Undeniably Karma $chapter 2




“Baby let me be your motivation ..

Huh huh huhhh huhhhh! !! 

Motivation !! ”  Chidera  sang while she danced infront of her mirror in her room. .
“Hmmm motivation !!” She had her hands above her head, eyes glued to the mirror , waist rolling from side to side,  bosom front and back, belly tucked in, back out as she did the Shakira dance but only slower …
She was wearing her nightie , and nothing else , the sweat dripping from her only made her nightie to cling to her body. she was all sweat, and little clothing and dancing the seductress dance 
She was on fire..
She liked being on fire. .practicing her moves infront of the mirror, knowing where to touch and how to move, when to bite her lips and roll her eyes , when to turn her head to the side and when to rub her inner thighs and moan,  closing her eyes for effect.
Yes, she liked being in prefect fire for her audience ..

For the men.

And the boys,  Ofcourse .
It was pertinent to be on her A-game. 
“Hmm baby let me be your motivation ” she continued to sing nsync with the song coming through her headset.
“Chidera , Chidera what are you doing ? Open the door!!” Someone fiddles with the door knob detracting her from her epic moves..
“Chidera !!!” 
The banging started. 
With a frown Chidera stops the music, grabs a small towel to wipe her face , she unlocks the door and flings it open
“What are you doing locking yourself inside eh Chidera ??”
“Exercise mama, what happened ?”
”Nothing.  I just wanted to tell you my visitor has come,  so you have to go out.” Her mother told her
“Hmmm, has the one with the fat head gone already?” She folds her arms over her bosom
“Don’t insult my guests Chidera ” 
“I am not, I am just stating the obvious ” she rolls her eyes
“I am not joking,.it’s those people who you insult that is buying you headset and whatnot.  Now, have your bath and go out. When you come back better pack your bags , you know holiday is over, ”
“Yes mama” she yawns
Atleast she was glad for that. A place where she gets to rule her little world .
She watches as her mother walks away , she rolls her eyes and slams the door shut.
They could wait another 10 minutes couldn’t they? 

Chidera wasn’t from the usual home setting. She never knew her father, didn’t care to know anymore after she had asked her mother one day 
“He was a solder , relocated from the north down to the east for a training.  He was a nice man, always carried me on his bike and we went dancing in town . It was a brief relationship and by the time I was pregnant he was on his next woman, didn’t want to have anything to do with me. 
I was leaving with my parents ” her mother said, her voice filled with emotion
” But they were jobless and trying to cater for 5 kids and me getting knocked up wasn’t a blessing.  It was a curse , and they couldn’t possibly add an extra mouth to the already sinking ship so… I had to fend for myself.  They didn’t want to have anything to do with me anyways,  saying I was going to corrupt my siblings and ‘Out’ was the only option.
So I took the next bus and left town, made friends with the girls on the streets, tried aborting you but you wouldn’t leave my tummy. . So , I kept you.  But the streets became my life, it made me survive …and the men, were easy on a pregnant chick.   By the time you were 3 years old, I got back to the streets because I had to feed you and me, and that’s how you are able to get the little nice things you do have now, go to school and be somebody..

But promise me, to do right.  Don’t follow in my footsteps,  I need you to be better than me Chidera, .this life doesn’t pay. I was naive and stupid and did alot of things which I regret but I don’t regret you Chidera,  but promise me to stay away from the evil social vices of the world, away from bad friends and boys and sex, the wild life and strong drinks. Let me take care of you as I have. I am not proud of this life  but I am already deep in it and we need to survive one way or the other and you need a better life for you..but you my girl, you my girl would be my miracle,  my silver lining  coming out beautiful,  pure and chaste,  you my girl would be my biggest pride so you are going to make mummy proud yes??” Her mother had looked at her while holding onto a glass of scotch and drinking it
She was drunk again, and whenever she got drunk she always tends to delve out wisdom,  talk about things and tell her to never follow her footsteps. 
Chidera had no plans on following her footsteps , getting knocked up and ending up like her.
Chidera likes to explore, the act of sex fascinates her. 
Watching the men come and go out of their house intensified that curiosity and ..

Watching them through the hole was enough motivation to know that. .she wanted to be different from her mother,  less stupid and naive. 

But able to weild the power between her legs to get whatever she wants. 
She had seen it in movies, read it in books,  seen the way the men fall around her mother and give her what she wants. .
She only wondered why it didn’t give her mother joy or sense🤔
Her mother was stupid.
But She was going to make this gift, this sexual gift give her joy, fame , prestige and…love
Yes love too.
I mean, she was beautiful, she was a senior .
She had people who wanted to be like her, begged to be like her. 
She had men falling for her even now.
She had her first experience with one of her mother’s visitor’s son when she was away. 
This was a couple of years ago. 
He had come to look for her mother to give her something from his father ,  not able to reach her on phone but Chidera had answered the door.
‘Is your mother around  ?”
“No she isn’t,  why?”
“My father sent me..to give her something ” he touched his breasts pocket 
“Give her what?” She eyed him
“Money!”  He said dropping his hands 
She wondered if he knew what his father did with her mother. .
‘What for ?”   She asked coming out abit and   resting by the door 
He shrugged , 
But his eyes had left her eyes and was staring at her…
She realised he was looking at her body, she was wearing a short bum short and a see through bodies with a half tub inside ..
She was still a Virgin , “untouched ” as her mother would say.
”What are you staring at?” She had asked him frowning. .
‘N-nothing! ” He stuttered.
Yes, she has always been beautiful,  a round waist even for her age, a lovely set of twin towers and bright eyes. .

Even her mother praised her. Everyone praised her. So she knew he was admiring her
She felt excited. .
What if he admired her fully. Her mother used to say men would kill for a woman with her body 
“Atleast the solder gave me a beauty for a daughter ” she prided herself,  telling anyone who ever cared to listen ..
”My daughter would be miss world one day” she sang..
Chidera snaps back to the boy standing infront of her. 
Then she had the most inspiring idea.

Mother was away, maybe she could play..
“You want to come in and wait for her ?” She had asked him.
He didn’t look much older than she was.
He was reluctant at first, then he nodded
They sat on the sofa,  watching a soap opera on TV. 



The grandfather’s clock sang hanging on the wall..
He was sipping  the fanta slowly she had given him a few minutes ago
The envelope he had for her mother was lying on the table next to her and they were sitting side by side. .
She had always wanted to try it out,  what her mother did and what she saw on TV; the touching . The actually touching, kneading , caressing and actually penetrating .
Now she was too scared to go along with it..
She stood up, ” Its like mama wouldn’t come now, when she comes I will tell her you brought something from…..?”
“Papa John.  That’s what my father said to tell her ” the boy says
“Okay..papa John. .so you are John? ”
He shakes his head ” No,  I am luke. John is my brother ” he said getting up.
They walk to the door, she infront and he behind. .
A cockroach picks then and  crosses her path and she jumps screaming, hitting him and they both fall  on the sofa 
‘Sorry ” she told him 
“Sorry ” he said , his hands holding her waist.
His hands felt hot to her bare skin,  and his breath was equally hot to her cheeks.
“Its okay’ she rolls off him, hitting the ground and standing up adjusting herself staring at him
He gets up and then looks up, his mouth drops open
A raised eyebrow,  she looks at him. 
“What? ” She asked. .
He blinks a little, his mouth still open, he stutters and then points. .she follows his finger  to find out that one of her twin towers had popped out to say hello 
“Oh my God ” she covers her breast. .
But something got her attention,  his frontal area of his shorts had a different look, like a  rising bulge.
She points at him,  
He looks down to see, then he grabs himself,  obviously embarrassed.
And that was it.
She smiles at him and him at her,.. she askes him if he would like to touch and he nodded,  she nodded to his question too.
And before long they were exploring each others body,  
For a young boy he was big,  and for a Virgin she didn’t realise it would hurt so much.
But by the second and third time,  she didnt feel it anymore. .

Luke  came every day till he went off to school out of states. 
They never told anyone,  and mama never found out.
To mama, she was the perfect daughter who despite seeing her mother do all kinds of things. .she still remained pure and chaste just like her mother wanted and asked her to.
What mama doesn’t know won’t hurt her.
After luke there have been  

Emeka,  Chukwuka,  chima and some other faceless people. .
And little gifts like necklaces,  cloths , shoes and gadgets she got and a few changes to buy randoms. 
Yes, she loved the life. She doesn’t have to be stupid like her mother, she would be smart, beautiful and use her body to get what she wants. 
She was glad holiday was over, back in school she could do whatever she wanted. 
It was a boarding school for girls and boys..
The boys were her excitement. .
But one in particular was her weakness. .
Oh yes !!
But, we would come to that 
She strolled into the school compound as the taxi dropped her at the gate.
It’s been an awfully long break, break she was happy was  over.
She missed school, missed the atmosphere,  missed the teachers and 

OK,  not the studies.  She didn’t care for them
And oh importantly she missed the students.  
But technically not all of them.
She strolls into her hotel, drops her bag and lays on her bed, crossing her legs with her hands behind her head as she moved her legs side to side .
She was popular, loved by girls of like-minds  ..

The slutty wayward girls ofcourse. She didn’t half mind.

The other girls were fluzzies , pussies and chickens 🤔 which comprises of the spiros,  the good girls and the Virgins and tatas (kids…babies, children..
She considered everyone below her as a kid.
And her most favourite part was the fact that she was also and have always been popular amongst the boys too.
The fact that she was fine and curvy, as in having  all the right figures only made her the envy of girls..
I mean who wouldn’t envy her.
she knew her way around, had good grades without reading, gets to sneak in and out of the school’s premises without being caught or when caught,  having a friend as a lecturer who comes to save her ass. 
She wasn’t even the school body president but she knew alot about students than they knew about themselves. 
Barely 18 years old and a science student in s.s2., she was the “IT” 
She had three friends , or rather three loyal followers she had picked out of the lot of girls who wanted to be in her inner circle,
They did what she asked, when she asked and  how she asked.
And then the trail of tasty dogs who salivated at every turn. The boys!!
Oh yes , 
She had been the envy of every girl during her time..and a delight to every boy under her skirts..
And they were alot of boys who had been under her skirts but one of those boys have been annoyingly invasive of her charms..
But hopefully he would come around to want and chase her. She was working hard to make that happen. 
She sighs turning on her bed, wondering when her friends would get into school, she was bored . She needed activity. 
She knew why she was always excited to come back to school,  it wasn’t because she wanted to study.  She hated books, the last time she read something was a postinor pill instructions . Books were for smart people.
Yes she wasn’t exactly smart in the academic area but who cared, a whole lot of people got rich without going to school and she knew she would do better than that. 
She was here to have the time of her life,  like practicing how she intends to take the world by storm and become the queen of the university and before long her name would be on everyone’s lips, 
Maybe like the kardashans…
She wondered why she was so particularly fascinated about sex and why she indulges in it on a daily..
Firstlt,  it was a great feeling for her and then secondly  , She did it for fun..

She knew she was the best..and she did it for money too.
It wouldnt make sense if it wasn’t lucrative money-wise as well..

Above all..she did it because she could..

And everyone, well..the boys and men loved her.
Whenever she had free periods. .

She was sneaking into the boys hostel..

Or during classes..

She usually sat at the back…seeming the class was always crowded..

She was either been fingered or she was the one doing the stroking. ..and she always had a straight expression..

Only the male student would have an expression that is not describable.  She loved the faces they made and the sound they fought hard to keep down.
She always carried along a huge sweater which she spreads ontop their  laps..so no one could really tell what was going on under the sweater and the he(s)  were usually slouched over their desk..
Besides there were more students than they ought to have in a class room.

No one could really tell what was going on at the extreme corner ..
Then again, it was a school owned by a monastery of some sort,  which had a huge cathedral for Sundays and evening masses, so everyone is expected to be a good girl. Or thought to be a good girl or boy and raised in a proper good christain home who doesn’t even know the word “Sin”
If only they knew what went on within those walls.
Chidera smiled. 
Chidera was not one to be bound by religious beliefs and what young girls her age shouldn’t indulge in.

She lived her life the way she pleased.

She smoked.

She drank.

She had click of friends who adored her..and treated her like a queen because they wanted to be like her..

And she took them under her wings like the slutty mother hen that she was and showed them the ropes..taking  a cut from their proceeds like the business minded girl she loved to be.

She was queen

She was a hot seductress 

She was a senior

She was beautiful and popular and had a body of a goddess

Girls and boys loved her alike

And when she wasn’t indulging , she was pimping her girls and getting a commission 
She already knew what she would be doing when she gets into the university.  It was great already knowing what you are good at.
She even had some male teachers licking out of the palm of her hands..

Afterall she gave it up to them the way their wives couldnt..
She always had a cover whenever she went to see them..
Private lessons in their office paid for by her mother which she had constantly 

She never read..never studies and yet she never fails.
She was enjoying her life..
This was what she loved the most about being in school.
This was her world,  and in it she was queen.

Its been a month since she had been back to school,  everything was great.

Awesome infact, 
She had her girls fanning around her, carrying her books, fixing her lunch and breakfast in the school cafeteria, she had money coming in from the lecturer she was presently doing , a few from the boys who had a few zeros to their father’s name. 
She was basically living the life of a queen in school. And she wondered how great it would be when she gets into the university. .
There was absolutely no one who compares to her in the whole school or could dust her in anyway. Which was a good thing, she got all the attention of her dogs.

Which was what she called the boys.
But then one day, after leaving class even though she had just gone because it was compulsory,  she had sat down on the pavement waiting for a Junior to get her water. 
Then she saw her. 
She remembered her.

She was a junior who was always shy and quiet. 
As a senior they usually went into junior’s classes or hostel either to check for something important or frivolous as …Nothing. 😗
Whenever she had walked into their class she was always quiet , and shy,  carrying a small note book with her or constantly seen under a shed, by the corner of the class room or in the cafeteria bent and writing , always writing.
She remembered her because when she had walked into their class and everyone had gotten up to greet her ..she hadn’t
She didn’t realise what was going on  around her, she was lost in her book and writing God knows what. .
And because she didn’t like to be disrespected nor ignored she had stoned her a ball of squeezed paper to get the girl’s attention,  then made her pick pin after she got her attention for disrespecting a senior and not greeting her.
Ofcourse the junior girl  protested but Chidera wouldn’t have it,  she had obeyed.
Chidera made her sing first 

“I am a toad oh ..

I am a toad oh..

I am a rotten banana,  senior thank you !!!” Her voice rang through the hall
Pleased and after a couple of laughs , Chidera decides to let her go  as soon as she had served her punishment,  the girl returns back to her book almost immediately 
“Stupid Nerd!” Chidera had said to her

Walking out of the class with other seniors 
And over time just because she felt like she kept teasing the girl every single time she went to her class..
The perks of being a senior . You get to do shit to others and don’t get punished for it. But she just loved to pick on her..for no reason. 

Maybe because she never fought back or just obeyed or because she looked naive , stupid and innocent. 
The girl was one of the tallest in her class, abit too skinny for a girl with slightly big eyes.  chidera had seen her on the field too,  she was one of the few girls who joined the sports team
“Tomboy. Stick girl” she had said to her when she walked past her one day, hitting her book to fall off her hands.
It was fun. She enjoyed it. For a while then forgot all about the girl when she wasn’t getting as little as a rebellious fight from her.
And then they went on break.. 
But who she was seeing here…was much much much different. 
When the girl passed her , head up, straight faced she had wondered if she was a new student.
But then she followed her, just to get acquainted because she didn’t like what she was seeing. 
There in her hands , she carried that same dark green book..more like a journal or a note pad. Her fancy pink pen with the ribbons , and then when she met up two girls at the entrance of  the cathedral and they squealed in shocked delight calling her name..
Her mouth literally dropped to the ground. 
Gone was the tomboyness. 

Gone was the stick girl look.

Gone was the awkwardness. .
She wasn’t just a girl who has turned from plain Jane to an okay Jane. 
She was beauty by everything beautiful. 

And it wasn’t something Chidera liked. .
Standing there watching her hug her friends and laughing ,  watching her firm perky twin towers smiling from her uniform. .

Watching how her hourglass shaped put hers in shame..

Watching how her tush responded with every movement made Chidera stagger in shock. 
No this wasn’t happening. 
She had seen other girls who had blossomed over the holidays ..
Some too round,  

Some too fat.



Some…well,  okay.
But..This girl made her heart cut. This girl made her feel small all of a sudden.

This girl made her beauty and her body look like second best. 
This girl had no right to look this good. This beautiful. .this her!
It took only a couple of minutes and Chidera had never felt threatened by another girl in her life before untill now. Untill her. Until .
It was to painfully obvious for her not to notice the changes in Chidinma  that no one would ever miss.
Chidinma was a nobody a few months ago.. but all that may change. 

The fact that she could or would probably be the new eye candy in school just by the way she looked was already depressing. 
she just blew up ..feeling every area that were previously hiden or flat..
But that wasn’t what was upsetting Chidera. .
Every girl had breast and butt and some were lucky to have shapes and  others where as straight as a pole but..manageable..
But Chidinma looked like someone who was especially shaped and carved from the land of beauty..by the gods.
Coming back from the long holiday to school..
She could barely recognise her

She had to do a double take like. .
“Is that who I think it is”…sort of double take..
But this was where her fear and anger was obviously , suddenly noticing the air around her had stilled ,
The  boys who lingered around had begun to whisper,  some saying Helo,  others smiling at her  and  a few male teachers had started to notice..too
One had stopped to talk to the  three girls.
Another had called the girl  to ask her something briefly and as she walked away his eyes sparkled licking his lips.  


No no!!!
This was definitely going to be bad for her… 
Chidera was like the “know it all” kinda person when it comes to her line of activities.

she knew who and who had been poked in school. .and who wasn’t.
And she knew Chidinma was as untouched as a baby..
One of the days she had teased and taunted her , she had dropped a dildo infront of her and asked her to lick it.
The girl had blushed bright red and ran away disgusted and scared.
Someone else who wanted to very much  belong to her click had jumped at it, doing a sloppy job.
‘Get out,  you are a poor excuse for a girl. I can’t have you soiling up my client’s joystick ” the  other girl went away crying as she and her friends laughed.
She knew Chidinma was as  pure as they come, .. a Virgin.  Her mother would have loved a daughter like her. Everything Chidera wasn’t. 
Frowning , Chidera stares hard at chidinma. 
if she was looking like this now and still untouched. .then the boys and men alike would be tempted , their   tongues would soon  start to flab and drool over fresh blood and before someone says “jack robinson”..she would be old school..and she wasn’t ready to step down as queen of the wild jungle..
Not yet 

Not ever !
She liked that she was the one and only one who gave them such pleasure and fulfil their sexual cravings

And only allowed her girls when she was tired of a particular boy and tosses him aside to her devotees..
And she loved all attention…

She loved to make them drool.

She loved the way every eyes followed her.

She loved to see the front of their shorts tighten abit when Jnr desires to be let out. .
She loved to be the center of it all..
But Chidinma threatened all of that and that wasn’t a good thing.
And the worst thing was..

Chidinma might notice too and then would want to exercise her prowess..Chidera thought. 
But she had no plans on seating back and watching it happen. 
She didn’t work this hard to be cool,  and awesome for one girl to usurp it from her wether she knows it or not.
Her head snaps back up as sounds came from the three girls standing not so far from her oblivious of someone watching them
Watching them laughing and disappearing into the cathedral,  Chidera decided to do something about it..
She wasn’t a patient girl. And she had always hated to feel threatened by anything or anyone… especially if it would disturb her peace of mind or her world of popularity and fame..
She should make sure chidinma  doesn’t notice the effect she is having on the boys or the fact that it was uncomfortable even for  her to see how good she was looking. 
Yes. She has to make chidinma  less desirable to others . .just incase 
“No one would want something already damaged right “?..
She smiled wickedly.
Someone crosses her vision, She turns away to see him walk pass with his friends heading to the basketball court .
Yes! She has to make chidinma less desirable. .

So that he, the one who runs away from her don’t notice that girl who was once a stick.
Yes something has to be done.
But first , she needed to get that chocolate handsome boy to fall for her..
Why the hell was he playing hard to get?

Boys shouldn’t play hard to get.
What the hell was wrong with this boy..
Shaking her head, she sighs walking back to her hostel.

Micheal passes a couple of girls as they go into the cathedral following the murmuring..
“Whats that? ?” He turns to his friends
“Just some beauty, she just went into the cathedral” someone says whistling. 
” Yes,  did you see her, damn !!” Another boy says to the first boy
Micheal shakes his head .. ” You lot and girls,  ” he grabs the ball heading further into the court..
“Lets shoot some hops okay and forget about the ladies ” he says breaking into a run and making a dunk
He was done with girls. 
Gloria made sure of that.






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