Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love. . (Chp 43.  Series Finale )

Wordporn-series :This Madness Called Love. …chp 43 #Series Finale#



There was something different about the way she smiled at me across the room.

The way her eyes lit up when they saw me, the way her lashes fell over her eyes as I believe she tried to hide the blush that rose from her cheeks.
There was something different  about the way she looked today.

Gone where those uncertainties around her, fear and negativity that vibrated like an invincible current when me came near her. 
There was something different about the way she spoke and how she spoke. 

The way her eyes darted to where I am, the way she moved her hands,  the rise and drop of her chest. The way the words rolled out of her mouth with confidence ..with pride.
There was something totally different about her today..

Because today,  for the first time she took a stand, unafraid of the consequences,  if there are any.

Today,  she owned what she believes was and is hers.. frankly speaking.  I am hers 😎. 

Today, she damned friendship which has gone sore and took what she wants. 

Today,.she told the whole world even though we were only six. .

That I was her man , and she was not afraid to put people in their place.
There was something beautifully different about Amara today..
It’s because she was mine..

And she knew it.

It’s because I was hers. .through and through. .

And I knew it.
Words may have failed me

But actions didn’t 

Words may have been cheap. .

But the blood coursing through this veins and the rapid beating of my heart beneath my chest and the way it leaps for joy when I think about her is enough indication of how..insanely affected I am of her.
Oh…there was something thrillingly different about this girl. .I have come to love. 

This girl who I saw across the street selling oranges

And I had crossed hoping to chase that strange fella away from her and I found myself hooked in her big innocent eyes,  her pure heart and her trusting words..

And as the days rolled by, 

My waking and sleeping thoughts were  being plagued by her..
By her  beautiful eyes

 Her breathtaking smile

Her soft hands

Everything about her.
And for once and the first time in my life..
I felt shame for ..not appreciating women enough.  For using them and tossing them away like rags I didn’t want anymore. 

For once in my life…I felt…I felt I should have done better for myself. 
And slowly. .things that used to excite me didn’t. 

The clubbing, the drinking,  the wild life and even the violence. .felt..like i was in a web of mess I had weaved for myself. 
I never felt so much shame wash over me before. .
Only because she had looked at me..

Asking me a question ..and I had looked at myself and wondered. .
That was me!

That was exactly me.. the bad boy. 

‘Bruno , just the bad boy in the movies ‘ She had asked. 

But I couldn’t admit it to her.  I couldn’t. .

‘Are you any different ??” She had asked me yet again 
I couldn’t admit it and yet I could not outrightly deny it and I had walked  away. .

Those words. .slowly began to haunt me, tease me, taunt me..
Subconsciously I didn’t want to be the same person I had alway being.

I didn’t want to be Bruno who had a bad and shitty past..

I didn’t want to be the Bruno that broke hearts and left  a trail behind..

I wanted to only to be reminded as the  brother

The friend 

The son

Things that meant a lot more than the words. .
And nothing else. 

And slowly..

Because of her. ..

I changed at first. 

Maybe for her..

And then I changed for me..
And that was the most subconscious decision i never regretted making.

Infact, I was thankful. 
Yes! Alot of shits happened.  Series of fxxked up events. 

I lost a friend. ..Someone I thought was a friend but it opened my eyes to see the true value of friendship and to realise the ones that were true. 
Like David! 

Like Timothy. .
And I gained ..Love
Love in the least likeist of places.

From an orange seller..
Cupid!! You fxxking sly bastard.  Your arrow went straight to my heart. .and shut me the hell down.
And I must admit,
I love every tiny bit of this feeling .
Even though she hasn’t said those words back to me.
It’s fine.

I was content in knowing I had found love and I said it.  For true love I hear, is being selfless and loving someone even if they dont love you back.
But I had her here with me, safe and protected 

And..kissing her again and holding her in my arms felt like heaven.
There was something utterly different about this pretty girl,

About Amara today. 
It was also the way I stared at her

The way my heart was beating nonstop 

The way she …was breathlessness perfect even in her imperfection, in her flaws.

I swear I looked beyond all of this and I loved the view.
Yes….she was different today. 
She was Amara..
And she is the love of my life. .

And I would take a thousand more Juniors down for her if I had to again ..
             No regrets!!!!
The shouting jolts me back to reality. 
”Amara, what’s the matter with you.  Why did you slap Nkechi. Amara ? AMARA!!!” Her mother held on to her as Amara raises her hands again
”How dare you slap me Ama, what have I done??” Nkechi blinks holding her face
”You dare to ask me?  You dare to ask me. Oh so you want me to spell out how you go behind my back and try to steal  my man from me eh? Taking food to him, throwing yourself at him,  lying to him about me, wanting to just steal him away as though he is a toy to be stolen. Don’t you have any shame? And I thought you were my friend NK.  But you are not. You are just like Ngozi, ..you are just a jealous person and I don’t want to even see you again'” Amara spat
”How dare you compare me to that slut. Besides. .Bruno wasn’t your man. You both broke up and I had every right to go after him. .and he would have fallen at it not been for her, always competing with me and you-you  always on his mind. Afterall,  he doesn’t have your name written on his body even if that’s the case,  he can still be taken. ”
“Amara?what is this.  Bruno. .your man? Amara,  Nkechi what nonsense is this  am hearing. .??”
They both ignored her
“You have no shame!”
”Oh I don’t have shame? Speaking of the girl who kisses him at will and probably sleeps with h–


Kpasssss! !!!!
The boys decides not to interfer. Their faces and  body  reacted with every slap.
”Nkechi! !! ” Amara’s mother exclaims,  she drags Amara away and holds on to her ..”Amara stop this nonsense right this minute. ”
Nkechi roars in anger and flings herself at Amara,  pulling her plaited hair
I look to David
He jumps up from his chair and separates the girls,  Amara’s mother was in the middle trying to separate them.
I pitied her..
Wasnt she ever told not to get in the middle of two girls fighting over a boy.
I try to stifle a laugh. 
” Hey hey. .!!’ David grabs the kicking and screaming  Nkechi and drops her at the other end of the room, causing her to stand still by placing both hands on her shoulders. 
”Amara if you don’t stop I would slap you !!’ Her mother threatens. .raising her hands 
“But mama??” Amara points to Nkechi  fumming. .
”Amara ..!!!”  Her mother calls her
”No mama you don’t understand. ..she ..she”   Amara points to nkechi again who was fuming  with anger too
“Amara, listen to your mother.  ” 
They turn as I speak. .
I see her bite her lips, I feel her struggling , then she relaxes and nods her head..
”I am sorry mama..I won’t  hit her again. But I just want to say something to her. .”
” Tell me what all this is about first. .”
”After I put her in her place mama and I promise I would..”
David let’s Nkechi go as Amaka walks to her
”Let me just make this clear. . You and I have nothing to do with each other ever..you don’t come to my house, you don’t come to visit me and pretend to be friends while plotting to take my boyfriend. No!! we are done.

We are through and the next time you dare to go after Bruno, .David won’t be able to stop me from slapping you silly  some more . It’s friends like you that can kill. .people and i don’t want your pretentious friendship and I don’t want you near Bruno ever again. Now you can get you out of here. ..we don’t allow snakes in our circle. Now Get Out!!” 
Amara points to the door..
We all literally stare at her and waiting for her to leave. .
Her mother stood there hugging herself and wondering what had happened to her daughter. ..
This wasn’t the Amara she left a day ago..
Something had changed. .
Nkechi carries what was left of her dirtied dignity , eyes amara , throws me one last painful glance and walks away without turning back. .
Amara turns to her mother. ..
“Mama, you should sit down.  I am sorry for my behaviour. .

But..now I will tell you..forgive me for not bracing myself to from the start”
“But first ” she holds up her index finger
”What does  she mean or rather, what did you mean Bruno is your man, abi your boyfriend. Because I am not understanding that ” she frowns looking from Amara and to me..
“Erm…erm” she stutters 
Her mother raises an eyebrow ” No you can’t talk abi, shei you were busying showing power here now you can’t talk abi? ”
”Erm..mama, the things is that. .Bruno and I ..erm Is that Bruno is my. . erm..” she scratches her head,  and looks to me for help.
”Yes mama,,she was busying showing power now she can’t even say it again. .tell us Amara, we too want to hear ”
She shots me a death glare
“Yes tell us Amara ” David and Timothy join in
Her mother folds her hands waiting. .
I loved to see how dhe was going to handle this. .
A deep breath. .
“Bruno and I are dating. .!” She closes her eyes and waited for rhe outburst from her mother 
But it doesn’t come. .
She opens her eyes to see her mother stare at her

“Dating kwa. What does that mean Amara ?” 
Amara bites her lips..
“It means that I like your daughter and she likes me and I would want to officially ask you to permit me to..date your daughter mama. ” I say
They turn and stare at me.
”Why? Is that why you came to pay her fees and all.. because you want to Date my daughter. .that was your plan?”
They all shake their head as I did. I smile. Her mother keeps staring at me and then Amara ..
”No mama. But,  I do like your daughter and I do want to date her, with your permission though.  It wasn’t because of that.  I did that without any negative  intention from the start mama and I would  continue to sponsor her till she is done. But.. I am man, not only because of that,  but because I do realise from the series of events that have played out that I do..really lov-erm like your daughter and I want to date her.” I conclude 
She doesn’t say anything but looks at Amara. ..
-‘but she is still a child Bruno”
“I am 19 mama ..soon to be 20”
“You are a child.. my child.” Her mother looks at her 
“Mama…a child that has grown mama” Amara says  
“I promise you mama, to be a gentleman and not do anything to bring her harm” I say
“I cannot permit you to date my daughter ” She said 
“Why?” a curious ask
“Because Bruno,  you know how boys are. .you are one. You might end up misbehaving with her and when all is done you leave her after ruining her.  No, not my daughter.  If that’s the reason why you wanted to pay for her fees we don’t want anymore,  you can stop now and and we would find a way to repay you back. .”
Amara was smiling. .

And here..she had been scared  for nothing..

Her mother wouldn’t have let anyone use  or misbehave  with daughter. 

She was soo stupid and wished she hadn’t kept anything from her. 

She was soo scares that by refusing Bruno from paying her  her fees due to junior’s  threats  her mother would have been heart broken or worse still be hurt  that her daughter wont be able to futher her education .

But here, her mother  just proved to her that money won’t buy her love or loyalty nor take away her daughter’s dignity or virtue , not at her daughter’s expense and not even for her happiness

She would have protected her.
Amara throws her hand around her mother and hugs her..
“I love you mama” she breathed hugging her mother. 
Her mother frowns ” why are tou hugging me as though I said something that made you happy?”
I don’t get why she was happy. .

I look to junior and Timothy. .they were also confused. .
”Erm,  Amara your mother just refused me and you are happy? ” I frown. Did I miss something 
She smiles,  kissing her mother on the cheeks..
“No, no you won’t understand 

I just wanted to let her know i love her. . And I don’t tell her enough” Amara says
Her other smiles and hugs her too

‘My baby,  My Ama, I love you too ” 
“But mama,  Bruno is a good man

He is different from all of them.”
“How do you know”?
Amara turns to me..smiling that smile that causes my heart to skip a beat
“Because I have seen. And I know it too. His intentions were noble from the start, still is. And I want to date him too…” she looks to her mother. .
“Please ” she adds
”But Amara , you can’t just think I would allow you date a man..I won’t. .!!”
”Mama, I am going to marry your daughter. . So, can I court her instead ?” I blurted out 
David and Timothy …” The Fxxk Bruno! !?”
Amara stares at me with an open mouth. .
Her mother looks at me with shock ..
I know I know. ..
What you all are thinking. .
Bruno can’t seem to shut up and not think with his third leg. 
But you see..
I never  have thought with my third legs when I first  saw her. .
Okay maybe, just briefly. .
But.. That’s inconsequential. 
I began thinking with my head as time went on…
And then my heart came into place. .

Unlike before I may not have  known why I said what I said or did what I did when it came to Amara 

But Now..?


I am thinking straight. Straighter than I have ever thought before in my entire life..
I am crazily and insanely inlove with Amara. My orange seller…😍
And last night,  was the last night I want to ever feel as though I was going to lose her and I didn’t want it.

And besides,   life was too short. .
And I wanted her…

To be mine…

And if I have to go on my knees to tell everyone in this room…

That I was inlove with a girl. For the first time in my life. ..

I would.

I would remove the needles giving me drips, plaster to my head,  pain and all I would get up,.go to her,  get on my  damn knees and propose to her. ..
And I would…
I was dead serious.
”What are you doing ?” this was David stopping me
“No Bruno stay there. .” Timothy  joins in frowning 
“Bruno?” Amara,  her emotion was mixed. .but it made me smile. Oh she wasn’t expecting that. 
‘-Bruno..no my son stop. Wait.  Oya wait..wait!!! ..” she begged coming to me, seeing the pain i was in trying to get down
“I am serious mama..Amara means alot to me..and,  I want her to be part of my life. So,.so do I have your permission.  I promise..to stand by what you say. .” I tell her
Amaka had come to stand behind her mother placing her head to her shoulders. .
The room is quiet.
A deep sigh
“Are you serious about wanting to marry my daughter .?.how will you both cope and all?”
“He is working in the bank now. .a big boy mama. Bruno is a big boy!!!’ David proudly states
We laugh
”But. .Amara just entered school. .and you know…” she trails off
”I would wait for her mama” I tell her.. Yes I would wait for her… I would. I couldn’t find this love and let go. If that was the only condition to …have her all – all to myself. .to love her. ..only her… I would wait .
”You would wait??” Amara askes me, lazing her fingers with mine.. I squeeze her hands..
“You would wait??” The boys ask disbelieving , shaking their heads. . David is whistling , Timothy is shaking his head. ..wishing me good luck.
‘I would wait ” I say to them. .I turn to Amara..nodding.  “Yes I would wait.!!”
-‘And we would make sure of that’ ‘ David and Timothy say
‘Mama?” I look up at her
“Mama?” Amara leans into her
‘Mama”? We all  say together  again..
“You all are   ambushing me .. that is not fair”
”Emotional blackmail mama” Amara pouts
“Please” I begged. ..
She nods  ”  I want my daughter to finish school and have her life Bruno.  I don’t want her to feel indebted to give in because of your help. Because of this-‘
-‘She isn’t. This has nothing to do with that.  This is my feelings towards her.  And her feelings towards me. Between a  and a woman mama. I do care about your daughter mama..she has changed me. Made me a better person.she is my happy place mama. I have never had a happy place…and I don’t intend to let it go to waste. . I care about her alot..” I was laying my heart bare for all to see and I didn’t care 
”I care about you alot too” Amara says looking at me..
    Amara’s mother takes both our hands and joins them.
“Then you my daughter and you Bruno  have my blessings. .” She says, Amara hugs her squealing 
“Yeah!!!” The boys chant.. ”way to go bro. ..!!”  Slapping my shoulders. ..
” Hey careful” Amara eyes David punching him
”Don’t hit my son like that. .can’t you see he is unwell” her mother points to David and Timothy who laugh
I liked the sound of that.
But I liked the way Amara looked as she stared at me…and the love I see behind those eyes. ..
Amara looked different today…
 Yes! She was….letting her love for me show
I felt my heart beat rapidly beneath me..
God I was loving this feeling. ..
Its been  four years already  ..
Time flew past. ..
Alot of things had changed. .
I tolerated my boss, who kept harrassing me sexually untill I couldn’t  take it any longer. .
I filed a report against her.
“You think you can report me? You think? I would ruin you Bruno?  It’s because  of me you had this job because I liked you.”
”No ma! It’s because of my good head and CV.  But if that’s  the case I would gladly resign but…this, this thing you keeping  doing ,  trying to use sex to get people to kee their jobs won’t work. Not for me it wont. I have a fiance` that I love and I won’t stoop low and fall back into the gutter I crawled out under from. So either you stop harrassing me or this is going public”
”You wouldn’t dare ” She spat
“Oh..I have never been more serious on my entire life ”
She  allowed the devil to use her and she dared me.
Keeping me in the office and tried to force herself on me..for what seemed like the hundredth time.
When a guy says No, he means No too😋
I storm out after pushing her away, went straight to the MD’S office and told him everything and that if he doesn’t do something,  the news media would carry it.
They couldn’t fire her..because she had some sort of leverage on them.
They transferred her away from the branch. 
I was free. ..
Life was beautiful. .
A couple of months later, 
I got promoted , another couple of months close to a year,  I had moved out to better apartment, gotten.a car. .and I could afford some luxury. ..
I got promoted again, moved to a bigger house. 
Amara would be joining me soon.  It had to be big enough for us and the kids.
Yes,  like was good. 
Amara got to stay in school,  I saw her during the wekends when I had to drive down to go see her.
Mama got a new shop in the heart of the city ,  and a better house and a girl who help her in the shop and at home.. since Amara was in school. 
She was happy. ..
“My son, ” she says showing me off to whoever cared to listen. .
I liked the feeling. .
It’s been an awesome four years. ..
David and Timothy. . My brothers , the only other family I had left. 
They wee the real MVPs!!
David had a steady girlfriend ,.her name was cynthia. ..  he  made manager at one of the new branches he got transfered to.
Timothy,  let’s say he is still finding his way.. but we are here to help him. 
He got around to doing what he loves doing , owning a studio and producing music. He got a label too.
It felt just like yesterday when I crossed rhe rood to get to her. ..
Just like yesterday when I actually did make it official,  went on my knees and proposed to her..the way I knew girls loved
It as on her 23rd birthday. ..
I wanted to buy her a diamond ring..
”Diamond are girls best friends aren’t they?” I had said on my knees when her eyes popped seeing it in the red velvet box.
Cynthia had done a goos job preparing the suprise party, . David had picked mama

Timothy had organised the music. .

Her friends had not missed a beat to make sure  that this was the most memorable night of her life. .
‘Bruno”  she breathed,  tears filling her eyes. .
”Amara , I know I must have told you I loved you a million times over the years but I want you to know that. ..loving you as being my life’s joy and it won’t be completed if I don’t offically ask you to marry me infront of family and friends so we can begin our happy ever after. I love you…baby, so will you do me the honour of being mine?”
She kept nodding her head even as she threw herself on me..
‘Yes yes yes! !’ She cried. .
Kissing her I carry her twirling her around and around and laughing.  
It was a beautiful day. ..
Having her wear my ring was a pride…it looked perfect on her finger.

And her smile perfect on her face. .
Yes!! it’s been a good four years. ..
And today. ..
Our forever begins.
“your wedding vows Bruno? ” the officiating pastor says to me..
David, my best man stood beside me, cynthia stood beside  Amara.  They have become best of friends. .
Timothy stood aside like a pride father,  I laugh
Mama, has tears in her eyes,  her little girl was getting married. 

Her little girl,  who had achieved all that she set out to do, graduating with honours ..

Her little girl got her decree. .

God indeed works in mysterious ways. ..
Her little girl was now a woman, embarking on another journey. ..for life.
She wipes her eyes,  Timothy squeeze her hands. .
Amara smiles,  sniffing. .

Her eyes meet mine.

I began
”I love you ..because you have made me understand that love is much more than  words.  That loving someone, one  has to be selfless,  and make sacrifices. ….and to put others first. 

With you I have found myself,  with you. ..i have become free. .

With you,  I have loved

Amara, you are my heart.  My world,  My everything. . You are  the air I breath,  the tiny tab tab beating in my heart,  the song birds sings like melody to my ears,  like the missing material of my ripped jeans and missing photograph in my frame. ..’ ‘ I smile when they laugh
“Amara, you are my fantasy,  my real.  My waking and sleeping moments.  Infact Amara you are my madness.  My intoxication.  My andrelaline rush.  My Brian Freeze.  My weakness and my strong. My flaws and my perfection. You are my smiles. And my hugs and my lows. You are my happy place,.my peasant smiles,  my love ..my world is is nothing without you babe. You, you are the rainbow that stretches  outcross the blue sky lazily. And sometimes when I think of you I think of you even in colours  that don’t exists. That’s how I love you princess. I love you in ways I don’t know I can love you.  I will love you  when you are here and aren’t. .far and near

I love you Amara and I promise to continue doing so, in sickness and in health, in happiness and in sadness,  when you are beautiful as you have always being,  God’s perfect creation and breathtaking curves of a goddess ‘
David and Timothy whistle, Amara blushes,  I hear cheers.
“And when you are old and gray,  frail and can’t move I would love you till forever and  a day more my lady. . I know I ain’t perfect,  and I know I would make mistakes  but know I am only human. But forgive me anyways , I promise not to harm nor hurt you and i wont not to cause you pain, or make your cry unless when I ask you to cut onions for me” she stifles her laughter, I smile
”Amara I love you..so much. Look,  words fail me and I just want to kiss you right now because my chest is about to explode ..’!!’ I breathed 
I saw a tear slip down her eyes. ..
”Can I kiss my wife please ??” 
Kiss kiss Kiss! !!!
The chant began..



Kiss! !!
“I now pronounce you husband and wife. . You make kiss the bri-
Hell yeah!! Finally. 
I  already pulled her to me, her face in my hands I tilt her jaw, while her lashes slowly  covered her eyes,  

I taste her lips…
And I dont stop till I felt David pulling me away. ..
-‘Safe if for tonight bro. ..” David whispers. .
She blushes , turning away to hug her mother. …
Now I didnt know why what he said  made nervous. .
I gulped. .!!!
Did I forget to tell you that  we haven’t 

..like ever?
       We were at our Honeymoon suite..

Two cites away from mama and the guys…. we flew out  that night. .
I had gone down to bring up our bags and allowed her to freshen up.

I was dragging my legs. 
For the life of me…

I have waited for this day for like ages and now that I could literally and legally have it..
I was nervous. 
Bruno the Fxxking hammer was nervous. .
It was not untill I saw her call did I go back up to our room.
”Hey husband, what were you doing away from the room. ?”
I loved the sound of that..
“I erm…our bags ” I  said pointing at them
“You know you could have just called to have them bring it up?”
“I know..I wanted to..take rhe walk” 
I wanted to….. 

Shit I was nervous. 
“Hungry?” I asked avoiding to dwell on what she was wearing. .
A silk cream nightie that stopped at her knees..and a little less revealing undies underneath. 
“No. I am full ” she told me.
Me too.
”Soo..what do you want to do?” I ask her ..
“Well,.I dunno, what do you want to do?” She smiles at me
I gulped. My heart was beating fast.
“Ah erm… i need to shower ” I say going to the toilet and shutting the door.
I heard her laugh
I come out 30 minutes later. .

I usually take 15mins tops to shower. .
I open the door to realise something had changed in the room..
The lights were slightly dimmer, something soft was playing from the Stereo. .
Amara was  standing in the middle of the room..
I close the door but i don’t leave it..
She had turned out to be more beautiful and her hips didnt lie. ..
But I was nervous. .

Scared maybe
Its being a long time I had been with a woman..

I mean, we have been together for four years and there have been moments when the desire was just …so much and you just want to …screw it and actually do it..
But I promised her mother..

Promised her.

And i promised myself. 
I was going to wait…till our wedding day.
Was it hard?
Yes! !
Did I want to damn it all and make love to her those days she spent in my house or when we were alone in hers. .
Or when no one was looking while we kisses and while we grind and just want to go all the way?
Oh…Yes it was damn hard. .
But I knew what I wanted. . I wanted her, only her and I waited. 
Took a cold shower when it got hard.

Held on to her so tight when I felt I was wanted to explode.
I never gave in..
Sometimes I wanted to,

I would wait..was what I told her and I did.
Now..the wait was over over and here I was feeling nervous and a chicken.
”You are staring at me Bruno ” her voice breaks into my thoughts
‘-I know. You are beautiful.  ”
She smiled…
”You know…I have always wondered what it would feel like to…make love to you and all.  It kept me awake most nights and mornings. .just wishing one day you were going to lose it and have me ..whenever i came to your house but you never did. Sometimes it kinda upsets me..” she chews her lips
-‘Wow really? You should have told me” I smile shaking  my head 
‘- I couldn’t. but didn’t you get the messages I sent to you..the green lights I gave…but you didn’t use it or know  ..”
“I was being a gentleman.i was keeping my word” I told her
”Well, by right ..now you don’t have to.. ”
“No ..I don’t have to” I admit
”Come here bruno, because I cant wait for you to make love to me. It’s been so long I have been waiting on this day and I am shaking in want..” Her voice came as a whisper. .
I swallow,  pushing myself from the wall, I close the distance between us..
”I love you Bruno Peter Amachree.  If I have never told you enough before. .atleast let me show you just how much when words fail me..for you are mine as I am yours. In body and in soul.  I belong to you my love and I would love you today..tomorrow,  forever and a day more…. gosh just kiss me already because the way you keep looking at me is making me melt” 
Oh God! !!
Shakily I touch her hands,  trailing my finger up her arms I place my hands to her neck,  I kiss her forehead. ., her cheeks and her neck, and her nose and then I capture her lips 
We don’t come up til we were breathless,  then I lift her, she wraps her legs around me as she wraps her hands around my neck. ..
I take her to rhe wall, once her back makes soft contact I kiss her again, letting my hands roam her body..
Her silk nightie was an hindrance ,  I move away from  the wall and drop her slowly on the bed. .
I stare down at her, I feel her hand touch  my chests,  touching , caressing. .
I lean in taking her lips again, moving away from her face and neck. .

Her twin towers looked glorious up close and personal. .
I kiss them through the silk of her dress,  I keep kissing her trailing down,  I hold her thighs , running my hands over them
Going low,  I kiss them one after the other,  she moves , squirming. .
Her hands touch my shoulders, and head,  I kiss her hands and went  back to her thighs..
I run her hands up, going under her silky nightie  I push them up as I keep taking my hands up her body..
She is wearing white panties.
I smile…
White for Purity. .
It was a prefect fit for this right now…
I kiss her novel,  her waist line and above her core through her panties. .
A moan escapes from her mouth. .
Slowly I take off her panties kissing the exposed  flesh .
I wanted to taste her there. .

Where she hasn’t been tasted before. .

I wanted to touch her where she hasn’t been touched for.

I wanted to be the first to…tease her, cause her to burn, to moan, those lip-bitng kinda moans…
I wanted to be the first to make her feel like a woman 

To make her a woman.
I was shaking. ..but I don’t stop kissing her…
I go back up trailing kisses up her navel and underneath  her breasts. .
I lift the silky nightie over her head, kissing her shoulders and her lips and kissing her neck neck,  I unhook her bra…
Naked she was infront of me.., she lowers her lashes,  her hands over her breasts. ..
She was shy. .
“Don’t be baby..you are beautiful. .I want to look at you ” i tell her 
I kiss her hands away, kissing  her untill she became comfortable in her nakedness before me
My hands were touching , caressing,. Softly squeezing …
The bulge inside my jeans was making me uncomfortable. ..
I felt her hands touch my tummy. ..and fiddle with my jeans..
We take it off together ..
Her eyes grew big..literally. .
I didn’t want to laugh..but I did 
‘Scares? “.I ask her kissing her lips..
She shakes her head ‘ No’ She says.. right before she wraps her hands around my hardened member  
I sulk in my breath,  groaning. ..
I lay her back on the bed,  and I found my way back to her thighs. .
“I want you Amara. .I  want to taste all of you” I tell her. . 

“Just lie back and let me. hold something if you can’t stay still. .” I warn her..
Opening her legs , I trail kisses inside her thighs untill I reach her core,  her breathing had changed. ..
I trail kisses around it first,  kissing her there. Tasting her there even without an opening. .
I wanted all of her
I kiss her all over her body,  caressing her,touching her
She meets me pace for pace 
Her body felt perfect beneath me, soft and ready. .
“I want you so much ” I breath into her mouth
“I want you too bruno” .. she pushes herself to me, her core touching my hardened member. .
My hands find a way down there,  caressing her,  kneading while she breaths heavily. .
Her hardened mauds in my mouth, one at a time I made her catch her breath,  my other hand found its  way to grab her soft buttocks as I squeeze them gently ,. My fingers brushing her the dimples I noticed behind her waist. .they were a beauty..
But her moaning was driving me crazy. ..
“Bruno ..baby. .please. ..I want you now..” she held on to me, grinding into me from beneath 
I knew she was ready
”Stop me if it hurts too much” I say kissing her 
She nods 
I was as hard as a rock and I was  shaking. .

Her scent was overpowering. .
Slowly I place my member at her entrance ,.circling her thighs with my hands, ,kissing her while staring into her eye

”No, don’t close them” I tell her kissing her eyes open

”Baby look at me” I kiss her eyes
I pause. .
Not moving,  waiting ..

Breathing hard, watching her breath hard. .watching her need and desire  grow …
“I love you. ..Amara”
‘I love you too..Bruno” she says. ..
I was going to go in slow. .
Nothing prepared me for the leap of her waist, .wrapping her legs around me and pushing me in with her legs to my butt…with a quick thrust I was all the way in.
‘Oh lord!!’ I exclaim..
She moans loudly , clawing her nails into me, she bites my shoulders as  she squeezes me tight …
I stop.  I don’t move.

Stilling my nerves and my desire. ..

I stare down at her.
‘Baby, are you okay?” 
Her eyes were closed tight. .i kiss her face,  
”Baby, am sorry.  Why did you do that? ” I kiss her again…

“I didn’t want to hurt you I wanted to take it slow. Am sorry,  should I stop. Should I pull out?”
She shakes her head,  it takes a minute before she opens them. 
”Maybe I should pull out” I try to pull out  but she held me in…with her legs wrapped around 
”No babe. ..I knew you’d  take forever to go in and  I just wanted you so bad. ..wow!!’ She says. .
I chuckle. ..” Are you okay?I know am pretty big but…hey slow down ” 
Her waist was moving , grinding into me…fast and slow fast and slow 
I felt her squeeze me , her walls were tight.. she was moving in and then out, biting her lips , making sounds..pulling me down tighter to her
“Oh God Amara !!” 
Her pulsating lips below was doing things to my member inside her,  I held her waist, positioning  her perfecting beneath me..
And I  began to move…
Slowing, fast and slow. .

Slowly.. fast and fast. .

Fast. ..slowly and faster .
In and out. ..out and in
Soft skin against hard skin

Wet tight walls holding onto hardened long big member..🤔

Legs wrapped around my waist 

Lips locked against lips..

Full soft bosom againat muscle chest 

Moans and groans. .

Cry and bittersweet pain

Pleasure. .

Pleasure .

More pleasure. ..
And I am falling over the edge. ..

Toes tickling. .I feel her quaking underneath me..

She meets me move for move..

Rhythm for rhythm 

Thrust for grinding 

Kiss for kiss.

Waist to waist. .

 Sinking into her never felt so good and warm and shattering. .
I felt her squeeze me within her walls, her head falls back,  her eyes dilates,  she bites her lower lips as my thrusts continuous. ..
‘Oh..am feeling….am feeling. ..Oh Bruno. .I am..Oh. Oh. .OHHHHH!” She screams holding on to me,  biting my shoulders again, quaking nonstop,  squirming uncontrollably. ..
I knew she was  cuming..

I take her over the top, not breaking the thrust untill I watch her reach her climax with a tiny scream. ..I kiss her 
I smile into her lips  

‘Did I just- ” slowly her breathing and shaking fall back to normalcy
‘Yes you did..’ I nibble her neck..
She was happy…satiated happy. .
“Your turn”..
Before I could say anything she had pushed me over rolling ontop of me, not disengaging herself. .
I had the most beautiful view of her. .
” Let me please you ..husband” was the last  thing she said. .before she took me to heaven..and back..
Later that night as we laid in the comforts of our arms, I felt her smile in her sleep. .
If this right here wasn’t the beauty of loving someone and have them love you right  back, I didn’t know what was .
All those plaguing thoughts has suddenly become a reality. .

A beautiful legal reality..
And I knew I would love her for every day of my life..

My orange seller. 


My wife 


The mother of my future kids


My life and my all..

I love you…..
I kiss her lips, cradling her to me. .
Today..our forever and a day more

And our happy ever after begins…
And this is the beauty of my love that I had once thought was my madness. .

But if this was how love was meant to be..

I would gladly love her, insanely and madly over and over and over again..
The madness called love is love in  its totality , it’s purest form,  without shame and prejudice.  Without Borders,  without rules. .it’s just to let your heart consume you..with the feelings that starts from your toes and gets to your head.

The feeling that you can’t phantom., can’t understand. .can’t stop.

It’s beautiful.  It’s electrifying.  It’s scary.  It fierce. .it’s like  an andrelaline rush to your head…

It makes you look insane and act insane ..it makes you sane even in your insanity and if the cure was to make me not feel this? 

Then i rather remain mad, without reason,  without sanity in this madness called love. .

Because I had found ..the missing puzzle to my heart. ..

And she “Amada’ is all the madness I need..
Slowly I drift to sleep..with my world snoring away beside me..
  Looking back now..
Staring at my twins and my beautiful wife. .
I knew I would cross that road and approach her again..
My life became complete with her in it..
They wave at me, I push myself from the wall i was resting on, going to meet them..
David and cynthia had a little family of their own. Timothy’s wife was heavy 

Mama was laughing at something the twins said..

And I. .was just happy to have a family ..

Whom I loved. .

And a sexy AF wife  drives me ..positively .

And well…..”in the other room too”..
 I turn around and smile. ..
       I pull the curtain close. .
                THE END!!!!


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