Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love (chp41)

Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love. . (Chp.41).



It was thesame feeling  I felt years ago, barely 23, still an undergrad. Missing  classes, drinking with the guys, an occasional drag of the smoke..something I didn’t quite hold on to. The parties, the latenights and the sinking into the warmth of a woman’s wet core and forgetting one’s self till the next day, and leaving the next day, not really glancing back at the one sprawled on the bed. Just another face in the crowd.. 
It woke me up with a start, a clutching to my heart, I felt suffocated as though I was under water , claws to my skin, a burning sensation climbing from my thighs and then to my stomach eventually my eyes. It’s misty and I don’t understand why. 
I roll of my bed, staggering to the dark to the fridge,  my throat felt patched. Maybe that was it. But I couldn’t shake the vibe dancing at the back of my mind, a negative vibe.

Then a sudden chill kisses my skin, as though caressing me,  not to please but to instill fear, my heart begin to beat rapidly. .racing so fast as though I had hit the tracks and trying to catch my breath not so long ago.
“Mama”  my head says
But mother was out of town, father too.
On some business trips to Lagos and then to calabar, a certain conference.  
We weren’t exactly well to do, but we were comfortable..enough that helping out a few friends with financial assistance wasn’t a bother for me.
“Why do you…even mingle with us?” David asked  me one of those days 
“I mean, you come from a good home..not born with the silver spoon but…your spoon still sparkles when compared to our dirts-filled ones. And yet , here you are..here with the low and improvised.  Being our leader,  our friend and sometimes brother. Why do you mingle with us..?”
I sat pensive not knowing how to respond to it..

“I don’t know..all my life I was raised to be prime and proper, talk to this, mingle with that,  told who to meet and where to go to. Being an only child after …I lost my brother, he was 3 years old..pops tightened the leach on me. Mother wanted me to be everywhere with her, not leaving her sight.  I felt suffocated.  I wanted to do what other kids did..have fun.  Go wild..be myself.  I wanted to be me and for a while I danced to their tunes and nodded my head to all their yeses and shook my head to their No’s. But I was waiting on the time when I was old enough to do me..and that time came when I was to go to the university. They wanted me to go abroad and I refused. I wanted to stay here, not go to any private school but go to the public universities.  Ofcourse we fought about it and when I purposely ignored the acceptance mail from Dale and one school from new York.  They knew I meant business.  I just wanted to live. What do I know, I was a fxxking kid who just wanted to be free..eventually they let me do what I wanted..and I was like..hell? I don’t need to act all rich and stuff. Besides not as though my father is rich,  we just have enough to go by and a few changes too ..live a comfortable life. And I got here… and hell was  i happy to see you all again. Well technically I just wanted to be close to you guys again..like the way we were when we were kids.”
“Your parents hated you hanging with the local kids in the neighbourhood.  You used to jump the fence over to ours..” David reminisces
“Yup. Got a few bruises to show for it. I remember.  But you see, I saw how happy and carefree you guys were. Playing under the rain, running around with sticks,  going to bed late and doing stuffs…with reckless abandon and I was like. ..Yes,  that’s what I should be doing. I was a kid..growing up and I just wanted to enjoy every damn thing and then. ..I got into the university with you guys and you all fxxked me up big time. Made me a cassanova,  a lady’s man and some fierce war lawd .. Fxxk you all very much! !” I laugh
“Yeah” David joins in smirking .. “Fxxk them all, you inclusive Bruno..you inclusive . ”
” awww I love you man!” I say grabbing his neck and pulling his head, under my armpits and made sure I messed up his hair.. he carried afro back then 
“Hmp!!!! Ewwwww” he laughs trying to struggle out from under my arm.. 

” Erm..ewww get your under arms the Fxxk away from my face ..”  He laughs nudging me .. I let him go slapping his face..
“I love you too” he says hitting me back. Trying to comb back his hair to style 
“Now dude that’s just gay. ” I reply eyeing him. “Sure you aren’t attracted to me dav? You said that a little too much. .. emotional..I mean dude I don’t know it’s just screams gay..you gay Davy boy? ” I look at his with side eyes, my shoulders raised


“Yes…I think I am..want a kiss?” he reaches for me I get up running…
“Faggot ! !” I yell
He chases me, Timothy and the other guys laugh shaking their heads..
“No one would think you are the boss of us..you know” Timothy says when I stopped to catch my breath and David grabs my head and plasters wet kisses to my face. I “Urged”  wiping my face, Everyone laughs
“We are brothers.  Family..” I reply..punching Timothy playful
“And brothers needs no formality even if they aren’t blood you dig dawg! !,” 
They nod. 
But that’s one of those days..
But yet that feeling, that sinking feeling  at the pit of my stomach wouldn’t go away. Back on the bed after a shower, getting dressed for class which I knew I might eventually ditch. 
Despite missing lots of classes , unlike my friends.. I studied when I did and ..I never really failed a course. So I wasn’t exactly bothered about it much.
“Mama” I hear her name again in my mind as I tugged in my shirt.
I pick my phone to call her, it’s 8 :30am.  I think against it, she might be asleep or worse still in an early morning  meeting and pops don’t like to be disturbed early in the mornings. 
“I would call her later” I say heading out.
It’s another two hours later,  I was taking to Catherine,  she was a fair beauty, easy on the eyes and she was a touchy-feely person…a little too mushy and she had her hands around my neck and begging for a kiss..
The guys hung around, a thing they had a habit of doing … when you need an alone PDA time they tend to glue to me like tentacles. I couldn’t shake them off, and she didn’t mind.
I felt my heart closing,  I blinked a couple of times, then the sensation comes again, this time I felt a pain to my chest, I stagger. .
“Whats wrong ?” She askes concerned
‘I ..I don’t know’ I mutter, feeling very uneasy and uncomfortable  I rub my chest hoping the pain goes away

Papa!!” Like my mind was deliberately telling me something I couldn’t understand..
The negative vibe was evident. Too evident. But I didn’t know why or understand why..
Later that night, the call comes in. 
They were involved in a ghastly motor accident with a trailer crushing them..they died on the spot.
I beat myself up for weeks and months..
If only I had called her…just maybe I would have heard her voice, their voice before the end..maybe, I don’t know. But if only I did. Then my goodbye wouldn’t be only in my mind.
I missed her, mama ..especially.  I was stubborn but she never gave up on me. I was a pain in the  neck when I wanted to be…but he, he loved me still despite our differences. They were my parents and I would give anything to see them alife again. But life is a tease.
And to have them die , far away from me without much of a goodbye tore me.
After the grief,  the vultures came soon after. .and then I was left with nothing but my name and a few changes to go buy. No family to support me or help me when the vultures took all that we had, outright illegal robbing in board day light. His friends..his board workers. As though they were waiting for him to die. As thought they planned it. It was never proven.  They walked.. I was left with nothing.
Did I let it put me down ? No. I kept surviving. .
But now …just like that day…I had that pit gut  wrenching feeling in my stomach,  the cold sensation rising up my arms, the negative vibes I have been having of recent all to sudden and i was not understanding why. .
Just like that day, ..
“Amara”  my mind says her name..
I didn’t know why…I felt uneasy , those same feelings  of foreboding..but… I didn’t want to know. This time  , I choose not to ignore .
I used to remember mama, calling my number out of the blue,  to check up on me on odd hours.
“Whats wrong mama?” I would ask
“Are you okay?” She would ask me, groggy-eyed I would yawn.. 
“Yes mama I am..it’s ..past midnight why are you still up?”

“I don’t know. I just felt I should call you. Are you sure you are okay?”
I would chuckle “yes mom I am. Now go to bed” I tell her 
She called me throughout that day.. 
“My mom keeps calling me nonstop asking if am fine” I tell the guys and they laugh about it.
“Mummy’s boy” junior  dared
“Hey watch it!” I tell him smiling.
It wasn’t till two days later, I got bruised by a car, a hit and run it was meant to be because the driver didn’t stop. 
Mama had called me again as I made my way down to the guys..
They had all crossed the road to the other side, waiting on me..
Mama’s call comes in right as I made my way down, instead of crossing I pause to listen to her asking for the 100th time if I am sure I am okay. Then she  asked about school and nothing in particular and everything she could think off and still went back to asking if I am good. I shake my head laughing..Maybe she was just missing me. I haven’t been home for over two weeks.
A car drives quickly pass, making the boys jump out of the way, Tom gets a broken leg and another a few injuries to his head.
I had switched shirts with Tom that morning, he liked mine and begged for it so a few minutes earlier I had pulled it giving it to him. The car was heading for him. It stopped seeing it had missed it’s target..
Seeing it I begin to run forward, same with the guys dragging them out of the way,  the car reverses back , I was almost near him, then I hear the screech of tyres, 

It turns sharply  and knocks me off the way. . I land with my back, thankful for the bin bags for support in which I landed on, but the concrete did a number on my body as I rolled with thr force of the fall. 
The other guys begins to chase the car. . It doesn’t stop.
Mama comes to the hospital  “you told me you were fine.  You lied to me Bruno Peter Amachree ” she says with tears in her eyes. .  Only mother calls me my full name..like that. I smile cleaning her eyes 
“Well I was fine when you kept calling  me… and I am still fine . Just a few bruises” I say wearing my shirt after the doctor covered my wounds.  Thankfully no broken bones. Tom and the other was being taken care off. 
I think David must have called her. He denied. 
Mum tells me days later. She threatened him when she couldn’t get ahold of me. My phone was crushed.
When  I asked her why she kept calling me.. 
She told me that, she didn’t know . Everything my name comes to her mind those few days it always made her heart skip.  And since my brother died, she became a bit too panicky so when her heart skips like that, she feels fear that something was wrong.. or not. She didn’t know. But she kept calling to make sure I was fine. 
Ofcourse I laughed about it..
“You worry too much ma” I say walking with her out of the hospital.
“Someone has to. You father is outside” she told me
That was years ago… I didn’t know why it was coming back to me now .
“Amara!!” I hear it again  
I quickened my steps, the junction seemed like a far away land and the stilled cars and blaring horns almost deafened me..
I begin to run.
David couldn’t find away to open the window and no stone  big enough to shatter the window.. but it would be pointless.  The windows had iron bars crisscrossed. .he wouldn’t be able to get it in eveb if he broke the window
“Think David think” he says, his heart beating fast..
No , his eyes isn’t deceiving him. That’s Timothy there, on that chair unmoving.  Tied there…or was he dead?  
He ran back to the front side of house,and tries hitting the door, forcing it open. It wouldn’t buldge. It was those fancy protective doors , for securities reasons people bought them instead, it would take two times harder for an armed man to break in.
“Fxxk ” he mutters
He walks around the tiny vicinity. . Scratching his head and not sure what he would do.
“Bruno?” He mutters bringing out his phone to dail him. It keeps ringing a couple of times and no answer, he keeps calling him while searching for what to break the door with.
He calls junior. Same thing no answer. 
“Shit!!!”  He runs back to the back,  bruising his knee in the process. He goes back to the window and begins to hit it.., hoping to see movement,  any sort of movement. Fear grips him
“What if he is dead.. ?” He wasn’t sure if he really did see Timothy there but …he needed to get into the house.
He rushes back to the front and instead starts to knock on everyone’s door..
“Make una come out oh, come out oh..help help oh…please ” he kept banging at the doors.
Soon there was a tiny crowd gathered infront of timothy’s house .
A few people go to the back and they can see that someone is there..
“Oga..how you take know say person dey dey?
“I thought he travelled? So who is there. Is it Timothy? ”
“Jesus person die inside there?”
“Is that uncle ..is uncle there? I told you uncle was around today” the  little boy comes outside with his mother..
“Look, help me, is there a spare key?.help me let’s break down this door I cant push it in. If my friend is in there we need to get in there fast abeg, help me ” David says pacing up and down .
They couldn’t push the door in.
The noise pulls him out of his sleep. 
He couldn’t turn , not even to shake his head from the flies that had begun to perch on his nose and tickle his ears .
He sniffs,  he could feel tried tears to his face, like sand paper it hugs his face not letting go. 
Tap tap tap.. the window sang
Tap tap tap.. it causes a migraine to his already throbbing head.
“What could be that sound ” he wondered. His mouth felt weak from being open for too long.,  spittle trekking down his mouth as he couldn’t swallow. His stench fills his nose but he could do nothing about it..
He was so weak , so weak, even blinking was a bother, atleast he could sleep..and dream of the good ol days , when men weren’t bitter and Junior was once a nice fellow..
Or was he.
He wished he could stop the noise, he felt like a big bell was in his head ringing every time he heard the sound .. it only helps to make his body quake out of fear.. of impending danger..
Then the  noise stops..
His whole body is in pains, his butt too. From sitting in that position for weeks unending, from not moving.., the wire junior used to tie him had already sunk into his body and arms and neck..because he tied him up so tight that even if he had a scorpion about to sting him he still wouldn’t have been able to move. Yes he tried.. the  only thing he could move was his eyes darting this way and that way; his flaring nose …and his fingers and toes. Nothing else…
Well aside his bowels when he had to go..
He cried at night. .. Maybe the darkness could give him solace ..
The sounds again from the window bolted him out of his thoughts, he noticed shadows..or felt them.
“The trees,  the dancing trees, always teasing me as though the calvary had come to set me free” he thought to himself,  chuckling in his tears with his gagged mouth
“No one cares about you Timothy. Not even Bruno.  No one askes about you, in a week you were forgotten. See….no one gives a shit..and yet you give a shit about him .? About david? They have forgotten you exists.. it’s been over a month Tims. .and no one has thought of you ever since. Well, except me. I come to visit and give you a little piss” junior laughs slapping him awake one of those many lonely days..
So he closes his eyes and tries to block out the sound..
“Just the trees, just the trees. No one knows I am here. No one will come for me till am dead..” He thinks to himself. Another tear rolls done his eyes…  
He thinks of his mother, his childhood. .and of their early days…
A memory that keeps him from going mad.
“Move move move!!” Someone bellows
“Commot from there” 
“Hit it down. Hit it down”
“Carry stick.. Maybe na another person dey inside ”
“Break the door down. .Jesus! !!’ David calls out, he grabs the wood , making the forth person and they ram into the door.
Continuously untill they see it give way an inch.
Itch by inch the door gives way eventually it swings open hitting the walls and dangles on its hinges..
The wave of stench that hits them causing everyone to pull back..
“The Fxxk is that smell.” David says , grabbing his hanky to cover his nose he looks back at the tiny crowd. No one wants to venture into this journey with him
That might be his friend tied up in there or worse someone else.. there was no way he was going to sit down here and wait for the police to come.
Someone had dialed them.
“Timothy?” He calls out entering the darkened house,  using his touch for light..
“Timothy? ?” TIMOTHY??”  He calls out louder.. hitting his leg and almost tripping he staggers. The stench was over powering.. but he didn’t let it deter him
It smelt of heavily congested faaces. He could only wonder what happened here.
Fear grips him again, he slowly finds his way to the only room in the house…it was locked..
It didn’t look like the outer one..
He begins to jam his body to it…
“No, no no” he hears his name, he hears someone at the door. Junior says he wasn’t coming back. Was he done with Amara already and was coming  back to finish him up?
He willed him to go away.. mentally willing him to go away, fear rising up and causing his heart to beat really fast, his vision had become blurred from lack of food, nutritious food. He had lost weight and he smelt like shit. He knew even if junior released him and asked him to fight and defend himself he would slump to the ground like a park of bones..
“Please. ..go away” he cries, his eyes filling up. .
He was teasing him, hitting the door with his body, to instead fear in him. Timothy knew that was what he was doing..
He closes bis eyes, shutting it tight..
“You would die in here Timothy. ” junior had told him laughing … “Yup and no one would miss you…at all” he roars. .
“Am sorry Bruno. .I should have told you since. Forgive me for hurting you and Amara..I should have prevented it. Helped you as a brother as you helped me..forgive me..” his heart cries out..
Junior was coming for him.. Maybe tonight was the night he dies.
He waits for him.
David jams the door open and staggers inside the room.. 
The stench here was 10 times worse than the palour.
There in the middle..of the room.
He sees him, seated on a chair, tied from neck to feets,  his eyes tightly closed..
“Oh Jesus! !” David staggers, not believing his eyes..speechless he rushes to him, kneeling down, he shakes him touching his body, his neck, he felt something liguid. He shines his touch to his hands. . Blood. The wires were bleeding him .. they were to tight it was sinking into his skin 
“Timothy open your eyes, Jesus timothy? ” David shakes him, he wasn’t moving he was stiff. 
“Open your eyes Timothy.  ” tears falls down David’s eyes unnoticed..
That voice. ..that voice doesn’t sound like Junior’s voice Timothy thinks ..
His mind was playing tricks on him..
No,  another of Junior’s tease. Taunts. . The gag was taken from his mouth, his tongue filled with sores,. He even found it hard to close his mouth even when fresh air enters his lungs
“Kill me already you pxxxk!” Timothy   manages., his strength failing him to talk ..
David begins to pull at the wires, trying to cut it but it only peirces his skin further as he pulls. 
” the Fxxk!!! the Fxxk!!! the Fxxk who did this to you?” Who was the fxxker who did this to you” David cries out pulling the wires, looking around for something sharp to cut it with. .
This wasn’t junior, this wasn’t junior.
Timothy  opens his eyes,  his vision blurs,  ..
“Who..who are you ?” Are you here to safe me?” He whispers, not sure if anyone is even there. .Maybe junior wasn’t there. Maybe it was a stranger,  a ghost.  Like a mirage and his mind was playing tricks on him again
“Yes..Yes timothy. It’s me david..I am here..” David laughs and cries..
“He was wrong you know.. was wrong .. they care about me” Timothy says.. half to himself. 
“Help, someone help” David screams..
A few more shadows rush  into the room
“Jesus! !” Someone exclaims. 
“Knife, anything. Please someone get me something to cut the wires with.” He screams..
“Timothy,  timothy. ..?” He shakes him
“He was wrong. .” timothy says, his strength failing him.. his vision becomes worse.. slowly darkness closes in..
David grabs the knife and cuts him loose carefully in order not to wound him further. .
“David? David is that you ?” Timothy says, David and the others lift him off the chair to the ground
“Yes Brother, it’s me. It’s me” David wipes his eyes, he needs to call Bruno. 
“Who ..who did this to you Timothy? ” He askes him
“The police are here ” someone says..
“Lets take him outside. .this place stinks” another says as they gather them waiting to lift Timothy up
“Timothy,  who did this to you?” David askes , 
“Junior..the sly snake..you know you never did like him. ” He coughs laughing, his body shook slightly,  then he closes his eyes smiling..
“The calvary came. .he was wrong” He mutters then nothing else.
He had fainted. 
But david was staring into space as the puzzle begins to fall into space..
Junior the sly snake.. 
You never did like him.
He was always after what Bruno was all about. What he had. Everything Bruno.  
“Oh Fxxk. .Bruno!!!” David exclaims 
As they carried him out , he kept dailing his number.. no answer. .
They rush him to the hospital , he kept going in and out of consciousness, mumbling about the old days, his mother. .

Then Junior. 


Then Junior,  more of junior. Bits and pieces that didn’t make sense. 
Doctor said he was hallucinating
But I knew better.
The woman with the little child follows him with her husband
After asking them to please watch him and to call him if he wakes up.
He rushes to his car , entering it and begins to drive like a mad man.
Bruno said he was going to see Amara.
And if what Timothy tries to say is what he thinks..
Then Junior might also be on his way to see Amara,  if not there already 
He needed to get there..
If junior did this to Timothy,  there was no telling what he would do to Amara.. 
Bruno still wasn’t picking..
“Get out of  the way.!!” He screams at at a couple of kids.
“Pick up your fxxking phone Bruno! ! Pick up pick pickup!! He chants.
No answer still
“Fxxk!!” He exclaims stepping on it
“Oh dont be shy my princess, I told you I was coming for you..and I was coming hard” junior laughs. .
Amara had backed up to the corner covering her self.  He had slapped her a couple of times to stop her from screaming..
“No one can hear you Amara. No one.”
She had scrambled for safety when he locked the door unpon entering the house, running into the kitchen to get a knife to defend herself.
‘Leave my house now !!! Leave me alone. If  you come near me I would stab you I swear” she threatened.
He rests on the wall and smiles at her..popping the ectasy pills into his mouth. .
“Keep doing that, your breasts keeps going up and down as you breath hard, and it just excites me..really Amara,  drop the knife let’s play and I promise not to hurt you”
She had begun to scream for help.  He grabs a plate and flings it..it hits her head and he rushes forward as she drops the knife and holds her head staggering backwards. . The pain is searing. Her eyes stings immediately with tears,
“I told you not to scream didn’t i? Now see what you made me do…” He says pulling her to him.., a tiny cut appears on her head and blood treks down face..
“See see..look at you. , come let daddy clean you up yes?” He drags her to the room, she pulling and struggling didn’t help matters., she had begun to openly cry
He flings her on the bed, pacing he looks at her. .
“You know it’s your fault.  If you didn’t try to act all hard to get, if you didn’t let Bruno touch you and you all over him.i would have been nice and gentle as I promised but no, you stupid stupid girl rejects my offer and advances and you go for the bad boy. The male gigolo that have being into so many females under their skirts that Solomon would blush . You still fall for him even after I asked you nicely to let me screw you. Didn’t you get that I was doing this for you…okay and me too , but you silly little girl go for him instead. What..what does he have huh..?.What’s so  great about him that you girls. .event that slutty Ngozi and your friend nkechi wants to kill themselves over..”
Amara sobs moving away from  him.
“Please just let me go please ”
“No. No..too late for please Amara  . Now I won’t wait for you to give me yourself voluntarily.  I came here specifically to take it by force and I have just the tools for fun today.. Stay right here and give me a minute okay? ” 
He leaves the rooms, amara  gets up and goes to the toilet, the window was small but it would fit her to pass if she could break it. She comes back locking the door, she grabs a stool and heads to the toilet , locking the door she climbs the WC and begins to hit the window,  ..
Junior kicks the doors in and pulls  back from her hair..
When she begins to scream he hits her a couple of times., his hands leaving a print on her face..
“Bitch!!” You think you can get away from me?”
He throws his head backwards laughing..
“Please I would do anything please don’t hurt me please ” she begs,  shaking from evident fear knowing that junior would hurt her if she doesn’t coperate.  
“Nope..I am done waiting for you.  If you had told me this a while ago you and I would have been best sex buddies you know once in a while you scratch my balls and suck the mellows and let me take you to heaven or hell depends on your preference.  We would have had cool sweet fun..no one would know. But you. .you had the audacity, the effrontery to kiss him in front of me, and get all bold. No please amara” 
he drags her and flings her on the bed again, she hits her right shoulder moaning.
He picks his bag from the ground  emptying it on the bed.
There are ropes , celetapes and whips.. he winks at her
“I winder have you watched fifty shades of grey? Christain and Bella is it?..then you know what this is. ” He says excitedly.  He grabs his camera and places it on the warddrop facing it to them, satisfied that the angle would view everything he nods.
“I got me a present too.  A mask..when am done  with you tho.  The first session is for me alone. And the next seeions.. is for the public. My character is…on steroid sex max.” He laughs
” I am about to tear up your vayjayjay Amara and guess what? Ama send a copy of this clip to your boy…so don’t worry. He gets to watch. Even the world when am done . atleast this  would teach you to say yes..when you are being asked for it…nicely.

Now shall we begin?.. take off your cloths Amara” 
Amara shakes her head. .clutching her cloths to herself, shaking her head.
Junior undresses himself,  leaving only his briefs on. He was already hard.
“See, the drug is already working.  And i have energy to go on for hours love. No time baby. Take off your cloths and Come to me right now! ” He demanded
“I won’t. .I won’t ever give you want you want..you might as well kill me” she spat. Looking around their small room,nothing was close by to hit him wirh or protect herself . She cries 
“Oh God help..me” she sobs
“..God? God? That God?” He looks heaven ward and points.. 
” I mean I don’t mind the heavenly view but I think he might be too busy chasing angels and demons to be  bothered about a horny dude and a little girl playing hard to get. Now come here or else I would make you” he says 
“No” she cried movig further away from him falling to the other side of the bed, it was a small room. Very small so there was not much distance between them.
Junior reaches for her and pulls her up, slapping her again.  And again, when her head had begun to spin, he  muffled up her cries by picking a cloth and  stuffing it into her mouth he pushes her to the wall  and rips dress open , as they struggle he hits her again untill he was able to rid her off her cloths, tearing her bra and panties,  he gets her  completely naked.
Satisfied he smiles..
“Christ! !! You are the 8th wonder of the world Amara,  no wonder Bruno is mad for you”  he grabs her, momentarily removing the cloth  from her mouth,  he  crushes his lips to hers, pining her to the wall, her struggling was making him want her more. .
“Stop struggling you wrench. Trust me you would enjoy it” he says coming up for air and checking his lips to see if her teeth just made him bleed as she bit him.
He grabs her hands and pushes her to the bed, grabbing  the rope, he ties her hands , she kicks him, her breats were bouncing and she continues to kick him ..
He slaps her legs away  , takes another rope while pinning her down again he ties one leg , he gets up looking for where to tie it to, he settles for the window.   he ties the other leg and pulls it to the opposite direction and tiesnit to the door knob. He made sure the ropes were ling enough. She begins to scream again, he hits her across her face. He was enjoying it. The thrill it gave him was electrifying.  He grabs her  ties hands  drags the rope to the edge of the bed, 
Amara wailing becomes more. He was thankful that there was no nepa light at the moment , a few houses who could afford it  had their generators on so…no on would be able to hear anything  about above  noise..
Picturing her, her hands tied above her, her legs tied and spread apart giving him a beautified.  satisfied he smiles at his hard work. 
“See, that wasnt so hard was it?” 
She couldn’t pull the rope or free her hands from it.
She stares at junior with fears in her eye. .
“Please. .please”
Junior grabs his phone.. from his trouser lying on the ground.
Chuckling when he sees he had missed calls  from david..
“Boring.!” He says..
He dails a number and someone picks.. “you want to see a picture of my princess in all her glory , before she is about to be banged out of her life. ?” He askes smirking..
“Oh Ngoxi, don’t be a drama queen. I asked if you wanted to come watch and you said no now you change your mind. Fine..I would send you the address okay, but…here…let me send you her and my most glories junior getting eeally excited and about to plunge that sea of eternal goodness” he says
Click click , the flash of the camera hits her eyes,  she turns her face away..
“Oh dont be shy baby ; smile for the camera.. let Ngozi know how well you are going to enjoy this” he says coming close to her and forcing her to look at him.. then he opens his bulging briefs and takes a picture of junior. then he clicks a couple of times. And goes back to clicking on his phone. .
“Sent and sent. So where were we princess? . Aha!!! Sex”! He claps his hands together. . He flings his phone to the corner he climbs the bed
“Oh I know you are wondering who Ngoxi is? Oh no you know. That chick you found ontop of your prince charming…Yes that’s the one”.. he says kissing her chicks.
“You are an animal” she spat to his face
“Well, aren’t all men. Even your boyfriend Bruno.  Such a trusting boring dude. . You know it was easy for us to fool him and you my gullible girl.’
“What..what do you mean?” Fear grips her but she was curious.
She wished she could slap him,he caresses her bosom,  as though pressing oranges he squeezes closing his eyes, a sob escapes from her lips. .
“Let me tell you a secret..hmm. just you and I.  We drugged him. Well technically Ngozi did and we get him to the house. She undressed him and put some ectasy drugs in his drink too. You know what those are?..well it makes you hard like a rock just like me.. you can feel him between your legs right and you can keep going and going and going…” He smiles grinding into her ..
“So..Yeah secret. The idea was to get you to the house and we did. You gullible little girl follows that fool just because he said Bruno sent him.
“But …he sent me a text ” she cried turning her face away so he doesn’t kiss her.
“Oops! That would be me!” He says 
Amara doesn’t hide her shock.. shaking her head the tears fall
“So Ngozi couldn’t stop laughing when she told me how your face looked when you saw them and you ran out wanting to die..running to mummy.
But do you know the most hilarious part hmm? ” He grabs her butt and squeezes, she tries to move but Ofcourse she couldn’t. 
“Don’t worry I would tell you. Our secret. Bruno didn’t have sex with her. I mean she was meant to do it while he was drunk and horny because it’s supposed to keep it hard and ready yes. But the dude goes flat. Literally goes flat and she wanted to die because she was as wet as a fountain she said and I had a good laugh.  But you know I didn’t care anymore. The damage was done. You believed he cheated on you. He didn’t have any idea if he did or  not and came begging and I loved to watch you turn him away. It was a joy. Super joy my sweet amara”
“You did this.. why. I thought he was your friend” she cried squirmed under him wishing to run away if she could. 
“Urg you too? .am tired of explaining that … summary I don’t give a shit about bruno.  Hated him and wanted every bloody thing he had and u hated that everyone loved him; ladies adored him and even David is fxxking loyal to him and if u dint Fxxk up Timothy too he would have ratted me put.  I hate him so much and I hate that you choose him over me. .and I would make you sorry.  Now shut up..”
At first he nuzzle his face between her breasts,  he lingers on her chest hearing the rapid beadlting of her chest and the heaving as she cries struggling to be let go..
“Let me go please please I beg you”
“Sssshhh shhh” he says sucking one nipple at the time, caressing her body to his feel. Rubbing her between her legs and her crying increases..

He slaps her again when she turns away from him or trying to force her legs close, 
“Oh Amara my sweet Amara you don’t know how long I have waited darlyn. ..so long so very long” he forces his legs on her, grabbing and squeezing and caressing..
“Oh I can’t wait any longer, I just want to sink into you….Oh Amara ” he pulls down his briefs halfway,  his hardness brushing her thighs as he pressed himsef to her..
“If you want to scream ? Because I am not going to be gentle..scream out my name or this time around I would make sure I keep holding down your neck till you stop breathing ” he says placing his fingers at her core, taking junior there.., he process’s to penetrate her
My phone kept buzzing in my pocket I ignored it. I stop to catch my breath; I had been running. 
I got to her house,  it was dark. 
“Amara” my head screams. 
I knock on her door. 

No answer.
I keep knocking. Still no answer.  
I notice the sounds of the generator wouldnm dull out the noises.
I peep through the window but all I see is darkness and the curtain covering my view.
I dip my hands to bring out my phone from my pocket. A couple of missed calls from David. 
I dont answer when it rings again. I would call him later.  I dail Amara’s number, I knew she blocked me but I wanted to find out just maybe she unblocked me ..
Disconnected. .
I knock and knock and knock.  No answer.
Did her mother change her mind and took Amara with her?” I wondered.
Maybe she did. It was too quiet from here and since she hasn’t come out to answer the door then maybe she wasn’t home but with her mother.
‘Crap!!” I mutter 
Sighing i step away from the door
Maybe I should leave. .
Or maybe she saw me through the window but don’t want to open. 
“°Amara,  amara it’s me please  I just  want to talk to you please ” I scream 
I go back to the door and keep knocking raising my voice trying to scream above the noise and kept repeating my eords
I wish I could turn off the generators so she could hear me..
I sigh,  maybe I should leave and come back in the morning.
With one last look at the house I turn walking away..
“AMARA!!” Now fear grips me as my mind screams the name.. 
I turn again, banging on the door..
Why did I feel something was wrong with Amara.
It wasn’t working. I begin to hit and kick the door hoping to jam it open..
I back away and  kick the door a couple of times. It doesn’t buldge. 

Summing up more energy I kick it again with force.

As it flings open i rush into the house.. I hear her scream 
I rush into the tiny room  jaming it open and then I see him untop of her , butt naked..I see her tied, i see the bruises. .. 
Infact …I see everything. .
Then I see red. .
I rush him with a death gripping rage..




To be continued. ….

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