Love is (chp2) (feb12th)

Love is…(Chapter 2)

 ”  Memories in a box..

        Reality like the sun. .

           Dead men don’t talk!!!. 




Fresh out of college, Darrell Philips had just one plan. 
Marry Faith.!!
She had been his high school sweetheart since he turned 16th. They dated throughout college and it was evident, a very likely possibility that they would end up together.
“You know mum and dad ain’t going to like it?” Luke told him.
“Fxxk what mum and dad likes. It’s my life” Darrell replied
“You know pops got plans for you and I when we are done with school. He wants us in the company run things. The doctor says he doesn’t need so much stress in his life right now. With the recent heart attack and all” luke says sitting on the chair.
“I know what the doctor says. I love dad I do , but I don’t want to be part of what he is doing.  I …I want to be an artist . .. I love to draw. I want to have paintings all over the world..That’s what I want. I went into the sciences because he asked me to. I did everything because he asked, only drawing and painting in my free time. Because of him I had to cancel my trip to dubai for an arts exhibition gig and pulled my work out. Now I can’t marry the girl I love because he doesn’t think she suits his critera of a suitable daughter-in-law,? Because her parents aren’t as rich as us and she is what….from a low caste and went to college on a fund charity case from the government?  I don’t care about that and I don’t care that he cares about that. It’s my life and I love her and I am going to marry her. That’s it”  Darrell Philips seats next to his brother, frowning. 
“What does mum think?”
“She thinks I should listen to pops. But I am tired of him running my life for me..I am sick of it. I don’t want to go into the family business or be part of his company.  You are there,  you apparently love it more than I do. I don’t get why he doesn’t just stick with you. Afterall we both can’t run it at the same time.” 
“Well he seems to think we can. Besides it won’t be fun without you there. Yes I admit I love working with dad during the summer breaks and it intrigues me how he manages to do all that he does. Running an oil company is a huge job, tasking even and it’s great I won’t deny , the prospect of having to run it in his stead one day is exciting,  but..pops wants you there. Us there! ”
“Well I don’t.  I want faith. I want a life out of this light…and public scrutiny and politics and everything. A quiet life , out in an island surrounded by my paintings, the sea, wild life and my princess, faith beside me. I would be content” Darrell says looking at his brother.
“And I want the exact opposite.  Sports cars, bugattis,  private jets and tuxs, women, the money and life of luxury,  the gold embroidered of my name, a hug ass company pumping money and a long life to enjoy all this” Luke winks
Darrell scoffs. 
“And yet I wonder how we are so alike in features, appearances, ever thing physical is so identical and yet we are so different ” luke added.
Darrel smiles looking at his brother,  blood of his blood , a few seconds apart. They did everything together,  from throwing tantrums to the mischievous things little boys did, to the rebellions of growing teens to the youthful exuberance of young adults 

 But as time waned,  the years climbing …Darrell suddenly found the the excessive activities of clubbing, Drinking, late nights and women and materialness like a bore, like bile rising up his throat. He soon started to excuse himself from such activities, preferring to spend the days and nights alone, focusing on his painting and drawing.. and when he met faith,everything just made sense.
And he realised that money and wealth was nothing.. when you didn’t have love and peace. She was his love and she gave him peace and he knew with her by his side he could brace the storm. .
And the storm came, from his parents,  from his family. His status was higher than hers , she was too poor.  It would look  bad for them. Pops was trying to go into politics, ,aiming for senatorial position. 
They needed to form an alliance with an equally rich family to solidify their foundation in the elite family status.
But he didn’t care.  They had luke,  luke licked everything they loved and did all they asked. He was enough.  Why did they want him too. He wanted out to live life the way he wanted with the woman he loved.
And no one would stop him from being happy.. not even his family.
“It isn’t scientifically proven that twins should be alike in physical features and also in minds and acts and preferences.  There are times were we have same thoughts,  know when the other is sick or in trouble or wear thesame colours of cloths without pre-talking about it or say something in unison even without knowing etc.  But we still have individual thoughts and those thoughts have a preference for a certain lifestyle that sometimes are a alien to the other twin. That’s the stage we are in now ..”
Luke nods scratching his jaw. .. ‘ you know that , that don’t make sense” he says
“That’s what I thought. ” Darrell smiles wryly. 
“So what are you going to do Darrell? Fight mum and pops on this?
“Yes. That’s what I am going to do” he admits
“Cool. I would be standing next to you on that one. We shared thesame womb for 9 months, so technically we are stuck to each  other for life even though you are a pain in my nuts some times. I still love you…” he smiles nudging Darrell’s jaw playfully.
Darrel laughs..” Yes we did. Thanks man. I love you too..”
“C’mon. Let’s go face the parents and get your girl”

They marry a few months later, the world didn’t come to an end. 
Well, except that, pops cut him off from his will, 
Mom was furious. Luke was livid.
Darrel didn’t care. He had a good job at the museum.  He sold his paintings and Faith, beautiful faith was a lawyer and they were okay. 
Life went on.
He saw his mother every once in a while,  luke was like his shadow .. visiting like he was owed something. Faith loved him like a brother,..
Pops was cold towards him, luke was the vice president of his company .
He still went to their house accasionally to see his mother, his father hardly says anything back to him in return,  .
He didn’t miss a birthday or an anniversary,  he loved his father 
His mother came around to loving faith two years later,. Faith and luke was inseparable, luke was like the brother she never had.
On their 4th year together , his pops suffers an heart heart again,..
On his hospital bed, they reconciled. He accepts faith as his daughter in law .

“Life is too short” he says
Family had a thanksgiving reunion at home, pops invited the entire elite group.
His father  made senator. He ran a multimillionaire oil servicing company. His brother luke was his right hand man and Darrell, was content in being a simple son with a loving wife.
Life was good. Life was beautiful and fair.
Sometimes sad and unfair.
Faith had a miscarriage;  she fell down some flight of stairs while leaving work one day.
She couldn’t have kids anymore.
It  broke her, devasted her but it never stopped him from loving her. 
She wanted kids. They wanted kids

 It took a while to get used to the idea of not going to have one of their own.
They decided that they were going to adopt.
He loved his wife faith with  intensely , whatever she wanted he was going to support her.
His family were in support.
But every thing changed..
Just one day.
 That faithful day, 5 years ago.
They had delivered her dress she picked out from the boutique. 
It was a white lovely dress,  she had earlier gone to the salon and had her hair done, letting it flow to the back.
She was beautiful,  everytime she smiled at him his heart literally stopped. Five long years and she still made him weak in his knees when he looks at her.
Loving her has been his life’s gift. Being blessed with her was all the happiness he needed.
They were going for one of his Father’s  numerious and lavish occasions. 
After making senator, they had this huge ass parties every now and then, fund raisers, charities concerts, conferences and the whole shebang .
He didn’t miss attending this functions but faith,  faith loved to attend them.and whenever his father sends him an invitation,  faith was soo excited to go that he doesn’t refuse.
“You know it’s because of you I am here. ” He would tell her 
“I know babe” she says holding his hands in hers, she would place them to her cheeks and wink at him
“I hate this things. ” He admits to her again a thousand times.
“I know. have to love them for me. Don’t worry, just stare at me throughout the party, dance with only  me and if they ask you why you aren’t part of your father’s company and taking a seat at his side,..tell them that your wife keeps you so busy and tired and fagged out that you wouldn’t be able to concerntrate in the mornings and you wouldn’t want to ruin your father’s business ” she says innocently..
Darrell laughs.. , remembering how they almost didn’t leave the house because she was suddenly in the mood and she told him he looked too darn hot and sexy that she would run mad if he didn’t have her then and there on the table..he happily obliged.
“Aren’t you a sexy naughty girl” he pinches her cheeks.
“Only for you babe” she would say kissing his lips.
Staring out the window. .he would sigh
“Shall we go bedazzle them? ” She would say linking her hands with his .
Because she was here and she was his and he knew with her he could walk through a wall and come out okay. .. she was his rock. Even when things hit the fan she was still his achor..

There was so many reasons why he loved her, reasons that he couldn’t even explain…but one thing he knew was that he loved her because she was she… and there was no one he could love as insanely and passionately as he loved her..
And that’s why…on that day.. Feb 11th. .
When he found her in the pool of her own blood, staining her white dress as the whole gapped from her stomach, 
Like a mad man he cried, ..
And a few feets from her, his brother laid, his eyes open as though in shock,the bullet had gone through the space between his eyes..

He remembered how she looked just a few hours earlier..
She was standing by the window in his study, waiting for him to be done with his business call. He had paintings to deliver for a gallary event out in dakota.
Whenever she was back from work and wasn’t busy with files from clients.
He found her in his study..
“I love to watch the sun go down from here” she told him once when he asked her why she always stood there staring into space. 
“Really? ” He would ask coming behind her., kissing her neck and shoulders
“Yes. It’s relaxing too.  Most times I come here to think..”
“What about?”
“Everything. . Life. What ifs. .. little  darrel and faith. Sometimes I just stare, the dancing trees,  the beauty of nature is intruguing and here, is so quiet compared to the rest of the house. I wish we could change this study to a room,  with a door here and a love seat at the corner… it would be beautiful you know. The sun rays coming in shyly,,the stars blinking and the moon hiding behind the cloud.  It’s a beautiful sight baby and I am just drawn to the peace and tranquility of it all. And…I get lost in thoughts, just standing and staring” she would say leaning into him, he would rock her on his feet side to side while he wraps her in his arms. 

That day wasn’t any different. . But she had a smile on her face when he approached  her
“You look breathing beautiful ” he told her , rolling her hair in his finger
Her curves were properly accentuated,  the white dress did justice to her beautiful body, her smile was radiant and her eyes sparkled..
He had watched her for a few minutes before coming to her, mentally taking a picture of her, he was going to draw her just like this when he got home. 
His finest works we were always of her, he took pride in drawing and showcasing her
“You are my muse. My inspiration ” he tells her all too often..
He was going to suprise her with this too .. a painting of her in how she looked today, exactly …in the white dress .
“Purity ‘he mused . He already had a theme for the piece. . Because she looked exactly that, pure and untouched by the vices of this world despite all that she had gone through. 
They had gone to the party afterwards, 
They came home,  happy. Tired.  
Luke had decided to spend the night with them. Calling them to tell them thay he was on his way
Darrel got a call from his father , he needed to see him urgently .
He left. After luke comes.
He shouldn’t have.
He came home to find his house unlocked and no one was answering.
It was quiet, his place was trashed and nothing seemed to be stolen. 
But something was wrong.
While he dailed 911..
He couldn’t stop the rising fear in  his heart.
Where was faith.
Where was luke.

There in the living room, he found them.
They had been dead for a couple of hours atleast 
He had been out for 6 hours .. with his father.
Coming back early hours of the morning.
Police ruled it as a breaking and entering and a robbery gone bad.
His father raised hell. His mother was in shock.
And he..literally died.
They couldn’t find the killer nor a motive for death. Not even a suspect 
After a year of investigation.
Case was closed.
His father became constantly ill,  his mother his only company of support but there was little she could do all at once.
And on his hospital bed, after another stroke..
“You need to take charge of the company” hi father pleaded 
“You need to come out of hiding, face reality. You lost a wife. I lost a son too. We only have each other to hold on to. It’s been a year, we can’t forget them. We would only remember them but we have to also learn to live without them. Staying alone and away from us won’t help would only kill you. You haven’t painted for so long.. you aren’t doing so good. I am sick. Your mother takes care of me but who would take care of you. I need you to run the affairs from the company.. I have already spoke to the board , given you my rights as president.  You have to continue living son… for them. For you..for us..”
He listened to him with tears in his heart. Yes, he had been hiding alone in their house for months,  trying to makes sense eof how this would have happen to him, why..why her..why him. The two people he loved the most in this life aside his father.. and mother
“She didn’t deserve to die father. He was my brother, a part of me.. they didn’t deserve to die. I wish they had found who did it. Atleast it would have given me closure. Some peace that he waspaying for his sins. But to know that he is out there and can’t be found…is ..unbearable. what do I live for. For whom ? she was my life. My all.. my my faith is life in anything. My faith is gone. And ..he was the best of me…how do I go on..”
“You just have to” his mother hugs him from behind. James stood at the end of the bed. Giving him a reassuring smile… “You would be okay champ. The hard days are gone.” He says..
He had drawn one last time, one of those nights his dreams were plagued and he couldn’t get any sleep.
He had woken up and carried his tools , and with the moon the only light he had painted HER , just the way she was ,  that day..

Standing by the window her back to him, her long black hair flowing to her back and her face in a slow lazy smile. ..staring out the window..
He had painted her .. exactly the way she was..and that’s the last memory he had of her…

Choosing to tuck away the one he had of her sprawled on the floor..a White dress soaked with blood ripped from the middle..her face…void of emotion. . Her once sparkling eyes void of life.. and hands limb and her heart…a dead beat.
And his brother..blood of his blood. A reflection of him with every single thing thesame…his smile his smile, his eyes his eyes,  his laugh his laugh.. a part of him gone..dead and gone that same night.. 
He lost his world..and a part of him too in just one night.
It’s not something a sane man like him could forget. .

He blinks again …
“Are you okay..” she touches his face while holding onto his head.
She couldn’t hold him when he staggered and nearly fell to the ground.. so she helped in to the chair, resting his head on her thighs she carries an hanky and robs his forehead, cleaning the sweats that had appeared there.
His eyes stays at her face, fear in them, shock…and then sadness danced around them .
“I- I am.sorry, I thought . I thought you were…you looked” he tries to get up.
“Hey be careful, ” she holds him up to a sitting position. 
“I am sorry …” He says again blinking a couple of times, his chest felt tight.. he losses his tie to enable him breath
“Water?” Lidhya askes him, not waiting for him to answer she grabs a bottle from the fridge she noticed earlier and pours water into a glass and hands it to him.., thanking her her takes it and finishes the contents. 
“I am sorry, did  i startle you?. I know you didn’t think anyone was here in the dark. Are you sure you are okay?” She touches his arm lightly.
“Yes I am fine. no no worries, I thought. You looked. it’s fine. Thank you” he says getting up
She nods satisfied that he is okay, she gets up from the sofa walking away.. but she stops and turns..
“Why did you call me faith?”
The question made him uneasy, how does he explain it?
“You looked like someone I use to..lo– erm know. .a long time ago” he says ” I guess it was a misunderstood vision. The dark  was playing in tricks on my mind i guess. .” He adds.
She nods… ” You must have loved her” she says, walking away.
He stood there watching her leave , her curves, her body, her smile, her eyes, her face…. even her white dress..
Everything screamed Faith. 
Yet, she was Lidhya she says
Whey did it feel as though he just saw a ghost …
“Am sorry sir you can’t go through here” the officer in uniform says stopping him.
“Oh right.  Why?” Charles askes, staring behind the officer seeing others stationed at different corners of the area, the building was lighted up, he could smell money from a mile away.
“Sir, it’s a fund raising events for senators and the mayor. Commoners are to go through that way and not this way sir. Please go through that way” he points at the opposite direction 

Charles had been walking for over an hour after he took a cab and stopped. The carb weren’t going… futher
“We can’t go beyond here sir’ he told him. 
He thanks the cab man alighting, it’s been years since he was back. .but he still remembered the place like the back of his hands.
He really didn’t have a reason for coming here, 
But then again, he had been in the army for 10 years, used to the life of guns  and blood , violence ,  a few women when he gets the chance, and gets paid a lousy few bucks.
There was nothing wrong if he decides to mingle with the high and mighty, get to talk to a few of their women, hang with them..have a word with the mayor too while he is at it.

After all, it’s because of people like him that they were here and alife and living this lavish lifestyle. 
He should be welcomed in to wine and dine with them.not to be turned away.
“But I am no commoner, I am in the US Army, recently on holidays, code no. 591, with the district of blue flyers, . Here is my chain and credentialss if you want to take a look at it and can call in for them to run a check on me” Charles says
The officer looks at him, then nods saluting..
“But I still can’t let you in sir not unless I have directions to do so sir” 
“But I just told you..
“I know what you told me, I also have a brother who came with your plane so I know you are checked out. But I still can’t let you pass through this road block unless given directives. Or if you have an access pass, sir ” he says apologetically..
Charles nods stepping away,  he wasn’t expecting that. 
“Fine ” he was going to look for another way in.
As he walked away, going back the way he came; he noticed a part he used to run through when he was a bit younger.
It was off the road; through the park, away from the eyes of the officers he crosses, bending over he jumps over the gutter demarcating the part and disappears into the bush part.
It would take him down  a long  bushy road to the other side of the fence. 
There he could find a way into the house.
His mind takes him back years ago,..
The reason why he left town in the dead of the night. .and disappears the next
He and his friends had been drinking, and partying, on their way back  they stopped to get gas for their car.
Another driver was getting gas for his car too. An  expensive looking car.
“Nice car” he says to the driver
‘Thanks” the guy says, smiling.
He gets down obviously drunk, he touches the car..
“Haven’t seen this around here..” He says whistling.
“Yeah,  only one in the whole city. ” He replies  him proudly. 
‘you must be the president son…or nephew of some sort” one of the girls in the car says eyeing him;  
He laughs shaking his head.
“Nope not at name is Lucas . Lucas Philips.  Senator Arnold Philps son.’ He says reaching out to shake her, she happily gives him her hand. 
Charles hits his hand away. 
“What are you doing hitting on my girl?”  He pushes him away
“Hey!!” She exclaims
“Shut up you bitch! ” He slaps her
“Hey dude!!! I wasn’t.  I was just introducing myself. I mean no offence but you didn’t have to hit a lady, that wasnt so nice. ” He says 
“She is my girl and I can’t hit her if I want. Back the Fxxk off dude. You all think with your rich kid syndrome and expensive cars you can oppress us?”

“Dude ..really? I was buying gas , you struck a conversation and I obliged.  If I wanted to oppress you I wouldn’t t be talking to you because you would have been beneath me.” Luke says
“Whooaaaa!!!” The guys exclaim 
He boiled, no one talks to him like that. His friends respected him…he was their ring leader. If he didn’t do anything as a clapback they would call him a chicken. .and  he would be laughed at. He hated to be disrespected 

“You say I am beneath you. You calling me dirt-?” Charles says stepping closer to him pushing him again.
“Don’t. .don’t touch me” luke says
“Leave him alone charles” the girl calls out
‘I told you to shut up jennie ” 
“So what if I push you, what you going to do..pretty boy?” He pushes him again backing him away from his car ignoring jennie
“Stop..dude. I don’t want to fight you . If you think I offended you and your girl, I am sorry.  So I am just going to leave right now” luke says 
He wasn’t in the mood to exchange words with some troublesome strangers in the middle of the night.  He was going to his brother’s to spend the night after leaving the party his father had organised. 
He hadnt gone to spend time with them for two weeks, he missed him.

Darrell And he needed to have a heart to heart with him. Men stuff. He met a girl. ..
The stranger blocks him..”scared boy. Running to daddy to cry on his shoulders? To fly you out on his private jet so you don’t wet your pants boy” he pushes him
“I said don’t push me. I don’t want to fight you” luke says
“Oh really now” he says laughing..
“Well, let’s see if this changes your mind”
He throws the first punch, luke gets a cut lip, as he staggers he touches his mouth , it was bleeding. He licks it and spits
“Hit hin!!”
“Punch him again”
‘Send that rich boy home to mama ” they chanted laughing. 
“The hell Charles, leave him alone ” she screamed.
“You not so pretty now pretty boy. You liked that? You want another one?”  Luke straightens up, smiling.
“You know, I did warn you” he says
Charles goes in for another punch. 
Five minute later, Charles is on the ground groaning in pains and luke holding his arms behind him
“Had enough”?
The two guys jump down from the car,.
“If I had him like this already crying out for pain, do you think you two chickens stand a chance with me..?” He says through his teeth, he squeezes charles hand again, he cries out..
“Fxxking arsehole! !!” Charles cries out
“Had enough?” He askes him again..
Charles nods ” please let go..”
‘Had enough ?”
“Yes..  Yes. ..YES!!”
“Good now apologise to the lady”
“I ain’t fxxking doing — Oowww!!!! Shit!! Okay okay….am.sorry jennie.  I am fxxking sorry!!” He cried.
Luke let’s him go. He rolls in pain, a black eye and an equally bruised lips, and an almost dislocated shoulders
“Good. Now, have a good night. ” He enters into his car and drives off.
He wouldn’t forget the ringing laughter in his ears as they laughed at him. 
In his anger he beats up jennie , he only stopped when the guys pull him away. 
But he was angry.. angry that the rich kid made him a laughing stock and reduced him to nothing in under 5 minutes..
It wasn’t something he was going to let go..
He goes back home,  grabs a gun from his father’s draw, and went in search of Lucas Philips. .

Not knowing where to look. It was a long straight road in which he followed, not many people lived around there, so it was either he had an hideout there or had a family. 
Thankfully as he kept driving and driving looking for him, he saw him leave a supermarket , the red car evident that he was the one he follows him at a safe distance..
He drives ahead, entering into a clearing,  only one house stood at the end, and just one gate and a tiny fence. The rest areas was filed with trees ..
A quiet home.
Charles parks , hiding his car in the bushes he gets down and watches the house for a few minutes trying to see movements. 
2 people meet him at the door, a  mam and a woman.. they disappear into the house.
Charles waits hoping that eventually he would have to leave then he would get him. 
Someone else leaves instead after 30 minutes driving away, .
Charles waited.
An hour later , He got tired of waiting.. he made his way to the house.
He was used to picking locks, he got in easy.
He found them in the sitting room talking , he had no business with her but he had business with him.
There was no way he was leaving without teaching him a lesson.

He didn’t mean to shot her.  
She was going to call the police when she saw him with the gun.
They were shouting at him and he was shouting at Charles. .telling him that rich kids should be taught a lesson.
He was trying to be a hero, standing between her and him.
He wanted just him,  alone and told her to leave. She says no.
She reaches for the phone, he blinks panickng  and shots.
She falls to the ground, he screams gathering her to himself crying begging him to call the ambulance that she was dying.
He would go to jail, he couldn’t. 
His father would kill him.
If he runs he would identify him,  he had to do something. 
“Think charles think!!”
“Call the ambulance..or let me please.  She is dying..” tears fills his eyes, 
“No no… they would arrest me..” charles says..the gun rubbing his temple. 
“Please.she is all he has” he cries, ..
He didn’t want to go back to juvi.

His father would kill him

The cops would come for him.
“She is dead…” luke cried.. and with a rage he lurches for him
He shots him to his head. 
He dies instantly..
Shaking he looks around, thankful he wore a glove when he picked the locks.
No one saw hi  come here.
No one knew he came after him, not even his friends from the gas station 
He puts the gun back to his pocket, and trashes the house to make it look like it was a robbery..
But he doesn’t take anything other than his ring..
And his watch.
He liked it .
He wore them  till this day.
Then he leaves the dead bodies and disappears into the night  ….

The next day his letter comes from enrolment into the army.. 
He leaves town.
Forgetting the incidence like a far way dream.
Ten years later he was back to town.
And not a soul knew about his past 


“Have you seen Lidhya? ” Damaris comes behind Samantha,  
“Erm, no. why?”
‘Can’t find her ”
“Well she has to be here somewhete  ” Samantha says,  
“look I ain’t her mama, I gatto go talk to that dude over there and see if I can get him upstairs to my room. If my  mother is curious as to my whereabouts…you can direct her up there.  I would love to see her face when she catches us locked in a rather awkward position”. 
“You are just a slut Sam”
“I am not complaining. ” she walks away heading to James who had been smiling at her for the better part of the hour.
“Hey,..” Lidhya taps her; Damaris turns. ..
“Young lady,  where did you go to?”
“I just needed a breather.  Went to her father’s study.. you know it’s the only quiet place in this big house..’
“That’s because his ghost likes to sleep in there. Ofcourse it would be quiet. ”
“Hmm” she answers distracteding 
“Whats that face for?”
“Oh! no nothing just that, a man came in there and as soon as he saw me he almost fainted as though he had seen  a ghost ” she says 
“Durh! !! I told you that office was creepy. ” Damaris hugs herself.
“No no.. I mean. He called me faith. And rlthen his eyes was filled with shock and then sadness” Lidhya says 
Damaris raises an eyebrow, ” so you got a sad man calling you another woman’s name. Now that’s another shade of creepiness. Was he drunk, stoned or was was horny and thought he could score a quick one by  pretending..”
“Oh dont be silly..none of that. It was strange and yet sad. I felt sorry for him”
“Well dont!. he isn’t your concern. While you were away i met this handsome dude..”
“He is getting me a drink now, I don’t remember seeing him come in though but… he is so cute. I think he is in the force, he has those chain around his neck but hidden under his suit. ”
“Oh..?” Lidhya says, her eyes following the stranger who comes out of the corridor and walks towards Samantha and someone else. 
“Hey are you listening to me?’
“Urmm. .Yes Yes. .wait what did you say?”
“Oh never mind. Here he comes ”
“Charles meet Lidhya , my roommate and friend and sister and my everything. Lidhya meet charles ” she links her arms to his
“Helo ma’am?” He says taking her hands in his, he brushes a kiss at her knuckles 
“Oh hi?” Lidhya smiles , pulling her hand away. .
There was something oddly farmilar about the way she looked.
The white dress,  the hair, her eyes and smile. .
It reminds him of someone. .
The mayor corners him, a few senators joins in. They entered up discussing business and new projects were planned.
But his eyes doesn’t leave the girl across the the white dress. 
Whenever he looks at her his heart skips, his head screams “faith ”
He knew faith was dead…and along with a part of him.
But yet she reminded him so much of her.
They didn’t look alike…

And yet they did. When she smiles and laugh  , backing him he would swear that was his wife.

But when she turns he has to blink a couple of times to realise that it isn’t her.
His legs would grew weak, his heart beating fast in his chest, his heart skipping…and he couldn’t take his eyes away from her..
From ” faith”
No… from…Lidhya.!
The mayor was saying something. He had to focus on their discussion.
Samantha and James ended up in her room, and he was fiddling with her breasts and she was helping him off his trousers  
“Do you usually seek out men from  your mother’s party to devour them?”
“Do you normally follow girls up to their rooms to have a quickie? ”
He laughs shaking his head..
“My thoughts exactly. ” she replies raising up her dress to reveal her red thongs.
“Red huh?”
“Yep..get  in here” she pulls him down to her.
“For goodness sake where is your sister jake?” She comes to him and whispers in his ears
She expected Samantha to be gluing Darrell Philips instead she leaves him on his own and other young available girls are fanning around him. And her daughter was no where to be found.
She didn’t know what she would do with her, she was doing everything to secure her future and yet Samantha was doing everything possible to destroy it.
If her husband was alife he would have known what to do to straighten her up. She only listens to him.
“I don’t know mother, ask the friends. She doesn’t do anything without them. Let’s hope she isn’t up to some mischief at the moment.” He says  turning back to talk   to the daughter of the mayor who seems taken by him.. he could have her dress up like a nurse .
“So, how about that date we talked about?” He says to her
His mother walks away heading towards the girls.
“Lidhya,  Damaris, have you by any chance seen Samantha? ”
“Erm no ma’am I havent” Lidhya says
“I saw her go up to her room Mrs plimbleton ” Damaris says hiding a smile.
“Oh that girl”  she says pausing and staring at the man in their middle 
“And you are?” She didn’t remember welcoming him, he was obviously not a senator or a policia  , she didn’t know him.  He might be part of a security detail of one of the guests  , or a friend of a friend.  Yet she didn’t remember welcoming him.
“Charles ..Charles Stratford ” he says.
“Whose detail are you on or are you a friend of a friend. ?” She beckons to one of the securities guards. 
Think charles Thinks..
‘The mayor, I am on his private security detail. I am new, a recent exchange called in at the last minute  because the replacement was sick. You can check me out.. Blue flyers, US Army” he says,  purposely leaving out his code no.  He brings out his chain and flashes it to her.
Satisfied she turns away the security guard .
“You must understand that we have the social elite class here , the elite family and senators and Ofcourse the mayor,  one has to be cautious. Well, I expect you to be working not mingling. The mayor is that way” she points.  He nods and excuses him self and heads there.
“Ladies, don’t fratenise with the security details okay?” She says. And heads upstairs 
“I don’t like her ‘Damaris says ” she just chased away my date”..
‘You don’t have to like her Damz, you are in her house; eating her food and mingling with her guests you do what she wants. NOW, why did you purposely send her upstairs to Samantha’s room’?”
Damaris was laughing..” Because Samantha had a suprise for her” she winks
Lidhya didn’t have to ask
“You indulge her Damz. You know she is just a spoilt girl seeking attention.  I love her too but she has to stop punishing her mother for her father’s death. And doing all this.. it’s not funny anymore. ” Lidhya says
‘It is for me.” 
Lidhya rolls her eyes 
Charles smiles to himself., despite the tight security no one noticed him  jump across the fence from the tail end.
All eyes were in front and none at the back.
Stupid lot.
He muses.
He had to blend in, thankful his suit was no t looking out of place, ..once inside no one cared to ask about identity and access ..
He saw Damaris smiling at him from the bar when he came in, he had gone straight for her , atleast having a companion wasn’t so bad.
He learnt that her friend Samantha was a rich kid who had lots of money and influence and didn’t know what to do with it. She hated her mother Mrs plimbleton. 

She had a brother who has sexual cravings and likes to play with toys and has lots of nurses who come around and play with him too.. he had a secret BDSM room.
Lidhya was her best friend..lived together since college. They were waitresses . They didn’t have any money.
They were friends with Samantha. 
Samantha’s mum was a senator,  she has lots of connections and wanted Samantha to marry a rich dude she is Tryng to match make her with.
They girl talked like a trash can.
No one pays attention to him as he grabs a drink and stands close to a group of people talking, the mayor was saying something and they all laugh..
Someone excuses himself saying he wants to leave..
“So soon Mr Philips?  How is your father these days.. we missed him at the rally last weekend?” 
“He is on vacation with my mother.  But he is out of the woods. ” He replies
The mayor nods ..”  send our regards.I would send my PA to you,  we can discuss other projects in due time”
“Sure thing sir. ”
“Why don’t you stay awhile, you never come for this things, ” a female senator was saying, she touches his arm 
” I have other pressing engagements . I only honoured because the mayor insisted I come and Mrs plimbleton have been generous to invite me. But other matters are rearing it’s head. Have a good evening ” Philps says turning away

“Oh am sorry” he says breaking off from their middle and hitting someone behind him
“Oh no its no problem” Charles shakes away the spilled wine ftom his hands. Thankful it didn’t spill on his suit. He would have been pissed
“So sorry. If I ruined it I would get you another suit.  Forgive my clumsiness ” Philps says, he was leaving to get to Lidhya,  he didn’t notice someone was behind him.
Charles chuckles ;  All this rich kids trying to lord it over us and show how worthless we are… that they can snap their fingers and everyone bows.
I can buy my own damn suit  . He was wiping his hand having placed the half empty glass on the bar table.
“No ne-….” He says raising his head up to look at the person
The words catches  in his throat. .

He staggers backwards. . 
“Are you okay? “Philps asks
He is…

No it can’t be.
He is dead.
I shot him
10 years ago..
No he is dead.
He couldn’t speak…
He staggers away from him, turning back to look at him, he disappears into the crowd
Philps stands wondering what just happened.
Lidhya crosses his vision.  He forgets all about the strange man and goes to her.
Something was pulling him to her.

“Put on your cloths Samantha plimbleton.  How disgraceful! !!” Her mother shrieks 
James pushes her away from his body,  grabbing his boxers he quickly covers his third leg
“Oh dont be a spoil sport mother we were just having sex.  You do know it’s normal right”
“How dare you come into my house and have such relations with my daughter…I would have your head on a spike., I would make sure—
“Oh mother I wasn’t forced, you did notice that I was the one one top right?” Samantha laughs and  puts her cloths back on, laughter reaches her eyes
“Samantha plimbleton how can you be so reckless I have guests here and Darrel Philips is so good for you and you are here with his accountant?” She fumes
“I did tell you I didn’t want you to match make me..besides, I hate sad men.  They are boring but James is much fun. If you want him so much you can have him”
James took the opportunity to put on his cloths, and sneak out behind them and rushes downstairs,  searching for Philps. 
“How dare you speak. To me like that?”
“Then stop trying to control my life mother. If father was alife my life would have been perfect.  You drove him mad with your nagging and you never cared  enough about him or us  but about your career. you are forcing me to do your bidding.  You have jake.. do what you want with him but leave me the hell alone. The more you try to control me, the more I would keep fxxking up your plans.  Now if you excuse me I have to return back to the party in your house..which is my house'” she brushes past her mother and heads downstairs.  A smile on her face

He killed him, he shot him. He died.
But why …
he walks out of the building, seeing the officers he turns away trying to breath,  
“Are you okay?” Damaris comes to him , touching him
“Hmmm. ” He manages to say
He is dead..he shot him.

But why does he look exactly like him.

Same eyes,  same deep blue eys..same face..same everything. 
It’s been 10 years..
Why they Fxxk did he look like him.
He shot him in his head. He died.
No one knows…
No one saw him
He needed to make sure that. . He too didn’t know..
Who was he??”
“Lets go!!”  James gets to him
“No wait, I have to talk to her” 
“Who is her, let’s leave. Mrs plimbleton just found me and her daughter Samantha in bed and she is threatening fire and brimstone. ”
“Wait what. James!!!”
“What I couldn’t help it. She was hot and she came unto me and I couldn’t say no. It’s your fault you brought me here” he teased but looking up the stairs wondering if she was on her way down yet 
“Yes blame it on me. But hold on, I need to find her”
‘Who is her? ”
” fa- erm. Lidhya.  Lidhya! !” He says
James raises an eyebrow 
He had come towards her but she and her friend had moved away out of sight.. seeing her again , with James walking behind him he goes to her, seeing Damaris leaving her and walks outside after the man who staggered out of here.

“Excuse me miss Lidhya,  I just realised I didn’t introduce my self.”  He says 
She turns , smiling when she sees him

 Subconsciously her eyes had been following him round the room.  
She was wondering if he was indeed okay. 
She was curious on what he was about.
She was curious about who faith was,,
Was she his sister, his lover, or wife?
But he wasn’t wearing a ring but he kept rubbing the ring finger   ,  she stares down at it .. a faint mark showed that a ring had owned that finger recently.
” Whats your name?”
“Its Darrell.  Darrel Philips! !” He says, taking her hand in his he brushes a kiss to her knuckles. . She blushes. 
James sees Samantha coming down, her mother behind
“We have to go Now.!!” He whispers.
“Nice to meet you darrel with the sad eyes” she says
“Gimme a minute” he tells james
“I wonder, can I see you again. Tomorrow perhaps? ‘ I have to go now ..but I would love to see you again. Please. .” He says , giving her his card he hopes that she would take it and give him a call
Lidhya looks at his outstretched hands giving her a card..
“Erm…I don’t think so..’
“Please ” there was something about her that was pulling him towards her.
He was curious..
She bites her lower lips, taking the card against her better judgement ..”okay” she says
“Please,  call me tomorrow ”
“Why are you saying  and insisting on tomorrow? ”
“I don’t know. I just. .. I don’t know. If I say whenever you might not ever . But if I say tomorrow atleast you know I really really want to see you and it would clear my schedule and waif for your call ” Philps says
Lidhya smiles ” tomorrow then”
James pulls him away, 
Samantha comes behind her, 

“Oh you finally decided to join us!!” Lidhya says to her
Damaris walks through the crowd and comes to them.
Mrs plimbleton had stormed away to the opposite direction trying to get a hold of the retreating Philips.
Samantha was laughing. 
Damaris has a worried look on her face.
Lidhya stares at the card,  
Darrell Philips. 




“What are you laughing at?” Damaris looks at Samantha’
“Oh nothing really.  Mother’s face was epic. I wish I had a camera”
“Well my date was okay one minute, the next your mother chases him away back to his duty post and now he is outside shaking as though he just saw a ghost and not coherent. Your house is haunted’ Damaris pouts
“I told you my mother was a witch!!” She says laughing 
“BTW I hope she stops trying to hook me up with that rich dude. She is running after him. Hey, I saw him talking to you” Samantha says turning to Lidhya who has been quiet
‘Was he? What’s his name?” Damaris was suddenly interested forgetting her date
“WAIT !!! Same dude your mother wants you to marry? ” Lidhya askes
“Yup. Same one. What’s his name again. …Erm. .Philips something. ..
“Darrel Philips. !!” Lidhya completes 
“Oh am sorry! I didn’t know. I found him at the study and he looked soo  sad. He called me. I don’t know who that is. And he comes here saying he wants to see me again. I am sorry I should just toss this away” Lidhya made to tear it
‘Hey hey hey..!! Hold your horses. He is cute. Hot even. But he looked too sad, I saw it too. He is widowed I mentioned.  Maybe that was his wife’s name but why would you call you that? ”
Anyways, I like bad boys and  he isn’t a bad boy and I don’t need someone I have to mother around, I want someone who is wild fire like me me..James his friend is.  Philips is loaded, so…you go ahead.  I ain’t interested. Especially if it would please mother…so, have fun. You should call him, you never know if it might be a start of something new.. take advantage of the valentine season baby”
“Whoa!! How come I missed that hotness and loaded dude. If you don’t want to call I would” Damaris snatches the card away from her..
Samantha takes it back.

“Don’t be jealous. It’s for her and he wants to see her him Lidhya ” she looks around seeing her mother
“I need to go cause some more mishief?  You girls game?” 
Lidhya shakes her head, tired already..
“Maybe I should just go home

. I am tired”!!
“Me too.  Charles is …strangely strange. This party is becoming a bore. See you later Sam. We balling out of here”
They hug and kiss leaving the party. .
Charles meets them at  the door
“Leaving already? ”
Damaris nods, he saw The strange fellow who looked like the dead one talking to the girl in the white dress..
Maybe he should get her to talk to him too 
“Can I have your number? I know I wasn’t really a great sport tonight but we could hang later, you can bring your friend too. If she doesn’t mind?”
“Won’t you be working ?”
“Would be off after this gig for the day’
Damaris smiles..
“Sure” she gives him her number , waving
As they backed away, she leans into Lidhya and says
“I think he likes me. ”
“Maybe. But, I don’t know . I feel uncomfortable around him. Just becareful”
“I always am”

Feb 12th.
They sat across each other, 
He waited for her call all evening  and till the next. 
When she finally did he drives down to the restaurants she picked,  not going with any body guards
Now sitting face to face with her he  was lost for words.
He was nervous.  
Why did he want to see her . Why did he want to see her?
He didn’t know. He kept asking himself all night, unable to sleep.
He just knew he wanted to see her, to know wether yesterday was just a figments of his imaginations.
Dressed differently in  a short flowery dress, she was today. 
Seeing her , looking into her eyes..
There was something about her that pigues him….that reminded him so much of his “faith”
And it scared him.
He licks his lips..
“I want to show you a picture of her”
Damaris talks alot.
He took her out that night, looking for information.  She wasn’t a bad lay.
He found out that Lidhya was given a card by the rich stranger.

Lidhya was meeting the rich stranger today.
Damaris gave him the address.
Damaris talks to much. 
He sat down a few seats from them,
Watching them talk.
Yes, the rich stranger looked exactly like the one who was dead , 

killed by him..
And the Lidhya next to him made him remember her too.

The lady in white..
No one knew about it..
But what if…
What if the stranger did..
And was telling her about it..
He needed to know..
And he would have to stop them too.
No one knew about that night 10 years ago
No one still has to know.
And if the dead one came back to life trying to haunt him..
Pretending not to know him
Yes! He would have to send him back to the land of the dead. 
She too.



Ps “: So…still wondering if it’s about love and mushyness? Hate and love..

Death and life.. ghosts and Doppelgangers?  A love story ,  a scary story, a thriller or a sad sad fairy tale..🤔
Can you predict what’s going to happen..
Well keep reading. Don’t miss tomorrow. ..



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Hope you all went to church.
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