Undeniably karma  $ chapter 3

Micheal goes in first to take a shower  after their basketball session at the court. 

It had been all fun untill the guys went back to talking about girls.
It was like everytime they were together if they weren’t talking about girls in school, they were talking about chicks over at the Internet or some chick gracing the covers of some playboy magazine. 
Quite frankly he was tired of it. 

Of the jist.  

The constant same ol’ jist of girls. 
Who kissed who. 

Who poked who at the backyard behind the cathedral

Who was fingering who during evening mass

Who gave who a bj

Whose tits are bigger and who wants to bang who.. or who actually banged who

Or who they saw through the hole showering. .

Or who this. .who that..

That girl this and that girl that!!!



And more Girls!!
To think this was supposed to be a christain school was an absolute joke. Even the Virgin Mary would be shedding tears where ever she was and Jesus would be …awfully sad.
To think think he spent 32 years on his life on earth trying to do good, dying to cleanse our sins. 
Absolute disgrace !!!
He shakes his head entering into his room, they were  still there talking. .
He sighs. .
Boys would be boys.. they have that blood flowing through their veins and they just need to keep pouring it out  unless those filled sacs they are carrying between their legs would only cause them to be restless seeing the opposite sex.
Yes he should know. 
Not so long ago he was like them,  scoping the chicks, playing the field,  he wasn’t a bad boy but for her. .he was.
Her name was Gloria .
She was by far the most prettiest of girls he had ever seen.

She had come here when he was in jss 3, an exchange student from the east. 
He was young and stupid.  He is not exactly old now but he isn’t stupid . But that’s irrelevant. 
She had the most amazing laughter that caused heads to turn. her skin was smooth and beautiful and her lashes were long,.she does this thing with her  mouth that looks as if she was always ready to be kissed.
How they became friends?
He was the class prefect, he hated that he was .
But anyways because of that he had certain privileges  but that wasn’t the case. 
He was already very popular , he was smart,  he was a fine boy even at that age.
Forget that his father was the head master of the school,  he earned his grades,  he was a book junkie , and it was only right for teachers wanting to use him as a role model for others. 
He hated it though. But no one really wanted to know how he felt. They only wanted him to lead.  Be an example to others. 
Be the amazing smart boy that he was.
He was always asked to either copy notes on the board or give out his notes to others because he was always in class and precise and reads ahead of classes. Always at the top of his game.
His father was some sort of a scholar . He got his brains and his fine genes too.
The perks of being him?  Everyone wanted to be his friend. He had a little fan base even in Jss.
But she ,.she didn’t really care about all that.  
She liked him for him.
By the end of jss 3 they were basically a thing and by ss1 they were offically dating. 
Then he found out that she wasn’t just a pretty girl,  she was wild. 
Like freaky wild.
She said some things he was sure someone her age  shouldn’t know or shouldn’t say. But she didn’t care. And because he wanted to let her know he was also vast in the ways of the world, he indulged her. Met her knowledge for knowledge. And the fact that he had equally wild friends who bragged alot about the things they did, which he was also part of.. it was okay to have a girlfriend who did those things too.
He had thoughts of…kissing  her most of the time but she actually doesn’t think.

She did them.
He loved kissing her whenever and however,  
Ofcourse when the teachers weren’t looking and when they were left alone in class or stayed back at the library. 
By mid term , before they went on their second break,  she had come to his hostel, having begged the guys to sneak her in
He felt someone climb into his bed, he wasn’t asleep but his back was turned to the door…
“Who the hell? Guy get off !!! ” 
He said without turning.  one of the guys can be annoying pranky some times so he figured they were at it again..
But someone was touching his arm, he slaps it, turning ..
It was dark, it was lights out .
“The hell!!” He had exclaimed , slightly scared for the unfamiliar shadow about to push it off..
“Its me, Mike it’s me. Gloria ” she had touched his arm, stifling a laugh. 
His heart had almost jumped out of his chest,  he calmed down..lowing his voice,  he grabs his phone to put on his phone light. .
“What are  you doing here Gloria ?” He shines his light across the room
Strange.  Where were his roomies? 
He checks his time to make sure he wasnt wrong..
“Its past 11pm Gloria,  after bed hours why are you not sleeping or better yet in your hostel? ”
She had snuggled close 
“Because  i miss you ” she had said removing the phone light from her face
‘Well I miss you too but, you can’t be here. How did you enter here infact,  the dorm patron didn’t see you? where are —
She had placed her finger to his lips..

Shaking her head.
“You talk to much micheal. They are out. They won’t be back till..after ” there was some twinkle in her eyes 
“Till after -?” his voice was a whisper as he trails off , frowning a little 
“This !” 
Closing the distance she had kissed him..
Yes he missed her too, he loved kissing her…so he did 
But there was was something different about the way she kissed him today..

Some sort of urgency,  need. .excitement 
And before long she was leaning into him and getting ontop of him
”Babe, hey hey. .wait what are you doing ?” He stops her
‘What do you think  I am doing ?” She kisses him again.
“Well , you are kissing me”
“Okay , and you are kissing me back” 

She smiled 
They kiss again,
But she was moving differently from how she normally moved when they kissed.
The furtherest they had ever gone was holding into each other very tight , but today, she was grinding him and it was doing things to him he hadnt felt before. 
It was strangely exciting,  tingling. 

He felt a boner rising.
Should they be going this? 
I mean , hell yeah his girlfriend was kissing him in his dorm, how cool was that.
At night , she snucked in to come kiss him..it was beyond cool.
But he was feeling. .too excited .

Confession time,  he must have boasted alot with the guys about doing -the Do’.
But he had never actually done -The Do” like ever. 
With an actually girl.
If wanking to a playboy magazine awhile back was a “Do’  then technically he was a half-Virgin yes?🤔
“Wait stop. Stop . stop! !”  He breaths into her mouth 
”Why,  you don’t like me anymore ?” She folded her arms across her chest,  still seated on him as he laid on the bed  staring at her
“No babe I do. I just. ..don’t want us to get caught. .even if my father is the Oga at top, he would have no choice than to suspend me too and … as well as you ” he holds her hands 
“We won’t. ” she plays with his inner palms 
“How do you know that? ” He frowns again 
‘Because micheal, I just know. .besides I made sure we won’t. .”
“I don’t get you…
“Argh!! You are ruining the moment.  I miss my boyfriend and I just want to be with you micheal. .don’t you want to be with me??” 
Ofcourse he wanted to
“You know I do!!” He touches her face..
“Then shut up and kiss me, no more talking” 
Another session of heated kiss. .
It wasn’t until he felt her taking of her cloths  did he begin to shake nervously. .

His heart began to beat really fast. .
She kissed him everywhere,  it was from her he realised he was sensitive around his nipples. 

It was from her he realised that ..his neck was tingly. It was from her ..he felt like he was going to explode all because of what she was doing to him.
It was from her he realised that. .a girl could be so beautiful,  when clothed and when not clothed. 
She had taken of her cloths and she was bare chested,  placing his hands to her chest,  she squeezed..
Oh God. 
Junior was struggling to make an appearance..
‘Urm..Gloria? ”
She moaned ..
As though she took that as a cue,  she strips, giving him a good view, from the light his phone’s touch could spare. .
God, she was beautiful. .
He had seen girls naked  from TV,  from the Internet and from playboy magazines. 
But he hasn’t ever seen one up close like this. .
There was no one as pretty as his girlfriend Gloria. .
Oh crap wait..
She was climbing back ontop of him and helping him off his cloths. .
“Erm.. Gloria? ”
Wait,  is what he thinks about to happen? He had thought to himself. .
He had never..ever done it before. 
He didn’t think his lies would catch up with him. But he also didn’t think that that ..they would. .you know…
She drags his boxers down and he quickly pulls it back up jumping off his bed
“What is it micheal. ?” She wipers to him, shocked
He needed to create a little distance between them. He sits down on one of the other beds staring at her
“Nothing , I just don’t want us to get caught”
That was the best he could come up with.
“We won’t! I already told you-
“I know what you told me but still. . ” he began, but she cuts him off
“I know what this is, you don’t want me. You don’t like me, maybe another girl have been giving it to you and you have just being lying to me calling me your girlfriend , but I know now. You don’t love me micheal ” she grabs her cloths 
He ran to her, “No no…it’s not that.  I want you. Ofcourse I love you it’s just that? ”
He scratches his head..
How does he say it
“Just that what? ” she had her cloths to her chest .
He sighs
Screw it !!!
He goes back to sit on the bed, then he lays back on it,  covering one hand above his eyes..
“I haven’t ever had..it before! ”
“What ?” She wasn’t sure what she heard
‘I haven’t ever had sex before.  There I said it!!”
The room was quiet for a couple of minutes , then she began to laugh. .. hard
“Sssshhhhhhhhhhhh!! What the hell Gloria,  someone can hear you ” he sits up pulling her down and covering her mouth ” are you crazy or what? ”
She removes his hands from her mouth ” but all those stories you and your friends have been saying , the girls and sex and booze and cigarette ?”
“Trust me, lies. Most of them must have but not me. Am your official good boy in that area. You are the first girl I have actually kissed. I haven’t done any  of those , well except playboy magazines and Internet stuffs.  But physically? No!!” He says feeling embarrassed. 
It took another minute before she said a word..
“Your secret is safe with me ” she said smiling. . “It only makes me love you more ”
‘You don’t hate me or want to dump me??” He asked her, searching her eyes 
“No baby, it makes me happy. Which means I get to teach you..all that you don’t know or haven’t experienced first hand…”
‘Wait what? ”
“Ssshhhhhh,  be quiet. You talk to much. Just relax”  She pushes him back to lay on his back,  and pulls down his boxers,  ignoring his protests and goes on her knees
She had given him the first Bj he had ever had..
And when he thought he was already knocking on heaven’s door, she kicked it all the way in and took him to the 7th heaven and back.
He didn’t last up to a minute the first time,but she said it was okay.
By the third and fourth time..he was getting the hang of it..
And by morning, he was smiling like a fool.
No!! Scratch that .
Like a big FOOL 😃.
He was inlove . Offically pussywhooped and hung on Gloria like she was the best thing since play station .
They were offically dating in his books.  From jss3 to ss1 

untill one day..
He caught her with some other dude, pants down,  her face a mask of ectasy and her moans was pitched,  and he .. the boy who happened to be a student from another school who had come for a presentation and he  was ramming into her from the rear and his scream some alien language micheal  couldn’t understand  as he released himself. .
He was too shocked to move, his friends had walked in just then too.

Of all places they were doing it at their sport, in the most secluded place in the library where no one ever goes during off hours.
He found out also it wasn’t her first time cheating.
Apparently she was two timing and he  had his first heartbreak .
“I thought we were having fun? ” She had said in her defence. .
He was too broken to swing a punch at the boy who ran out with his pants down and disappeared down the hall when his friends chased after him.
“You didn’t think I actually loved you. I mean, I already do have a boyfriend in the states , I was just transfered here while they were working on my transfer out and I met you and we clicked. ”
“When did you have the boyfriend Gloria.  We met in jss 3!!” His chest was hurting.  Bad.
“Over the holidays . Look, micheal,  us. .Didn’t mean anything.  It was fun while it lasted and you are a great guy but…this means nothing. ‘
“Gloria , baby please . ” he had tears in his eyes. .
He loved her.

He had loved only her ever since he met her,..she was his ying to his yang. 

Everyone practically knew they were dating. .and might date for a long time.
How was he to know that she was taking hin for a ride  , using him to pass time,  while screwing some other guy at the same time and has a boyfriend out of state. 
It was disgusting. .

It was sad. 

It was painful.and he was hurt and heart broken..
She left school  before the week ran out. Last he heard she was in Canada.  He severed all communications with her.
It took a couple months for him to heal.

And he stayed away from girls. .especially girls that had same personality with her..
Girls like Chidera ..
They disgusted him.
He couldn’t understand why girls lie.
Ok, well he lied too but he lied that he had when he hadnt. It wasn’t thesame thing.
They lie that they love you when they didn’t. 

They lie that you are the only one when that wasn’t true 

They lie about everything. .
He didn’t hate girls but ..he just didn’t have the time to have his feelings squashed ever again. .
And girls like Chidera who had a red light flashing danger was a no go area.
And the fact that she had been pestering him only made him feel more repulsed. 
Plus he knew her story, she had been everywhere  .he wondered if her hole wasn’t large enough to fit a house by now..but then again when girls give birth it doesn’t exactly really expand 
“Its like an elastic ” one of the guys said, he had a brother who was a doctor 
”it expands when the baby comes out and sort of adjusts back . Some are lucky it doesn’t tear, others get to be sewn back when the baby is too big and they tear. But technically, the vajajay is an elastic so no matter the size of the rod..it goes in.. ” he had said smiling as though he said something worthy of knowledge. 
No it doesn’t matter.  if every key had opened a lock then there was nothing beautiful about it anymore 
Thus Chidera. 

While he was dating Gloria she had been all over him, Gloria knew how to put her in her place but now that Gloria wasn’t here anyone,  she had tried all things possible  to be the new ying to his yang. 
Sadly…he had no more yangs to give. 

His heart was closed.

Girls were just..girls to him
He had no female close friends, he treated them as he would treat others .
But it didn’t stop them from still drooling after him.
Now that he is the student body president , he was taller and the working sessions only defined his body, his was more handsome. 
He wasn’t being vain or anything but just stating the obvious. 
Yes his mirror reminded him of that everyday,  it only.. made the girls want him even more.
But he wasn’t interested.  He just wants to be done with school, and go on to the university and become some  scientist of some sort and let life take it  from there..
One more year here and he would leave all the bad memories here.


The Heartbreak 


And more onto something better 

To the better possibilities of life. 

“And so this chick was blazing hot with her tight skirt, men I wish I could trail my fingers up her inner thighs ” one of the boys were saying..
Micheal sighs shaking his head as he was bolted back into reality..
“Don’t you guys have like homework to do??”
They look at him as though he was an alien…
“No. And if you indulge in our jist every once in a while, your life won’t be so boring mikey”
“No thanks. It won’t give me a Ferrari or take me to the moon but you guys have fun. Just keep it down, I gat to study ”
He grabs his books and sits on the chair. .
‘You going to die if you don’t bang some chick soon. How long as it been ?”
‘You play too much.” Micheal doesn’t indulge.  “When you see your scores , don’t come begging me to tutor you guys. . Just write girls and bangs and tight skirts during your tests okay? ”
They laughed, he shakes his head and then ignores them. 
The maths questions won’t solve itself. 
And there was a sports game coming up in the following week, he was to pair classes together and make an appearance and go congratulate the winners…
Argh! ! 
He hated being given certain responsibilities. .couldn’t he just be left alone for once. .
He frowns as their jist reaches him again. .
If not that they were not completely daft he wouldn’t have been friends with them.
Can’t they do anything other than. ..talk about girls? 
He grabs his ear phones and plugs into his ears..
Sam smith ” lay Me down ” played 
Technically they weren’t allowed to have phones but…
A few of them snucked them in.
It wouldnt have been great if no one actually broke a few rules.
So much for a christain school. 
He scoffed.
Chidera  had made it a duty  to watch her from the day she saw her walk pass her..putting a few of her wannabe-girls on her tail.
She wanted to know what  Chidinma did and how she did what she did.

She wanted to know if Chidinma was making plans to usurp her from her well deserved throne.
She wouldn’t be Chidera if she didn’t make sure any potential enemy was squashed before they became enemy wether they knew it or not.
So she wanted to Strike first instead of later and if chidinma  really wasn’t having a card under her sleeves then she might let her be, that’s after she makes her…undesirable. 
No, she wasn’t paranoid. She just has an ability to sniff out. ..potential usurpers and Chidinma looks like one.
No she wasnt crazy either.
She only wants to protect her well deserved fame.
By the  weekend , she knew Chidinma’s  routine offhand .
During school hours she was in class…

Break time she went to the school cafeteria to eat…

She even knew what she liked to eat the most..
Every little time she had inbetween she was in the library ..

After school hours she attended extra moral classes..

No wonder she was ontop of her grades with flying colours..
Chidera rolls her eyes. . She hated that chidinma  was smart.

She realised that chidinma  choose the crowds she follows and even handpicked her friends…
They all liked to do the same thing.

Go to classes,  library and ofcos church. 
Bunmi and mimi. 
Boring sets of girls. 
They never attended parties or have things to do with boys .. after hours or snuck out of school like the other girls.
They weren’t  the “spiro spiro” Girls though .

Those sects where another set of madness..
They call themselves spiritual virgins for the Lord.

They pray  more than they study..

Morning till night all day through Sunday. .
Chidera scoffed…

“What a waste of such precious youth ” she mused
But Chidinma was a good girl..

Just like her friends..

She read the bible and went to church but she didn’t carry it on her head..
It shouldn’t have bothered Chidera how Chidinma lived her life.

But the fact that she was beautiful and shapey and threatening her position in this school even if she wasn’t aware of it is too much to relax …
And she needed to turn the table around.
“Chidera stops being queen only when  Chidera wants to stop being queen and Chidera likes being queen…so no one dares to take her place” Chidera said to herself. 
Not even this Chidinma of a girl can ruin what she had going for her.
It pissed her off that even boys in her class was whispering and talking about that junior student turned beauty-eye-candy-worth
She had to slap one the other day when they were having  a makeout session. His lips stopped working all of a sudden and his eyes were openly staring.
She followed his eyes to see that chidinma had walked passed,  heading to the bench under the tree to write , pulling down her skirts that had kept dragging  up to reveal fair thighs..
If she were a guy she too would have appreciated such beauty.  

But she was Chidera and such admiration should be meant only of and for  her..

Not this  junior student named chidinma just because she looked fancy all of a sudden
How disrespectful.!!
In anger she slapped him and walked away.
Only she, Chidera holds the power over the boys , over their thoughts, actions and libido. And to have this same boys and men who worshipped the ground she walks on in this school to start  having  them wag their tongues at her…at chidinma just because. .
Was like feeling betrayed !!
She sighed. .
“You know not what is coming to you girl….” Her mouth moved .
She should deal with the situation , soon.
She got up from where she sat and strolled back to her dorm..
She remembered she had homework..

She laughed…
She had homework she was going to give those wana-be-girls to do for her..
If it was Mr Adamu’s class…she wouldn’t have bothered 
Twice a week of servicing him….He gives her the highest grade even when she submits blanks. 
The perks of being a sexy vixen and a tigress in the other room. 
Oh such joy. 
But it’s that devilish “jehovah witness’..church woman. ..Madame Bisola with her fat slips and half head that makes them sweat
She wasn’t into girls else she would have  seduced the woman just to mess her up and blackmail her. 
But she also  notices how miss Monica stares at her from the corner of her eyes. .
She wasn’t sure why…

She had always felt uncomfortable. ..
Not until she had mistakenly walked by her office one cool evening and heard her reprimanding some girls. .
She had told the two to leave and kept one behind…
Saying she was going to clean her office for her for the student’s punishment. .
Which wasn’t unusual.
Chidera shouldn’t have stopped, 

But her sandals gave way…and she had bent trying to fix it, and had sat down on the pavement just below her window.
Beckoning a junior student to come take her sandals to the repairer “oboki” outside the gate to fix with their own money….
Yes she was mean like that.

And the junior students didnt dare refuse her request…

If they didnt have money…they should borrow…

But all she wanted was her sandal repaired…
So she had sat down there. .just below that window and waited 

And Ofcourse miss Monica wouldn’t have seen her because she wasn’t visible…
So when she heard the door being locked…twice. 

Curiousity got the better of her
“Why would she be locking her door with a student inside…??”…Chidera had asked herself as she got up and walked to the back of the building
There used to be a broken window at the back ,not everyone knew about it 
She knew because that was Mr Adamu’s former office. …
And she had created that hole in the window to give peeping toms, 

her wana-be-girls the chance to see first hand what she does and how Mr adamu is a child in her arms when he is between her legs….
“I own him”…she had boasted once
“Whatever I say he does. whatever I ask he does….just because my cookie jar is one hell of a cookie jar….am the queen and he is my puppet”
“A woman should be able to weild such power over a man. you use what you have to get what you want…” she added while they listened in awe
While she tiptoed  to the window, she heard the girl say
“Ma please, what are you doing..?”
“Be quiet!

Do you want me to report to the principal that you girls where cheating on a test?

You would be expelled and I can make sure you don’t return for a full semester…you hear me..”
Miss Monica had threatened the student while she came close to her, fondly touching her breast lightly 
“No ma please don’t. 

Please I beg you…my father will kill me…”…the girl pleaded, even going on her knees
Chidera had a view of the scenery now
Miss Monica had sat down on her desk
“Only if you allow me play with you.

I won’t tell anyone if you dont”
The girl got up and folded her arms
“Play with me how?

Hain…Ma I don’t like the way you touch my breast…its wrong..Besides we were both females…its not right”
“Shut up!!” Miss Monica got up and pulled her to her
“So it is right that you follow boys?

Are you even allowed to?

Maybe your father would like to know what you do behind the boys hostel at night every once in a week”
The shock on the girl’s face was epic..
“Yes I know. ..

You and that ruggrat of a boy….what’s his name,Emeka!”
“Out of the boys. ..its that useless good for nothing you went for ..

What can he give to you that I can’t? “..
“Pleasure “….the girl said.

Still trying to pull away from miss Monica ‘ s grasp..
But she was much stronger than she looked..
“My girl..you wouldn’t know pleasure if it hits you in the face.

He is a child.nothing more”

Monica said ..Rubbing her chest with that of the girl..
“And you are a woman ma, and I don’t like women that way. I rather we don’t ma. I will accept any punishment you want to mett out to me. anything other than this ”
The student folded her hand over her chest preventing any more movements .
“Fine! you can go.I will let the principal deal with you.”
“Yes ma. I will” she moved away but when she was close to the door

Miss monica added..
“And I will add the fact about you and Emeka. 

We would see wether your parents would bring you back to school after your expulsion. ..

You might as well prepare yourself for nun school” miss monica laughed wickedly going back to sit at her desk..
“Shut the door after you.

I am no longer interested ” She picked out a file from her bag and started to file her nails and blew
The girl hadn’t moved an inch.

She knew she had got her right were she stood ..

When she saw the student  coming back to where she was from the corner of her eyes, miss monica knew she had won
“Atta girl” she said as she smiled up at the girl 

She opened her legs and pulled the girl into her 
“You were saying something about pleasure…

Lemme re-introduce that to you” miss monica said, separating her legs and trailing her fingers up her thighs.
From where  chidera was peeping, she smiled to herself
“This is very interesting ”
She watched it from start to finish
She even realised she got a high from it…
She went back to her position and waited on the junior to  bring her sandals and left immediately.
Someone would have to help her release the tension between her thighs 
Angered that micheal wouldnt give her the time of the day again when she cornered him after class,  she walked back angrily to her dorm

Back at her dorm

She handed her homework to her waiting girls and decided to go to bed  
Tomorrow was a hectic day….
The school have thought in their heads to hold a sports day.
But most annoyingly pair seniors with junior’s. 
It was annoying.  Why couldn’t they pair seniors with seniors and junior with junior?
She knew she should have dropped out of the sports team but what better way to be queen and ontop of your game by being the best at everything. .


Sports. .

Studies. …. That’s total BS
She yawned 
She wanted to be prepared, She hated sports but was good at it. No one had ever beat her at the tracks for over two years. 

And there was no one way she could run from it even if she wanted to, she needed to make a statement.
She wanted to make sure that my the time she graduates from school,  her name would be called in awe and probably written in gold amongst the champions of the school and given a trophy of some sort.
She would have loved to skip and cheered from the crowd must once but it won’t be possible. 
And she was running for the seniors team.
‘Argh! ”
“Isn’t Sunday meant  for resting?” 
“Whats with this friendly games ??
She sighed…

Turned on her side .
Chidnindam was in the sports team too.  she had decided to have a little fun with her tomorrow. 
Like Taste the waters. Maybe a bruised knee or a broken lip shouldn’t be  so bad in trying to make  chidinma  look soo undesirable does it?
“When you trip and drop, you tripidy-drop..” she snickers .
Turning again on her side, she smiles .
Slowly she drifts off to sleep.
Tomorrow might just be alot of fun. 
Who says it’s only humpty -dumpty that had a great fall🤔..
Oh chidinma !!!
She laughs in her sleep



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Another perfect sunrise to do better,  be better and progress higher and get to the top. 

It’s another month to forge ahead, to MARCH along and get to your promised land,  flowing with milk and honey..

It’s another new day for blessings, favours and open doors. 

It’s another day to give thanks to God,  who has kept you and protected you, your family , your business and your careers, your future goals and your inspiration,  your friends and all you hold dear. Because without him, you wouldn’t have seen another day or have another opportunity to step/get into  MARCH .

We hope you keep March-ing forward..because it’s another day to be great.
Happy new month everyone. 
Hi Wednesday. .


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