out to be a mess.
It was 9:36 am already .
She was lucky,  her head wasn’t hurting as much.
She goes back to the room, she noticed that the other occupant of the bed was still sleeping with the covers over the head.
She flings the covers away and slaps the exposed buttom. 
“Get up Lidhya ” she says 
Lidhya groans turning away and grabs the covers back over her head.
“Go away” she mutters going back to sleep.
“Get up fatso.. it’s almost 10am..”
“Go away you witch. I want to sleep” she mutters curling up under the bed.
Damaris laughs.. ” If you don’t get up I swear I am going to get my phone,draw that covers and snap your bare ass and paste it all over the Internet. ” Damaris threatens 
“You wouldn’t dare ” Lidhya says removibg the covers from her head to look at her.
“I don’t think you want to dare me. You know I work the talk” Damaris has her hands folded over her small shirt and her butt kicked to the side. She was wearing pink panties with teddy bear at the back
Lidhya squeezes her eyes at her.. “The last time you had that picture online wasn’t funny” 
“Heh well it was there for  the whole of 10 seconds babe. Relax.”
‘Still wasn’t funny.”
“Didn’t have your face”
“It was my bobos! !” She says
“Then get your ass up, we need to go.. ” Damaris claps
Lidhya sighs throwing the covers and walks naked to the bathroom, she had a beautiful body that most girls were jealous off.
“Why?. No school. No work. We are free like birds to party all day, drink all night with the girls and be happy.  No boys to bug us and suffer from heart breaks. What more do you want?”
“Food. Nothing at home . And…besides, we need to stop by at Samantha’s”
Damaris begins to arrange their rooms
“What for again?” Lidhya sticks her head out of the toilet door.
“Well, she said something about helping her mother out with some fund raising this morning.  And she needed us to come help. Plus she said there would be some good looking bachelors you know ” she replies.
“Urg!!! Boring ” came  Lidhya’s reply.
“Sometimes I wonder if you are gay/ Damaris tucks in the sides of the bed. She likes to have her bed smooth and room arranged . Last night when they came home they had just taken off their cloths not caring where it fell and poped into bed and snoored away 
“Cos I just don’t have time for boys..too much headache.  We are better off without them , I tell you Dam.” Lidhya  walks out with a toothbrush in her mouth; still naked.
Damaris stares at her shaking her head..
“I still ask myself why you keep walking around naked and sleeping naked. Don’t you feel uncomfortable?  Because I would. Despite us being girls…”
Lidhya looks down at herself.. ” Ps : I am a cave girl.  I am comfortable in my own skin and hello there ain’t any boys here. Why, you attracted to me?” She winks at her.
“Oh puleeze  …just go back to the bathroom please and rush a bath.  It’s for 2pm but we need to get to the salon first. My hair is a mess”
Lidhya shrugs. . “You are going there for the boys not because you want to go help out poor Sam.  Admit it” Lidhya points to Damaris
“So? I mean It’s been months I actually had a man. After I caught jake with Tina in my room in college.  You know, I miss the chase and thril of having a guy around me, doting and you know.. the physical ”
Lidhya rolls her eyes..

“I have stayed so long without a guy that I don’t even bother. I mean how do you deal being engaged to your best friend , which you were crazily inlove with and only to realise that he is gay? I mean not straight gay but bisexual and atleast jake was sleeping with a girl..mine was screwing a guy, two guys infact because they were taking turns at the back of the field after the games and ..Argh I can’t think about it. He told me he dated me because he didn’t want anyone to know and he was going to marry me and still have his privat life but for real …he is more into guys than girls.. no wonder he wasnt particular into sex with me. A couple of times ..Argh and he was okay. He was getting his grove on with the guys you  know . Disgusting!! . You meet a cool guy he is gay or bisexual. .you meet another   cool guy and he is just interested in sleeping with you and doesn’t want a relationship and you meet yet another cool guy and he is a lair and a cheat. See…done with guys. I have no more strenght . My heart can’t take any more so…….you have fun.  I am just going to be there for the food Dam.  I hear they serve delicious things in these parties are mother throws and a good contact …I need to land me a good job with  more than 6 zeros my friend..That’s what you should be focused on.  Working at the bar is getting tiring with people slapping your ass and wanting to get a piece of that. . Sick sick sick men!!!” Lidhya exclaims
“Still don’t you miss it?” Damaris picks out a dress from the warddrop 
“Maybe but… I don’t dwell on it. Wear the black looks good on you” she tells her
Damaris picks the black dress placing it on the bed.. ‘ well I don’t care what you say. Besides…you know what next week is right.. four days from now?”
Lidhya thinks…” Erm,  what?  Your birthday? Oh no. . That’s next month, 13th of march. And today is ” she thinks.. “11th of February.  So next week is 12th beginning on Sunday and then Monday 13th..and so on and forth”
“And Tuesday is what?” Damaris smiles.
‘A day that’s too over rated and everyone wants to kill themselves over. ” she replies.
“Well I don’t mind a Valentine. .do you want to me mine?” She jokes winking at Lidhya who sticks out her tongue 
“Come near me and I would punch you” Lidhya says laughing.
“Urg you are such a kill joy.” Damaris teases
“Yup. I have been told. ” Lidhya admits
“What are you wearing anyways?” She sits on the bed
“I got a red dress somewhere in here , a green and a blue. Don’t know yet” Lidhya comes out placing the dresses on the bed
Picking one at the order she brings it to herself,  looking at the mirror. 
“Mini- mini’ mani-more?” She points to the dresses in turns
“This or this?” She askes Damaris holding onto the red and white dress.
“Hmmm Red” ! Damaris points going into the bathroom 
“Hmmm…I think I would go with the white dress. ” Lidhya concludes 
“Well I am hoping to meet my valentine today. What shoe should I wear?” Damaris calls from the toilet
“Good luck.  Wear the red heels. It goes with black.” Lidhya tells her
He was standing there  staring out of the window, backing the entrance to his office.
“Sir?.. Sir? ” He doesn’t turn, 
” do I cancel it?”  She askes standing close to his mahogany desk.
He takes his hands out of his pocket and pinches the bridge of his nose then runs a hand through his hair 
“No. Tell them I would make an entrance. I have to stop avoiding this things. What time is it for again? ” He askes without turning.
She nods ” 2pm. ” she says
When he doesnt say any thing again, she puts the phone back to her ears 
“Mr Philips would be in attendance ..thank you” she says walking away.
He turns away ftom the window and sinks into the chair.
He had avoided the public parties ever since..
Ever since..
He sighs, opening his drawer , pulling out a picture frame, turns it and looks at the  picture.  The persons smiling beside him were full of life, energetic.

Two people he loved, much more than life itself.
Every since that cold night in February. . A few days from now. A day he would never forget.
Every February tends to bring back memories he would long to keep at bay,  locked in the farthest recess of his mind never to be remembered. 
He places the picture frame upside down, placing it back into his drawer he pushes it close locking it. He had gotten rid of everything that would remind him of them, every single thing and left only that because he couldn’t bring himself to totally forget.
He had alot of regrets in this life but one ..most painfully was them.
He sighs getting up. .
He hated public functions, ever since then he did his works behind doors, sending a representative to represent him, he was the CEO of a multimillionaire company.. and everyone wanted him to be around to shake hands, take a few pictures and give out loads of money.
But he rather do all those without being there physically but the mayor was coming into town, everyone who is anyone is going to be there and they have specifically asked for his presence. 
He was the most youngest amongst their Elite group,  made already at age 35. He was respected and ..admired.  Maybe even envied by most.
A responsibility  that was foisted on him when his father had a stroke ,  he made him the president and CEO when he couldn’t come back to work.
Now he spends his day vacating with his wife, his mother, . .she was a nurse. 
He rubs his middle finger, a habit he was used to. He had recently taken off his ring after wearing it for  5 long years ..
It looks at the time; it was 11: 19 am. 
He dails a number, someone picks. 
“Hey James,  I wonder are you free this afternoon?  I got this fund raising stuff to attend and I don’t mind a wingman ” he says
Nodding he drops the calls.
James had been his live long friend.,  James was unmarried and liked the wild life. Once in awhile he didn’t mind being boys again. 
He needed someone who knew all about him and stood by him throughout the trying times.
Yes, he hated all this public functions.  Reminded him of things he wanted to forget.
His plane touched down like an hour ago, 

 Grabbing his bag he went through the terminals,  out to the reception area, he could see a familiar face in the crowd.
He had been away for 10 long years, serving in the army. He was back. He missed this place.
“James my sweet sweet boy” his mother says to him wrapping him in a hug..
He hugs her back placing a kiss to hir temple. 
“How are you mum,  they treating you all right. You treating her all right?” He looks to his aunt,  who laughs pulling him into a hug.
“Yes they are” his mother says linking his arm and pulling him away to the car
‘Yes I am. You look all big and tall and what’s with the muscle. When you left you were all lanky and dried chested now…look at you a man with a mustashe and ..that chain around your neck. Welcome home officer” his aunt says
He hugs both women to himself..
“Aye! ! Am glad to be home.”
“Oh wheeeeeeeee, thank God you guys are here I am all up to my neck with the arrangiments. My mother is balling her lungs out, everyone is running helter-skelter  and I just need to smoke and booze” Samantha drags them as soon as they enter the house , telling Lidhya to pick a bottle of scorch.  The cigarette was visible in her pocket 
They laughed running up the stairs and to the balcony 
“Goodmorning Mrs plimbleton ” Lidhya calls out seeing Samantha’s mother screaming at the chef
“Oh hi Lidhya and Damaris ” she says not looking at her and she goes back to bellowing
“Hey how did she see me, I didn’t say a quip and she didn’t turn”  Damaris says
“My mother is a witch of the first order.  She knows things” Samantha perches on the slab, lighting a cigarette 
“Oh..right and your brother is Harry porter right? ” Damaris askes
“Oh dont encourage her. It’s because  Mrs plimbleton knows that if I am here you are here and she catches us sneaking in and out of here every night.  ”
“Yup” Samantha  inhales and then exhales
“She wished she could have had my head on a spike this morning when she came home. And realised I had a party again. .for the third time this week. ..”aren’t you aware that I have a fund raiser this morning Samantha plimbleton.  Couldn’t you have had you party another day or in one of the clubs…Samantha plimbleton.  Oh  .you would drive me crazy Samantha plimbleton “!!” She laughs
“You are the little devil” Lidhya says
“°and you love this little devil who gives your boring lives some fun.

So, by the girls look great. You know some cool looking dudes would be here today and mother wants me to be on my best behavior” she adds.
  “She is hoping I land a senator or some equally rich billionaire.  She says there is one she had in mind.  Young and sexy,, widowed though. Still in his middle 30s. I told her that I ain’t going to be match maked. She tells me to behave. And I tell her she should go Fxxk herself.” Samantha says
“Spoilt brat” Lidhya hisses pinching her
“Her fault ”
“Cute guys all over the place. She is holding it here so they come and see how lavish our home is and how beautiful her daughter is and she needs me to behave but I don’t want to behave.” She pouts 
“I told you Lidhya there would be rich men here today, you thought I was lying” Damaris opens the bottle and takes a long sip, shaking her head when it gets to her throat 
“Well I am here for the food” Lidhya says taking the bottle from Damaris and drinks
“I am here for the men” Damaris take the cigarette from Samantha and takes a drag, making a circle when she exhales through her mouth
“Well I don’t care. ” Samantha admits.
“Samantha Plimbleton,  you would smile and welcome the guests  with your brother and me, your father isn’t able to attend God bless his soul but you would need to behave. I am doing all this to secure your future . I won’t be in the politics for long and your brother is  a medical doctor. I need you to find you a suitable husband and then you can step into my shoes and carry on the mantle and ——
“Bla bla bla.. I would try not to show everyone that i ain’t wearing nothing but thongs under my dress and my peirced nipple mother ” she smiles broadly..cutting her mother off
Her brother rolls his eyes,  Lidhya and Damaris stifled a laugh when Mrs plimbleton eyes grew large and her hand raised to her chest..
“Good gracious Samantha Mary Plimbleton ” her mother says aghast 
“Stop it Sam, ” her brother says, smiling at Lidhya who wasn’t sparing him a glance.
“Oh dont you tell me to stop it. I am the saints compared to us both. I wonder has mother seen your movie collection and your toys when the nurses come to visit”
“SAM!!” He says looking at her
Damaris and Lidhya busted out laughing.., Samantha pokes her finger into her mouth and pushes the sides of her cheeks in and out in and out continuously.. he blushes , obviously embarrassed. 
“Oh my God!!” Their mother  says
“Oh dont be too dramatic mother. Youthful exuberance.  You did crazier things some  point too didn’t your Mary mother of Christ?  Oh . SMILE…YOUR GUESTS HAVE ARRIVED!!” She quipped 
“Breath mother ” Her brother rubs her back. 
“And the drama begins” Samantha rolls her eyes and gives her most dazzling smile when the mayor steps up with his wife and rather ugly daughter.. and brooding son.
“The smiggles are here..” Damaris says
“More like the shrek family” Lidhya smiles muttering under her breath.  They were standing behind Samantha. 
“No, more like who let the bull dogs out” Samantha mouthed back only for their ears only.
“Sssshhh girls !” Her mother says ..
“Welcome Mayor, you look so dashing this  afternoon.  Oh lovely Mary Beth,  you look like a queen in that gown .. Oh the twins are so adorable , all grown up looking like elegance ” her mother purrs kissing and hugging them
Her brother joins in..
“I swear I just want to scream.  Please, the ugly ones to the left pleae” Samantha chuckles , the girls laugh  
The guest had started pouring in.
“I know you hate these things. ” James says, they were parked at the entrance of the building. News press everywhere , cameras clicking .
“You know me well” Philips  says touching his fingers.
A  few years ago, she would have been the one sitting beside him, placing a kiss to his lips and saying.. “Shall we go bedazzled the world baby?”
 with her sparkling smile., her beautiful eyes she would bore into his soul knowing all that he hides, taking his hands and giving him all her support, all that she had…giving him her heart and more.
The void in his heart is something he knows can’t be filled , not by anyone. Not ever.
“Down to earth Philips” James touches his shoulders.
“You ready?” He adds
“Yes, let’s go” 
The door was opened and they both alight from the car, his  gave his PA and secretary the day off. 
The camera begins to click and micro phones shoving into his face, his body guards expertly sieve them away ushering them into the building and to the  front door which was wide open as Mrs Plimbleton was welcoming guest with her family.
She had been bugging him to have dinner with them for months. He had declined every offer.
“Whats happening in the neighbourhood?  I see alot of expensive cars and then this side of town is blocked?” He says staring out the window
“Not our neighbourhood, the elites are having some sort of fund raiser going on. They  blocked the streets because they didn’t want commoners like us coming there to make a ruckus.  So now everyone have to stay on this side and don’t cross to theirs.  They got security personnel and the whole shebang. I hear the mayor would  be there, senators and politicians.  That’s why the fuzz”

 his aunt’s husband said giving him a drink.
“Hmmm. So because the rich and mighty are having a gig everyone gets to obey their rules and regulations? ”
“Well that’s how it is son.  That’s how it is.’
“Maybe I should go check it out”
“Are you crazy? You wouldn’t even be let cross the street to the other side of the suburbs and residential area. A whole destrict is there. Every access points shut down. All the poor people know  where they stand. We can only know what’s happening because we are not soo far off from their side, and you think you can just stoll up there and say “hi,  i amcharles , just got back from  serving my county and  am here for the holidays, can I have a drink and a pat on  the shoulders and a free pass to mingle with the high and mighty?” He chuckles
A sly smile,  Charles  takes a sip of his  beer  “As a almatter of fact ..yes!! I mean why the hell not? ” he says
His aunt’s husband  laughs, when he sees that Charles wasn’t laughing he looks at him
“You aren’t serious are you?”
“I am a man of few words sir. Don’t worry I would be quick . Just want to see what the fuzz is about. ” he finishes his beer, goes in to rush a shower and puts on a change of cloths,  caring his chain he wears it; takes a jacket and heads out 
“Where did my son go?” His mother comes out carrying a plate of cookies.
“Where do you think? Still as stubborn as a mull” he says
 ” come on, why don’t we sit and watch a movie yes?”
His wife comes to join in.
“There he is Samantha,  the man I have been telling you about. See how fine he is, you both would make a good pair. I had to pull a whole lot of strings and Weight to make sure he attends . He alwats refuses this invitation and turns down my offer for dinner.  The mayor had to call him specifically and make him come down.  See why you should have friends in high places. Here he comes smile..
“Oh how marvelous Mr Philips.  It’s been what …ages? You look just as always, dashing. ” she hugs and air kisses him
“Good afternoon ma”am.,” he says returning the smile.
“Here my daughter, Samantha plimbleton.  She is just an intelligent girl, genius infact. Finished from Harvard,  and going to open her own firm soon. Really beautiful girl dont you think. Samantha why don’t you show him rround am sure you both would have a lot to talk about ” she nudges her close to him
Philips smiles, ” meet my friend and accountanct.  James Noble ” he says introducing him to her mother and her, they shake hands,  he nudges James  closer to Samantha. He steps away from her
“Oh welcome to my home Mr James,  why don’t my son show you to the bar yes?” She pushes her son towards him and faces Philips. Pulling him closer
‘Samantha,  be a dear and take Mr Philips around the house, to the gallary , everywhere and oh,  do show him your certificates ..I am sure he would have some expert advice to give to You. Such a lovely girl” she says turning away 
“Oh welcome Mr senator roland; how is your wife?” She goes back to greeting the guests
Damaris and Lidhya had disappeared briefly; she wished she could get lost in the crowd like them.
He didn’t seem half bad, infact he was gorgeously sexy but sad around the eyes.
He obviously didn’t want to he here. Atleast they have that in common.
She looks at the retreating back of his friend who kept staring as her brother lead him away .
That one has fire in his eyes, he looked wild and looked like a bad boy.
She liked bad boys.  And who says she had to do anything her mother says. .
“You want a place where you can sit and avoid this crowd?” She asks him, wanting to get rid of him . She couldn’t wait to see her mother’s face if she catches her lip locked with some total stranger especially with the one she didn’t approve 
He smiles,  he had heard about the senator’s daughter,  she was fiesty, careless and wild. A bad combination for a young girl,  .. 
“Sure” atleast he was here; he didn’t  have to mingle all through.  Anything for the peace ,quiet and solitude. 
“Alright go through that door on your right , and take your left, there is a corridor.  It’s leads to my father’s study but.. lets hope his ghosts doesn’t linger and scare you. There you would have the peace and quiet you desire …btw; smile, your eyes are too sad” she says nudging him forward 
“They have seen too much ” he says walking away avoiding people who had recognised  him and were coming towards him.

It was the way she stood facing the window that caused him to do a double take and stood dead on his tracks.. That’s the way she always stood, when she was pensive , staring out into space..thinking or watching the sun go down 
“Faith?” He calls out.. his heart beating
She turns slowly, ..
He staggers .. blinking fast, his vision blurs for a minute and then readjust as the person ran to him, holding him.
“Are you okay?” The girl askes him
He blinks,  blinking again..” faith?” He says..
She shakes her head..” No, Lidhya, my name is Lidhya!!” She replies concern reaches her eyes as she stares down  at the man who almost fell to the ground as though he had seen a ghost .
It was  3: 05 pm..
Exactly the time his wife died..
Wearing an exact same colour of dress .
A White dress with her hair down standing by the window, her back to him.
He blinks again. .
To be continued   .. …
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