Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love. .chp42 (semi-finale)

Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love. … (chp. 42)



There is this blinding searing pain that comes with anger..

I should know.. 

I have felt it before..
When the call came, I was asleep. Those deep relaxing sleep when you have had a good night.  She..I don’t remember her name now was sprawled on the bed, her body warm and soft beside me, her face turned to the other side  but my hands laid appreciatively over her very large and naked backside..which I had stroked during the night and patted a couple of times while we danced the dance of the  gods, exerting energy and expelling sweets.. it was a good day… a good mind-blowing evening..
But the night…the night turned to darkness and my heart broke into  tiny different pieces.
“Bru baby, please turn that phone off,  I am trying to sleep” she must have said it a couple of times ..I yawned turning away.
“Baby, your phone is ringing..pick it or throw it away. My head hurts. I am trying to sleep” she said..repeatedly 

Buzz buzz buzz 
And my loud ringtone that could wake up the dead.
I blindly reach for phone, putting  it to my ears without bothering to look at the caller.
“What? Speak! !” I figured it was one of the boys. It had better be something good or else I would have their head in the morning.  They knew better than bugging me when I was with a woman. 
“Bruno Peter Amachree? ” the strange unfamiliar voice asked .
“Who wants to know” I yawned,  frowning.
“Are you Bruno Peter Amachree sir?” The voice asked again
I get up rubbing my eyes, looking at the phone. I didn’t know that number.
“Again, who wants to know?” I was getting irritated. Who the hell was trying to be stupidly funny by this time of the night.  Someone was going to get his head slapped in the morning..
“Look guys. Don’t be stupid. If David, Timothy or even junior put you up to this…you know they ain’t going to get the beating you are going to get. Cut it. Am trying to sleep”
” i assume you are Mr Bruno Peter Amachree. If you are,  we would love you to come down to the hospital. ”
“To identify the body of your parents! ” the voice says, apologetically 
‘Wh- what  did you say?” My heart skipped abit.
‘I am sorry sir, they have been involved in a ghastly motor accident.  We would want you to come to the hospital and identify the bodies of your parents. . ” the voice repeats
I suddenly lose my speech.  I suddenly can’t breath. .
What do you mean.

What are you saying..

What the Fxxk are you saying..
My heart screams, my head askes but my mouth can’t form..the words..
My chests hurts.  I feel hot sting of tears..
“Sir? Sir?..Mr Bruno Peter Amachree. Please come down to St. Martins Hospital, wing two, room.304. We would be waiting. Sir,  can you hear me sir. Sir  Bruno Pet—-
I drop thr phone..

I literally can’t breath..
I am holding my chest, my head feels as though I am floating..
Mother. .

Same voice speaks in my head
I think I felt her move, touch me. Call my name, shake me..

I am gasping for air. I can’t breath,  tears are rolling down my eyes …I feel pain. Deep searing pain tearing though my body…
Then anger…

Anger that I don’t quite get..

Bruno talk to me..
I hear her voice as though far away
I stagger away from her, using my hands to wave, I am holding my chest,  my vision is blurred and I am reaching for what I don’t know..
I feel her try to shake me.. I hear her scream when I land on the glass table breaking it.. 
I am struggling for breath
Identify their bodies 



I can’t fxxking breath. ..
She is shaking me.
I see shadows standing over me, I feel strong hands pulling me and lifting me
I feel cold water over my head falling over my body .

I still can’t breath. .
I blank out.
I open my eyes to see thesame shadows, more than one..a few  people around me. 
“What..what happened ?” I manage to say.. trying to get up, hands hold me down.
“Relax.  Relax” I think it’s David. 
I don’t listen i sit up.
They have their heads bowed or sad with sullen looks. David sits close to me..

Timothy at the foot of my leg..Junior is opposite, quiet.  Tom and the rest hang around. . No one is talking.. they are just there
Then it is true .

It is true …
I feel the pain again… I hold my chest. I get up.
“Where are you going, Bruno? ” David askes
I don’t answer. .




Plays through my head..
“We are coming with you” they say 
“No. ” I say .. I don’t want to cry. 
There must be a mistake somewhere..

Yes!! I was stupid. I should have asked the caller what colour of car were they driving. .or names if they got their wallets on them.
Stupid caller!!! 
“Bruno Peter Amachree” I hear my name again…

I am holding my head..
“It can’t be. It just can’t be” I say, turning it to anger 
But no one nods and affirms with me, David has tears in his eyes.. he had formed a sort of bond with mother.
I feel pain. And I feel anger, grabbing him by his shirt, pushing him to the door
“Clean your eyes..don’t be a pussy. It’s a mistake..a costly mistake. It can’t be. Clean your eyes…” I blink and blink again
“Bruno ” he calls me
“No I say. Don’t call me…it’s ..it’s not them. Say it. Say it’!!”
“Bruno” he says, holding onto my hands,  trying to let me to let go
“Say it” I can’t stop the tears..
“Bruno!!!” He holds my hands tight..
“David… no. .!!! Say it”.. .my hands are shaking , my head expanding.  My chest closing….. I choke ..
He grabs my hands again,  pulling me to him and clapses me in a tight hug , a strenght I didn’t know he had he holds me to him , as i struggle to pull away he doesn’t let me ..
I cried on his shoulders,  I hold him back, I cry..
The pain doesn’t stop. The anger boils…
Anger that I didn’t get to see them before they died.

Anger that I didn’t get to talk to them because I was too busy doing me and not listening to my heart pleading to be heard.

I was angry at them for driving ….

I was angry at the driver for crashing into them. .

Angry that he died too and I couldn’t unleash my pain on him..

Angered at myself most of all…..for not telling them i loved them enough. Spend time with them enough..

Not..being their son enough…

I was pained and angry. ..
I was pained and angry for a long time. 
So I understood pain. . And I understood anger…
And I knew how they worked. .
Just like now …
Seeing her there, struggling underneath him.

Seeing her there tears streaming down her face..

Seeing her there..tied..hands above her head..

Legs apart, tied to different ends of the room.
And he partially naked ontop of her..

Fear in her eyes. .pleading words from her mouth…
I see red.
I feel anger…

And I feel pain. ..

But then…….I felt fury…..
Fury that I had never felt before. .. i lurched for him, grabbing him by his skin and flogging him to the end of the room.
I still see red.
Ngozi pays the cab fair, coming down she was whistling,  dressed in a jumpsuit she was happily walking into the streets 
“By now I think he should have been in round two.  ” she chuckles  
“That would teach that girl a lesson not to go after boys who are already taken..I warned her to stay off. .I did. Stupid little girl trying to drag men with me? Me? Drag my Bruno.  She is high. Well now she would get so high from excessive junior banging and probably won’t be able to walk for a couple of days, her face and video all over the Internet and bruno would be too disgusted that forgetting her would come easy. Amara would be too shamed and would probably leave here and go back to the village or disappear into oblivion for all she cares or…Maybe do all of us a favour and take her life. Bruno would be free and available and he must, wether he likes it or not love me. I can’t be the only one in this relationship.. we are in a relationship wether he knows it or not.. as for That’s spoilt Nkechi. ..she no reach” she laughs talking to herself.  Picking her phone she looks at the picture junior had sent to her earlier. , smiling.
“Too bad, such a pretty body won’t be so pretty anymore'” she says looking at Amara’s picture. ..  
“Oh damn!! That cock is ready for action” she says looking at juniors picture of his member at full erect..
“Oh I can’t wait to see her face while he rams into her.. Maybe I can take a few pictures of my own and send to bruno without him knowing it’s me… ” she squeals..
Checking to make she she didn’t miss the address, she walks ahead..
Just then a car swerves into the streets almost hitting  her. She jumps quickly of the way swearing and causing the driver. 

As soon as the car bolts to a Stop  , the person jumps out of it and heads towards a bend running.
Not bothering to look at the person he almost ran out of the road.
It’s still dark outside, the loud noises of gen still deafening..
Ngozi runs to meet him up. 
Screaming. .at him…catching up to him she grabs him by his collar

Junior hits the wall , surprise freezing him to a spot, he groans in pain as his back makes impact with the hard wall.
I rush him, my fist making continuous impact with his face in a blind rage..
After a few successful hits, I lose my balance as junior pushes me away, and his fist hits my jaw…
Then he rushes me, his head goes under my left arm and I am suddenly lifted off the ground and landing with a hard thud.
I feel his fist to my face. 


I block,  grabbing his head I nod him, 

I fell blood in my mouth, I know he had cut my lips..
I push him a way, rolling away i stand up and jam my knee to his head causing him to fall away ..
I hear her whimper, 
“Oh God!!”I rush to her,  “Oh God Amara” I say,  reaching for her leg to loosen the rope as I grab a cloth and throw it over her..
I see fear in her eyes, but it’s too late
I feel the impact to the side of my head..
I fall seeing stars.. I hold my head; I feel blood at the back of my head, I groan in pains, unable to move…
Junior is laughing just after he spits out red…
My vision blurs for a second , I try to stand up but fall again, it’s a iron ..or a stick I don’t know.. he is holding something long..I settle for a iron. It hurts. I felt my head open a crack.
I fall back again trying to get up..
I see him grab his jeans to wear, leaving his shirt he is laughing. ..

One of his eyes is partially open, blood dripping from it, it’s going dark. His nose is broken and his lips cut…
It’s suprising how I can see him clearly even in the semi dark room and the moon ,  the only light seeping it.
There is a touch showing light… 

I turn to notice it’s a camera light.
He chuckles and pits again,  I turn my attention back to him.
It give me pleasure to see my fists isn’t shy to curse him harm..
I hear her whimper …cry..
“Amara” I breath
“Bruno Bruno Bruno. ….” he spits again 

” Bruno the warlord.  Bruno the boss. Bruno the Hammer.  Bruno that everyone loves and respects. .Bruno this and that.  Bruno my two fxxking balls….Bruno fxxking Peter Amachree! !!” He says snuffing, rubbing his jaw, he staggers abit, shaking his head. .
“Damn..I have to give it to you.. my face hurts like shit. But you see your problem. .you should fight with your head not your heart and definitely not you dxxk. I mean, you used to be feared and revered in school back in the days Bruno boy.  Some sort of legend….bringing guys down …Five at a time and little to no scatch. Where is the strenght now?.have you lost your thunder boy?” 
I groan as he kicks me in the groin
“Fxxk !” I mutter as the pain gets to my head, I cough turning. .
He is still laughing. ..
Amara is crying.
“Shut up you bitch!!” He points hissing at her..
He wipes the blood off his face with his shirt and flings it at me, still holding onto what he hits me with..
“Well If you weren’t too angry you probably would have taken me with a clear head but too bad…. you are slow man. Very slow. But you should have waited and enjoyed the show…..why did you have to come and interrupt our little party I was about to get on. Just a second more about to enter into her glorious honey jar and you.fxxking..ruin.it!!!” each word was accompanied with kicks to me ..
I groan rolling…
“Junior…” I say shot of breath. …”I am going to kill you” 
“Oh yeah? Says the pussy who is on the ground and I am toweling over him..tell me.. how you going to do that huh?”
He goes towards Amara flinging the cloth off her body, I moan in pain, trying to get up. Its excutiating i fall back, my eyes following his movements
“Beautiful Amara.. don’t you feel lucky now. Your prince charming comes all the way to save you from the devil who is about to devour you. But you see…he is just a  devil himself.  Do you  know how many girls he has been with, hearts he has broken and walking away like a king?…ALOT!!” He says…” So don’t feel lucky. He was going to do thesame thing to you but just jealous that I was going to beat him to it first my sweet thing” he sings to her… 
“That’s a fxxking lie junior. ” I wince in pain, trying to gather my strenght. 
Get the Fxxk up Bruno! !! My mind says
Junior is  laughing. ..” I know you man. You haven’t changed..all this you did was trying to get her attention. . Which you did.. fxxking slut!!” He slaps her across her face
“Fxxk you junior. Hit her again and I swear …..”I trail off
“What? You can’t fxxking move …… ” he comes towards me and brings it down over my stomach. ..
“Fxxkkkk!!” I cough curling as another pain shots up
“See..see.  fxxking pussy!!!” He laughs..
“Let him go please stop!!” Amara screams at him
“Aww, little miss doesn’t want me to harm her…..boo boo. ” he mocks, wiping his face again and sniffing.  He gets on the bed and pulls her breasts, and forces his hands between her legs, slapping her thighs when she tries to close it..
“Hey. .don’t be shy. A few minutes ago we were going to mingle….open your fxxking legs so I can give Bru here a fxxking show…..” he hisses.. Amara cries out in pain as he squeezes her neck with one hand and has his hands between her legs and going up
“Stop..fxxking stop it. Junior.  I swear I will kill you if you touch her . I swear it ” I was battling pain to my head and stomach.  My visin was blurring by the second, blood was soaking my shirt
Junior doesn’t stop however , he goes for her breast while looking at me, he sucks on them while she cries struggling to squirm away from him,he grabs her butt and slaps it, his member reacting to it… he rubs himself on her skin at me… moaning and groaning…. 
“I swear I would do her here right infront of you while you bleed to death Bruno. … you know why? ? Because I fxxking hate you…i hate you so fxxking much that. … I could literally die out of hating you. .”
Yes..keep him talking..distract him
“Why.”  I whisper…
“Why?” He bites her breasts , her cry of pain causes me to wince…
Am so sorry Amara .. my eyes conveys..
His hands are all over her, his mouth too. he is hard, he rubs himself, climbing ontop of her but not looking away from me… he goes to her face and rubs his hardened self out over her face through his jeans. …
“You want me in your mouth. ..hmmm”?
“Let me go please ” she cries
“Why do you hate me junior why? I fxxking loved you as a brother ” my strenght fails me again. I was losing so much blood.

Get the fxxk up Bruno! !! My head screams
That stops him, he rolls off her..
‘You really want to know?”
“Yes… blow my fxxking mind junior!!” I chuckle, I had to close and open my eyes again, my vision keeps bluring. .
Don’t go to sleep Bruno .
Stay awake.. I tell myself
Amara!!” My heart screams.
“Okay,  I would tell you. That’s the least I can do…
“You see ” he sniffs again. ., wiping the blood that keeps trekking at the side of his eyes and his nose. ..
“You were just full of shit”
I snort… “that it?” 
“You acted like you were better than us.. better than me. The way you lorded over us. Making us come to you for money, for food , for cloths,  for advice. ..for fxxking protection as though you were the king of the jungle.. who the hell did you think you were??’
“Bruno Peter  fxxking Amachree! ”  I managed a wink.. my head fxxking hurts. . I blink a couple of times 
“Do you think this is funny. Do you think I am Joking? that this. ..is a fxxking joke to you? ” He gets up again,  carrying his weapon of pain …
Don’t piss him off Bruno. .

You need your strenght..

Get up” I tell myself.
“Nope. ” I mutter
He sits back down…” You know there was something about you. Your smile..the way you walked. The way you…..were you. It was crazy you know ‘ he sniffs
“I mean no matter how much I fxxking tried Bru,  no matter how much I tried to make them like me, make them love me. They wouldn’t.  Everyone wanted to be friends with you. Loyal to you like your fxxking David your loyal dog. I mean, they practically worshiped the ground you walked on. And I didn’t get it. I mean you handsome yes but come on..there were cuter boys you know… I mean I ain’t half bad I got the looks too. But the ladies fanned over you, begging to lick your balls on a constant and you had them every day of the week… and me?.I couldn’t get a piece of ass unless I have to force them or make them do it one way or the other…or when they crying from a broken heart I make sure my boy helps them to feel better you know. But…they keep going  after you. .I mean.. was your dick some sort of magic that made them loose all-all . sense of reasoning…
“Maybe..” was close to my tongue…
I scoff instead..
“You know….the guys… “Bruno this. Bruno that.  Bruno says we should back off..Bruno says we shouldn’t get into a fight. .bruno says..we going to class…Bruno got me a swatch Bruno. .he paid my fees mehn..Bruno. .Bruno settled me and my girl. .Timothy fxxking asshole wouldn’t shut up about calling you a God when you fxxked up those five dude’s. ..I mean..come on. !!!” He says in  anger…
“I lived off the streets,  the streets was my life. I should be respected instead I get to follow you around with the other guys, pretend like I even like you when I wanted to rip your throat out. Smile when you are looking and inside hope you get run over by a car.. well my dream. Almost came true once..

You remember,  the car incident? I told the rival gang where we were going to be at you know and what you were wearing that day. You know. It was supposed to be a clean hit and run. And I. .I was to cry the loudest  , once you were buried I take your place…I was looking forward to the coronation gig you know. .and you fxxking foiled my plans,  giving Tom. Your shirt at the last minute. . The dude could beg for your soul and you would give him.

The Fxxk !!!” He spat..
“You bastard junior..you..you tried to kill me?” Shock vibrates through my body as I remember the day Tom was run over and I survived because I landed on the bin bags that helped to support my fall. 
He was laughing…”Yup. A couple of times actually. These five dude’s. ..yours truly set it up too. I mean, I knew Timothy would call you. And I knew you would want to go be the hero…and you went..Five guys to one…easy kill. But you..you fxxked up my plans again. Beating them to a pulp and you and Timothy walked out of there like gods. .”
‘Never send puppies to fight a lion ” I smirked..
He laughs. ., touching his jaw..
“I loved you like a brother junior…treated you like one. What did I ever do to you. ..to deserve this hatred that boils from you. Eh..tell me you prick! !!”  I wanted wanted to know
“You just had to be you Bruno. .you just had to be loved and be you and it made my skin crawl.  It made me  have sleepless nights. You had a good family. One who loved you and me…none! You had parents who gave you all that you wanted..and you take it and help us with it…who begged you…?”
“You all were my family. You are sick!!! ” I couldn’t believe it
“No no no Bruno. .. I wished I had your life. Your family.. even your mother began to treat David like her second son. What the Fxxk happened to me eh.. everyone loved you and I. .I wanted to end you but you probably had some angel watching over you because every single plan failed.. but…I knew if I couldn’t get you .. I could touch you were it hurts .” He had an evil glint in his eyes…
Raising my head, it hurts..
“What do you mean..?.”
“Haven’t you figured it out already? Bruno boy!!”
“What do you mean ?” My voice shakes..as though my heart understood but my mind doesn’t want to say..
“You remember that day, a couple of days before.. I had asked you about your parents, where they were going to and all….

You were drunk that night…

I needed to know where they were exactly, the colour and car they were driving.  Hotel , their schedule. ..and you spilled. Every fxxking thing.. 

You know…. you weren’t the only one who had connections… ”
“What do you fxxking mean junior”.. my breathing had changed..
“He was supposed to get them the first day, but.. he missed his target. . See, I gave him the info i got from you. Pictures. .schedule… time… you said they were driving back… you know.  On  a certain day; they had like a couple of accassions to attend. You remember when I took your phone. . You complained about some battery issues and I should help you check it. Well, I figured your phone.  While I was away with it, your mother called. You know…. I told her you were in class, she wanted to speak with you. For two days Bru. ..I never gave you back that phone. I needed to know where they would be… time and place..when they would be moving.  It was hard getting word out hut… just at the nick of time.. she called wanting to tell you that they were heading back…it was a fxxking red car, with the gold plate at the back. Impossible to miss In that long lonely road… the truck…was just going to do a clear swerve, there was a convey Ofcourse but… he had a target. .. get the red car off the road….
I guess he took his mission too seriously… he died too. Good for me. No trace.. no connection to me. It was just a drunk driver ” they reports read.. “Mr and Mrs Bruno snr Amachree dies in ghastly motor accident. …..” he snickers  
‘Oh my God!! You..you killed his parents. …” Amara says, shocked
I don’t say anything. ..

I feel that pain erupt in my chest, weakening my knees …
“Yes Amara … I needed him to feel pain. To hurt. To cry and cry he did like a fxxking pussy. And I wanted to laugh in his face.. and when they came for his properties well..I didn’t have nothing to do with that. It was….”Bullseye! !” You can’t lord over us anymore you know.. Genius Amara, wasn’t I? ”
“Junior..” I choke…. ”
I feel my anger building up. ..
“Junior. ..” I breathe, choking back tears .
I feel my anger building up… my fist closing. ..
” You know. .. it was perfect..he is fxxked up really bad. And …I was happy. But. ..the fxxker bounced back. And here I was thinking he  was going to he relegated to the background and i step in. I even held a meeting but…..everyone still wanted him there. I mean……Argh I was death raging mad. Nothing I did could rile him up so bad and make them fxxking hate him..Nothing.  not a damn thing.  And over the years even if he didn’t have shit to his name……he was like people still wanted him around.. Ngozi. Nkechi. ..David. .Timothy. .even you Amara if I didn’t do anything…you would have been with him. Thanks to Ngozi for staging that in your house and getting you fxxking drunk and drugged…. I saved you Amara…I did” he turns to her…leaning to kiss her lips…

She spits in his face after biting him
Kpass! !! 

He slaps her

“Fxxking slut!! ‘Fxxking bitch” 

My head is spinning. .

My vision is blurred. .

My mind takes me back..

Their death… shattered me..

Timothy, David,  junior and the rest of the crew… giving me morale support.. they were my brothers.. 

My other family..

Car accident.. a truck..running them over.. driver dies …my parents dies on the spot….  No possibly foul to be suspected.  

“A drunk driver swerves hitting the couples car, it summmersalts a couple of times, going over the edge, lands crushing the car.. they die on the spot. The driver hits another car, swerves away from the road… smashing into another coming truck. . The driver dies from a stab to his neck from the irons the other truck was carrying.. vodka was found in his car and some in his lungs. Drunk driver.. cased closed. 
And to think that…that…Someone who i loved as a brother… more than a friend…

Was responsible ….
My anger doubles.. I hear her cry again, screaming as he forces his lips on her..
“Junior…” I call out…I feel the tears sting my eyes 
“JUNIOR!!” I shout…

“What what what??!! you know for a man you wail more than timothy” he says
“I mean, The dude was a chicken. Always have been. You know he was the first to know about my plans with you and Amara” he nods, 
” at first he just warned me off and I laughed at his face. Then I used him to get her over to yours because I told him I was going to Fxxk him up if he didn’t.  That day..that day at your house when I had a sudden almost fainting episode. ..do you know why?….I would tell you…..
“Should I Amara,  should I? ” he pulls at her breast, slapping her ass…
“This pretty little thing kept me up during the night ..for days unending.  I mean…I wondered what the Fxxk was Bruno thinking to want to care for an orange seller. A girl on the street selling orange. I mean…was he mad. Well, when I followed you to go see her that day.. I literally felt like grabbing her there and then and banging the life out of her..but you see I had to be smart.. I mean how do you get to get the really cool ones. So I , had to be smart about it. I couldn’t let you have this goddess right here first.  No fxxking way.. see smart ” he touches his finger to his temple..

I am breathing hard..
“So..I approach her and this fxxking stupid naive girl wouldn’t let me have her. She wouldn’t.  Days you aren’t aware I am going to hers and trying to feel her up. I mean…I am a good lay and I was offering to ..make her a woman….with my boy here..” he grabs his nuts… “But amara here thinks that I was like other guys, would just back off when she says no. A hahaha haha! !!” What a laugh ehe?” 
He turns to Amara tingling her toes 
“I mean I was suprised she didn’t tell You of our rendezvous at her place. Well…I know why, because I could see the fears in her eyes when I fxxking threatened her. …..you know like in the movies.. I even told her that you. .you  my  Bruno was worse than me. But I literally had to make sure she didn’t say a word. Constantly feeling her up, she is feisty that one.. slapping me off, screaming and all, but that’s the thrill and excitement. .it made me want more. Ngozi was just a random sex fling to cool me off..other girls too. But amara,  amara was my intoxication and I wouldn’t stop untill I get her.. and one day, one day I was going to do it. I had her beneath me squirming and I was so hard I could pop….and you came banging at the door when I was trying to do her. But you see smart. ..I am smart’ he touches his temple again..
“This litte slut thought she could scream, so I hold her down,  her mouth and nose and you know strangely choking her a little and it felt good. But you see she wasn’t moving after you left..thinking no one was in.  She wasn’t moving. I fxxking panicked. .. I ran. But I shouldn’t have. I should have taken her still but…it was no fun. She was dead. Or I thought she was and I ran. Forcing Timothy to hide me, holding his past over his head.. Yes! !! He raped a girl once. Fxxking prick.  I was proud of him though..hoping that he would join me but…he wouldn’t ever do it again. I was disappointed. .. but you see, no one knew about it. I helped him-him . escape the law. I covered for him. How does he pay me? He becomes a Fxxking good boy. Did that piss me off?.hell yeah. I needed someone in my camp but yet you still managed to take them to your camp.. turning them to little good boys and I didn’t know how you fxxking did it. 
I digress” he sniffs again,
“I tell Timothy I helped him. He needs to help me. I don’t make it easy for him. Nope I don’t. He chooses to hide me out of fear because I threaten him but the fool thought he could sneak   behind me wanting to tell you. I made sure he got some beating.. and when I found out he knewshe was alife and staying at yours….I saw red. Oh…Timothy got the burnt of it.. but that’s not all. After I made him do me the favour of getting Amara to yours and she found tou too together in bed, oh how happy it made me..seeing her cry , seeing her broken. .seeing you worse off and getting turned back everytime you crawl down here to beg her and she Fxxks you up by screaming  at you and telling you should get lost. I won a victory.  I was like King.!” 
Amara is crying  “I am sorry Bruno! !”
“Shut up bitch!! I am talking …you need me to help you shut up?” He turns to her, she shakes her head sobbing…
“So..yeah!!! I won a thousand victories men. Now, Timothy should have just shut up. Shut up and kept it to himself. No, he comes to my house and then finds me and Ngozi talking you know…and well. ..banging to the high heavens and he thinks he could finally redeem himself by getting to you. But I got to him first…and you know what I did….. I took him to hell. ” he laughs…and laughs. ..
“literally blacked him out, made sure he prabably won’t be able to use his body properly you know. It was thrilling.. he got a few punches to me but…he punches like a girl. You want to know where Timothy is..huh.? I heard you and your lap dog was looking for him….got tired? You want to know where Timothy is eh?” He laughs

“Junior! !” Is all I can say….
I am breathing hard
‘Yes..Junior…That’s me..call my name because that’s the last thing you would remember. Your boy Timothy is in a place where no one would look for him..fxxked up pretty bad…for a whole month and more..I fed him his shit…well..and his piss sometimes…was suprising to find out he still had a few breaths in him. But that would be over soon..A few more and he would be…..Dead as Fxxk! !” He laughs….

“Oh…gosh…I feel free and free!!!” He snickers. ..” You know it feels burdensome to have things buried inside you and you can’t tell anyone because. ..well you know. But…phew!!!! I am glad to be able to let it out…in your face Bruno…in your face!!! To tell you how I fxxking hate you and how I literally found away to ruin your life…and when I couldhit you where it hurts and sent your loving dotting parents to meet their maker and I do not regret a fxxking thing.  …and Amara..she…she you care about right?.she too would get what’s coming to her for being a fxxking slut and refusing me but throwing herself at you. No one can stop me now Bruno and I am glad you get to watch me  have her. I was going to send you a fxxking video…but….God works in miracles ways…you are here…so….Hope you get turned on too and I may be nice and let you have her too….I mean that’s the little i could do you …….

Oh..that feels good!!! ” He exhales…..
“Nice talk Bruno. .nice talk. But if you don’t mind….I need to Fxxk your girl blue and white…. I got some ectasy drugs in my system and my nuts is on fire………I am going to ram into her so hard that her screams would kill you if you don’t bleed out to death. I see a pool of blood bruno; you look pale. You don’t look too good. Let’s get on with the show before yout pass out right?..Right!!” He turns away from me..
Amara is shaking her head, side to side wishing she could disappear, she is pulling at the ropes,  it’s biting into her skin, causing her to bleed .
“No no no no!!” She cries. .
“Yes yes yes yes..baby  yes! !” Junior mocks, rolling his waist,  moaning and  throwing his head back acting as though he is doing her already as he dances sexual on his feet..

He laughs….
“Nothing you can do right now baby..not even the gods can safe you form this one” he climbs the bed, kneeling he has his hands on his waist facing her and Ignoring me….
“A strip tease for my princess,  hmm.?” He unzips his trousers slowly…not taking it down he dips his hands in  and brings out junior jnr. ..he moans seeing her eyes grow big in fear…
“Yes..look how big that boy is and readying to pounce. ..” he has his hands pushing her legs apart he goes up to her core, rubbing her there  . One hand rubbing himself,  the other he places at her core trying to tease her.. she cant move because his knees are pinning her down…her hands over her head, she is crying. .
“Please leave me alone..please…please. !!”.
“Yes baby, please right? Oh…I am going to please you…just you wait….” he is fully erected….he leans down again, grabbing her by placing both hands on her waiste and grabbing her bottom…
“Baby…brace yourself,  this is going to fxxking hurt” he blows her a kiss, he positions at her entrance,  still half kneeling half leaning,  
Amara had a half scream in her mouth

“So would this! !” I say
He turns in shock to find me standing behin him, breathing hard..
I had dragged the stool behind me to pull me up, carrying it as I stagger, I came behind him with a rush and hit his face with it..

He falls to the ground groaning.. getting up
His hand makes contact with the  iron , dazed he swings it at me, it hits  my side, I welcomed the pain. I run him into the wall
There is back and forth Punches,  an upper cut, a kick and more punches..
He manages to get them to me..

But I meet him punch for punch, kick for kicks, I grab his arm twisting it , the iron falls to the ground and I fling him across the room.
Breathing hard I watch him roll away, standing up…
“Fxxk you Bruno! !! I would Fxxk you up. .I would Fxxk you up!!” He spat .
I don’t let a second pass,  we make contact, 
His leg gets to my face, I stumble , he climbs over me and begins to Punch,  I block some but I can’t cover my face enough..
I raise my left left pushing him away from me while he struggles to get his hands around my neck….
I keep pushing him away from me, 
I throw a punch,  hits him, his head flies back I grab his head over his neck with my left leg,  and break two of his fingers  
He screams in pain, I hold his hands tight freeing it from my neck,  I had my leg over his neck pulling his head back with my leg, I feel the strain to my thighs but I don’t let go, he is strugging but I don’t let go…
I manage to turn him over in that position, his head hits the ground,  l let go off his hands , he throws a weak punch, I dislocation his shoulders by jamming my knee to him, I let his neck go, I change positon in a swift movement. ..

I have my hands to his face,  punching it in consistently, his hand , his left hand working hand  gets to my face and neck , I grab him and I dislocate the other one…
He screams out in pain
“Fxxk! !”
Amara screams. …
I raise him up  from his chest, and slam him hard to the ground. .. his head makes impact with the hard earth . ..
Blood sprouts out form his mouth..
His legs are trying to grab me, his hands can’t move. …
I pin him down,  my fists gets comfortable with his face and his gullet ..
I still see red.
I am breathing hard…

I am pained..

I am angry..

And I want to inflict double the amount of pain ..he had dosed out to me…to my friends…to Amara and…

To ..to my parents. .
I feel tears running down my eyes
I feel blood pumping through my veins. .
The pain to my heard is numb…
My vision is blurred but I don’t stop…
He is barely moving..
“Are you mad..can’t you drive well you almost ran me off the road you bastard. You no sabi drive” she screams at him
David brushes past her without sparing her a glance,  he runs to the door.. seeing it is open he rushes inside,  his heart beating fast
Oh God please don’t let junior have his way
Where is bruno!!”
Ngozi staggers almost falling , she uses the wall for support. .
She looks ta the house he  ran into, the door was open or broken dancing on its hinges..


‘Number 34″ .
“Isn’t this Amara’s. ..?” She runs in after him..
Both of them meet the scene. ..
“Bruno…Bruno. !! ” I hear faint voices
I hear Amara cry…
I hear strange  but familiar voices .
Junior is hardly moving. ..

My fists hurt, my legs hurt more  

I feel an adrenaline rush..
I can’t stop..

I can’t. .

Not untill I stop the pain and anguish and anger…

And kill the bastard who took them away from me
Who hurt  Timothy .

Who hurt…Amara…
I feel strong arms grab me…I struggle. .
“Get the Fxxk away from me” I cursed
Amara is crying…, calling my name. 
I ignore her, the strong arms hold on to me, grabbing me by the neck he chokes me with his hands pulling me away and I am reaching forward to hit him some more….
Those arms pull me away, I kick when  my hands can’t reach him any more 

I am screaming. ..
I am screaming…
I am. .. like a made man screaming..
“Fxxk Bruno you  are going to kill him!!!” Its David. ..
It’s David holding onto me , tight..just like that day, a strenght I didn’t know he had… 

Just like that day when I felt like the world was my hell..he held me yight and let me cry ..forgetting the rules. ..holding onto me…my weakness became his strenght. ..

His shoulders became my tears. …
He holds me down, with both hands , with both legs…with all his strenght because I wanted to be let free..
To cause am

To kill…

To let him feel the pain…
“Let me go David..fxxking let me go!!” I yelled…
Breathing hard, my chest hurts. I feel water trekking down my face..

Is it tears  or blood…
I couldn’t tell but my cloths are soaked ..
I hear him laugh, a choking laugh..

Blood sprungs out of his mouth,  I see them jump out of his mouth and land on his face..

I struggle…
David doesn’t let me go…
“Your fxxking loyal dog is here..I knew he wouldn’t be far away from his master ” he coughs. ..
“Let me go David” I hiss.. I want to run a stick through him..through his mouth..I want to feel the life go out of him..

I want to end him..

Someone I once loved…

Someone I do hate now….
‘No Bruno..i won’t. .you fxxked him up really bad…You’re not a murderer…” he held me down. .
I feel a presence beside me close to the door….
It’s Ngozi,  rooted in shock she stares at the scene before her…
Ignore her. .
I would deal with her later ..
I look to Amara, she is crying..
“Amara ” I breathed ..
“Fxxking let me go David…fxxking let me go” 
He follows the direction of m eyes , then immediately averts his his from her naked  body..he let’s me go..
I rush to her, grabbing a cloth I throw over her, I release her from the ropes and gather her whimpering shaking body to me; 
She holds on to me tighter than she ever had; crying into my chest, my head is on her head, I feel her vibrating …I hold her tight rocking her 
“Am sorry, I am so so sorry ..I am soo soo sorry” I cried on her head, tilting her face I brush the tears from her face, I put her to my chest again; am rocking her, 
“I am sorry soo sorry….” I repeat so many times

David towels over Junior, he still had an remorseful smile on his face,  
“How fxxked up do you feel now..” David askes him
‘Fxxk you!!” Junior whispers, he can’t feel his hands, his dxxk his dangling out of his shorts,  half hard and half flaccid…
David smiles…he grabs the stool. ..
‘I do feel like sitting down. ..” he lifts it
‘What the Fxxk. ..are..you..doing?” Junior says, more blood leave his mouth and he can’t move. ..he would love to wipe that smile off David’s face… ruin Bruno’s loyal lap dog…he hated him too
From the corner of his eyss , he sees Ngozi standing here…unmoving….
He laughs  ….”Bitch! ! He hisses
He looks at Bruno , who has Amara wrapped up in his arms..rocking her..
“How fxxking cute. …you both are still fxxked up…I ain’t done with you Bruno. ..I am going to Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

David had brought the stool down,placing one of its legs over Junior’s exposed dick and sits down hard on it….
Something is heard popping…

Junior’s screams may have been heard by the angels…

The room vibrated …
Ngozi and Amara screams…

Bruno says nothing, he holds her to him. ..
Junior’s screams are loud and piercing. ..his eyes are filled with tears. .his body is squirming but he can’t move nor reach out and touch it…or push David and the stool sitting on his balls and dick away. ….
It takes  a long  time before his screams comes down to a whimper. ..
“I don’t think you would be needing that again. ..lets see how you going to Fxxk up more girls when you are useless down there..” David says smiling…
Junior can feel pain, unbearable pain and liquid dripping between his thighs….

Between his legs the pain swims through his member, his balls, rising up to his chest to his head…
He crises ..he cries out…
David looks at his handwork…pleased.
He brings out his phone…

And dails the police. ..
He turns and looks at me..

Ours eyes meet..
I nod..

He nods..
We dont say a word…
But it means alot ..
Ngozi is shaking , a sudden gain of strenght she bolts for the door, David is quicker,  he catches her and holds her down…
“I told you before…..you should have stayed away from bruno and amara”…
“You are lucky I don’t beat woman…

But you see….there are other ways you would pay for this Ngozi trust me..” he grabs her
“He..he forced me..he threatened me too as he did Amara,  Timothy. ..he ..he..he did it alone ..please I am a victim here too please..Bruno..please….I. .I. .didn’t do anything pleae don’t hurt me…please. .
I ignore her, I wrap Amara in a bigger clothe,  bridal style I pick her up and lift her off the bed…
The throbbing to my head returns, my vision blurs for a minute I stagger,  stanxing with her..
I take a few breaths …i hold on tight to her..she is still crying and shaking..
“Everything is okay now…Everything is going to be fine. He won’t hurt you anymore. . I promise. ..” i whisper to her

“Bruno Bruno please. ..” Ngozi struggles to be let free, David holds her down
“Don’t make me hit you…i swear it you won’t survive it…Stay fxxking down..” he grabs the rope and ties her hands to it…
Done he pushes her near the bleeding and crying Junior; …
I slowly , stagerring I walk outside with Amara…
David walks out behind me…
It was suprising. ..despite all that was going on…

No one heard it..

No one was at the door demanding what was happening. .
There was still no light. .

The sounds of generators  still loud enough to deafen you …
He runs  to open his car. I put her in the back of the car and slide in after her ..
I felt weak…
“Bruno. ..” she calls my name. …touching my face…
“I. ..I am sorry. I am so sorry I didn’t. .could tell you. I am sorry for not believing you..i ..am sorry Bruno I am—
“Sssshhh ssshhhhhh…..All that matters is that. …you are safe…C’mon!!” I pulls her to me, 
“He ..he..” she sobbed
Mt chest hurts    ‘He can’t hurt you anymore..he can’t hurt anyone anymore…I love you Amara….I won’t let him hurt you anymore.. I would never let anyone  hurt you. ..like this. Not even me..not even me!”…
I see David talking on the phone…

My head hurts  .. I see double..

My hand  is so weak..
She must have called my name a couple of times,  I feel her hand touch my face and I hear fear and worry in her voice. 
“Bruno, ,bruno. ..wake up. .don’t fall asleep. .don’t fall asleep ‘ she cried
“David…David. ..Bruno ” I hear her call his name..
He pushes his head into his car, touching  me..
“Fxxk.!!. He lost a lot of blood.  We are going to the hospital.  Don’t let him fall asleep. …keep talking to him” David is saying
It’s been over 10 minutes .
She is saying something I cant understand. .
 I see red and blue lights..

I see black shadows with guns jumping form the car …

 I hear banging on the doors..

I see David. ..going to talk with the shadowed men in black..
People ..people come out of their houses. ..
They..David and men in shadows go into Amara’s house
Amara is saying something. .she is holding my hands…

I blink…
Don’t fall asleep Bruno
 I hear my head say or is it she
I see them drag Ngozi out….
I blink again…
Junior is next….
David is talking and pointing to the car…
I feel touches to my face. .bright light in my eyes..
Amara is taking to them, I still feel her shaking  and vibrating,  I feel her tears….

She holds on to me.. touches me…she doesn’t let go

My head hurts ..
Then I see nothing..!!!

I woke up to see I am no longer in the car, it’s a bright white room and I have things inserted into my skin…

I wince in pain as I try to move. .
Someone is on the bed with me, curled up beside me..
I smile…
I always dreamy of her lying beside me..in my bed and I get to wake up beside her…

Funny and strange how dreams come through..

Albeit in a fxxked up way..
‘Amara, I know we ..Erm. .we briefly dated but I don’t think you should violate me by taking advantage of me while I slept…how uncool?” I say , smiling…
I head her chuckle…raising her head up , her eyes are red and swollen.. she as on a shirt and joggers, someone must have given her something to wear and to cover her naked body. Her hands arr bandaged and her feet too at her wrist and knuckles ..a  plaster at the side of her forehead,  I still see his hands imprint on her face and her neck..
I swallow…
I should have killed him

I should have…
“I knew if you wake up you would not let me have you…what to do??” She smiles at me..
I loved her smile…
I smile back..my head hurts..
“Are you okay?” I manage to touch her face, she leans into me..
“I am now…my hero!!” She says
I scoff  ” That’s so fxxked up Amara..what am I. .superman? puleeze!!” I roll my eyes
“No..not superman….” she says, leaning forward…. “superman got nothing on you..Bruno Peter Fxxking Amachree! !” She says

“Oh my God..did Amara just swear… heaven is in trouble! !” I say aghast 
She laughs….

Gosh I missed her laugh. ..
“C’mon here” I say….
I wanted to kiss her..

I wanted to tell her how much I missed her..

I knew I told her I loved her In the car but I wanted to tell her again..

How much I did even if I didn’t know I did at the time before all this…

I wanted to show her my heart so she could see that I would run through the walls,  take a thousand bullets and I would still climb the hightest mountain and go through fire just to keep her save…
I would fight with the devil for her soul if I could. .

I would dialogue with God for her if I could. ..

The angels would have to take a back seat too..
I haven’t ever felt this way before and to think that…love could be soo piercing. ..

So fierce 

So deepening. .

So insanely intoxicating ..

That if anything. .if anything had happened to her I would have literally died..
I loved Amara

I loved Amara. .
 And I wanted her to know it..but. words fail me..words fail me….
I don’t miss a beat, soon as she leans into me I tilt her face , reaching out….I kiss  her so passionately and intensely than I have ever done or kissed someone before…
Love  radiates through my body ..
I kiss her untill we are both out of breath…
“Ahem!!” Someone clears his throat. .
I smile into her mouth. ..she doesn’t let go of me immediately. ..I don’t either. ..
I know who the kill jor was..
“Wrong timing bro..wrong timely..” I smirk
“Well, patients shouldn’t be having some lovely on their hospital bed now should they? . You lot should be ashamed of yourselves ..giving the doctors and the nurses some heated session…how spoilt are you both…” He teases coming close to the bed..
He touches Amara’s cheeks,  then flicks her forehead , she “owss” but the blush doesn’t leave her face…
He stares down at me , taking my hand in his…
“You good brother?. You feel okay?” 
I nod holding onto his hand,  Amara leans her head and places it on my chest…I rub her arms over hers,  I felt her smile …
That made me happy..
“I am good brother…..” I tell him
I had a cucussion to my head due to the hard blow of the iron to my head.  I lost a lot of blood.  Passed out for hours..
“Timothy! .Junior said…” I trail off
“He is fine. He is here in the hospital too….I got to him on time…”
I nod…thankfully. .
“And junior. ..?” I ask…bile rising at the back of my throat…I squeeze my fists. ..

I feel Amara pry my hands open, lazing my hands with Her…
“He wouldn’t hurt another soul..not in this life nor the next….the law is handling it. I made sure.  And Ngozi. ..Ngozi isn’t getting out too.. not for long time for being an accomplice. ..Amara is safe Bruno. Timothy is safe too ” he squeezes my hand

And now my parents can rest in peace..
I blink back hot tears,  sniffing. …
“Thank you…for showing up. You are a good friend.  A brother. ..you and Timothy both..I won’t blame him. He was…threatened and overpowered …” I tell him
“Thank you for showing up for all of us too ….when we didn’t deserve it or needed it. You are a better man..a brother…and yes, Timothy. ..has regrets. .can’t face you but I told him that already… you love him and you hold nothing against him too.  You are a better man Bruno…A true brother and you  know you would have done it for us too…keep shoqing up. So now You just get your ass up and heal… your girl needs you” he nods to Amara who wouldnt stop blushing
“I know right. .!!” I say
I kiss her forehead. ..
The next day…
Nkechi and Amara’s mother rushes into the hospital. ..

Amara and David had spent the night. ..
Amara had told her mother she was in the hospital but refused to tell her everything. …. ..
Timothy was wheeled into my room, he had tears in his eyes…
We are taking. .. my hand was on his shoulders.. 
Amara jumps and rushes to the door throwing herself on her mother..
Nkechi is wondering what’s happening…
Amara is crying…her.mother can’t make out anything she is a saying. .
‘Amara,  what happened. We went home but…the house is locked and people say police were there in the night and saying there was a flight..and girls and men…what happened?” Nkechi says
‘Yes my daughter! What happened. .why are you here? What happened to you and Bruno. ..Amara talk to me””
Amara pulls away from her mother; sneezing. .. ignoring her

She stands  infront of Nkechi…
And without another word…
Kpass! !


Kpass  kpasssss! !!!
Nkechi holds her face in shock. ..staggering back
“Amara!!! ‘ her mother exclaims holding her daughter , Nkechi has  tears stinging her eyes. .
The sound causes me to turn sharply. ..

David and Timothy goes….”Ouch!! That gatto hurt..!”
I smile…
That’s my girl. …
“Oohhhhh!!” I added for emphasis. ..
“Amara …why? ” Nkechi manages …
“That’s for trying to steal my man” Amara says. …



*rubs hand together *.
Pss “: Just for an update….there is going to be some…steamy-steammy. .hot steams on the next and finale chapter. …….

Is you are below 18…I don’t think you should bother waiting on that story. .🤔
Just end it here…

Junior  has been dealt with..

Ngozi too..

Nkechi..well…That’s for the next chapter .
Don’t you just love David. ..

And Timothy. ..shei we forgive him.??.
Pss :  how do a man show he loves a woman without words…
Pssss:…Steamy-steammy. .last episode on This Madness Called loved…..

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