Love is…( Finale Chapter)

.. “Death and life..

Closure ..

Begin Again. …

Love is… a beautiful thing…”
“Am sorry ” Lidhya pouts holding on to Damaris as she tries to ignore her again.
“Let go Lid”  she says , turning away.
Damaris had ignored her most of the night, choosing to put on her ear phones as soon as Lidhya came home. She didn’t want to talk to her.
Why would she think that something was off with Charles.
How could she just rule him out as someone who she needs to be careful of.
She didn’t like it one bit
She didn’t tell her to stay away from. …her super rich “Darrell” she thinks to herself.
“Am sorry Damaris . Please forgive me.. I can’t bare that you aren’t talking to me. I feel soffocated already and last night I couldn’t sleep a wink”
“That’s a lie you were snoring.”
“No I was not”
“Yes you were snoring. Loudly even . I was awake too”
“Ha!!! So you were missing me and couldn’t talk to me. Such Pride!!” Lidhya says
“That’s not helping your situation right now  Lidhya” Damaris frowns pulling away from her fold.
Lidhya pulls her back into her arms…
“Hey Damz, I am sorry. Really. I promise not to run my mouth like that again.  Promise. A girl’s honour ” she says
“Promise.  Infact… I would be his  ..your boyfriend’s best friend if you ask. Cook you both dinner too if you want. Just please forgive me….” she pouts again ..
Damaris smiles hugging her.. “ok squirrel,  you are forgiven!”
“Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” Lidhya squeals… “Ok good. Now, about last night. …..Darrell isn’t so bad. Infact, we talked after the whole sadness got passed us. And…laughed and talked some more.  He is kinda sweet,  and then..he kissed me” she blushes
“OMG Lidhya!!! You actually let a man kiss you after saying you don’t have time for boys and we should stay away from men and bla bla bla and yadiyadiyaaaaa!!!” Damaris has her hands to her chest and making a mocking shock face
“Oh stop it. I know what I said okay. You don’t have to rub it in but….I don’t know what happened. One minute he was telling me good night and I was kissing his cheeks and next thing.. he held me to him, his heart beating so fast and struggling within himself.  Gosh Damz , you needed to see him. A man  who hadn’t been with another woman for 10 years since his wife died. It felt like he ws betraying her and her memory but…he had to let go at some point. feel again,  to be happy again. And to let someone else ..heal the wound in  his heart”
“And you think you are the healer for this sort of miracle?” Damaris raises an eyebrow
“No. I just like him and…I think he sort of likes me back. And we kissed. And he wants to have dinner with me today in a fancy restaurant and it looks like I might have my valentine  today after  all.  That’s enough. If I could heal him …then I don’t mind. He is a sweet man Damz, aside the pain and misery. .. he shouldn’t have to go through what he did. But sadly life happened. He deserves another shot at life, love. At living again.  ”
‘Just one day with him and you are all gushing . What was in his kiss. Love portion?” Damaris askes
Lidhya giggles. …” Electricity I guess ” she winks jumping off from the bed..
“What would I wear”..?
“Its Valentine.  Wear Red!”
“Won’t it be a little cliché? ” Lidhya bites her lower lips..
“Well it would be. But…who cares. It’s Valentine’s day.  Everyone might have to wear a touch of red or something  you know..” Damaris says
“Right. And you, any plans for tonight?”
“Well, Charles says he has a surprise for us. I don’t know”
“Oh wouldn’t it be fun to have a  double date of some sort. Oh what’s Samantha up to today. We should call her”
“Oh that would be nice. I wonder if charles would agree.”
“I don’t think darrel would mind too”
“Samantha Plimbleton,  come down here right this instant! !” Her mother yells
She rolls her eyes , ignoring her mother’s calls.
“Samantha plimbleton,  I know you can hear me!!!” She bellowed
Samantha rolls off her bed, grabbing her robe she goes down the stairs
“What Monster . What do you want now? Can’t I have a little bit of piece and quiet in my father’s house any longer mother ?”
“You would not use that tone with me young woman”
Sam rolls her eyes, her brother was standing beside her..Ofcourse. . Her good son.
If only her mother knew about his weird sexual appetites that would make the Virgin Mary blush and a  christain grey look like a mere amateur next to him
“I am asking you a question  Samantha and you would answer me ”
“Am sorry I missed all of that as soon as I came down and saw you and your minion ”
“Sam”! Her brother says
“Yes uncle want to say something  to me too?”
He shakes his head ,
“I asked you why you have refused to do what I ask. Despite Darrell Philips refusing to accept my invitations I have gotten his address and have asked for you to go visit him but you simply refuse.  Why?”
“Because mother I don’t have to do what you ask me to. Haven’t I been clear enough?”
“You are just a spoilt child Samantha.  I do everything for you. Every single thing for you”
“No mother!  you  do everything for you but you just expect us to dance to your tunes. I hate it. I just want to be left alone.”
‘And do what with your life?”
“Erm, travel the world, be on vogue magazine and be a model. And run my own fashion company. ”
“Those are for kids.  You are a daughter of a senator, you got good grades and by God you finished from Harvard. .what would happen to your degree..youare a lawyer for pits sake. ”
“You wanted me to read law. I just wanted to own a sewing machine, a tape and cut up materials to create magic with my hands.. but No!! Samantha try music class. .even though I hated it. Samantha sign up for ballet even though I couldn’t dance to save a life..Samantha go into law even though I just wanted to be a fashion designer.  Samantha have cake even though I don’t fancy them

.you don’t care about what I want mother you just care about You..and my future is  my life.  And now you want me to marry someone of your choice too. What am i?  12 years old that gets to be told who to play with and who not to.? I am over 25 mother and I deserve to have my peace and sanity and should decided to choose who to Fxxk and who not to. And if I am going to be married to someone for the rest of my life I would very well decide who gets to feed between my legs every damn night..”
“Samantha Plimbleton! !!” Her mother exclaims ” such language ” she holds her chest
“Samantha you need to watch your mouth” Her brother says
“And you need to go for deliverance..the things you to do those girls should have made them  permanently incapacitated to move a’s a wonder they can even walk and still come back for more… you are another kind of crazy brother.. even I stand in awe of you. ” she says
“Shut up Sam”
“What does she mean son?”
“Nothing mother . She is just drunk on crazy usual ”
“Oh you wish I am wish I am” she smirks
“Samantha horney, please..why are you like this. What happened to you. We used to be so close and can’ talk to each other and you never disobeyed me”
“Well I was young and stupid and I believed parents did no wrong. But after the way you Ignored dad and us, chasing your career and not caring shit about us in all totality, I knew that…all this you put up is mere shit.  And dad dies and you mourn him for a few minutes and you were back to flying your jets and politicking and forgetting that you had two children who needed your attention and direction. Now we both are just one fxxked up kids. Me…am a fxxking slut and your golden  boy, your favouritte son and medical doctor, my brother is a fxxking BSDM Man worse than a playboy….! !”
“Shut the Fxxk up Samantha plimbleton.  I would smack you” he threatens
“You can try. ” she hisses
“Oh stop it you both.  You both used to be loving and caring towards each other..”
“Yes…have you ever heard that saying..”unce unpon a time…there was once a country…….” she trails off
“What does that even mean ”
Her phone rings.
“You know I would love to chitchat but ….fun calls. Nice chat mother. .brother. Let’s do this again….Never!!” She says walking away
“Helo bitches. …” she smiles into the phone
“Oh what would I do with this girl son  she has gone worse than before. ..” she sobs
“Send her away to an sssylum and throw away the keys”
“Don’t be ridicules son!!”
“Sorry mother I was kidding.  She would come around.”
“Those things she says about you, are ‘ –are they true?”
He scoffs ” you know there is no truth In all that she says mother. Don’t pay her any mind. Come go lie down,  you look pale”
“Charles; you haven’t been home to spend time with us since you came back. One minute you disappear and realy attend a party you didn’t have access to and I still want to know how you did that. Yesterday  you went out all day and today you seem all decked up heading out. What’s going on with you son.. you seem edgey.  Anything you want to talk about?”
Charles shakes his head, his aunt’s husband stood behind him, his mother was on the sofa, his aunt setting the table . Eyes were on him.
‘No uncle why is that . Am I a kid that I have to be tied down to the house?”
“No Ofcourse but you came home to spend time with your family but you don’t do that .  And what we hear now is that you all would be leaving tomorrow,  vacay

Cut short. Atleast spend a little time with your mother who has missed you for ten years.  Have a little pity on her” he says
Charles sighs turning to his mother. .
“Mom, am sorry. I just had stuffs to do. But I promise after tonight everything would be okay and back to normal. I would spend the rest with you before I leave tomorrow I promise. ‘
“What about me?” His aunt askes
“Ofcourse you too aunt Beth.  You too.”
They finished eating.. he goes to his room and packs his bag, ..setting it down close to the bed. Taking his gun he holsters it inside his shirt, carrying a jacket he throws over his shoulder. .
He takes the dead man’s ring wearing it; and the watch,  combing his hair back he smiles into the mirror.
“Even the one who gives death should be cute and good looking too. Who says death should be anything but” he smirks.
At first he had been wondering how he was going to get close enough to the one who looked like the one who was dead.
This morning his chance came..
Remembering their conversation.
“Morning babe,  how did you sleep?” Damaris’s voice purrs over the phone.
“Like a man who misses his beautiful woman” he says , the smile not reaching his eyes
“So, aren’t you forgetting something .”
“About what  today is?”
“Really? ” He could tell she was frowning..
He laughs ” Oh am kidding. today would technically be our first valentine together so…Happy Valentine’s  day baby. Hell I want to kiss you right now’ he rolls his eyes
“Me too. So, what did you have planed out for us today”
“Erm a romantic dinner , maybee. I haven’t worked it out yet”
“Erm..okay. but what do you say if we all had dinner togetther. ”
“Who is we?”
“You and me Ofcourse,  Lidhya and her Rich billonaire man, and Samantha and her date. You met her at the party.  Her mother is Mrs plimbleton,  the one who had the fund raiser in her house..”
“Oh….right.!” He was smiling. Such beautiful luck
“Oh am sorry. If you don’t like this ,  I can tell them.we wouldn’t be attending. ..” she says
He didn’t answer. .feigning deep
“Baby? ”
“Its fine. I wanted something for just you and I’s okay. All your friends are going to be there and it would certainly be great to celebrate this beautiful day of love together.  That’s okay. We can have our day next time baby”
“Sure? You know you are amazing right?
“Am I? ”
“Yes you are. So, Amma tell you when and the time, you come pick me up?”
“Yes princess I would.”
I would be happy to.
He muses

“Done! he is game” Damaris smiles
“So is Samantha and Darrell.”
“So what are we going to wear?”
“Red!!” They smiled at each other.
“So whose idea was it to have all 6 of us out on a date night on Valentine’s day?”
“Lidhya ” Darrel says smiling.
“And you didn’t think that I purposely booked that fancy restaurant so that you both could have an alone time. now we all get to spend time together. .why is that?”
Darrel shrugs..
“Guess she just wanted to spend the day together with her friends and their dates. And I don’t see why you are complaining.  You are obviously into Samantha. Her friends , Damaris is bringing a date and…Lidhya is mine. What’s the worse that could happen ” he askes
“Oh nothing. But I change my mind. You are paying. are the billionaire ..I am a mere struggling accountant” he says sitting cross-legged on the  chair staring at him.
Darrel looks through …his warddrop, checking suits and dropping them back in.
James watched him look at a suit,  shake his head and then pick another one. Picks out a shirt,  shake his head then  picks another one.
‘Something isdifferent about you bro” he says tapping his jaw..
“What? ” Darrell continues to look for what he would wear
“I don’t know.  You look confused..indecisive.  Erm,  not knowing what to wear.  You haven’t cared about what to wear not for a very long time  Darrell and you have laughed today, wholeheartedly and i didn’t have  to force you to laugh. And you are actually looking forward to going  out tonight. Something is different …tell me!”
“I don’t get what you mean. Do you think I should wear a white shirt in a back suit or just go all black? ”
“Yes you do .tell me..Go with suits you”
“ about shoes, black too?:
‘Er.m..sure.. am.waiting”..
“Dude I don’t know what you mean”
“Lidhya ” James tests
He saw him hide a smile.. “what happened to Lidhya ”
“Ah Haa! !! I knew it. ”
Darrell turns Startles by his outburst.   James comes to him and hugs him.
“You got laid?”
Darrel squeezes  his face pushing his off
“Don’t be stupid James I did not.. unlike you I don’t sleep with a woman just meeting them”
“Ouch that hurts!! I am pained”
“You don’t have a heart” Darrell says movig away, picking a tie
‘Well true. .it still hurts. But….if you didn’t get laid..why do you have this happy-good-feeling around you and you are smiling.  Actually smiling.  I swear I didn’t think I would live to see the day when Darrell Philips smiles again. It’s a miracle!!!” James goes to him, grabs his shoulder and hugs him
Darrell tries to pull away but James holds on tight
“Hey get off me mehn!!
“Nope! ” He shakes his head
“James get off ”  he laughs
“James this is gay..”
“Okay..”  he let’s him go. The he grabs his face and gives him a loud kiss to his forehead…
“Oh am so soooo happy for you”
He ducks when Darrell grabs a a book to fling at him
“Hey, can’t a brother be happy for another brother”? He shifts away laughing
“It depends on what you are happy for. I didn’t do what you think.  We had a good time. know. I admit I let my guards down and there was something embarrassing moments but…she..surprising stayed not caring …really bonding in a strange way. Yes, I still see faith in her we talked into the night I saw some unique features of herself. …it was beautiful.  And I felt suddenly light, .. for the first time in a long while I was enjoying a woman’s company.  I still felt guilty but…. I just. Did what you asked; dont think about faith and I tried. Sometimes I struggled but…eventually I was sitting next to her and I was talking to Lidhya and …I didn’t bring up faith.”
“But you look too happy ” James says curiously.. “There is more to this” he taps his jaw
Darrell smiles. .. ”
“Spill! !”
“Fine! i kissed her”
James is shocked. . Then a side goofy smile appears across his face…
“Oh I just want to give you another hug. Darrel you sexy beast. Come here ” he pouts
“Touch me again and I swear you would not feel.your face again”  Darrell says laughing. ..
He ended up having to run out of his room with James on his tail.
Coming out and his helps stare at him.
“Everything okay sir philips?”

He clears his throat, gathering himself..  a little bit embarrassed. .
He nods, then breaks out in a smile..
“Everything is fine. ” he says walking away
James come out a second latter..
“Where did your boss go to, which direction? ”
“That way” one of the uniformed butlers answers
” okay”
“Is he okay..Sir? .Mr Philips seemed…smiling

Too smiling.  Is he okay?”
He hadnt ever found him smilig or happy. Was their boss on drugs now?
James laughs,  ”  he is alright.  He  just….kissed a beautiful girl ” James says walking away
“About time ” the butler smiles… “10 years is a long time ”
James and Samantha was the first to arrive.
Darrel had come to pick Lidhya up , Damaris had gone to the salon to have another hair done.
“I need to look good just in case  dear. You never know who is watching.  Besides my Army boyfriend would be so cute and dashing.  He would put you all to shame. See you later” she blows a kiss to Lidhya and disappears behind the door.
Damaris and charles strolls into the five star restaurant in which Darrell had changed venues and picked for them. They had a whole floor to themselves,
The setting was beautiful. .
“Wow!!” Samantha says
“I know right.  Darrel can show off when he wants to”  James says
“Too bad I ain’t interested in him

He would have made a one hell of a husband”
‘Any regrets?” James askes,  wondering if he should just bow out now.
“No no handsome. I mean he is hot and all but..i don’t want a broken man to heal . You  on the other hand is quite a handful.and I love the way you make me reach the heaven and back. I would chose you over a thousand Darrells anyways. .besides,  he seemed to like my friend Lidhya ”
He smiles , releasing his breath.

He had come to like this crazy bundle of nervous called Samantha.  she was wild and rebellious.  But he knew all was just a facade.

Inside she was a girl who needs to be loved rightly, having no parental head to give her the love and attention she needs she then seeks for it outside the four walls of her home, albeit in wrong places and the arms of different men.
Spending the day with her yesterday she complains alot of her mother but behind the hatred,  he still saw a faint hope of love she felt for her..
“I hate her so much” she told him
But what he could hear was  ” Why doesn’t she love me enough.  Why doesnt she love me for me. Why doesnt she love me…because I love her but I can’t tell her”
“I you don’t flow well with your mother ..communication  is key to any relationship.  If you don’t talk to her how does she know how you keep trashing out at her about how much you hate her and yet you can’t stay without her. You say your brother is a pervert and yet you call him up to check up on him despite hoe much you both fight. You say you hate your mother but yet when she ignores you it hurts.  You don’t hate her Samantha,  you just wish she loves you the way you love her..and that’s nothing to be angry about. ..

You father died, it was  a heart disease Samantha,  it wasn’t your fault.  Or your mother’s or your brother’s.  They couldn’t save him.”
“She never cared for him as she ought when he was alife and She put her career over her family”
“Her mistake and wrongs shouldn’t be held over her head for ever Samantha. And two wrongs don’t make a right sweeties.  You are going through all the wrong channels to get to fight back. You are rebellious and acting out. But you do realised that you are doing more harm.harm to yourself than to her. She is a senator,  already made a name and life for herself. She may not have seen the folly in  her ways but its your right as a daughter to help her see and not make thesame mistakes she made again. But not like this”
“She ..she is evil”.
“No she is a mother who have made mistakes and you are a daughter who is making worse mistakes…
“You have to find away in your heart to forgive your mother, and move on with your life.  You both need each other to survive.  She is your family babe, your life support at the moment. Talk to her tell her how you feel. You both should trash it out,  throw it into the bin and build new relationships together.  Life is too short ” he says pulling her to him, naked skin to  naked skin
“Who would know you are so deep.” She teases his jaws
“I am not. I just say a lot of shit ‘ he smiles
“Well thay shit isn’t shit. It made sense.. even though I don’t accept all that you say…I would try and give my mother a chance”
“You should. ” he nods. “Now, can you go back to telling my lower body what you were saying earlier. .because I didn’t quite get it” he says
‘Aww. ..naughty naughty you James. .” Sge says right before she covers her face with the covers,  sliding down to his thighs and takes him in her mouth..
He moans in pleasure .
Before long both of them are groaning and moaning and she screaming her climax.. and he joining her soon after. .
“Wow Samantha you look amazing ” Damaris says hugging Samantha,
‘And you too. And you glow in that red.  Wow!!” She kisses her cheeks
The men shake hands.
“Helo am James. .
“I am charles”
The wine came, they drink listening to music waiting for the Darrell and Lidhya
“Wow!!” He says, he watches her close her door and walk to him. He felt weak to his knees..
She was beautiful.
He felt his heart increase in tempo, his palms sweaty. .he was nervous.
Like when he was nevious those years ago, taking out faith on their first date

Don’t think about faith today.
Today was about Lidhya. ..
Today… was about them.
He was giving himself a chance to live again.  To feel again
After last night,  he found himself selfd thinking about her lazy smile; and the way she played with her icecream.
The way she touches his arm lightly and ask if he is okay
The  way she played with her toes tucked under her or with her hair.

The way she called his name ‘Darrel Philips ”  it made him Smile.
And when he kissed her,
He didn’t want to let go, it felt new Electrifying, strangely exciting.
He felt guilt.

He felt pleasure. .

He felt….free.
And he dreamed about her , ..
The woman who looks like his faith.

his faith he loved with all that he was..

He dreamed of the one who looked likes his faith but wasn’t his faith..

His dreams wasn’t restless,  it was haunted by white dresses and her smile..
His dream was filled with her girlish laughter and the way she made him laugh..
He missed her…

Not sure why he did

But he knew he didn’t regret  it
Just maybe, James was right after all..she  could help him heal. Forget his pain and move on..
Tonight he was ready to embark on something new..with her
10 years was long enough to mourn a heart of his heart..
Tonight he was going to put him first…and he was going to open his heart to Lidhya.
Not because she looks like his wife.

No one could replace her.
But because..despite their similarities. .
She still manages to be unique,  spontaneous. ..original. .still was her. Lidhya
And he loved that about her.  Real and down to earth.
He had  no regrets meeting her. .
“Is that a good wow or a bad wow” she says biting her lips
“Its a great wow! You are stunning ” he says giving her his hands that she links hers to.
“And you are not bad yourself” she admits
“Oh why thank you. ” He smiles. ..
“You are most welcome…sire” she nods.
“Where is your friend? .I thought you said she would be with us too?”
“Well she wanted to get a new hairdo done for today” Lidha says, Darrell just mouthed an ‘Oh! !”
He opens th door for her and let’s her slid in before closing and running to the other side..
The third time this week he refused to move around with securities…
“About time you both showed up. I swear you wanted to make a grand entrance ” James says getting up.
The room had a candle light setting,  a small round table in the middle with six chairs round it.
A red rose and white lilies seating in a jar on the table.
A pale holding wines and ice on the left side of tte table,
The chairs were bright red and the whole table cloth was theme,  blending with the theme of the day..
“AwhiteAndRedValentime …  a red heart dangled from the roof..  dancing dull lightlights filled the room.
The jazz played somewhere from the room, the smell of good food In the air..
The room was slightly dark  , shadows of the candlelight dancing in their faces..
Darrell leads Lidhya by the small of her back toward the two couples who seem to be standing on their feet
‘I am sorry for keeping you all waiting. ” Darrell says , shaking James who pats his shoulders with his other hands.
“No harm done ” James says, leaving Darrell face his eyes rests on Lidhya. .
He is speechless for a few minutes
“Helo Samantha ” Darrell says kissing her cheeks as she leans to give him a kiss to his cheeks too.
Lidhya and Samantha hugs,..
“You are glowing Lids” Samantha hugs her ” Is he good in the sack ?,
Lidhya pinches  her ” not everyone is a slut like you sam” she whispers back to her..
“I know. But soon I know you going to do it if you already haven’t.  All girls are slut at one point in their life’s.  I am just open about mine. But… give me a little juicy jist preety please”
They were whispering
“He is a great kisser” Lidhya blushes
“Score for Darrell! !” She exclaims
Darrell and James look at the girls… they giggle
He pulls her to him, staring at James.   As though imploring him to see, to see if he is saying the truth and wasn’t going crazy.
James shakes his head in bewilderment  .
“Lidhya I want you to meet James,  my childhood friend ,  brother and accoutantant” he says
“James, meet.. Lidhya.  The sudden sun in my cloudy days” he says
Lidhya’s cheeks grew warm.
Why did he say that. She wondered
He didn’t know why he said that. He thinks to himself.
But he liked the sound of it
James takes her hands in his and brings it to his lips, speech falling him. He kisses her knuckles
He thought Darrel was just  ranting.

Like a mad man ..seeing faith’s face in a woman’s.

He thought he was just talking.. he didn’t believe him.
Now he did.
Staring at her up  close, he would have called her faith. He swallowed. .
Maybe  God was alife somewhere.

Maybe miracles did happen.
Maybe seeing how Darrell had suffered , broken and alone..
He found a way to make them cross paths…
Faith was gone.
But..Lidhya could be another sunshine in his life… another reason for Darrell to feel and live. .
He blinks…
He now understood ..

Why Darrell took her to see his house and showed her paintings  of faith.
He now understood that  …

Sometimes bad things has to happen for good things to come out of it .
And he hopes that the sparkle he sees in Darrell’s eyes…

Which was only possible because of this…Lidhya.. this beautiful woman who reminded him so much of his wife would remain…

And it would reach the skies
“It is lovely to finally meet you Lidhya ” James says, closing her hands with his, and rubbing it
Lidhya felt warm, she felt warmth radiating from James. .
She smiles ..
“Its nice to meet you too James ”
“Ahem!!” Damaris clears her throat .
“We are here too…hello !!” She says
They laugh
“Drama queen” Lidhya teases
“That’s right bitch.  Oops sorry , excuse my manners Mr Darrell Philips.  I am Damaris. ..Lidhya’s bestie and sister and everything ” she smiles broadly..
Darrell takes her hands in his and shakes it. She turns to her side. .
“And this is my boyfriend,  Charles. .”
“Charles meet Darrell , Lidhya’s rich billonaire and Darrell meet charles., my US Army boyfriend ” she shines her teeth clapping
The girls laugh,  James laugh. .
Philips doesn’t,  ..
Wasnt he the guy that he bumped into in the party and he staggered away from him. .
“I know you” Darrell says
Charles heart skips abit.
“No you don’t. ..” he says
“Yes I do, I saw you at the fund raiser with the Mayor at the Plimbletons” Darrell says
Charles smiles…
He is playing smart …

Let see how long he keeps this up.
He taps the gun at his back to make sure it was still there.
He has three extra bullets in his pocket and three in the gun. Just incase someone else was trying to be smart.
“Oh…yeah. ”
“I almost spilled his drink on him ” Darrell says to the others..
“Oh! ” They exclaimed.
“No worries.  It was just a tiny spill. ”
Darrel smiles touching his shoulder,  “my bad. But you left too quickly for me to find out why you looked the way you did… as though you saw someone you didn’t expect to see”?
“I had too much to drink.  Needed to breath. .felt choked” he lied
Darrell nods..
“Can we get to it… am starving!!” James says..
They laugh.
They talk about everything  worth talking about..
It’s been three hours already and the third course is on its way. More wine is brought and the music doesn’t stop.
James and Samantha sometimes takes the dance floor..
Charles and Damaris too
Occasionally Darrell steals glances at Lidhya who equally as to hide her blush when he laces his finger with hers.
He didn’t know why he was doing it but he was determined to live in the moment and forget about his past
Tonight… he had decided to let it all go and think of the possibilities of something new..
“Want to dance. ? Looks as though they all are having more fun than we are”..
“I thought you would never ask” she smirks getting up.
He twirls her and then pulls her to him..
They move slowly to the rhythm,  his hands pressed at the small of her back, going side to side as the music is played over head..
She wraps her hands round his neck and smiles at him when he smiles down at her..
“You are staring again and that’s creepy ” she says
“Am sorry ” he says, pulling her close.
He loved the way she smelt,..
” i love the way you smell. .”  He says .She smirks under his chin
“Its a rose flower lavenda”.. she says
“Is that an actual name? ” He muses
She shakes her head..
“A combination of flavours ” she replies feeling his smile over her head..
They dance for a while; …he turning her and she laughing as he makes an attempt to dip her..
Pulling her back up she leans more into him. .
He uses his hands to tug her hair behind her ear, he liked the way he felt with her in his arms. .
It’s been a while he felt like this .
“I want to keep seeing you Lidhya ” he says close to her ears
“I want to keep seeing you too Darrell ”
“No. I mean,  to say…..I think I like you Lidhya and I want to keep…seeing you. Take you out, dance with you and treat you to nice fancy restaurants like this’
She doesn’t say anything
“Did I say anything wrong? ” He had concern in his eyes
She has a sad smile. ..
“No, I am just wondering if want to keep seeing me because I remind you of…I remind you of her”
She regretted it the moment she said it . He tenses , closing his eyes,  for a full minute then he opens them, ..
“I admit that I was drawn to you thr moment I saw you, and majorly because you looked like, like faith in an alarming strange yet farmilar way. Yes you both don’t share relations. I know,  I had you checked out. ”
Her eye grew big ..” You did what? “.
“Am sorry, but..Oh just had to know, for me…me and also for you. No relation whatsoever. So I guess it’s just one of those coincidences in life where you have a look alike somewhere. .
‘Doppelganger ” she says
“Doppelganger! ! Someone who looks like you of some sort. .Damaris told me” she says
“Oh!!” He mutters “but anyway,  yes, that was the first thing that pulled me to you and I also admit I wanted to hold on to that figment of my imaginations that she had somehow returned to me but that’s just a  ravings of a mad man. As I spent the day with you yesterday, getting to know you and even in my lowest point I expected you to…just…look the other way..yet, you came to me and you don’t know how much that meant to me….”
He was holding her still,, as though forgetting that they weren’t alone
“I know I am not a perfect man, one with scars, deep rooted and filled with pain, and regrets and I am broken and and I have decided to live by myself that way I am my own burden. I know  that you don’t need anyone to pull you down. But Lidhya I don’t want to keep seeing you because you remind me of wife. My dead wife. Yes …I see her in you but I also see you in you”..
“I don’t want to be a another woman in your eyes. I know you loved her..but I don’t want to be another woman in your eyes ” she says

“And I won’t compete for a space .because I know that she has all of you..even in death”
“I loved her then and I love her  still.  But my love wasn’t able to protect her . And no I don’t want you to be another woman in my eyes Lidhay,  I want you to be you.. you and there is is no don’t need to. Yes true, she had all of me, I am not shy or afraid to say it. But..I have given 10 years of my life to her even in death. I have to let her go…Andy  I have ” he says,    breathig. .
“What does this mean?”
“ means that. ..i want to begin Again.  I want a start of something new. A fresh start. A new beginning. . I want to be able to love and be loved in return. .i want to…live life again Lidha. And it want to begin … again.  And I want you?”
“But you don’t know me”
“I know you enough ”
“Just one day or two?”
“The fact that…my heart beats fast and I feel weak when you laugh and I couldn’t get my mnd off you yesterday I think  I would work with that. So what do you say?”
“What do I say?”
“Are you going to make this hard for me?”
He pulls her closer to him, her face a few breath space from his tilting her chin up..
“Lidhya,  will you let me love you?”
She doesn’t answer,  her cheeks burning. .
“We are going too fast ” she breaths. .

He smiles liking the effect he had on her..liking hers on him..
Why did he stay away from this feeling for so long..
“Lidhya,  let me love you. I want to begin Again and I want that with you. Life is too short and I have learnt to not take it for granted. …say yes”
“Darrell,  I want to think about it..”
He closes the distance and teases her lips, urging her to open for him
‘Say yes” he says…
“Darrell,  I want to…to
“do you like me?’ He askes her between kisses
“Yea” she admits, he smiles to her mouth
‘Do you enjoy being around me..even if..well..just a day ..”
“Yes” she smiles,  kissing him back..
‘Then…do you want me to love you…?”
“Yes!” She says,   ” yes Darrell! !” She says wrapping her hands around him she kisses him back,  meeting him intensity  for itesnsity .
They smile into each other’s mouths .
“This is crazy!!” She says
“I know…. ” he replies. .

And they kiss again. ..
‘Ahem! !” James clears his throat..
“Lovebirds. ..down to earth or get a room puleeze”..
They break apart remembering they aren’t alone…
“So a toast?” Damaris says holding on to her glass, giving the others theirs, each holding unto a woman…
They gather about ..
“To new friendships ” James says
“To happiness” Damaris’s says
“To love” Darrell says looking into Lidhya ‘s eyes
‘To love” Samantha says. … looking at James. .. Yes,  to possibilities of love .
“To love!!” Charles says.. staring at Darrel and Lidhay. .
They clink after the other..
Darrell and Charles clinks last…
Darrel has laughter in his eyes as he holds on to Lidha placing a kiss to her forehead..
Samantha hugs James. .
Damaris forces charles face to kiss her, he gives her a quick kiss and then turns back to staring at Darrel. ..
Was he mocking him.
Where they all mocking him…
Didn’t they know who he was…
Didn’t they?
Was this a game to them?
Acting as though they don’t know him..
He keeps staring. .
He drops his glass and rubs a hand through his hair
It was making him crazy thinking about all This stuffs, he needed to know for sure…
What they knew. …
Or maybe truly they didn’t. .
Maybe…they didn’t. ..
And he was in the clear..
No one had said anything or had been suspicious.
Lidhya seemed uncomfortable around him earlier but she seemed to be relaxed.
Samantha,  the spoilt brat seems to be clouded with lust writen over her
And Damaris,  he couldn’t wait to get rid of her..she was choking him..
Something catches Darrel eyes as charles runs a hand through his hair
He frowns..
Lidhya tugs at him,,… whispering something into his ears, he smiles. .
He gets a phone call and goes to answer er,  the caller was his father.
James and the rest sit around talking..
Lidhya gets up , trying  to reach out and pull at the Love shaped heart dangling from the ceiling. .
Damaris and Samantha were laughing
“Don’t fall ” James says “Darrell would kill me” he laughs

Darrell turns coming back , smiling at Lidhya’s week attempt from pulling at the heart standing on tip toe .
She trips and begins to fall,  Charles reach for her first,  grabbing her.
“Carefull ” he says
“Whooaaaa! !” James says…
“Careful babes ” Samantha and Damaris says..
Darrell rushes to her..
“Are you okay babe?” He askes ..helping her up,  thanking Charles for his quick reflex..
But Lidhya wasn’t asnwering; she was staring…suddenly tense..
Darrel feels her tense; he pulls her to him, concern in his face..
“Lidhya what’s wrong ? He askes..
She doesn’t look at him but at Charles,  who doesn’t say anything but stares at her
Why was she staring at him..
“Lidhya,  what’s the matter talk to me?” Darrell has fear in his eyes .
What was wrong with her..

Why did she suddenly start shaking ..
He looks at charles; wondering why she was staring at him in fear..
James , Damaris and Samantha come behind her..
“Lidhya you  scaring us..”..
“Whats wrong?

What wrong with her  Darrell? ”
They ask..
Charles is deadly quiet…still. his expression masked.
As though waiting. ..

Waiting for what he had suspected was going to happen….

“Ring” she says..
‘What did she say…”
“LIdhya whta are you saying..I can’t hear you” ..
She holds on tightly to Darrell, and points to charles…
“He..he….he is wearing your ring.. luke’s rings..”she says..
As a reflex action…Charles rubs his ring..
Darrell and James turn instantly to staring at his finger..
Samantha and Damaris look confused…
“What ring?”

“Ring..what ring?”

“Let me see your finger..” Darrell says to Charles.. realising that he didnt shake the guy so he didn’t notice if he wore a ring.
‘I won’t ask again”… Darrell had turned to face him.

Please don’t let this be what I think it is…
The one..

The one  that took them away from me..
His heart began to beat fast, his eyes blood shot..
His hands already fisted. …
“Show us your finger charles..  I am sure it’s just a mistake and…all this would be settled. ”  James says..
He knew about the missing ring. Darrell told him about it. … but he wasnt paying attention …to know whether he wore one or not… besides  he wouldn’t have thought about it it .
But if Darrell had told Lidhya about it and if Lidhya believes she had seen it..

Then it was worth listening to. .
“What if I don’t ” Charles says with a sly smile..
“Babe just show themm your finger. .I don’t know what they are talking about but I guess it’s just a them your finger and they can apologise to you. After all its just a a ring what’s the big deal” Damaris says
“It isn’t just a ring . It’s my mine. I gave it to my brother before he died. Before he was killed , In cold blood along side my wife and the only thing missing was his ring. .my ring which i gave to him and a watch he was wearing from my grandfather. It’s not just a ring because it was uniquely made,  customised from Netherlands and sent down. And it’s only two of a kind. One has my initials and the other had luke’s. Luke’s own went missing when he went diving with friends.  I gave him mine and that …is not just a ring. So I showed Lidhya what it looks like and if she says that’s the ring..and  it’s gotten her all shaken up..then your boyfriend needs to kindly show me his finger…” Darrell hisses.
Damaris and Samantha gasps. .

Lidhya holds tightly to Darrell. .
Could it be…that he was the killer or…just happen to have bought the ring somewhere.
That could be it..

But yet there was something menacing about the way he was smiling…
Fear grips her..
“Darrell “? She calls him…
Darrel takes a step towards charles. .
“Show me your fxxking finger! !” He says… “or I….. ”
‘Or what Darrell?”..
Then Charles busted out laughing  .
Shaking his head. .. ” So that’s what the initials stands for…DP.  Darrell Philips. .” He says
“I kept asking my self what it stood for. It’s a mean ass beauty of a ring I couldn’t let it go. ..I mean.. no offence butt. .. I couldn’t leave without it”..
‘Oh my God!” Lidhya says,
“Charles..’ Damaris is confused. .
“What are you saying. ..”
“Oh bitch shut up you have been yapping away so much I wanted to run mad. This girl? This girl . can sell you all out. I got bits and bits of info on you because of her running mouth.  When she has a good dxxk inside her she tends to tell you even her deepest darkest secrets…and talk about you guys too” he laughs. .
Damaris gasps,
“Yup. I was literally tired of you. Glad to have thay out of my chest ”
10 years flashes infront of him.
Finding both of them dead…

Cold.Cold . out there…
And here …finally meeting the killer face to dace. ..
This …who had came as a friend…

Was the killer that plagued his dreams..

The masked man in his dream shooting his wife and brother in cold blood and laughing in his face as he stood there unable to move and he disappearing into the night. .
He had had that same dream  for years. .

Same dream..

Same laughter..

same masked man.
Now he saw his face.
He rushes towards him in anger, built up anger for 10 years ..
James drags him back and the girls scream..
“He has a gun ” James says ..
“Oh glad of you to notice” Charles says,  he points  them the gun now, smiling…
You know I kept asking myself how you  looked like the one who was dead..

I felt…Maybe you were mocking  me..

Like you knew me and you were mocking me..

I even thought that she..she too was your plan..”
Darrel pushes Lidhya behind him..
“Anyways, so seeing you at that party it nearly was the death of me..I thought I had seen a ghost . That’s why I had to run out of there . I was fxxking scared.  But you didn’t come after walked past me. And…still today you see me and don’t recognise and I am thinking…are they fxxking playing games with me..
“But now I I know” he rubs the gun to his temple…
“Its all all clear to me now. ..
The one that is dead…is your brother, luke. .Yes. . Lucas. I remember him. I remember him so well. That night…that night he was acting like a hero, making a mockery of me..”
Darrell moves again…

The girls screams when he points it to his head. .
“Take one more step and this goes ..straight to your heart. . You dont want to dare me.”
“How many bullet do you have in there.. you can’t take all of us down”… Darrell says… his veins pumping, he wants to lurch at him, he wants to tear his face and punch it in till he is not recognisable again.  He wants to make him suffer the way faith and luke suffered..
“Well, it’s enough to take all of you down. .I brought more just a incase because I had a feeling this would go south and I like to be prepared. .you can’t be in the force and not have a sixth sense of some sort” he says
“Why dont you drop the gun down and let’s how sixth of a sense you do have..Charles” darrell says
“Darrell please do not piss  him off ” Lidha pleads.
“You should listen to your girlfriend..Darrell, brother of..Lucas..whom i killed quite easily by the way. ”
Samantha begins to cry, Damaris holds on to her..

“You bastard so you used me to get close to Lidhya,  so you could get close to Darrell..? You are a fxxking bastard.  A cold blooded killer.  I cant believe  I slept with you..Oh God!!’
Charles yawns  “you liked it as much as I were screaming in seven languages and begging for more. But I am glad you get the picture. ”
“Why?” Darrell askes
“Why what? ”
“Tell me what you killed them..killed her. They didn’t deserve to die ” Darrel has tears falling from his eyes

He is angry.  A pained. ..

Pained that the killer is infront of him and he can not do anything to stop the pain he is feeling..

To make him suffer….

To make him feel the pain he feels now….
“Oh..yeah!!’ He says waving the gun at them..
“Gas station. . My girl was ogling him, he was playing the rich kid card and making us look like shit. Made me look like shit. .and got me eating dirt. That wasnt nice you know. I have a reputation to uphold you know. .. so I follow  him , you know..that house out in the middle. Of nowhere.. well after I take my pop’s Gun you know. . And there they were sitting and talking in the sitting room..

And that..Lidhya behind you…looks like her too you know..didn’t you notice. How fxxking creepy. Seeing the two people you killed 10 years ago standing right here infront of you can do something to a Sane man you know…but I digress; so… well I admit , she wasn’t my target but she was being a stupid bitch. .calling the cops when I have a gun…I was a fxxking young kid and did she think I wanted to return back to juvi? Hell no… next thing she is bleeding on the ground and know a brother is trying to think and you. .no…him..the dead one…rushes for me. .when I am trying to arrange my thought process he stupidly wants to be a fxxking hero and BAM! !! Straight space between his eyes. ..and dead he falls to the ground” He says smiling

“You are sick.  You a deranged sick man!!” Lidhya says, tears running down her eyes. .
She still held on to Darrell who was shaking with rage, he removes her hands from him, giving her hands to James. .
‘Darrell don’t ”  James says knowing that deathly look in Darrell’s eyes,  same look he saw when he was determined to end his life…
He didn’t care. .
“Well, my superior thinks otherwise. That’s why they put me in…The tortures destrict. When no one is looking i kill the prisoners. I mean, why do they have to live right?” He says
“You know … you aren’t getting out of here ….” Darrell hisses…
Charles throws his head back and laughs , a deep throated laugher…
“You know. It’s very is Valentine’s day day and valentine died for love. Jack  dies for love and  Romeo and juliet died for love…you assholes are going to die today, wearing Red…on Love day…Isn’t that..ironic. ?” He states,  bringing out the 3 remaining bullets from his pocket he inserts them into his gun. ..
“4, 5..6..!” He counts  ” see? One for each person and an extra just incase I miss one…but I never miss” he smiles..
“So who wants to go first”..he asks. .
“You took away everything that matters to me…you took away my wife. My twin and killed them in cold blood… over some quarrel.

For ten years …you cause us pain. My father barely living due to losing a son. My mother constantly trying to survive. ..the pain and watch them been wheeled away..

and only woman who gave me a reason to live…all because of a tiny quarrel in a gas station..

Are you even human?” Darrel askes
His eyes shifting to the wine bottle by his side, he wonders how good his aim was..

It’s been a while he threw something
“I wonder thesame thing.. but you are boring me. Yes I killed your brother over a small ruckus and too bad about your wife. I apologise…or not. Thi rings…” he flashes it infront of them…
“Its a survenier of a work well done. And this watch…is priceless” he shows them.
“I need those back” Darrell says..his hands covering the bottle; he grabs it behinds him..blocking Lidhya,  making sure the others are behind him..
“No can do sir. ..anything

Else.. Finale prayers? request? ”
“You won’t get away this time” James says ” the cops would get you!

“10 years ago I killed two and they weren’t able to find a trace. You think they can now?.I mean I am better at killing and hiding. Been in the force for 10 fxxking years; I have had some trainings on how to be invisible ” he smirks.
He points the gun to Darrell…

He would start with him…
All at once as he drops, the others would drop simultaneously. ..

One after the other and he would disappear into the night,
He  ready had his bag parked..
No one would know..

Just like that night..

No one would ever know. ..
‘Okay..time up!!”
“Say bye bye”
Someone screams
The gun goes off..
Th wine flew across hitting him square in the face..

Someone drops to the ground
He staggers holding his head and the gun..
Dazed he looks,  he presses the gun to shot, liquid stinging his eyss..
He feels something or some hard body contact run into him and lifting him off the floor..
They struggle…
The gun goes off again. .





Empty. .
He feels it before the Punch lands on his face..

His fits comes in contact with the person over him
He doesnt know who..
The person groans in pain and he manages to roll off under him pushing him away..
Blinking , it was blood dripping from the place the wine bottle had hit his head
He took a stance. .smiling, seeing who came at him..

“Let me send you back to your brother. ..have a tet’te’tat ehe? Say hi to the wife for me too…” he says
A death raging raor escapes from Darrell’s mouth as he rushes for him, both of them, crashing through the glass just behind them, ..
Punching and hitting…

Hitting and punching. ..

Darrell doesn’t stop.
He doesn’t stop hitting and screaming . .

All his pain..

All his anguish

all his misery. .

All that he held inside, he kept going ,tears stinging his eyes. ..

His fist punching in his face He kept going and screaming…
For luke..he cried.

For faith…he cried harder..

For me…” he hits himharder..
Someone pulls him away…
He pushed the person away..

He keeps going; blood dripping from his fists. ..


Darrell…stop. stop…..!!” James pulls him away..
He heard a faint siren as be was pulled  back ..

James hugs him to him, restraining him as he pulled him away from the lifeless man..
“Stop. DARRELL…He IS DEAD!!” James says…
Darrell seeing that he doesn’t move, his eyes are open, his face disfigured and  a gaping hole in his chest showed how he died. .

A glass has priced through his heart…killing him..
Tears flows freely down his eyes…

He cries…openingly as James holds him down. ..
His vision blurry he sees the police comes in…

The ambulance carrying their stretchers..
Everything a blur. .
Lidhya! !!

“Lidha ” he says crawling away from James. ..
Someone had been shot, he felt someone fall…or some ones”..
“Oh God No” he says…
Running towards her as she laid on the ground,  Samantha cradling her head
“Oh no no no no..God no!!” He pulls her to him, ,the blood spreading to the front of her red dress…
“No God please no..please no” he cries into her face…
The first shot had ripped through her ,
Samantha was unhurt, James had a gun shot to his shoulders and Damaris has a shot to her knee, she couldn’t move.
Lidhya wasn’t opening her eyes..
“Please wake up Lidhya. .please , not you too. .Oh God please not her too. Not again..
I can’t bear it ” he cries
“Sir,  you need to move; we need to take her..” the man in white uniform says..
“No, no…”
“Darrell, please ” James pleads

He keeps shaking his head..” No. .she is dead. She is dead because of me…” he cries
“She jumped infront find you when he shot” Damaris doesn’t hold back her tears..
“Oh my God…Lidhya ..lidha please wake up.  Don’t die please” Sam cries. ., James is broken. .. speechless he bends painfully to the ground. .holding onto Darrell..
Oh God. ..not again..
His heart cried;
The man in white bends, he touches her neck and then her wrist,  …

He beckons to another. .
“I can feel a pulse..a weak pulse”
Darrell’s head shoots up..
“Is she alife ”
“Barely. .if you don’t let us take her to hospital. We won’t be able to say for much long…”
He follows her as they load her into  the ambulance, all six of them enter..
The police sweeps the scene,  taking the camera footage from the resturant. ..
James gives a syatement of what happened , darrell too and the others.. except Lidhya.
The video Confirms it..
While they wait….
It’s been hours since Lidhya has been in surgery..
Mrs plimbleton rushes down to the hospital. .

Tears in her eyes Samantha rushes to her, her mother plasters her face with endless kisses..
“I am so sorry mother I am so so sorry. I thought I would die today.. I amso sorry for ..hating you..I am sorrry”

Samantha cries hugging her mother
“It am so sorry for neglecting you baby girl..I won’t ever again..forgive me sam. Forgive me. I thought I lost you..” they cried in each other’s arms.. her brother wraps them up in a hug and they continue to mutter to each other.
Somewhere down the hall, James smiles. ..watching them ..
He turns to Damaris. .she was silent, still crying.
He reaches for her hand…

“Its not your fault. .
“Its is.. it is..”
“No sweetly. .it’s not your fault. Don’t beat yourself it could have happened to the best of us. .we treat thr wrong person.  It’s not your fault…she is alife. He is dead that’s all thay matters.  not your fault.”
She bursted out crying again,  he wraps her in a hug. She would be in crutches for a couple of months..
Darrell is seated across..praying to a God he never believed…
Praying .. that she comes out alife. .


Just praying. .
The family of Charles was Called.
They refused to come for his body.
“Do whatever you want to it. He is not my son” his mother had said crying.

“Hey you?” Lidhya manages, seeing the room filled with people. She is looking at darrell .
“Hey beautiful.  Are you okay?” He says holding her hands..
Samantha,  Damaris and James are around her..

Mrs plimbleton  and her son.

And some other older couple…
Who don’t look familiar to her..
Her mother and step father are there too..

She tries to seat up and he helps her up..
“Mum? Dad? When did you get here?”
Her mother rushes to her,  kissing her..

“An hour ago” .
“But…how? ”
“Private jet” Bob her step father says…
She knew who was responsible…
She smiles. , hugging and kissing her mother..
Samantha and Damaris joins in, crying ..

“Hey, stop drolling over me I am fine” she says
“You gave us quite a scare” James says dropping low to give her a kiss on the cheeks,  squeezing her hands
She looks questionly at the elderly couple….
“Mum , dad, say hi to Lidhya ” Darrell says..
Letting them pass, they have tears in their eyes. ..

Holding her hands, touching her face, hugging her and kissing her..
So many tears, she couldn’t hold back hers..
“I swear if any of you keeps crying I am going to scream” they laugh
“And you…you scared to hug me.. afterall,  if you weren’t trying to be a hot looking hero I would have been having my first valentine wrapped in your arms not…in this bed.”
They laugh,  he comes to her, …carefully raising her hands to his lips..
“Don’t be a hero. Promise me you won’t try to be a hero again. I need you here…”
“I promise.. I promise “.. he says nodding
He kisses her lips, her nose; her cheeks again and her forehead. ..
‘Are you okay…..?” She askes him searching his eyes. .

He knew what she wanted to know..
Knowing that the killer was dead. ..
If he had found peace.
Freed his anger.

His pain and let go of the pain  that held him like shackles. ..
Yes… he knew what she askes…
He sighs nodding…
Yes,  he did feel free.

The pain ..was gone.

The anguish gone..
The sadness…gone. .
Justice has been served.  The killer  is dead. His brother and wife would rest in peace now..

and he..he would have closure..

There was closure..
And he was fine..

Right now..

Right here with her…
He was fine. .
“Yes Lidhya. . I am okay. now that you are here; with me…I am okay. my sudden sunlight in my darkened days…you make me want to live again.  .. this might not be the valentine you envisioned but…Atleast I found you!!”
“Atleast I found you” she repeated back to him..
He closes the distance, sealing their quiet acceptance of selves..of new beginings ..of a new love journey with  a kiss.. a beautiful kiss.
This is where their own love story begins. ..
One filled with love…more love…and evem more love…

Of stronger friendships. ..

Of family and bonds..

and a little more love  that tickles the toes, butterflies to the tummy that gives you wings to  fly again..

Just a lil more love to go around again.
Love is is a beautiful thing…

To love someone is wonderful

But to be loved in return is sure bliss…
Show a little love. ..
And let love find you..
Happy Valentine’s day !!!!!!!!!!




The  End…..

#StephanieEgberike #writes #thesweetperspectives



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