Undeniably Karma $Chp 1




“There is a beauty in every smile, despite the circles underneath the eyes. There is a gait in every walk, either from joy or from silence, or simply carrying the weight of the world. 

There is a stranger in every friend,  because therein their hearts lays something you never knew .

There is a sparkle in every shine, for there up in the skies , the stars smiles down really bright. .

There is laughter in every child, for in their happy smiles , they see not the evil in your eyes. .”
Chidinma closes her book, turning the pen in her fingers as she stared out of the window as she made her way to school. 
It’s been a long school break. She was glad for it.
She was a shy girl, confident in being herself.  She wasn’t exactly a bookworm, but she wasn’t exactly a dullard either.
She was born and raised up in a christain home and one of the books that was thrusts into her hands amongst her academic books was the bible
“Its the good book meant to right your paths and give you light in the midst of darkness ” her mother always says 
But the one she loved to hold and walk around with , eat with and sometimes fall asleep with. . Was the one she fills her thoughts in, her stories in, whereever her mind runs to, her book was her safe haven..
She loved to write . That was the only other thing that gave her joy.
Chidinma was a simple girl,  easy smile and a good heart .
She had loved being the invisible girl , the one no one knew about, the one who studies hard,  goes to mass, stay best friends with the only two girls she liked , mimi and bunmi.  Finish secondary school,  go on to the university and just maybe, just maybe she could pursue a career as a writer , become a great novelist and maybe go on to win the grants writers award and live a happy life out in an island writing books and stories for kids and adults and maybe have her books adapted into a movie.
She had her life all planned out..

Before she left for the long break,  everything was working out the way she wanted…being invisible.
She didn’t care that she wasn’t developing as other girls were,  she was not quite different from a straight pole, flat chests but the only thing she loved was her height. . She was a bit tall for her age.. and her smile. 
Those where the only things she loved about herself. And she never cared.
But all that changed 
Over the three months break, it was as if her body had a mind of its own. One minute she was no different from a stick, the constant tease of her neighbours and students at school was something she had become used to.
”Don’t think too much about it Chi, you know I was like that when I was your  age, but soon after I became so full and round I thought someone switched my body when I was asleep ” her mother pulled her cheeks. 
”But mama, I don’t care to be like other girls . This way, I can be invisible all I want. I hate people staring and me and all that.  I am shy. So it’s like God knew the desires of my heart and thus made me this way. It’s not a bother. .infact I like it alot ”
Her mother would shake her head at her. ..”Don’t worry, you won’t have a choice by then” she would walk away.
Chidinma didn’t care about what she wore, she was a tomboy of some sort in those early years,  confident in shorts and tops and a baseball cap whenever she got back from school , practically dangling like a broomstick in her cloths.
But three months later,  this wasn’t the case anymore.. 
”What the hell was I even eating ?” She had asked herself on of those days staring at the window.
She had joined the sports team during her last term, so when she got home she joined in a workout group not far from her house just to keep in shape for the tournament she was going to be participating in.
Chidinma marveled at the changes in her body,  from her chest to her waist,  it was strangely unsettling, and for someone with such height. .it wouldn’t go unnoticed and she dreaded going back to school. 
“Can I be home schooled mama?’ She asked her mother biting her finger 
Her mother had slapped her hand away from her mouth. 
“Stop biting your nail Chi-gurl. And homeschooled,  why chi?” They were in the kitchen and her mother was making moi moi
“Yes, Home schooled . I just want to be. I hate school but if I can have a private teacher it would be good.  I can help around the house more and stuff. Stay with you longer before I go to the university ..” she batted het lashes at her 
“Don’t be silly chidinma.  You aren’t going to be home schooled.  I hope you have parked your bags , holiday is over” her mother had told her
Chidinma had sulked all night. 
Yep, she was sort of weird.  
A girl who enjoyed the comfort of her company,  and the voices in her head when she writes in her book. 

But that little peace she loved would turn into a world of chaos being back at school and she knew it..
Sighing , she turns as the bus drove into the school compound.  Alighting she drags her bag behind her going into her hostel like one going into the slaughter house like a voluntary sacrificial lamp
She saw students chatting happily, hugging and high-fiving themselves .
Was she the only one who wasn’t excited to be back. 
Most definitely . 
“Can I atleast day-school mama?”
“No chidinma, stop being a child ” her mother had said.  “I want you to learn how to stay on your own and be independent.  You are too glued to me.  You need to be amongst others your age and besides I went to a boarding school and you aren’t escaping it. Now, go to bed..you have to get up early ”
Chidinma had chewed her bottom lip.
“I would run away ” she had said folding her arms over her suddenly full chest. 
How did they get there.  Genie? Are you playing magic with my body.
Can you be a dear and return me back to a stick please. 
Genie doesn’t answer.  Ofcourse. She rolls her eyes 
“Go ahead, when you come back you would still go to boarding school.  ” her mother had kissed her cheeks and left her alone to brood 
Maybe aladin can whisk her away on his flying carpet to an island and she and jasmine can play dressup in the palace. .
She muses. 
Chidinma strolled into the hostel,  getting to her room she collapses on the bed..
Atleast she had mimi and bunmi ..

And she had..her book.
And three more years to go. What’s the worst that could possibly happened. ?

Its being a couple of days and yet she wasn’t liking the attention she was getting. 
she began to notice the boys provocatively eyeing her..

Like she was a cherry waiting to be popped.

As though she was a ripe mango waiting to be licked..

Or she was more like some sweet fruit hoping to be sucked dry from its nutrients..
It made her really uncomfortable. 
Well that’s the way she felt..everytime she passed by the boys hostel on her way to the school’s cathedral for evening mass.
Well she knew why..

She thinks..

Maybe because she  had reached puberty early..and had began to show her womanly features abit too soon..

She was the envy of most girls..

And the desire of every boy..
Why didn’t God just leave her as she was..dry and straight as a pole.
She wasn’t a total novice . Well, ok maybe she was.
She knew or understood that,  when a boy begins to ogle a girl, he has something bad in his mind. 
She read alot, as a writer she had to read alot. So she knew things.  Things her mother wouldn’t want her to know..Ofcourse. .
Like the sexuality between a man and a woman.
Those Mills and Boons and Halequins books sure was explicit enough.  She hides them under her bed whenever her mother comes into the room and plops her legs underneath her and carries the bible and  read.
She wasn’t like that but..
Yes,  she is a christain and love God and whatnot and would do the right thing.
She also would love to be free to do her and make her own decisions not forced to make decisions just because. 
She loves to read the Bible,  go to church and bask in the ambience of the atmosphere of praise.
But she also loves to explore and disappear into her world of possibilities and realities and fairytale and maybe magic.
Just like every other girl.. to love and be loved..

Okay , back to reality ,..
But she wasn’t interested in these things. ..

In boys and their mischieveiousness. 

The waywardness of some girls she had seen in school. And their wild behavior. .
She was raised in a good christain home..

Having vain and sexual desires was a no-no in her books..
She does the sign of the cross. 
Well according to the bible. .
Her mother had told her.

No her mother had profusely drawn her ears until it hurt..
‘Study must be top most.

Books and bible and motivational books are only reads..

Friends. .well…fellow bible students ..

Movies…christain movies ofcos..

Not those nigerian flicks that screams promiscuity and what not..

Or those foreign movies that nudity was more a clothing than nothing.. you hear me Chi-gurl”?
And as a good law abiding daughter she has always been, she had nodded her head ..
“Yes mama. ” 
So technically, her life was school, church, home, chores, books and the circle begins all over again..

And Ofcourse her little book she carried with her everywhere she went .
You might think her life is boring .

Well she thinks so too.

She so wants to break free but obedience and sense of duty kept her put.
She so wants to hang with friends and go for parties, drink and maybe kiss a few boys and break a heart or two..and Maybe, just maybe “roll under the sheets”…the way she heard those nasty girls fondly say when talking about the “Do” with a boy..

But her religious beliefs kept her grounded.
She sighed.

Her life was boring alright but she didn’t half mind.

She knew her mother meant well..
“Nothing good comes out of all these..”..she said.
“You will end up damaged and ruined before you know it…and maybe the scar might run too deep sometimes it might be too late to come out of the water choking you.”
“Its better to be safe than sorry”…she would continue to say..
“Not because I don’t want you to enjoy the moments of life..

But only that you enjoy them when you are meant to…not before..but when”…and she would walk away after delving out a wise saying.
Chidinma knew her mother meant well..so she listened. 
Or did she?🤔


continued. ..

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If you blink..you miss..

            Word for today..

 “Be You.

Unapologetic, amazingly and confidently you. 

Without fear,  without limitations. Just be you. 

Despite your scars,  despite your mistakes, despite the circles underneath your eyes ,.Be you. 

With and without the joy,  with and without the love, with and without the gains , with and without it all, be you. 

Wether you are a size 12 or a size 18, wether you have the hourglass or the okay-look,.wether you are on the covers of forbes magazine or just the screensaver of your phone,..just be you.

Be beautiful in your own skin, be amazing in your achievements , be awesome in your personality , be sure in your stance , be courageous in your works, be happy in your smiles .. be you.

Be confident, be beautiful,  be amazing..just be unapologetically and amazingly you. 

The world is big enough for everyone to shine, so you just pick your center stage and then sparkle💖!!!.

Go bedazzle them. … don’t forget to be you!!💕
Hello Saturday! !!



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